30-Day Challenge – May 2018 Kickoff

Here we go.

Day One will be Wednesday, May 16.   Wrap up day will be Friday, June 15.

Participants can choose the fitness activity for their challenge. Lark suggested running or walking 100 miles in a month. A fitness activity from a past challenge was daily planks. You can also adapt this challenge to include dietary goals such as giving up sweets or eating more veggies.

Use the comments to check in when you complete (or don’t) your daily activity during WEEK ONE. (The weekly pages will appear along with the other Totebag Challenge pages up on the blog header bar.  Help, Grace!!)

Let’s go! Good luck to all of us!

58 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge – May 2018 Kickoff

  1. I’m going to try and average 11,250 steps per day as measured by my iPhone. I have no idea how accurate it is, but I want to bump the trendline up by 5%. The last month says 10,700/day.

    Of course I still want to lose some weight, too, but having the steps increase will hopefully help that.

  2. I want to do 16-hour intermittent fasts for 3 days each week. I got an app that will help me. I’ve always wanted to try this, but have been too lazy.

  3. 100 miles, walking or running. Only counts if the purpose was for exercise. So, walking the dogs a mile in the morning and then running 3 with friends would be 4 miles. But covering 2 miles while volunteering at school fair just due to the back and forthing would not count at all.

  4. Ohhh, I need this. I need to do serious stretching or yoga every day vs just working out hard. So, no credit for workouts, only for the yoga or stretching I do after or in lieu of.

  5. Starting today. Kinda nervous. I have decided that I can drink wine and water during my fast. Don’t judge. : /

  6. Houston — I could probably handle the intermittent fasting by getting drunk for 16 hours! lol But seriously, my eating patterns already fit the pattern — I have almost nothing but coffee with cream before 11A, and I rarely eat after 8. Dinner is usually around 7P. If I wait until noon to eat then I could follow the fast. What app do you use?

    My challenge will merge into one I’m already doing. My walking goal is more for endurance. My goal is to do a 12-mile walk at least 3 times a month, at a 2.5 MPH pace. So far I’m up to 7 miles at a 2.3 MPH pace, including breaks. My potential limiting factor in reaching my goal is foot and/or back pain, which so far I have successfully handled.

    Fred, I recently checked my iPhone pedometer against my treadmill and I was surprised to learn the iPhone under-reports distance by 35%. I’ve previously checked it against the high school track and it showed an under-reporting but not that high. I plan to test my phone against the track again. I’m still “searching” for an activity tracker that has both a timer and a stopwatch but that doesn’t look like a fat rubberband on my wrist.

  7. My challenges are to re-start a version of Whole 30 but with beans and milk in my coffee AND average 11,000 steps a week, as gaged by my Fitbit. I have a conference in a few weeks and some of my work clothes are a bit tight. Plus good to be more fit.

  8. July, I have a fitbit and I got a metal mesh band for it. It looks more like a normal watch. If you search Amazon for fitbit bands, you’ll see a lot of options,

  9. My goal is to paddle the kayak twice a week and take one 2 hour local hike per week. I barely got out on the river last year because we travelled so much. I have a very modest weight loss target as well for the summer, but that is not tied to any specific behavioral change.

  10. July, there are plenty of apps that will track distance via gps if you aren’t concerned about counting steps.

  11. Here’s my challenge in finding an activity tracker.

    I’d like something to replace my watch, which I rely on for time and a timer and a stopwatch. I’d prefer not to wear both a watch and a tracker. Plus I’d like something metallic, or in any case something more attractive than a rubber band look. I’d like something to track my steps/distance 24 hours a day. I want analog.

    Fitbit, last time I checked, did not have both a timer and stopwatch, but I’ll check again. A phone app would not work because I don’t want to have to carry around my phone all the time. A second best solution would be to wear both a tracker and a watch, but I’d like to avoid that.

    If anyone knows a product for me, please let me know.

