Open Thread

Wed – Updates on Prior Projects and Discussions (Houston)

Th – Teaching Children about Class Differences (L)

Fri – Unique Occupations (Rhode)

Mon – Investing for (in?) the Apocalypse (RMS)


Open Thread

For a couple of weeks I am  holding back topics that even remotely deal with gender or privilege.      Here is the very interesting lineup for the next week.

Wed  –  Hiring a Friend (Becky)

Th     –  Social Media Privacy for College Students (AustinMom)

Fri    –  Eileen Fisher and #menocore fashion (SM)

Mon –  Loneliness (Cassandra) 

Open Thread

Thanks for more articles.     I will be rotating off as primary admin in mid November, so please keep up the good work so I can leave a few weeks filled up for July when I go on vacation.

Wed       Leading by Example (July)

Th           Learning Differences (GreenEyes)

Fri          Appliances Back In the Day  (Lemon Tree)

Mon       Are Middle Children now in the Minority?  (Honolulu Mother)

Open Thread and New Topics Needed

I have two more for next week and that is it.   The well has run dry.   Unless there are a large number of new submissions, starting next week I’ll have two weekday Open Threads Tues and Th and on Th include  a link to one of the  scholarly or wonkish news articles I have in reserve  for the group to enjoy (or not) with no particular expectation that a discussion on that topic will ensue.

Wed –  Online Shopping and Excess Stuff (S&M)

Th –  Financial Education for Kids/Teens (Kerri)

Fri –  Electric Scooters (Mooshi)

Mon –  Are We Totebaggers too risk averse?  (Rhett)




Open Thread

Let’s hope for a calm week on the regular threads.    Not so sure about the political threads.

Wed –  Points and Other Rewards (S&M)

Th –    Air Conditioning in Schools (honolulu mother)

Fri –  International Food Quiz (July)

Mon –  Home Alone – Playing Hooky for Adults (AustinMom)

Open Thread

I have two weeks plus 2 days of posts scheduled, so I need some new ones, especially on everyday subjects.    Thanks to the less frequent post contributors who have been stepping up, including Finn for yesterday.   I will include next Monday in the list from now on, but if events indicate a change I reserve the right to move it.

Wed –  Traveling with Adult Children (July)

Th –  Our [job title] are too educated (Rhett)

Fri –  I thought everybody did that! (honolulu mother)

Next Mon –  New guidance on Alcohol (Risley)

Starter idea for today.   If you were a baseball player, what would you use as a walk up song?   For the sports-challenged among you, here is an example of a walk up song.   NSFW dialogue later in the clip.

Labor Day Open Thread

Topics for the Rest of the Week

College and college prep is on everyone’s mind, so I suggest a pre college topic for Education Thursday.    I composed the headline for WCE’s topic (title of a  1930s educational film).    And I can’t estimate the betting odds against a  Friday Fun topic from Finn.

Tu — The Empty Nest (Louise)

Wed  – Reefer Madness (WCE)

Th  –   School Lunches  (Houston)

Fri  –  What’s on your Walls?  (Finn)

Open Thread

Thanks for all the submissions, including Monday’s post from RMS

Wed –  Real Estate (Louise)

Th –  Introverts – College Admission/Income/Employment  (Houston, Denver Dad)

Fri –  Don’t Ever Hire me for this Job!  (Rhett)

Open Thread

Thanks to L for Monday’s post.    And there are many  new submissions while I was traveling,  so the queue will fill up soon.

Wed –   What would you do if the [stuff] hits the fan? (Rhett et alii)

Th   –  Life changing tech for school/work (S&M)

Fri  –   Recipe Swap, Harvest Edition (honolulu mother)

Open Thread

Admin coverage will be spotty this week.    If your comment appears to get hung up in moderation or spam, please try again with the Lark/Lemon extended handle method.    The three dots don’t always work.

Thanks to Swampy for Monday’s topic.

Rest of the week:

Wed-   Corporations and Social Change (Louise)

Th  –    Student Loans and Career  (WCE)

Fri –    Sleeping at the Theater  (HM)

Open Thread / Gone Fishin’

Mémé is traveling for two weeks.   I will check in late evenings and mornings, but only from handheld devices. A flurry of new submissions, thanks especially to the first timers, caused postponement  of a few previously scheduled posts.

