MMM days

by Louise

The holiday shopping season means bulging shopping bags, boxes piled up outside front doors, purchases galore. In spite of the retail cheer, I thought I’d bring up MMM (The Grinch?). Have you regretted any purchases? Have you racked up too many bills? Spent on things or experiences that were not worth the price tag?


College Budgeting Fail

by ssk

I just read this online and thought it might be a starting point for a blend of two of our favorite topics: paying for college and teaching fiscal responsibility.

22-year-old college student blows her $90,000 college fund and blames her parents

While this article (and the accompanying videos) is tongue-in-cheek, it makes you wonder about how you have done (or will do) teaching your children about finances. Has anyone encountered a young person like “Kim”?