Babies born with opioid addiction

by L

Caring for babies born with opioid addiction – what are Totebaggers’ thoughts? What policies would help? What do you think about this mother’s chances of gaining custody? How about her naming choices?

A tide of opioid-dependent newborns forces doctors to rethink treatment


When the Mother of an Opioid-Dependent Newborn Hears, ‘You Can’t Have Your Baby’


A Somber Holiday

by Anonymous

Yesterday I heard that a friend’s younger brother had died of a drug overdose.

This is the third 20-something in my neighborhood to pass away from an overdose in 2015. Drug overdose deaths are up 6.5 percent over 2014, and there has been a spike in heroin-related deaths in particular.

All of the ones I knew were from UMC families, with devoted parents who went to every school play, soccer practice and band concert. Two of the three went to good colleges. The other started his own business after high school instead.

When over 400 people showed up for one of the funerals, the eulogist looked out at the congregation and said: “it’s great to see so many here, but we should all ask ourselves: where was I when Michael needed me? We all have an hour to go to his funeral now, but what would that hour have meant – over 400 hours with his friends, his extended family, his classmates and neighbors – when he was still alive? Could we have saved his life?”

What can parents do? What can the community do? What are you telling your kids?