Election 2016, June 20-26



22 thoughts on “Election 2016, June 20-26

  1. Actually, the part I thought was weird was (1) only a $1.3M warchest?! (2) Draper Sterling? (3) HOW much of the expenditures went to Trump businesses?!

    The dreams of replacing him at the convention, nah, that’s only to be expected.

  2. Oh, absolutely, that stuff is weird too. At this point I have no idea what he thinks he’s doing.

  3. Our federal system gives so much power to state and local governments and to the office of the national chief executive that the sort of wrenching home country change that will result from Brexit is not possible overnight. And the US, more than all of these tiny aging countries in Europe, has an almost full larder of natural resources and human capital. However, the vote makes it clear that no one, whether corporate and conservative elites that control the Republican party, bicoastal and financial elites that control the Democratic party, disaffected young social liberals, uneasy suburbanites, or committed libertarians can sleep on the power of populist nativist movements. No vote or a protest vote in November, unless you live in a prewrapped state for one party or the other, has to be considered a vote FOR Trump, not merely a vote AGAINST Clinton or “the system”. As someone to whose clan rights and citizenship have been granted and rescinded over history at the whim of the majority or the autocrat or the religious authorities, I simply cannot say nativism will not affect my family or my friends of many origins or life choices who don’t pass the “real American” test. It does matter if angry whites, including many traditional churchgoers (I will not misuse the word Christian here) dominate the government for 25 years.

  4. Lassen Volcanic Park is nice, but I get paranoid that it will erupt. Long odds, I know.

  5. Interesting to see the Brexit vote broken down by age groups:

  6. What I’ve been looking for and haven’t seen is the percentage of young voters who dragged themselves to the polls. You can’t just post memes on Facebook and think your vote will be registered.

  7. RMS I wondered the same thing. And since I was on a 7 hour drive with my kids as captive audience, we had a lot of discussions about how important it is, and how the consequences can affect them and their friends of various stripes. And all of the tweets and stories about people who now want to change their vote must be absolutely crazy-making to those who wanted to remain. I read that one of the most googled phrases in the UK AFTER the polls closed was “what is the EU?” I keep hearing “we are tired of the elites telling us what to do.” Well if you’re not going to educate yourself prior to voting, maybe someone should be making decisions on your behalf.

  8. Apparently a lot of people just thought they were registering a protest vote. They thought Remain would win for sure so they’d just vote to leave to indicate dissatisfaction. I did that a bit with the marijuana vote in Colorado. I was sure the initiative would fail but I voted to legalize just for protest. Then it passed! That one didn’t do any harm but I kind of learned my lesson.

  9. I really don’t think that some people understood the consequences of their vote. It’s a shame because the younger voters in all parts of the U.K. voted to remain. The over 65s longed for the good old days and voted to leave.

  10. One interesting observation is that most people, on both sides, believed that the “Leave” campaign would lose. So were there a significant number of “Leave” voters who kept their views to themselves because the experts and media seemed to have made it clear that the smart money was voting to “Remain?” Or did the “Remain” folks think they had it in the bag and didn’t have to show up? Or both?

    In the last two weeks, two local female friends — one an orthodox Catholic, the other an Orthodox Jew, both tenured faculty members — confided that they were planning to vote for Trump because they see Clinton as a graver threat to the country and regard Trump as the lesser of two evils. Neither of these women has a Trump sticker on her car, and most likely they are not publicly proclaiming their support. I suspect that they may not be alone, and that there may be other reluctant Trump supporters who don’t fit the general profile and who may even be criticizing him along with their Totebag friends, but who are secretly planning to vote for him anyhow.

  11. Those who loved the Von Trappster will really enjoy getting to know this guy. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/26/opinion/sunday/hell-is-other-britons.html?_r=0

    “Since my late teens, every effort I have ever exerted has been with the intention of escaping Alresford [his seemingly very pleasant hometown]. And yet, I am an early-career academic and so I am forced to move back, every summer, to live with my parents because I cannot afford to pay rent elsewhere after my temporary teaching contract ends. Then, sometimes, I think: What if I’m actually secretly comfortable here? What if I have chosen the security of death in Alresford over the risks of life elsewhere? What if I am in fact fully in the clutches of Alresfordism?”

    There is so much more to love about him, but this paragraph shines forth in uber-whininess.

  12. Given that even my Dad dislikes Trump (but will probably still vote for him- extended family reunion this year should have interesting political discussions), I think HRC’s path is pretty certain.

    I suppose I hope she will govern more moderately with a marginal mandate than with a Reagan/Mondale landslide. It was clear to me 25 years ago that her vision for women’s rights and the role of government is not mine.

  13. Scarlett – the guy should leave his home and his parents to experience the wider world he thinks about about. He may find a lot of satisfaction but will also realize that it could be a struggle without the safety net of his parent’s house. He will also realize that at times he will fit right into his new surroundings but at other times acceptance will not be that easy. Above all after a time he needs to take action not just write.

  14. Louise, he is so bitter and resentful at age 27. I had to keep reading because I was waiting in vain for some spark of humility and optimism. But it never came. He’s already mastered the “get off my lawn” mentality that he ascribes to his neighbors. Wonder if he is that unpleasant in person. But now his neighbors know full well that he despises them. Probably awkward at the bus stop now.

  15. Scarlett – he must think his neighbors don’t read the NYTimes. But OTOH, in a place where everyone knows you and your parents they are the only ones who would associate your name with getting published in the NYTimes. The wider world will comment and forget. It is the same thought that makes the NYTimes wedding announcements say “a son of”…

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