Predicting the Stock Market is Hard

by WCE

Last year at this time I published my prediction for what the stock market might return in 2020: it would likely be up but it was possible that it would be down. I made this prediction based on historical data that the market is up about two-thirds of the time no matter what happened the prior year.

My prediction for what the market will return in 2021 is the same as my 2020 prediction: it will probably be up, but it might be down.

What Will The Stock Market Return In 2021?

Small Triumphs

by WCE

After a few years of saving the plastic twist ties from the bread products, because my sons often broke them when attempting to replace twist ties on the bread products, it appears that everyone over 10 in my house can now use a twist tie successfully. What small triumphs have occurred at your house lately?