  12. Two goals – (1) to increase my weekly steps by 20% to get my average weekly steps up to 42k. Per my fitbit flex, I average 35k a week. I know it under reports when I have compared it to map my walk and the various machines at the gym, but if the goal is a percent increase, I assume its calculation quirks are constant and it doesn’t matter. (2) to get half-way through my tai chi certification course. This is part physical and part book work, but they go hand-in-hand. The materials say book work is 30 hours, so my goal is to put in 15 hours plus whatever practice time is needed. Because tai chi is generally slow moving, my fit bit does not capture much of it as exercise.

  13. July – I’d be surprised if a higher end Fitbit did not meet those requirements. My Fitbit band is metallic, with a magnetic closure. Got it on Amazon. Looks far more professional than the original plastic band.

  14. My goal is to log 130,000 steps/week on my fitbit (based on increasing a little bit over my normal).

    2 strength/yoga/pilates/barre classes/workouts a week (I have really been slacking here & I can feel it.)

    No candy/sweets at work for the duration of the challenge (I did this in January but I have been creeping back into taking pieces of candy from candy bowls, eating “just a bite” of a donut in the AM followed by “just a bite” of a cupcake in the afternoon, etc)

    I think I will add a plank too – I like that idea. I can do it in the morning when I first wake up. I downloaded this one.

    @July – I think the Apple Watch has all of those things plus a ton of band options. I have been thinking about pulling the trigger on one now that they’ve worked out a lot of the bugs. I wear a watch everyday.

  15. July – Fitbit has a new model – VERSA that seems similar to apple watch and can get wet. After losing 2 trackers because I ended up in the lake with it on, I won’t buy one that can’t get wet (has swimming tracker). I currently have the Fitbit flex, but am thinking of upgrading.

  16. I have a clip on activity tracker, which I like better than wearing a watch-style tracker. It seems pretty accurate and didn’t cost much on Amazon–Jawbone Up Move. I track the activity on my phone v. on the device. I just use it as a pedometer, and don’t monitor sleep or anything else.

  17. @Houston – I have the same. Fitbit One. I like that I can clip it to my bra or put it in my pocket rather than wearing it on my wrist, but I admit I am intrigued by the Apple Watch these days. Not so much for the activity tracking function, but as a watch/phone hybrid.

  18. I’m going to increase my yoga and at-home workouts with DH. His personal trainer gave him ~10 minutes worth of exercises to do every other day. I propose to add a 15 minute yoga video (or pilates) from you tube to this. I’m hoping DH is going to do it with me so it’s a family thing.

    Currently I’m managing 1-2 classes a week at the Y, so this will keep me moving throughout the week. And it will be super easy to do on vacation.

  19. @ July – sounds like you need the apple watch. I love mine. Should have listed it on favorite gadgets.

  20. “My challenges are to re-start a version of Whole 30 but with beans and milk in my coffee”

    What kind of beans do you put in your coffee? I’d guess coffee beans, but that seems redundant.

  21. “I have decided that I can drink wine and water during my fast. “

    I’ve thought about doing something like that, but if I did, I wouldn’t be as drastic. I’d definitely allow myself to eat fresh veggies like carrots, celery, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.

    And if I were allowing myself wine, I’d also allow myself fresh grapes.

  22. My first challenge will be to commute by bike at least 80% of the time, i.e., 4 days out of a 5 day workweek.

    While I’ve been trying to bike commute as often as possible, I often don’t hit 80%.

    My second challenge will be to resume what I did during the last challenge, and spending some time every day balanced on one foot, while doing normal activity (typically toweling down after a shower). I gradually stopped doing that after the last challenge and need to resume.

  23. July, you might want to check your iPhone pedometer against Google maps, or perhaps your car odometer.

  24. OMG that measuring wheel. I’ve been taking a friend to a rehab center for OT and they use a device like that to measure their patients’ walking speed, at least the patients who can walk. I SHOULD NOT COMPLAIN, but that rehab center can be a depressing place if I let it get to me.

    Thanks for all the ideas. I’ll investigate the options. The Apple watch is looking very attractive

  25. Oh you guys. I’m feeling kind of pathetic. My goal is to walk every day for the 30 days and get back in the habit. I stopped exercising when my mom was in the hospital and I was sitting there all day and haven’t done two days in a row since she died in February. And I was doing so well before that.

