Election 2016, June 13-19

Your election thoughts?


11 thoughts on “Election 2016, June 13-19

  1. WCE, do you see the Johnson / Weld ticket as a viable alternative for you or your extended family?

  2. I haven’t looked at that ticket, but I am sufficiently disgusted with the mainstream candidates to vote for some third party or abstain. I suspect Mr WCE will vote for HRC. Not sure what the rest of the family will do. I expect this election to have low turnout.

  3. WCE,
    I am seriously considering abstaining as well. I keep asking myself which of the candidates is the lesser of two evils, which is not exactly inspiring. And my answer keeps changing, which is even more unsettling.

  4. I’ve been a Hillary supporter from the get-go, so my vote is pretty set (unless something unforeseen happens of course), but if you aren’t comfortable with the major candidates, how about the Libertarian ticket? Or the Green Party? Do any of you wish Bloomberg or Romney had run as a third party candidate?

  5. The only point to voting third-party is to take votes away from either Trump or Clinton, depending on the candidate. That might be something some people want to do, but I think it’s a bad idea.

  6. Isn’t voting for a third party candidate (who theoretically could win if HRC is indicted) better than staying home? Polls show that a sizable sector of voters can’t support either candidate.

  7. I would think that if there’s a significant third-party vote for the Libertarian ticket, which this year seems more like a traditional Republican ticket than the actual Republican ticket, it would send the message that a significant chunk of the party will not support a Trump-type candidate even if it means losing its current shot at the White House. And of course they are both former governors, so they’re not going to drive the country off a cliff. If my husband ends up voting L, I think it’ll be for that reason.

    I myself am happily voting Hillary.

  8. “The only point to voting third-party is to take votes away from either Trump or Clinton, depending on the candidate.”

    No. As I’ve pointed out, I’ve voted L for quite a while, because the Electoral College system and the strong D vote here means my vote won’t for a D or R won’t change anything, but an L vote helps keeps future L candidates on the ballot.

    Although this year’s L candidates aren’t that great as Ls.

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