The future of football

by Flyover

Boxing was mainstream entertainment in the 50s and 60s, but has turned into a niche sport today. Will football go the same way? Given what we now know about brain injury, I believe the football landscape will look far different 50 years from now. I expect that, at some point, a school district, youth league, or college will lose a football-in jury-related lawsuit and insurers will raise the price of insuring programs such that they will become unjustifiable financially.

Neither of my boys was interested in playing tackle football, though both enjoyed playing touch in the backyard with friends. A flag football league would have been a nice option.

Maryland to introduce bill to ban tackle football under age 14


Football – a debate

by Louise

With fall fast approaching, we return to sports at all levels – school, college and pro. A big one is football.

I was discussing football with my kid and he mentioned that students were out of school due to football related concussions. I happened to have lunch with a bunch of people and one guy was very opposed to his kid playing football. Then, I watch Last Chance U where football seems to be the only way out for young men from disadvantaged backgrounds. They want to play in spite of concussions hoping that they will be recruited to big football schools. I was troubled by this.

Next, I see this article on CTE.

CTE found in 99% of studied brains from deceased NFL players

What do you think ? Do you think football will continue as is or will people slowly turn away ? Will kids continue to play given the emerging research ? Discuss.

Why Does Sports Participation Drop Off by 13?

by Honolulu Mother

Apparently of the kids who play organized sports, only 30% are still playing by the end of middle school, as written up in this Washington Post article:

Why 70 percent of kids quit sports by age 13

The article suggests a number of reasons, which largely come down to the way the system is designed to be up-or-out and narrow down to the most serious and competitive players, in combination with similar increases in time demands and competitiveness in other activities forcing kids to choose just one or two things to focus on.

Do you have thoughts on this phenomenon? Is there a place for a once-a-week fun league in high school? Have your high schoolers found other fun ways to keep active when they’re not in organized sports?