Allergy season

by Kerri

As a Spring time allergy sufferer, this was welcome news to me. Maybe I’ll get to enjoy this year’s Cherry Blossom festival without being doped up on Zyrtec and coffee. Any other suggestions on how to get through allergy season?

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  1. I’ve found a $3 car wash* that gets the pollen off. And the porch enclosures remain in place until the end of pollen season, which is about the third week in May. We just open it up when we want to use it.

    *It’s $5, but that includes a token for the vacuums. If you don’t need the vacuum that visit, you save the token for a $2 discount on your next wash. I can be driven to madness by a yellow-green car with yellow caked on the windshield in the areas outside the wipers’ reach.

  2. Claritin D and/or Flonase. Nyquil at night.

    It sucks that allergies strike during the nicest weather of the year!

  3. Knock on wood, my allergies seem to be pretty lowkey thus far. DH is suffering though. Zrtec is my choice, but DH finds better relief with another brand. As I’ve gotten older my allergies have gotten worse.

    Last year DD2 decided that all the cotton that flies around is bothersome to her and claims that is her allergy. I think she was just trying to find something to cling to in a year of being homebound, so I’ll be paying close attention once those start flying around.

  4. I never got any allergies until a few years ago, and now I just have a little bit of a runny nose/postnasal drip and can’t sing as well during April and May. I usually take a Benadryl the night before rehearsal and then the day of, which mostly takes care of it

  5. Zyrtec and gentle Flonase daily all year round. even before cats. It is the eye itch that gets me seasonally. Tree pollen, mostly. Filters on the return air vents for the air handler. Air purifier in the bedroom. Good cleaning biweekly. Supply of Paper masks for when my nose feels runny so I can toss them out. I am still basking in 14 mos without a cold.

  6. Zyrtec year round for approaching 10yrs I think. Pretty much knocks it all down.

    DD – thanks for the head’s up. But I’m not planning to quit it anytime soon.

    (right now I have a lack-of-caffeine induced headache. Work. Real paying work getting in the way of my routine today. It’s going to be one of those weeks. Now, off to make a french press)

  7. In addition to frequent (even daily) trips to the carwash in green car season, frequent laundering of clothing exposed to pollen or other allergens is also helpful. So, the clothes used for yardwork go straight to the laundry room every time.
    Also, a nightly shower including washing hair — think about all of that pollen stuck in your hair and then rubbed into your pillowcase. When our kids had allergy issues, the shower before bed was a big help. And extra pillowcases too.

  8. Scarlett +1.

    The kids have to change their clothes when they come home – especially if they eat lunch outside or have outdoor recess.

  9. I don’t think one should completely block the pollen. I believe a low level of exposure may help with the symptoms long term.

  10. Glad this got posted, but I am swamped with work today.

    So far, what’s worked: masks, plus coffee, plus Zyrtec and a bath for the pup (who is almost 3!) who is near or on me most of the day. I do think the mask has made my allergies less severe but don’t do much more itchy eyes.

    The other allergy meds – and definitely Sudafed – knock me out. Even 1/2 Zyrtec needs to be countered with coffee.

    Back again when I free up!

  11. I have done the terrible grandparent thing of screwing up the baby’s schedule. My DIL went to get her hair cut, leaving me, DH, and the baby’s father to put her down for her nap. We’re at the AirBnB house because the kids are having work done on their house and this was a good opportunity to be out of the way of the workers. Well, strange house, no Mom…going to sleep in the PacknPlay in the guest room was a non-starter. So I picked her up and she stopped sobbing and fell asleep on my chest, which is a big no-no in their sleep system.

    I genuinely feel bad about it, because I know she’s probably going to take weeks to retrain. But there are worse things than a sleeping baby on your chest, especially if you have your phone so you can read social media over her little head.

    But I have screwed it up, and I’m sorry.

  12. Have fun, Becky!

    Rocky – maybe it’s different since it’s grandma in a different location. When those variables reset to normal, she might not expect the same treatment.

  13. Kerri – have you tried using children’s Zyrtec? I find i am not as drowsy after taking it.

  14. No, he knows. He has paid work to do, so he kind of just said, “uh, it’ll probably be all right.” My DIL can yell at him later. :-)

  15. RMS – some kids like the warmth. We would wrap DS in a blanket and trick him that way, otherwise he would want to sleep right between us. So many years have passed, but it seems like yesterday.

  16. RMS I think it doesn’t count since it wasn’t in her own house.

    I am so sorry for people who are allergic to pollen. It is everywhere. Almost never affects me.

