30-Day Challenge – May 2018 – Wk 2


How was the first week?

16 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge – May 2018 – Wk 2

  1. Really good. Have decided to log my miles Monday – Sunday, which is how my calendar is laid out, even thought that’s slightly off with the Totebag challenge. Last week was 23.3 – MUCH better than it’s been over the past few months.

  2. Well, I went to a wine tasting on Saturday with DH (Southern Italian and Tuscan wines), so blew my diet that day but otherwise have stuck with it. Have not gotten my steps up where I want but its a busy week at work. Hangin there.

  3. Getting in my steps, and doing my fast. Both are fairly routine now, which is great!

  4. I was aiming for 42K steps (20% increase) for the week, but logged a bit over 39K (10% increase). Next week I have less chauffeuring duties which has been cutting into my exercise time, since DD#1 quit driving. I haven’t had quiet time to work on my tai chi book work yet, but my form was critiqued by my teacher on Tuesday and I am down to just a few minor tweaks before it is ready to video to send in. I’m hoping by class on Tuesday, he’ll sign off.

  5. I did paddle the kayak two times, took a long walk on the bike path and pulled a full grocery cart not a real hike because i am breaking in the new hiking shoes, and as a bonus on the way home was inspired by the shop that ia actually on the bike path to purchase a city bike. I would not have achieved all this without the challenge

  6. I’m falling short of my steps goal. Thru the first week ending 5/22 I’m at 10,400 vs my goal of 11,200. Maybe yardwork over the coming weekend will boost me up!

  7. I have successfully started to fast and am doing 11,000 steps a day, but I have not been losing weight. I am at the top of “normal” BMI for my height, and need to lose at least 5 pounds to wear my clothes comfortably.

    Next week, I will cut out sweets three days and see if I can do it. These are big hurdles for me, and am glad for this challenge–it’s giving me a push I need.

  8. Alas, after my 9-mile hike the previous week now I am skipping two weeks of walking. My reason may sound frivolous but it’s legitimate as far as I’m concerned. My feet were sore after my last hike and are only now recovered sufficiently so that I can comfortably wear some dressy shoes that are part of my outfit for a black tie event next weekend. I’ll give my feet another week to fully recover so I can get dressed up and maybe have some fun dancing on Saturday. Then after that it’ll be back to working toward my goal of a 12-mile hike.

    I may try to get in one or two short walks this week.

  9. July – Not sure what’s up with your feet, but what has helped my tremendously with my plantar fasciitis are PowerStep Pro Step Classic inserts into my shoes. They also make ones for dressy shoes. I get them off Amazon.

  10. I fell off the wagon so badly I rescheduled our trip to the beach hotel on the east coast. Good thing, given the weather.

  11. Kerri, was there Nero d’aviola? I had a glass of that at Disney last fall, loved it, have had it in a few restaurants since then, but can never find it in stores.

    I should’ve mentioned that despite falling off the wagon in terms of exercise, I have gotten back on track with food tracking. I’m still eating too much fat/not enough protein, but that gets easier to correct when I am working out. I was 17 total cals over the weekly target, so a couple every day. I call that a win.

  12. Kerri — Thanks for that suggestion! I’m always looking for new ideas and those look promising.

  13. Last week I hit 20 miles running and another 9 walking. This is the most I’ve done in months. I would also swear a pair of pants I had on yesterday fit better, but I am waiting a couple more weeks until I try on the pants I jokingly refer to as my ‘truth tellers.’

  14. Big weekend for me in getting to 11,200 steps. With the exception of last Monday I’ve been above that every day from the 20th thru yesterday, sometimes way above like on Saturday when I did 21,000+.

    Not losing any weight but my joints, specifically my right knee, seem to like the additional movement.

  15. I’m doing well with my daily walking – and have managed to work it in around the rain. My goal is modest but that’s okay.

  16. Fasting is going well. However, there are other things I’d like to add for next month. Maybe planks…

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