About The Totebag

The Totebag is the web’s premier work-life-family conversation.

Many of the regulars first met on a prominent media site’s work-life-family blog; we take pride in the civil tone of our discussions covering a wide range of topics from current events, personal lives, cars, real estate, homework, personal finance, vacations, anything that has to do with work-family balance.  We promote the idea of no dumb questions.

Ask for help and you’ll get thoughtful responses from people who have experienced similar things in their lives.  Thanks to Sara Schaeffer Munoz for bringing us all together at the beginning!

To join the conversation, send topic suggestions and submissions for blog entries to gntotebag (at) gmail (dot) com.

(Special thanks to Honolulu Mom and Upstate NY Dad for contributing this ‘About’ page.)

6 thoughts on “About The Totebag

  1. Well darn I take a few weeks off the other blog and look what happened. Amazing and thanks for doing all of this.

  2. MiaMama – right there with you! I spent a few months off the site and now I’m catching up!

  3. “civil tone of conversation*”

    * except of course, when we disagree with a life choice someone has made. Then we trash the person with a vengeance. Did you see the tag line? We mean it!

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