Election 2016, June 27-July 3

Any comments about politics?


7 thoughts on “Election 2016, June 27-July 3

  1. Such a weird election, part 474: Trump’s fundraising emails to members of parliament in Britain, Iceland, Canada, Australia, Denmark. Whaaat?

  2. And over in Britain, Michael Gove apparently jerked the rug out from under Boris Johnson. That whole scene is cray-cray.

  3. Nate Silver days HRC is going to win. Always trust in Nate Silver.

    Interesting that Chris Stevens’s family doesn’t blame HRC for Benghazi.

    I am feeling better about an HRC victory. Trump just has no idea how to run a national campaign. And the Dems are good at GOTV stuff.

  4. “Always trust in Nate Silver.”

    Maybe not always.

    In September, he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Trump had a roughly 5-percent chance of beating his GOP rivals.

  5. “But Hillary’s the dishonest one. Sorry, I keep forgetting.”

    They’re both (all?) dishonest!

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