Buying a car

by lagirl

Finally after 13 years of driving my Corolla I am going to buy a new car. Some of you may remember I wanted the Lexus IS 250 but have recently become enamored with the new Civic. Clearly the Civic will be much cheaper. I test drove it and it feels very similar to my Corolla.

Any tips of negotiating through email? They told me that they don’t offer 0% financing but i know a lot of companies do.

Also, I’m interested in changing my insurance company as well-anyone have one they really like?


Let’s Talk Cars!

by Fred MacMurray

Time to talk about how we all express ourselves through our cars.

– what do you drive as your everyday (commute/errand) car(s)? why did you pick those?
– is anyone a real “road” warrior, driving >20- or 25,000 miles a year?
– do you have a separate “fun” car for the summer or just because?
– what’s your dream car, the one you’ll buy to satisfy your mid-life crisis, because you win the lottery, etc.
– do you have your car serviced at a dealer, an independent shop, national/regional chain? Why? Speak up if you / partner do-it-yourself.
– anything else we should know about your automobile state of mind?

This post was inspired by:

Why Americans Are Buying More Trucks And SUVs Than Cars