May 2018 30-day challenge – Wk 4



How are you doing?    Has the busy-ness of the season or bad weather interfered with your progress?


6 thoughts on “May 2018 30-day challenge – Wk 4

  1. I have been averaging just over 12,000 steps/day, as measured by my phone, which is 7% higher than my goal of 11,200. I need to average 9,200/day thru the end of the challenge to meet my goal. I’m pretty confident of making it.

  2. Last week the weather did not particularly co-operate in my plan to get out and about. I did take a 3 hour forward stroke class at the kayak place.

  3. I’m keeping up pretty well. I missed walking on DS3’s graduation day, but I give myself a pass on that.

  4. After a two week lapse due to foot issues, yesterday I walked 11 miles at a 2.7 mph pace. This was on flat land and a cloudy, cool day. I’m very excited because my new walking shoes seem to work well. I’ve been breaking them in over the last week and yesterday I wore them for half the hike.

  5. I am doing well on fasting. It is no longer scary. Now I need to improve my diet to lose 5 lbs!

  6. I did it. Even if I take zero steps today, I will have achieved my goal of 11,200/day on average for the last month. Am I healthier? I don’t know. I’ve been eating a lot of crap over the past week-2weeks, my fault entirely, so I don’t necessarily feel better. But I have been sleeping better, fewer times waking/getting up during the night, so maybe that’s the takeaway.

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