The skills gap myth

by Rocky Mountain Stepmom

Is this political? The skills gap was just nonsense.

The “skills gap” was a lie
New research shows it was the consequence of high unemployment rather than its cause.


College housing culture clash

by Rocky Mountain Stepmom

The trust-fund hippies vs. the actual low-income students.

Low-income students question whether UC Berkeley co-ops are living up to mission

I was exhausted just reading this article. So glad I have a house of my own, with just my husband.

Where did you live in college? Would you make the same choices? Do you think your kids should live in dorms, apartments, co-ops, at home, or where?

Effective learning

by Rocky Mountain Stepmom

How Can We Convince Students That Easier Doesn’t Always Mean Better?

The problem is: Effective learning requires a lot of hard work, and students — much like all humans — prefer things to be easy.

One learning principle that takes more effort but has been demonstrated to produce lasting results is “interleaving” — the practice of studying subjects in a mixed, recursive order, as opposed to “blocked” (or “massed”) learning in which students study one topic at a time in depth before moving on to the next.

Say you have to learn three new concepts: A, B, and C. In blocked learning, you focus first on concept A until you feel you have it mastered. Then you do the same for concepts B and C. With interleaving, you study concept A for a while, but then move to concept B before you’re completely ready. You return to A, and then maybe try C for a while.

There’s lots more in the article below.

How Can We Convince Students That Easier Doesn’t Always Mean Better?