Strange interviews

by Sheep Farmer

DD recently had an interview for a summer job in the water department of a small New England city. One of the questions that they asked her was if she knew how to operate a boat. It was a question that DD was not expecting.* What is the strangest question that you have been asked or have asked in an interview?

*DD told the interviewer that she did not know how to operate a boat, but that she lives on a farm and knows how to drive a tractor and that her truck is a manual transmission and that she is sure that she would have no problem learning how to operate a boat. DD got the job.


Connecting across generations

by Sheep Farmer

I recently attended a memorial service for an 87 year old woman. She had outlived her husband and all her kids. Her grandchildren were scattered with families of their own.

One of the speakers at her service was a 21 year old young man. When he was 15 he started working for this woman on her sheep farm. Over the next six years they developed a deep friendship. This young man credited this woman with teaching him a lot about life, about running a business and a farm. One of his comments was that she was his college education and that she taught him more than he could have learned from four years in a classroom. This special friendship developed into more than either could have ever imagined. She willed her farm to him.

I don’t want this to turn into a college vs. no college discussion. Obviously this man is going to be very successful without ever having stepped foot into a college classroom. What stood out for me was his admiration and respect for this woman who was old enough to be his grandmother and the kindness and generosity that she showed him. Have any of you ever had a special relationship with someone of a different generation who was not family member?

What sparks special memories for you?

by Sheep Farmer

“We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives.  Takes us to another place and time.” Kenny Chesney from the song “I Go Back”.

It does not have to be a song. Maybe seeing a particular movie or revisiting a place brings back special memories.

Staying in touch with former teachers

by Sheep Farmer

Recently I was talking to a friend who is a retired professor and she was mentioning that she still keeps in touch with a handful of her former students. She said that the ones that she remains in contact with would just visit stop by her office and talk to her about non school stuff and over time friendships developed.

Before DD left for college I encouraged her to befriend a professor or other adult in case she ever found herself in an emergency situation and needed help. I also encouraged to keep in touch with her high school chemistry teacher. This teacher taught DD twice, wrote recommendations for her and just looked out for DD. Of course DD has not done so.

Do any of you still keep in touch with any of your former teachers, either from high school or college? For those of you who teach, do you keep in contact with former students.