Totebag 30-Day Challenge — DONE!

by Grace aka costofcollege

Today on Memorial Day we honor the memory of members of our armed forces who died in service to our country.  Like many other places across the country, our town has a parade and memorial service today.  Barbecues, ballgames, and beaches are also popular spots for this day.  What are you doing today?


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The Totebag 30-Day Challenge is DONE!

We have completed our challenge.  Your thoughts?  Good, bad, indifferent?  Would you do another one?


Friday open thread

by Grace aka costofcollege

Today we have an open thread to discuss anything on your mind.

The Totebag 30-Day Challenge is scheduled to begin on May 1.  My initial idea had been that each participant could pick a particular activity they want to do, not that we would all do the same thing. However, some Totebaggers would prefer that we all do the same activity.  A compromise would be to select one activity for the group, but leave open the option for individuals to select their own personalized challenge activity if they wish.

Let’s brainstorm.  You can suggest group challenge activities in the comments,  Or let us know if you have a particular activity you’re considering for yourself.