Moving to the ‘country’

by L

NYT fake trends alert?

We moved to the ‘country’ (10,000 people town) and I usually commute twice a week like the people in the article. I’m not slowed-down enough to have a ‘rich inner life’, though!


Teaching Children about Class Differences

Topic suggested by L – Mémé expansion

Many of our political conversations on the other thread focus on the fact of economic, social or intellectual differences between people, whether these should be ameliorated in some way,  and if so, who should bear the cost.

Do you teach your kids about privilege, haves and have-nots, and other differences between people?    Do you have formal conversations with them on these topics,  let it come up organically, rely on the school programming, or participate as a family in hands on activities?     Or do you think they should be sheltered?    Do you find a need to counteract messages they receive from the media or from their local environment?