Sneakers or tennis shoes?

by S&M

Can’t remember if we’ve done something like this or not. Might be fun to talk about.

Sneakers or tennis shoes: What do you call them?


Climate change quiz

by S&M

I got 37.4%. I don’t know how they calculated that. They make some assumptions, such as what the source of electricity for electric vehicles is, or what indigenous people would do with land returned to them, that I think are unwarranted, but most of their assertions are backed up by links.

The most effective ways to curb climate change might surprise you


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We’ve talked all about destinations and what happens in-flight with seat selection, meals, etc, but how do you like to spend your layovers? Do you ever get to your home airport early to enjoy its amenities, or linger in the airport after arrival?

After TPA’s renovation a few years back brought in lots of restaurants from around town, I was tempted to find a way to spend time there. When we once got to the airport and learned our flight had been delayed, we went straight to Colombia and had a good meal. On another delay, en route to my nephew’s wedding, I noticed much too late that I could’ve spent the past couple of hours in a spa getting my legs waxed, and maybe getting a massage.

To kick conversation off, here are recommendations of airport restaurants. Have you been to any of them? Did it deserve this praise?

Fine dining at airports around the world

Faking it

by S&M

“Putting things away creates the illusion that the clutter problem has been solved” — M. Kondo on using bins and baskets to corral things

De-cluttering is the new morality. Some of us would be happy to fool ourselves and keep on sinning. (In other words, I want my stuff, but not the disaster when my sleeve catches on a stack and sends it careening.) Anyone who’s going to embrace Konmari as their lifestyle probably has by now. Personally, I still have enough stuff that beating it back is a regular activity. This little list is about ways to hang onto “clutter” without feeling cramped by it, as well as other clean-house cheats. Some of the tips (we seem to be past “hacks”, hooray!), like “make your bed”, are old hat, but some might feel new, if not novel. I am into trays right now, Easter-baskets-as-organizers are surprisingly good, and we have plants, a wooden bathmat and a diffuser.

How about your household? Does any of this sound familiar? What other strategies do you use for a cleaner feeling home?

7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner Than It Is
Fake a clean home in less than 15 minutes.