Transition Time

by Laura Davenport, aka WhiteFluffyIcing

Thanks so much for all the warm responses to our announcement that Grace (CostofCollege) will take on the daily administration of The Totebag.

A few housekeeping details:

I will continue to own and monitor the totebagger (at) gmail (dot) com email address.  If you ever need to reach me, you can continue to do so at that address, and I welcome any comments or feedback that you’d like to bring to my direct attention.

Going forward, please submit posts to Grace at gntotebag (at) gmail (dot) com.  I believe I’ve changed the email address in all the appropriate places on the website; if you find that isn’t the case, please let me know.

If you’ve submitted a post to the totebagger address, I will forward it to Grace by copy/pasting just the text into a new email — she will not see your email address unless you contact her directly.

And finally, many of you know that I schedule posts about 2-3 weeks in advance, so you won’t see posts that Grace has actually created for a bit longer.  Her style may differ from mine, and I see that as a good thing.  As always, let us hear from you if you feel there are improvements to be made.

Thanks again for your support during this transition.  You are an amazing group and, truth be told, I still find it hard to believe you all migrated over here.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…. (i.e., our Monday Totebag post will still run at 10:00 central.)



Man Down (… Again)

by Laura Davenport, aka WhiteFluffyIcing

Gang, we need to talk.

We’ve lost another regular — this time, Mom of Three Teens.  (You may remember her post about favorite cookbooks, wherein she shared with us some of her experience of living in Rome.)

We are a remarkable community for many reasons, our collective civility being chief among them.  But sometimes we slip up.

MOTT cared enough to write in and inform me of her reasoning, so I thought we might walk through this as a bit of a case study.

Take a look at the comments from our March 27 post.  MOTT makes her first comment at 2:23.  She goes back and forth with Rhett a couple of times, and then our elusive friend Kaleberg later makes a reference to her statements.

An excerpt of her email to me:

I will allow that I poorly made my point in my initial post.  However, I was truly offended by one poster’s two responses to my original comment and to my clarifying point.  He deliberately twisted my writing and his comments deeply insulted me.  Another poster’s comment several hours later about the “self-pitying rich” just added to my irritation.  On this blog, we are, by and large, strangers to one another and we trust each other to treat every comment with respect.  It is this trust that makes following and participating in this blog an enjoyable pastime for its …  followers.  In my “real life,” I would not allow myself to be insulted by a stranger in front of [hundreds of ] other strangers.  The same standard applies to my social media life.

Totebaggers, can you see MOTT’s perspective and empathize with her reaction?  Is this bound to happen in an anonymous forum on the Internet?  This isn’t the first time we’ve irritated a regular to the point of them leaving us.  Are we doing our best in this arena?