Totebag Fantasy Vacation

by Honolulu Mother

I’ve been doing some travel daydreaming lately, probably because the travel I have lined up for this summer is just some college visiting and I not-so-secretly would rather be doing a big trip. So I thought others might like to do some travel daydreaming as well, with a set of rules and conditions to give some form to it.

The challenge: You have money to burn – a $75,000 budget specifically – and you are planning a dream trip for 6 to 8 people (inviting along friends, bringing the kids, inviting a sibling and spouse or other family), to last a week or a week and a half excluding travel time getting there and back. We’ll assume that for the purpose of this dream vacation everyone can get time away from work or school at the desired time. What do you plan?

You can charter a boat with a skipper and a chef and still come in well below budget, it appears – .  Even renting a chateau or villa doesn’t put that much of a dent in it — I suppose you could hire the staff to go with it and that would raise the price.  (If you go to and sort by price descending you’ll see that you could find some pretty interesting places and still be well below that generous budget.)

I suppose I’m thinking too small — too much like my usual way of travel.  Here’s a place I would very much like to visit where bringing six to eight people for a week would burn right through that generous budget: .  And this London accommodation, considering whatever the additional cost must be for adding the connecting suite for the third bedroom, would blow up the budget without leaving anything for meals! .  Setting up a customized tour like this would pretty much use up the budget and you couldn’t be choosing the highest-end option for everything.  It’s not hard to be spendy in Japan, with options like this and this  And if your dream trip is a family ski vacation in somewhere like Aspen or Banff between Christmas and New Year’s . . . that can add up.

So, given the $75K budget, what week to week and a half dream vacation would you treat your group to?