What kind of traveling companion are you?

by Rocky Mountain Stepmom

This is kind of fun. It’s the article from the WSJ by Scott McCartney’s wife. (McCartney writes The Middle Seat column). The question posed by the column is: How much of a pain are you to travel with?

Life Can Get Weird When You’re Married to The Middle Seat – WSJ


“autism spectrum”

by Rocky Mountain Stepmom

This is longish, but I found it very interesting. It’s about the “autism spectrum”.

As you can see, the various parts of the [visible light] spectrum are noticeably different from each other. Blue looks very different from red, but they are both on the visible light spectrum. Red is not “more blue” than blue is. Red is not “more spectrum” than blue is. […] Autism isn’t a set of defined symptoms that collectively worsen as you move “up” the spectrum…[A]utism isn’t one condition. It is a collection of related neurological conditions that are so intertwined and so impossible to pick apart that professionals have stopped trying.

“It’s a Spectrum” Doesn’t Mean What You Think

College housing culture clash

by Rocky Mountain Stepmom

The trust-fund hippies vs. the actual low-income students.

Low-income students question whether UC Berkeley co-ops are living up to mission

I was exhausted just reading this article. So glad I have a house of my own, with just my husband.

Where did you live in college? Would you make the same choices? Do you think your kids should live in dorms, apartments, co-ops, at home, or where?