Carrying on

by Anonymous

We are preparing to travel again, and I’ve forgotten how! Specifically, I want to be comfortable on longer flights. This is what I’m planning to take on the plane

Hand sanitizer/disinfectant
Refillable water bottles
Phones (with reading material)
Battery packs & charging cables
Headphones/earbuds with cases
Allergy meds/nasal spray
Hair ties
Bar Castile soap
Chewing gum

I’m also thinking of taking sheet masks to use on long flights. What types have you used & would recommend using (or avoiding)?

What do you take on your flights? Do you see anything we are missing?

WTF, young fathers?

by Not Even a Little Bit Anonymous, Really

Through young relatives, I have become acquainted (from a distance) with some families with very young children. In all families, both parents work and are working remotely.

In all three of these acquaintance families, the young father does exactly jack with regard to childcare and housework. The moms of the infants and toddlers are losing their minds. One mom is going to move to her mother’s house in a different state for at least a month, and probably more, because her mother will help with the baby and the young mom can continue to work. In the second family, the young mom with a toddler and an infant is simply going quietly insane. There is some reason to be pretty concerned about her. The third family is just fighting nonstop. My young relatives seem to be doing much better but probably not perfectly in this regard; the mom is at least not officially working for pay.

So my question is: WTF, men? When I were a lass, decades ago, we were already telling men to step up and help. All these decades later, they still don’t. I don’t know if WTF? is an actual conversation topic, but it’s what I’m left with.