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7 thoughts on “SUGGEST TOPICS

  1. You Must Buy……

    I love to investigate new items. So, when I see recommendations for products I think I want, I get very excited. I may not end up buying online window shopping is fun.
    Share your list of must have products or little known to others brands.

  2. Weird News:

    Tweeting about a book that sat on the shelves for 27 years…A little Totebag love for the “unloved” books.

    What’s the oddest title in your collection (print or digital)? Or the oddest “section” of books if you’re like me and organize your shelves by topic then author?

    (At work, I have “A Treatise on Limnology”… I very rarely talk/research about lakes, but I own a book that is 2 inches think all about them.. We won’t talk about the book on managing wastewater.)

  3. “Ban on parents at school lunchrooms roils Connecticut town”

    The headline made me roll my eyes, but a paragraph in the article made me think of our discussion earlier this week about eating out and ‘fast food.’

    “Other districts have wrestled with lunchroom visitation policies including Beaverton, Oregon, where restrictions were added last year because many Indian and Pakistani families were bringing warm lunches from home daily for their children. The elementary school added a rack where parents can drop off lunches, and the district assesses visit requests on a case-by-case basis, district spokeswoman Maureen Wheeler said.”

    I’m not familiar with the idea of bringing lunch to school at lunchtime, but bringing in a warm lunch from home (which I’m equating with home cooked and therefore ‘healthier’) sounds like a habit to encourage and the solution seems to meet the needs of the parents, students and school staff.

  4. Swim – Indian families in the home country either had mothers or household help take hot lunches to school. This was only in kindergarten and first grade. By second/third grade this stopped. There was no intrusion in schools to the extent there was at my kids elementary school. Many mothers would be in and around the school the whole day. The middle school firmly closed the door on parents. The elementary school principal on the grounds of security has limited parents from being inside the school so much.

  5. A Retirement PhD

    Totebaggers are generally very into learning. But mainly in the sense of acquiring knowledge that is already known. Calculus would be example #1. But what about discovering something that isn’t currently known? If you had the chance to investigate something – what would it be?

    For me I have two possible topics.

    1. PhD in Economics: What goes into a company’s decision to recruit at some schools and not others? Stanford vs. Berkeley vs. San Jose State vs. Chico State, etc.

    2. PhD in Transportation Engineering: Traffic waves and how they can be reduced or eliminated.

    What about you?

  6. We recently picked up out of state DD from the airport with an In N Out milkshake in the car, tritip and crab on the dinner menus for her time with us. Other foods were also requested. What do your out of state kids want to eat when them get back? What foods sing to you of home? Do your children enjoy your childhood comfort foods?

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