Do particular toys inspire particular interests?

by Louise

The Sum of the Parts of STEM Toys Can Equal a Giant Mess
A new generation of knickknacks meant to inspire a love of science and math can become a headache for parents; Legos aren’t the only floor hazard

Do these STEM toys really make kids want to take up STEM ?

Legos were big in my house for a stretch but now one kid turns trash into treasure and the other one likes video games. I am not certain bombarding kids with specific toys increases interest that much. Same with Disney princesses, no evidence so far of any princess behavior


Food and grocery delivery services

by Louise

Discuss food and grocery delivery services, meal kits, personal chef – any trends you see towards convenience in food. I think we like the idea of home cooked meals but actually cooking everyday…that’s another story.

Consumers Love Food Delivery. Restaurants and Grocers Hate It.
Fresh food sellers can’t afford to ignore the consumer demand, even though most orders lose money

‘I’m Addicted’; Why Food-Delivery Companies Want to Create Superusers
DoorDash, Instacart and others want to turn casual customers driven by discounts into repeat users who rely on their services regularly