Inspirational educators

by Sheep Farmer

DD’s high school has what they term the “Wildcat Inspiration Awards program.” Seniors have the opportunity to nominate local school employees from elementary, middle, or high school who have had a positive impact on them. The PTA sponsors a ceremony where the students present awards to those whom they nominated. Last year’s group included a high school Latin teacher who helped a student overcome her dyslexia, a guidance counselor who helped a senior secure scholarships, and an elementary school teacher who nurtured a love of history in a student. Not only is this a great way to honor the educators, but it is also great opportunity for the students to let the teachers, coaches, and counselors know the positive influence that they have had on the lives of their students. Did you have any teacher, coach or professor that truly inspired you?


Rural teacher shortage

by Denver Dad

I thought of the totebaggers who live in rural areas and are dissatisfied with their schools when I saw this in the Denver Post. It lays out the reasons for the rural teacher shortage pretty nicely, but the question remains of what to do about it.

Colorado’s teacher shortage is a “crisis” that’s getting worse, educators say