Election 2016, June 6-12

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16 thoughts on “Election 2016, June 6-12

  1. To my Facebook friends who are huge Bernie fanatics: The fact that the Associated Press called each of the super delegates and asked how they were voting, and then reported on the answers, does not mean that “the mainstream media is corrupt”.

  2. I am going to ask everyone who does not support my candidate to recuse themselves because they could not possibly be fair!

  3. I’ve seen his supporters recently floating the argument that because his voters skew heavily younger, they represent the future . . . the “therefore” is left implied but it seems to be that somehow their votes count more?

  4. One of the ongoing irritations of this whole campaign is the slicing and dicing of the populace into the “real” America vs…unreal? Irreal? The young are realler than thou. White working men are realler than thou. Everyone’s realler than me, that’s for sure. So go ahead and sing along with Whitney that children are our future. At least my demographic slogs its way to the polls.

  5. I am about to block the Bernie supporters on my FB feed. They are completely irrational. Good article Kate.

  6. Obama has endorsed Clinton, and seems like forced Sanders to come to his senses. I like Bernie, but don’t see how he would have delivered on his promises. I hope Clinton has learned from her past mistakes and really has someone sane to advise her on foreign policy.

  7. The Joan of Arc one is . . . pretty much how it really went.

    But yeah, I’m celebrating. And my daughter is apparently over Sanders. Of course the real politician of her heart is Alexander Hamilton.

  8. In other news, do you think Warren will agree to be Hillary’s VP?

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