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6 thoughts on “SUGGEST TOPICS

  1. How many plot points in movies, murder mysteries, etc., hinge on estate planning or the lack thereof? And in real life, what family conflicts have you seen caused by estate planning?

    We watched all 20 seasons (!) of Midsomer Murders and easily over half of the cases turned on who was named as the heir in the murdered person’s will!

  2. This is longish, but I found it very interesting. It’s about the “autism spectrum”.

    As you can see, the various parts of the [visible light] spectrum are noticeably different from each other. Blue looks very different from red, but they are both on the visible light spectrum. Red is not “more blue” than blue is. Red is not “more spectrum” than blue is. […] Autism isn’t a set of defined symptoms that collectively worsen as you move “up” the spectrum…[A]utism isn’t one condition. It is a collection of related neurological conditions that are so intertwined and so impossible to pick apart that professionals have stopped trying.

  3. This was an interesting map. Note, that it excludes English and Spanish. I find it to accurately reflect my experience in my state. I regularly hear people speaking Vietnamese, and Arabic. I know people who speak Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Hindi with family members at home, but usually speak English if an English speaker is present. What about other totebaggers? What languages do you regularly hear?

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