May 2018 30-Day Challenge – Wrap Up

How did this one go for you?

Also, please offer ideas  for a Fall Challenge – it will likely be pick your own, but we need some more areas outside of exercise and weight loss to generate enthusiasm and participation.

4 thoughts on “May 2018 30-Day Challenge – Wrap Up

  1. I achieved my goal. Yesterday I walked 12 miles at 2.6 mph. At the end my feet felt like stumps but it only took a few hours for them to recover. One of the guys I walked with is going to do a 41-mile hike next Saturday! For myself, I’ll stick with reasonable distances, at least for now.

  2. I didn’t get out the full three times a week, but the challenge made me get out when I didn’t feel like doing it, and I did buy the bike, which had to be readjusted after the first week.

  3. I achieved my first goal. I commuted every work day except for one week, when I only biked twice, but overall I commuted by bike just over 80% of my work days, which was my goal.

    My second was to get back to daily doing some activity while balanced on one foot. While there were a few days I forgot, I definitely did this more frequently than I had just prior to the challenge. I need to keep trying to do something daily while balanced on one foot.

  4. Mémé, I think with biking it really helps to find a route, or better yet, a few routes, that are comfortable and take you somewhere you go regularly.

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