  26. And I should say I did go out early this AM and did a walk/jog thing and it wasn’t a disaster.

  27. Today, when I went to yoga for the first time in ages, I found out that my lass will expire the same day as this challenge, so using up the 8 remaining classes on it are part of what I will do.

    I have two goals: get rid of the pot belly, which has reappeared, and be active enough to combat the depression. Translating those into actions, I want to work out every day—yoga, swimming, weights, whatever, but an actual workout. Going for a long walk is the bare minimum, and I should not resort to it often. Setting and keeping to times will probably be key. Additionally, thinking back to when I used to do five sets of sit-ups and Supermans daily, I want to do that again, but I might sub in some booty burners or similar for a couple sets.

    Today, I haven’t done the core work, so I’ll get in a few sets this evening. I did get in a workout at yoga. Tomorrow will be trickier, because we have three doctors appointments between us. I’m going to try to get him to school for chemistry class in between them, so could go to the Y then.

    I’m not sure how active I’ll be on this page. Looking at past challenge pages, I see people saying what they’ve done, but not much commentary or exportation encouraging people to keep it up.

  28. HFN, good for you for getting out there today! It isn’t pathetic at all that you are taking time to recover from your loss. I hope the frequent workouts help you heal. What’s your indoor substitute on rainy days?

  29. ” Looking at past challenge pages, I see people saying what they’ve done, but not much commentary or exportation encouraging people to keep it up.”

    For me, I’m looking at this thread as a place report back and keep me honest, and also looking for a place for inspiration & answers to direct questions. Not cheerleading/encouragement. I’m not sure how others view it.

  30. “What kind of beans do you put in your coffee?”

    Finn – I knew you were going to comment on that.

    On Whole30 you’re supposed to avoid eating beans (really all legumes) and dairy. I intend to eat beans because they’re a good source of protein and filling. I also intend to put milk in my coffee.

  31. “On Whole30 you’re supposed to avoid eating beans ”

    So when you follow it strictly, do you avoid coffee because it comes from beans?

  32. HFN, try not to get overly concerned with comparing yourself here. I do that sometimes, but we are all in different circumstances facing different priorities. I hope that doing these group challenges helps us all make improvements. Corny, but good advice: “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today”

  33. Finn- black coffee is permitted. The intention is to remove sweet things, like peas, but also items that may cause a reaction, like peanuts, soybeans, etc. (so “beans/legumes”). Same reason for excluding dairy. It’s not perfect – pineapple is permitted because its fruit, but I avoid it because its high in sugar, for example.

    I’m not sure I buy into that part of the diet (or maybe I just don’t have any reaction to those foods) but the rest of the diet works for me to lose a few pounds.

  34. @Kerri – The whole legume thing is part of what gives me pause about Whole 30 from a health claims standpoint. I don’t buy that legumes are not one of the healthiest foods around for a majority of people. BUT…that doesn’t mean that I think it is a bad diet plan or anything. Just that I think the health claims of the authors are a little wacky, as with almost every diet plan! Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be much healthier than my regular day-to-day diet which is probably overly full of white carbs and sugary snacks that add up (hence my personal challenge to stop with the mindless sweet snacking)

  35. Ivy – my sense is that your diet and mine are not that far off. I don’t eat a lot of legumes in any event, so not a big deal to eat even less of them. I got into a Mexican kick lately so have been eating a lot of beans, so I’m keeping them on the list. I also like milk in my coffee and an occasional piece of cheese – so those stay. Bread, pasta, rice, grains, cereal, tortilla chips, and sugar (honey, sugar, syrup, etc., desserts, icecream, etc. ) are not allowed. No wine or beer (again, not a big deal as I don’t drink alcoholic items often in any event). Fruit, veg, meat, coffee, eggs, fish – all good. Worked for me last time. Day 2 and I’ve stuck with it so far.

  36. Houston – how did the fasting go?

    HFN – I missed that your mom had died. I’m very sorry. I think walking every day is a great goal.

