Totebag 30-Day Challenge final countdown!

by Grace aka costofcollege

Based on last week’s poll, the Totebag 30-Day Challenge group activity will be DO IT NOW.

Of course, the option remains for you to participate in the Challenge with any other activity of your choice.

May 1, Sunday, will be the kick off day for our Challenge.  I plan to set up weekly pages where we can check in regularly to report on our progress.

For now, please use the comments to declare your plans — your activity and any details on how you will work it.


23 thoughts on “Totebag 30-Day Challenge final countdown!

  1. boring, but necessary…20 minutes / day minimum organizing, decluttering, emptying the basement. Not 20min on average, but at least that much every day.

    and for fun…read two books.

  2. Do it now. 30 items on a list. Not rigid as to one each day, but target is 7 per week. Out of town 5 days of the thirty.

  3. I’m in for Do It Now. Will try to do one little item and one small step of a larger item every day. I think that “find a job” will take a bit longer than “call electrician to install light fixtures.”
    And will put together a subset of items that can be done remotely when out of town, like adding more songs to Spotify playlist or rearranging icons on the iPhone home screen.

  4. I’m in. Conveniently, I will be alone on an airplane Sunday afternoon, so that will be the perfect time for my Day 1 activity (identifying the challenges for Days 2-31). I will clearly have to be creative, as I will be traveling several times over the course of the challenge and so need things I can do from a distance and when my all-day is spent doing other stuff.

    On a happy/not-so-happy note, we are currently doing a 10,000 steps a day challenge at work. The happy part is that I am killing it (my current target is to achieve 30,000 steps a day average over the entire 3 weeks, which means @3 more days of 40,000 steps). The bad news is that I officially killed my treadmill desk.

  5. I’m in. I’ve made a long list of things big and small that need to be done, but never seem to float to the top of the daily to-do list. None are critical or time sensitive, and many involve spending money, which is why they keep being put off, but it will be good to have them done.

  6. @Wine — you’re down to what, a few days to closing?? That’s got to be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. :-)

  7. I have a loooong list for Do it now! Hopefully I will get a jump start on it over the weekend. I will also continue my Piyo which has planks in it. so that takes care of the 30 day challenge. I want to add 10000 steps to it.

  8. Fred +1

    I really need to get organized, and I like Fred’s idea about a limited time frame because I think I can manage it.

    I already tried to watch my diet because I didn’t want to wait until May. I stick to the Memorial Day rule about white jeans, and I want them to fit. I wore them in the Caribbean in May, and I didn’t love the way they looked, so I hope to get back to my Aug 2015 weight by Memorial Day.

  9. OK, I’m in. I think I am going to be like Laurafrombaltimore and use day 1 to make a thoughtful list. I have a few things that I’ve thought of where I need a little help – or at least a spotter – ceiling cleaning types of things – so I need to rope DH in some days.

  10. I will participate but I need to think on it. I’ll be away for 12 days so I need to work that in there.

  11. I’m the oddball here because I’m not doing the DIN. I don’t feel organized enough. Instead I’ll do my 7-minute High intensity workout (actually only 8/12 exercises) at least 5 days a week instead of my usual 2/week. For the plank exercise I will add 5 seconds about every other time as long as I can keep good form. Goal is about 1 ½ to 2 minutes. I’m taking it easy peasy, given my advanced age and beginner fitness level.

  12. @ CofC – I think “do it now” applies to an exercise challenge. I find the hardest part of an exercise challenge is the procrastinating with doing the exercise, and next thing you know the day is gone. So if you tell yourself the challenge each week is to do it now, you’ll get your 5 workouts + your planks in early in the week, rather than letting the time get away from you.

  13. I’m in but I only made a list for the first 15 days so far. With HS graduation, in law visits, and general end of school year in the second half of the month, I may need to scale back the scope/time commitment of my daily challenges.

  14. I’m in, too. So many moving related things. Working today and will make my list then.

  15. I’m in – I think my DIN issues affect my decluttering and organizing issues (procrastination breeds clutter) so I’m going to apply Lark’s take on DIN to Fred’s 20 minutes of organizing/decluttering.
    COC, what 7 minute high intensity workout do you do? Intrigued….

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