A Retirement PhD

by Rhett

Totebaggers are generally very into learning. But mainly in the sense of acquiring knowledge that is already known. Calculus would be example #1. But what about discovering something that isn’t currently known? If you had the chance to investigate something – what would it be?

For me I have two possible topics.

1. PhD in Economics: What goes into a company’s decision to recruit at some schools and not others? Stanford vs. Berkeley vs. San Jose State vs. Chico State, etc.

2. PhD in Transportation Engineering: Traffic waves and how they can be reduced or eliminated.


What about you?


Retiring Abroad

by Ada

Here on the Totebag it seems that most people imagine retirement as getting closer to kids. Maybe it’s my phase of life (I love my kids and have SO much closeness with them) but a little space seems nice. I see my parents 4-5x per year; if I lived in Ecuador, I could make the trip to visit the grandbabies/museum openings/bail hearing at roughly the same frequency.

Also, due to my line of work, I see a lot of people who deeply regret the retirement choices they made – the 66 year old who find out he has a year to live, for example. Of course, they are statistical abnormalities, but their stories stick.

Retirement in America? Too Expensive.
A new book examines the lives of expats in Ecuador and their struggle to stay in the middle class.