  37. I just did my second fast! I was really nervous for some reason, but this board is really motivating to me. I stopped eating after lunch yesterday (at noon) and will probably eat at 8:30am. I think “intermittent fasting” is just a fancy phrase for skipping a meal. : )

    To be clear–I’m not altering my diet, I’m just altering my eating/snacking schedule.

  38. Kerri: What do you eat for breakfast on your Whole 30 diet? I need some ideas!

  39. Good luck with the Whole30 – I just finished a few days ago. I’ve lost 10 lbs, and my dental hygienist says that my guns have never been this healthy. DH has some skin troubles that have been really difficult to treat and he saw huge improvements. He was also skeptical about legumes, but he now thinks soy might be the problem. I agree that they can be part of a healthy diet. However, I also think that they (and white potatoes) can be a comfort food that is easy to overeat, so it’s better (for me) to abstain when I’m trying to work on improving food habits.

  40. Houston, I cooked a few sweet potatoes in the Insta pot every few days. I would chop them up and fry them with an egg or two for breakfast. If I was ambitious, I would wilt some spinach along with it.

  41. Yeah, I did the Clean 30 and the eggs/sweet potatoes/spinach combo was key. Good luck with the Whole 30!

    I need to ratchet up my eating, too. Maybe a Mostly Clean 30 for me …

  42. Houston – scrambled eggs, beans and tomatillo sauce. Or just eggs and fruit. And coffee (of course!)

  43. I bought a bicycle today. Regular upright city bike to run errands and add a bit more physical activity. New but modest in price. I had not been on a bicycle any time in this century. I did a test ride, with some trepidation after all these years, and guess what? It was just like riding a bicycle!!!

  44. LOL Meme.

    Yesterday I ran 4.2, so my total is up to 9.6. It’s going to be hard to get 100. On the other hand, yesterday it was raining and my running partner couldn’t go, so absent this challenge I wouldn’t have gone either. But I wanted to log the miles!

    Tonight we are having a dinner party so I’ve been straightening the house all day and am regretting that these miles don’t count because my watch tells me I’ve walked 2.5 miles just by working around the house.

  45. Meme, great idea about the bike! Did you get a basket to carry stuff?

    Lark, I would be counting every single step to get to my goal if I were in your place. I figure it doesn’t matter how, just that I did it. Plus, it doesn’t make sense to me that you would exclude the “non-exercise” steps. In the end they’re all the same. If you think of the extreme, what if you had a week where you were extra busy with errands and other activities that bumped up your non-exercise miles but because of that you didn’t have time for exercise miles? It doesn’t seem right to penalize yourself in that case.

  46. So far, so good. My last fast was 15 1/2 hours. Less than my goal of 16, but I’m still pleased.

  47. Plus, it doesn’t make sense to me that you would exclude the “non-exercise” steps. In the end they’re all the same.

    Well, because really my challenge is to be more consistent with running, not so much to move more. In the past month there have been weeks I’ve only run twice, and I strongly prefer to run 4-5 times, so I needed a nudge.

  48. Oh, I see your method makes perfect sense since you want to nudge yourself to run more.

    After a week of almost non-stop rain I did my walk yesterday. I calibrated my iPhone pedometer against the high school track and in fact my phone was under counting my distance by 20%. This makes perfect sense based on my pace on the track. So I walked 9.4 miles at 2.7miles/hour including breaks.

  49. “Regular upright city bike to run errands and add a bit more physical activity. New but modest in price.”

    I was overseas a couple weeks ago, and while there I looked around in a bunch of stores.

    The bikes I saw a lot of moms riding, upright bikes with electric motor assist and a seats for one or two for young kids, ran about $1200 to $1800.

    Basic bikes with no electric motor, which I’m guessing are more along the lines of Mémé’s new bike, ran more in the $250 to $500 range.

  50. So far so good. I’ve been able to commute by bike every day last week and so far this week. It hasn’t rained much, and with DS home and able to pick up DD as needed, I haven’t had to drive just to have a car to be able to pick up DD.

    I’ve also remembered every day so far to balance on one foot, then the other, while toweling down after showers.

  51. This is a good challenge. One week in I’m at 29.9 miles. Have only missed one day of walking or running.

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