  17. Rocky — I agree with Milo. And I am secretly glad that you got some snuggle time with the baby!

    Seasonal allergies aren’t horrible in my household (knock on wood). DD needed some allergy medications when she was younger, but hasn’t for the past few years. DH gets itchy eyes and sneezes a lot in the spring, but doesn’t need meds. I had a few years after DS was born where the pollen was affecting me, but that seems to have gotten better as I’ve gotten older. DS seems not to be affected at all.

  18. Second shot anecdata. It’s very empty at Children’s for DD’s second shot. It was packed for her first one.

  19. Over the weekend, I discovered that we have anti vaxxers in the family. Also, I found my eldest brother a vaccine in his town and he was able to book shots.

  20. TCM – Children’s Zyrtec! what a great suggestion. I would not have thought of that. Thanks.

    Rocky – I saw recently that hospitals were putting a surgeon’s glove filled with warm water on very ill patient’s hands to make them think someone was holding their hand. Maybe that would work for babies too? A little warm water bottle might be comforting in a new sleep environment. OTOH – you don’t want to start a habit you don’t want to continue doing.

  21. We’re all up now. The kids don’t seem too bent out of shape. Dodged a bullet.

    Next time I’ll follow the rules even if lots of crying is involved.

    (She cried so hard she got the hiccups, and had them for 45 minutes. Poor pumpkin.)

  22. “Next time I’ll follow the rules even if lots of crying is involved.”

    I don’t know if Grandmas are capable of such a thing.

  23. Yeah, I can do it if I have to, because truly I don’t want to screw up their system. It’s just the kind of thing people on this board complain about — “The grandparents wanted us to skip the baby’s naptime (or bedtime, or whatever) and our lives were screwed for two months.”

    DIL thinks it will be fine when they’re back at their house and in her regular crib.

  24. We’ve had a horrendous allergy season so far. Last Thursday I walked outside for less than 5 minutes and had the sneezing/drippy nose/itchy eyes for the rest of the afternoon. But DS is the one I feel really bad for. He gets hives/bumps from the allergies, and he started getting some the same day I did, but his got so bad we ended up calling the doc for prednisone Saturday — his face looked like he had lost a prize fight and he couldn’t even open one eye, and then he had been stratching at the bumps and rubbed some so raw the doc at first thought he had poison ivy. (Which is always possible, but he’s had the exact same bumps repeatedly every summer since he was little). Oh: and he also tends toward nosebleeds and has had half a dozen over the past couple of weeks. Poor kid. We have both cycled through Zyrtec/Allegra/Claritin based on whichever our current doc prefers, plus flonase, plus Sudafed/Benadryl for symptoms, plus frequent sheet-washing and sinus rinse and all the rest.

    It’s funny, but a couple of weeks ago, DH and I were talking about needing to take DS in for more allergy tests, because we suspected he’d grown out of (at least most of) them.* Now I’ve made an appointment for more allergy testing to figure out which ones have gotten so much worse!

    *E.g., he had an epi pen for a shellfish allergy based on prior testing, but I accidentally gave him some Thai food that had a shellfish-based sauce in it, and he had zero reaction whatsoever. I know it was a teeny amount (only my super-sensitive fish-hating taste buds could have noticed it), but if he were *that* allergic I’d have expected some sort of response.

  25. The Flonase variant I use is approved for under 12. Doesnt burn my nostrils. Since I take Zyrtec primarily for itching, and Flonase for respiratory, and I still have to use ointment in the winter against remaining dry itch, I will remain a potential addict. But if for some reason I need to go off, I will taper. Allegra and Claritin do nothing for me.

  26. Rocky, napping on a human is better than no nap. I was a big believer of not missing that nap, but I didn’t care where the baby slept. I remember getting reports of my babies taking their nap while being held by so and so, or fell asleep in the bouncy chair. As long as it said x number of hours for nap, I didn’t care if they napped on a tiger at the zoo :)

    I love that you are so concerned about this. It means you truly care and respect your DIL.

  27. Hey Rhett, my $20 in cryptocurrency is up to $21.60. I can buy a Ferrari!

  28. My allergies here are terrible, and maybe year round. Very hopeful that a few years of exposure will turn things down. Right now I am flonase (aka flixonase here) and stolen loratidine from my child. Loratidine costs about $1 pill at the local pharmacy. But the child gets a prescription for 90 tabs/3 months and uses about 1/3 of them. And the prescription (because she is under 14) is “free”.

    I think Sudaphed has done itself (and the public) a disservice in putting its name on everything. Pseudoephedrine is the very good allergy/congestion medicine, that requires either a prescription or showing your driver’s license to obtain. It’s the original Sudafed. Now, you can buy Sudaphed that has phenylephrine or all kinds of other useless things in it. In the US, when I had a patient who said that Sudafed didn’t help, I always asked them if they used their driver’s license to buy. If they said “no”, then I would write them a prescription and assure them that I had something that could actually help.

