The Art of Stepping Back

by Louise

In the past months, there has been a lot of heated debate about politics, the virus and all sorts of issues. Being in the house with family and reading social media posts has resulted in heated back and forth both in person and in some forums. Also, unfortunately the back and forth sometimes spirals out of control into ugliness with ancient history dredged up.

I decided to step back. Not abandon reading but abandon heated arguments and back and forth discussions. I didn’t quit any groups and stalk away angry virtually but I told people that I would stop engaging, if I see things spiraling out of control.
It has helped me be in a more cheerful and positive frame of mind.

What are your strategies for dealing with conflict and disagreement both in person and online ?

Navigating the Holidays in a Pandemic

by Louise

I am thinking about this as I have two sets of seniors to consider and kids who are attending school in person.
My thought is to have the kids do remote school for a week and half (is that enough ?), so we make a sort of a bubble to enclose our family. I am not going to bubble for Thanksgiving, just make sure I visit my parents the day of and take them food. I’ll muddle through somehow and hope that I have taken enough precautions to come out of the holidays safely.
What are your plans for the holidays ? Is it going to be better or worse than years past ? DD has already given me her Christmas list !

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by Louise

What things about food did you discover during the pandemic. It could cover anything from supply chain, growing season to how easy or difficult it was to make certain things. Did you miss any specific restaurant food ? Do you want to share any new food shows or cook books ?

What do you keep obsessively checking on ?

by Louise

With so much information now at our fingertips it’s possible to obsessively keep track of things. In the old days people started the day with the newspaper while eating breakfast. But they moved on to other things. They didn’t have the tools to check on their stocks, bank accounts, what their friends, neighbors and random strangers had posted. They couldn’t see if a new prayer or motivational post had appeared.
What do you obsessively check on ?