I suggest that travelers post in two places.   Once to the daily page and once to the permanent Travel page.     Or post for the record with lots of detail  to the travel page and  select some excepts as highlight/lowlight for the daily page.     The water cooler factor of the daily back and forth seems to be the preferred and more effective interaction method for most readers.

Thanks to Dell for Monday’s post.

Rest of the week

Wed –   Productivity and Scheduling  (Houston, L)

Th –      What did you like about History Class?   (Houston)

Fri –     True Crime Favorites  (Rhett)

Open Thread

This week I would like to give a shout-out to our most consistent and prolific topic contributors, in no particular order.

Louise, L, Houston, Honolulu mother, S&M, WCE, Rhett.    There are a number of others who send something in every other month or so.   Thanks to all of you as well.   The objective is to increase the number of participants in the latter group (like alumni giving statistics-by-class, no amount is too small/ no topic too trivial).     Controversial topics are welcome, but will likely be posted to the Politics page.

From now on I am going to insert the post authors on this list, with mention of the Monday post author.   (S&M sent in the topics for yesterday and next Monday)

Rest of the week:

Wed –   What is your work environment?  (mash up L and Louise)

Th –  Humanities in the University  (Houston)

Fri –  Dry Cleaning and Alternatives (HM)

Open Thread plus mini starter

Topics for this week:

Wed –  The Downside to Changing Your Eating Habits

Th – Student Privacy vs Suicide Risk

Fri – Life’s little luxuries


SPAM TRAPPING:   Several more posters have been getting caught in spam.   One person suggested that it relates to clearing cookies or other privacy settings on your browser or device.    I observe that almost the posters who are occasionally held up have handles that are words in ordinary language or appear to be place names.    Perhaps in the spam catching algorithm identifies them as bot generated handles.   We work on it, but at midday I am often out and can only free it up when I get home.

PRIVACY INITIATIVE:   The administrators may have bitten off more than we can chew in promising the complete change for July 1.    Please be patient.   We have other things going on in our lives, and most of this has to be done by “July” since for some reason “Mémé” doesn’t have the right sort bulk editing functionality for WordPress.

The fact that my administrative view in WordPress is limited provides a nice segue into a starter topic.       There are websites that work and display completely on my desktop Mac but not on my husband’s desktop PC (and I have logged into them via Google Chrome on both, so it is not browser specific), and vice versa.   There are mobile versions that lose partial functionality on the Ipad but not on the Android phone and vice versa.   Tech savvy folks, why is this?   Help!!!!





Open Thread with Starter

Wed – How to survive your 40s

Th – Who Needs Calculus?

Fri – What’s in your Inbox/Mailbox?

Note:  There will be only two discussion topics posted during the following week that includes Independence Day.     Thanks for sending in some new ones to fill up the rest of the month.


Here’s a Vox interview (Guy promoting a book) as a starter for today.

Possible NSFW alert.  The full form of BS appears in the title and throughout the article.

Open Thread

Retention policy update:

Here are the latest poll numbers: 

94 total
29% / 28     don’t care
35% / 34     3 months or shorter
35% / 34     6 months or longer
The administrators have decided to go with 4 months public access, starting July 1.  It will be 4 previous months plus  the current month.      Older posts will not be permanently deleted immediately, but held for at least a year as private.


Since education is the most popular topic by far, occupying the Open Thread two weeks ago and the Politics page (perfectly civil discussion) last week,  we will try out Education Thursday to go with Relationship Monday and Open Tuesday.

Offline, we received a observation that some types of topics don’t get a lot of traffic with the implication that we would be better served by providing different ones.    So we are asking people outside of the usual group of 5-8 to submit things of interest to them with a story or a link.     And be aware that summer is slow.   Fewer people are in need of a workday time-filler.

Topics for the rest of the week:

Wed-  Paying workers off the books

Th—   Alternatives to College

Fri–   Pair Novels with your Destinations



Open Thread

Totebag 30 day challenge week 4 will go live on Thursday.   I’ll put it on the top level to remind everyone.

Anyone who still has privacy concerns or requests should email one of the admins. We will respond offline.

We are unable to figure out why the name “Lark” ends up being flagged as spam.   Perhaps it has joined the list of names used by Russian girls who want to be your friend.   Lemon’s post of last week just had too many links and went into pending approval.

Upcoming posts.