  29. Yeah, that fake Sudafed is worthless. I tried it once when it became hard to purchase real pseudoephedrine, and tossed it after a couple of days’ trial.

  30. “I have done the terrible grandparent thing of screwing up the baby’s schedule.”

    I tend to agree with Milo.

    It’s been a while since my kids were that young, and memories of details like this are getting hazy, but IIRC after being put in very different situations, e.g., travel, kids reverted back pretty quickly when they returned home to their prior routines.

  31. “BTW RMS that Ferrari is $22.99. So your cryptocurrency value is getting there.”

    (Chortling) It’s all starting to come together.

  32. An 11 year old Ferrari with only 15K miles? They must have regarded it as sculpture rather than transportation.

  33. You can buy a Navigator, Escalade, or the upcoming Grand Wagonneer for that price. But the Ferrari will stand out and make a much bolder statement.

  34. or the upcoming Grand Wagonneer

    Which, by the way, is so disappointing. Nothing about it calls to mind the old Wagoneer. It just looks like they stretched the Grand Cherokee.

  35. “Your first pic didn’t come through”

    Yeah, I’m not sure. I liked to a blahblahblah.jpg. At first it just had an icon, and now it’s showing it.

    I guess I agree that the new one is hardly distinctive from any other full size domestic truck-SUV. Driving something big like that has never been very enticing to me.

  36. I had horrible allergies yesterday. Huge piles of used Kleenex on the floor. Nyquil is a god send. Feeling better today. I hate allergy season!

  37. I didn’t take my Zyrtec this morning so I’m waiting to see if I develop the DTs.

  38. Best news in a while!

    Costco is loved for its wholesale quantities, delicious bakery section, and overall high-quality shopping experience. That experience was characterized partially by the on-location food courts and samples throughout the aisles, but due to the pandemic, Costco temporarily suspended those services. Fortunately, recent reports confirm that Costco’s samples and food courts will be up and running business again soon enough.

  39. I can’t take Zyrtec or Claritin or any of those – they make me feel yucky and jittery.

    RMS, ditto to everyone else on sleep schedules in a new place – you are a great grandma and no need to worry! :)

  40. Denver – that’s wonderful news. I like Costco, but I was starting to get a little fed up with some of their Covid policies and general smarmy attitude about it. Having sample demonstrators stand behind a plastic board displaying prepared food that nobody is allowed to sample just irked me. I made sure never to buy any of the demonstrated products so as to discourage the whole thing.

  41. I don’t care about the samples at Costco, but I want coffee places including Starbucks to allow the customer to put their own milk in their coffee/iced coffee. One of the reasons that I continue to make my own coffee at home is the inability to control the amount of milk in my own drink.

  42. I’m with you Lark. It’s not nearly distinctive enough. I think part of it is that the ’63 to ’83 version was the only thing like it on the road. Now almost everything is some flavor of SUV.

  43. Claritin does nothing for me, and Zyrtec made me woozy. I am doing well with Allegra, so hopefully that continues to work. It’s the trees that get me, so Spring is bad. Right now is bad.

    @DD – I am excited about the return of samples! When they took the samples away in early March 2020, that’s when I knew the pandemic was real. (I kid…sort of.)

  44. Having sample demonstrators stand behind a plastic board displaying prepared food that nobody is allowed to sample just irked me.

    Me too. What’s the point?

  45. “What’s the point?”

    Because it still looks very good, and it’s more enticing than when it’s packaged in a box in the freezer case. But no, I won’t do it. Give me a GD sample or I’m not buying. Sometimes you have to take a stand on principle, and certain things are more important than a pre-cooked, pineapple teriyaki-flavored chicken meatball that’s (“Two pounds for only $9.99, just heat them up in a pan and serve with rice or pasta, delicious, freezer case number 53…”.

    Actually, I think I did buy a jar of the multi-fruit preserves with the checkered quilt lid they were “demonstrating.” But that’s it.

  46. @lauren– do you ever order Starbucks online? I found that I got exactly what I wanted every time when I did the order through the app. Back in the good old days, I got a Grande Americano with a bit of heavy cream on the way into work. Easy to do on the ap, always a negotiation and a bit of confusion when ordering at the counter.

  47. “I’m looking forward to the return of the combo pizza at the food court.”

    have they said it’s coming back?

  48. yes, I love the Starbucks app. My order is correct every time thanks to the app, but I like milk to be between a splash and light on their app. Also, some people are a little heavy handed when I order light instead of a splash.

  49. “have they said it’s coming back?”

    Not TMK. I’m just hopeful based on that article you linked.

  50. Then I hope it does for your sake, but I never like peppers and onions on pizza. Mushrooms, tomatoes, olives…fine.

  51. IIRC, the Costco combo pizza didn’t have tomatoes. At least not where we bought them.

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