Vision correction

by Finn

Most of us probably need some sort of vision correction, and any of us who don’t can look forward to needing it as your eyes age.

I’ve needed correction since I was in the 2nd grade (interestingly, the same point as for DS). For many years, I just used glasses, but when I started skiing as a 20-something I found a couple of reasons to start wearing contacts.

When I started skiing, I wore glasses with clip-on dark glasses. But I found that when I walked indoors, the warm air instantly caused my glasses to fog up. I also had difficulty finding goggles that worked with glasses, and a lack of good options for dark glasses.

Once I started wearing the contacts, I found they had many advantages over glasses, especially in situations that involved sweating. Some positive feedback from females also brought vanity into play, and I’ve been using them as my primary vision correction since.

However, at about the time of my last birthday ending with a 0, I had to start using reading glasses, and more recently, I’ve needed an increasing array of correction levels. For computer work, no contacts and computer glasses works best; contacts and very weak reading glasses also work. I’ll need to talk to my optometrist next time about possibly using contacts with each eye’s correction optimized for different distance vision.

What sort of vision correction do you use, and why? What have you found works well for you, what have you found doesn’t work well for you, and what solutions do you which existed?