Coolest towns

by North of Boston

The 25 coolest towns in America: 2018

One of the local Chambers of Commerce in my area has been heavily promoting this article, since a north-of-Boston town (Newburyport, MA, which is actually a city) was named in the article as one of the “25 Coolest Towns in America.” I enjoyed looking at this list, and it has given me some ideas for future vacations. Totebaggers, weigh in on this list. If you know any of these towns, are they as cool as advertised, or not? Do you have other favorite towns that should have been on this list?


Parental advice

by North of Boston

We Totebaggers are full of good, prudent advice. But what advice of yours have your children actually taken? If they didn’t take your advice on something, how did it turn out? (i.e., did the outcome make you think, “Well, they proved me wrong on that one”, or did it make you think, “I told you so!”) If you had to rank all the pieces of advice that you give your kids, what are the top two or three that you hope they follow, even if they disregard everything else?

And on the other side of the generational divide, what advice that your parents gave you are you particularly glad you took or did not take? What advice do you regret taking or not taking?

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Plus, this from Louise: