114 thoughts on “Rewatching Shows & Movies

  1. For me #1 most rewatchable movie would be Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Two others would be Lost in Translation and Margin Call. For TV shows it would probably be House, Seinfeld, and Star Trek the Next Generation.

  2. We rewatched the first season of the Mandalorian just before season 2 launched.

    I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I LOVE re-reading books.

  3. I’m not a TV re-watcher at all. DH, on the other hand, re-watches stuff all the time. He’ll turn on the cable stations that play reruns, and just watch whatever is on — Seinfeld and Happy Days are a couple that seem to come on often. Sometimes he will turn on “Me TV,” which is a station that plays REALLY old shows like Andy Griffith and the Waltons. Whenever I see him watching those shows, I tell him (jokingly) that it’s like I’m married to a 90-year-old.

    I’m also not a big re-watcher of movies, with one notable exception: I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched The Sound of Music, and still love it.

  4. Sometimes he will turn on “Me TV,” which is a station that plays REALLY old shows like Andy Griffith and the Waltons. Whenever I see him watching those shows, I tell him (jokingly) that it’s like I’m married to a 90-year-old.

    They turn this on in a lot of memory care places. Old folks with dementia enjoy watching familiar shows.

    There’s enough new shows that I want to watch that I haven’t gotten to so I don’t rewatch anything. But the kids like to rewatch stuff so I end up seeing a lot of reruns of the Simpsons, King of Queens, Archer, Modern Family, and some other shows.

  5. I can rewatch Seinfeld anytime, with one exception – I will not rewatch the final episode. Hour long dramas are harder to rewatch, but I’ll catch Friday Night Lights or Northern Exposure if they are on. Comedies are easier – Office, Parks in Rec, Cheers. DH will rewatch The Simpsons, and sometimes I’ll watch, but I always find a bit of sadness in that show.

    We rewatch a lot of older movies – Hunt For Red October, Blues Brothers, Uncle Buck, Ferris, Princess Bride.

  6. We rewatched both The Office and Parks and Rec last spring. Still funny! Now we’re kind of lazily watching The IT Crowd. Lemon Tree, I looooooooove the Hunt for Red October and would rewatch that probably every year! We also rewatched all 3 Bourne movies last month.

  7. For TV – Seinfeld is #1, but I also really enjoy rewatching Cheers. A lot of other sitcoms do not hold up as well, but I will rewatch The Office, 30 Rock and Park & Rec from time to time. For dramas – I will rewatch Lost if it is on, and DH loves to rewatch The West Wing and The Sopranos.

    Movies – Any of the Bourne or Taken movies – those are perfect for stumbling upon on cable & watching bits & pieces. The action is great, and the plot/dialogue is not so important that you can’t dip in & out. We have seen every Star Wars and Harry Potter movie many times – original Star Wars I have been rewatching since childhood whether by choice or force (brothers and boyfriends always wanted to rewatch even back in the day). We introduced DS to Groundhog Day over the weekend, and I gotta say – it holds up well.

    One stupid movie that I watched dozens & dozens of times was Weekend at Bernie’s. I taped it on VHS off HBO or something and I moved it from place to place until I no longer had a VCR. I can still quote some of the lines.

    I do not re-read books. I can’t even think of a book that I have re-read or wanted to re-read. DS has read the entire HP series at least 4 times, however.

  8. L, we just rewatched it on Friday as a family. My kids liked the action. As we were watching it I turned to DH and said, we should rewatch all the Bourne movies (minus the kids).

  9. @LT – I will not rewatch the backwards episode of Seinfeld where they go to the wedding in India. I think that is the worst episode (including the Puerto Rican Day Parade one).

  10. Movies: Animal House, My Cousin Vinny, The Bridge on the River Kwai
    TV: we’ll watch the reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, Mom, Last Man Standing
    ER is what I watch when I’m on my basement treadmill. Midway thru season 4 (of 15).

  11. Animal House! I forgot about that one, but I’ll always watch it.

    Ivy, I don’t mind those two…I admit they are kind of annoying, but there are so many different story lines going on in each episode I can get over it. I just read the book The War Against All Puerto Ricans. It was eye opening, and gave me more perspective of that episode. Seriously, I know almost nothing about PR, and after that book, wow! I mean, we bombed our own citizens. Literally dropped bombs on cities to wipe them out. And they became citizens because the US needed draftees for WWI.

  12. I’m like DD in that there are so many shows I want to watch that I haven’t re-watched older ones, although I will tend to stop for Hogan’s Heroes.

    It’s the movies that suck me in — it’s not a big commitment, just two hours of being immersed into an alternate universe. I’ve seen Star Wars and all the Indiana Jones movies more times than I can count; more recently, I will watch Avengers and Deadpool and pretty much anything with Thor in it. Princess Bride (Sunday I told DH/DS to have fun storming the castle as they went off to shovel), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Blues Brothers, Lord of the Rings. Oh, and I haven’t seen it on in a while, but Errol Flynn’s Captain Blood is awesomely fun. I also seem to have a close-to-infinite tolerance for Independence Day, Jurassic Park (only the first one), the Brendan Fraser version of the Mummy series, and Men in Black.

    DH does more of the spy thrillers — Bourne, John Wick, etc. I enjoy those and can watch on an evening, just don’t personally love quite to the same degree as the ones that are lighter and funnier. Bond is probably a nice compromise; I prefer the campier Roger Moore era because it makes me laugh (and The Spy Who Loved Me was the first one I ever saw and totally fell in love with it), while DH is more into the Connery and Daniel Craig eras. Oh, and the Matrix movies and the Star Trek reboot.

    The one serialized thing I will watch repeatedly is any Jane Austen thing ever. But that’s more an outgrowth of my reading habit.

  13. (Sunday I told DH/DS to have fun storming the castle as they went off to shovel

    When I’m coaching softball and have a pitcher who is struggling, I tell her to breathe through her eyelids. I get the weirdest looks in response.

  14. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched The Sound of Music, and still love it.

    I can watch that over and over again as well. Driving from Munich to Zurich via Vaduz Waze we got turned around and ended up on a some side road/goat path through the Austrian Alps. I had to stop and get a video of me doing my Maria von Trapp twirl in a verdant alpine meadow. If I’d brought my drone it would have been epic.

  15. @LFB – There was a time when I had seen both Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Clueless many, many times.

  16. The only show on that list that I have seen is Veep. We gave up on it after a couple of seasons because it just was so repetitive and kind of annoying

    I have been rewatching all the Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episodes. I couldn’t watch anything of his after he died, but in the fall I started back on Season 1.

  17. “I had to stop and get a video of me doing my Maria von Trapp twirl in a verdant alpine meadow.”

    I would totally pay money to see that. ;-)

  18. +1 to Lark. Ahem.

    John Wick, Matrix, Bourne, Star Wars series, Star Trek shows and movies, The Hobbit and related, anything Jane Austen related, MASH, Die Hard, Fifth Element (DH mocks me for this one), Band of Brothers series, Nature – so much to rewatch!

    Just watched the Dig on Netflix – definitely recommend.

  19. Movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, Love Actually and Sound of Music. We introduced DD to Back to the Future last year and she LOVED it.

    TV shows: Friends (yes, feel free to judge me). Kerri I forgot about MASH, probably haven’t seen an episode in 15+ years, but yes, I could watch that over and over. The Brady Bunch. I still have a hole in my heart from when Seinfeld went off the air.

  20. I watch original Law and Order over and over and over again. I even DVR Law and order to make sure that I always have at least 5-6 episodes on my DVR. I will watch Seinfeld or Friends if it happens to be on and I still think most fo the Seinfeld episodes are very funny. I have watched some Brady Bunch episodes a 100 times.

    In the beginning of the pandemic, I rewatched the Sopranos, The West Wing and Mad Men. Great shows, but I was surprised at how much I missed in the Sopranos during my original view when it was on HBO. I saw it through a different lens as a parent and I really thought it was an excellent show. I am probably going to watch the Americans again after a second viewing of Bridgerton. I didn’t re watch Bridgerton yet because I am working my way through the books.

    DH will re watch Rudy, Shawshank and Godfather I/II any time that he catches it on TV. This is often because these movies seem to be on TV all of the time. I always think that I won’t watch, but then i get caught up in the movie. The movies that I watch whenever I happen to find on TV are Sound of Music, When Harry Met Sally, Father of the Bride (Steve Martin), Notting Hiil, Love Actually, American President, Top Gun, Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller

  21. Ah the West Wing. That’s very rewatchable. I think my favorite episode is Season 2 Episode 1:

    GW! Move! Move! @1:10

  22. DH and I both loved the first Matrix movie, but the other 2 are totally meh. We saw part of #2 the other day and we just watched the Merovingian chew the scenery and then turned it off.

    #1 is really into the MCU right now (esp Tom Holland!) and so we’ve been rewatching a lot of those – we rewatched the first Iron Man the other day with the kids and it holds up really well. I remember when it came out (#1 was a baby IIRC) we got a bootleg copy with really terrible low definition and STILL watched that version a couple of times!

  23. Did you see this somewhat related article in the WSJ?
    Exhausted by All the Choices on Netflix? Switch Back to Channels
    Streaming services let everyone see almost anything, any time. Some just want to watch whatever’s on

    …Pluto TV, which focuses on channels, launched in 2014 and is now owned by ViacomCBS. It offers thousands of movies and TV episodes on-demand. But roughly 90% of the watching done by the service’s more than 36 million monthly global users is on its more than 250 channels—dedicated to things such as the ‘90s, love stories, animated comedy and specific titles such as “Three’s Company” and “Star Trek.”

    “People need the ability to have choice and to be in control, but most people don’t actually exercise that control very often,” says Tom Ryan, the co-founder of Pluto and the president and CEO of ViacomCBS Streaming. “They actually want the path of least resistance, they want to be programmed to.”

    It goes on to talk about how other streaming services are trying to find ways to help people just zone out and not make decisions.


  24. I’ll always watch Top Gun. Also, the original Yours, Mine and Ours with Lucille Ball. I’m generally not a rewatcher or rereader. I need to start a list of shows I never watched that I wish I had, like The West Wing. I spent so many years working and momming and wifing like crazy that I don’t think I looked up for several years. I actually remember being in a car out to lunch with three others working moms and two of them were having a discussion about tv shows. I was like, you guys watch tv? (And to be fair, I LOVE tv. I’m the terrible person who has a tv on 100% of my at-home hours. In my home office this past year, I’ve loved having the tv on to the side…closed captioned of course!).

    And I’m a strange bird that hasn’t watched any of the Star Wars movies, no Star Trek, no Bond movies, no Law and Order, CSI. There are probably whole swaths of references I miss.

    We recently started Yellowstone, and I’m enjoying it more than I expected. I thought it was more of a western. Nah, it’s basically a family drama, kind of the 2020’s version of Dallas. I’m not sure if that appropriately captures that I like it though!

  25. Ahhh, also add The Matrix to movies I haven’t watched. I’m always hearing people say “this is like straight out of The Matrix” and I just always assume that it is something seems creepily AI.

  26. I am not generally a rewatcher or rereader but I watched The entire Godfather series again plus My Cousin Vinny.
    I reread The Swimmer by John Cheever several times. I had one book of classic short stories compiled by Readers Digest – I read many of those stories over again.

  27. “It goes on to talk about how other streaming services are trying to find ways to help people just zone out and not make decisions.”

    Come to think of it, whenever I go to Netflix, there is a tab I can click on that says “play something.” I have always ignored it, but maybe that’s what it is? It will just start playing something it thinks I might like based on my prior viewing history?

  28. Books I’ve re-read – Anything Jane Austen, anything Asimov, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Shakespeare, Dune, anything Hobbit related, Harry Potter books. I will probably re-read Fredrik Backman’s books.

    If I really enjoyed the book and it has a lot of detail, I’ll probably re-read it to catch details I’ve missed. Re-reading books is also like comfort food – takes you back to when your first enjoyed it.

  29. I’ll stop and watch The Sound of Music if I come across it, but I’m more of a Mary Poppins guy.

    BTW, any of you Sound of Music fans been to Salzburg? Europe is not on my bucket list, but if I were to plan a trip there, that’s one place I’d try to fit into the itinerary.

  30. Lauren – The first season of Bridgerton is based on the first book. If Netflix goes for it, the subsequent series will cover each of the other books. The second series is a go and expected to be filmed later this year.

  31. I like to reread the Emily of New Moon series, Anne of Green Gables, and Bridget Jones. Occasionally some Austen too.

  32. Finn – I just saw Saving Mr. Banks, which is about the author of Mary Poppins agreeing to let Walt Disney make it a move. Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks star. I found it really interesting and may now try to find the original Mary Poppins book.

  33. Are RMS and I the only ones here who like older movies, and musicals?

    I try to keep at least a few old movies on the DVR for rewatching. Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, American in Paris, Top Hat, are among those I’ll record whenever I see them on the TCM schedule. I recently re-watched The Band Wagon.

  34. Finn — I was in Salzburg during a trip to Europe my junior year of college (1987). It was stunning. I would love to go back.

    Re. Hogan’s Heroes: I loved that show as a kid. But I always had to watch it when my dad wasn’t in the house. He was generally an easygoing guy, but he didn’t want that show on in his presence. “There was nothing funny about the Nazis,” he would say. (He spent several years of his young-adulthood in Nazi-occupied Athens.)

  35. Sorry for posting so much – I have to prepare for a presentation I’m giving soon and am procrastinating and working up my nerve.

  36. I don’t read books much these days. The last books I read were The Chronicles of Narnia, which I re-read when the first movie came out.

    On my retirement todo list are to read the HP and Percy Jackson series.

  37. I’m not sure I’ve ever re-read an entire book. I’ve tried a couple of times with some books that I loved, but I found that the re-read wasn’t giving me anything near the original thrill. So I didn’t finish.

    DD is a huge re-reader, though. Like Ivy’s DS, she re-read the Harry Potter series a bunch of times. And her Percy Jackson books are practically falling apart from having been re-read so many times.

  38. Kerri (and everybody else, especially Mary Poppins fans), did you see Mary Poppins Returns? Thoughts?

  39. I’ll confess to reading almost everything Rick Riordan has written (Percy Jackson, etc. etc.). Will probably re-read those too.

  40. Finn- Loved Mary Poppins returns. It paid tribute to the original but was entertaining in its own right, especially Emily Blunt.

  41. “And her Percy Jackson books are practically falling apart from having been re-read so many times.”

    So are DS’ paperbacks. The hardcover ones seem to be holding up.

  42. Cross-posted with you, Finn, about Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. You and my DD should start a book club!

    Kerri — I’m procrastinating right along with you.

  43. Oooh, I will also watch Guys and Dolls whenever I come across it.

    One thing that was really beneficial to watch a second time was Hamilton. That is such a verbally-dense show that when we saw it in the theater, I didn’t even realize how much I missed. Watching it with subtitles when it came out this summer was amazing (plus, you know, no worries about getting back from the interminable bathroom line in time).

  44. Kerri, I also enjoyed it, and saw it as an homage to the original. But I wondered how it would stand on its own for viewers who hadn’t seen the original, I’ve seen the original so many times that it’s not possible for me to see it in that light.

  45. Finn – I completely understand. My kids liked it and they’ve never seen the original. In contrast, when my kids saw the Annie re-make, they didn’t understand why the original was such a hit. They thought the remake was OK, but not amazing. (They’ve never seen that original either.)

  46. Thanks for mentioning Rick Riordan — I had been meaning for a month to put a hold request on the final Trials of Apollo book and kept forgetting. Finally done!

  47. I try to keep at least a few old movies on the DVR for rewatching. Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, American in Paris, Top Hat, are among those I’ll record whenever I see them on the TCM schedule. I recently re-watched The Band Wagon.

    You are totally coming over to my house to watch TV. I’ll throw in “To Have and Have Not”, “Palm Beach Story”, “Bye Bye Birdie”, and just for the crazy camp of it, “Kiss Me Deadly”.

  48. Kerri – I tried that one but couldn’t get into it. The original and best is the 80s series (Canadian) with Megan Follows. I would totally rewatch that, but I need to get the DVDs, it’s not available streaming anywhere.

  49. My youngest saw Mary Poppins Returns first and loves it. She eventually watched the original, but prefers the MP Returns version. I love both, and I was so happy that MP Returns was a success.

  50. NoB, it’s more like my DS and your DD should start a book club. I’ll join after I retire.

  51. I often rewatch the last few episodes of a series or the last movie in a series right before the new season/movie comes out. Sometimes I am re-watching as a time filler and I can do that with many things that I haven’t watched too recently – Father Brown, Midsomer Murders, British Baking Shows. I am less of a re-reader. That is always hard because I want to keep books, but I don’t reread them. My collecting got a bit obsessive when I first realized books go out of print and can be hard to impossible to get. Since then I have relaxed. I am slowly working through my bookshelves now and keeping (1) books that I still have an emotional tie to (such as my Winnie-the-Pooh book – thick one with all the stories in it), (2) books that I would encourage others to read, and (3) a few series that the books are out of print. So far, I have let go of 2 boxes of books. This April with both DDs home, I would like to go through the two shelves of childrens books.

  52. RMS – I love Bye Bye Birdie, but the movie is inferior to the show! ;) (I say this having been in 2 productions of it)

  53. Twilight Zone marathons. Original Star Trek. Errol Flynn swashbucklers, especially Captain Blood. The Philadelphia Story, plus other Cary Grant or Hepburn. Some Like it Hot. Many Bogart. I can recite Casablanca and not only sing La Marseillaise but Die Wacht am Rhein. Many classic comedies. A hidden gem is Bacall, Grable, and Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire.

  54. I’ve never reread a book either. I have enough trouble finding time to read new ones.

    If anyone is looking for something to read, the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch is very good. It’s sort of Harry Potter meets British crime with water gods mixed in.

  55. L, I’m envious that you got to see the show.

    I guess there are a couple local theater companies whose shows I could go to see. But other than the shows I’ve seen in NYC, the only shows I’ve seen have been those someone I knew was in. My exposure to musicals is almost entirely through movies.

  56. I often rewatch the last few episodes of a series or the last movie in a series right before the new season/movie comes out.

    I read the episode recaps. There’s so much time between seasons now, I can’t remember what happened.

  57. Some great old movies dont work any more. Like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. But Ill sneak that in sometimes.

  58. Another one I can always rewatch is Desk Set starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.

  59. RMS, I believe Bye Bye Birdie is a show that’s popular amoung local groups, e.g., HS drama clubs.

  60. RMS, of those four, “Bye Bye Birdie” is the only one I’ve seen recently. I saw “To Have and Have Not” a long time ago, and I don’t think I’ve seen the other two. I’ll make sure to record them if I see them on the TCM schedule.

    “Guys and Dolls” is another I recently re-watched. I watched that one several times before watching the show when DS was in it.

  61. “I can recite Casablanca”

    We had a thread about movie lines before, and I think there’s more lines from this movie in the American lexicon than from any other movie.

    Here’s looking at you, kid.

  62. ” I spent so many years working and momming and wifing like crazy that I don’t think I looked up for several years.”

    I feel that. It’s only because of the pandemic that we are watching as much as we are – and even then it’s much less than other people I talk to. It’s hard because DS is up so late these days – during the week we have zero “adult” time as he goes to bed at the same time as us, and on the weekend, it’s enough for a movie or a couple episodes of something. I mean, he can watch a lot of stuff, but I’m not watching The Sopranos with my middle schooler, and I also hate being interrupted 1000 times. Sure he is usually doing something on his own or chatting with friends, but you never know when he is going to wander in – especially with all the tween growing-an-inch-a-month snacking of late. So during the week, we pretty much only watch TV from 8:30 or 9pm until 10:30pm…and the first shift is usually either sports or HGTV that we kinda pay attention to while scrolling through our phones/answering work emails, and then at 10pm we are very regular local news watchers. Friday/Saturday is usually a family show/movie first.

    @Finn – DH likes classic movies, especially Hitchcock. We recently watched Citizen Kane and North by Northwest for family movie nights.

  63. “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.”

    Just watch the musical/dance numbers. Fast forward through the rest.

    OTOH, some musical/dance numbers don’t work to well now, e.g., Bing Crosby in blackface in “Holiday Inn.”

    I recently rewatched “Swing Time” and there’s an awkward blackface number in that too.

  64. Rhett – Desk Set is on rewatch at our house constantly….

    Right up there with IQ, Fool’s Gold, Down Periscope, Hunt for Red October, any Bing Crosby movie…. DH and I will rewatch MCU a lot.

    I’m re-watching old shows wherever I can. My kids like Pluto TV, so I’ll scan their other channels for things. And now that we have both a Roku TV and Vizio, I check out their free channels as well. It’s weird… I like cable, but we almost don’t need it anymore. But we can’t quite cut the cord.

    What is ticking me off is that there are 3 shows I want to watch… mid-season two of them switched to streaming only. Their parent company (both discovery) decided that new episodes go exclusively to discovery+. Ugh. And another show (on Sundance/AMC) decided to put it’s new season solely on that streaming service. My DVR just recorded the entire first season of that show, so I’m hoping they decided to put the new season on cable as well.

  65. “especially Hitchcock”

    I’m generally not that big a fan of Hitchcock. Perhaps I was too young when I was exposed to his show (Alfred Hitchcock presents). I remember seeing ‘Psycho’ on the show, perhaps when I was about 5 or 6.

    OTOH, North by Northwest is a favorite of mine. It’s one reason Mt. Rushmore is on my bucket list. I want to go to the cafeteria where they staged the fake shooting.

    Every time I hear something in the Super Bowl coverage about Juan Thornhill I think about NxNW.

    For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, the Northwest in the title comes from the airlines. Which makes me curious, does anyone else think of a gong at the mention of that airlines?

  66. We watch the WKRP Thanksgiving episode very year. The kids always say they don’t understand the show (dropping turkeys out of a helicopter is self-explanatory but they don’t get the rest of it), so we watch a couple of other eps with them last year. They were in shock from the racism and sexism. The show never would have made it today.

  67. Rhode – do you have verizon wireless? Discovery+ and the Disney bundle (Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+) are included in my unlimited package.

  68. “For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, the Northwest in the title comes from the airlines. Which makes me curious, does anyone else think of a gong at the mention of that airlines?”

    Finn — I can hear the jingle right now! “We give you half the world/At Northwest Orient/[GONG]/Airlines.”

  69. Rhode, count me in on annoyed about streaming only content for both AMC and Discovery, and Peacock. We won’t pay extra for channel specific streaming services, so I’ve had to say goodbye to some shows. Peacock really fascinates me. There was some major golf channel (US Open maybe?) that was only showing on Peacock for Thursday/Friday, and maybe Saturday morning. It was “free” on peacock, but Peacock won’t stream to TVs with amazon, so DHs only option was to watch on the ipad, which wasn’t worth the small screen.

  70. +1 for Law and Order, and having multiple episodes ready to watch. I could watch Friends episodes over again, and some Property Brothers.

    For movies, Brooklyn, Roman Holiday, Good Will Hunting, Waitress, and Dead Poets Society, off the top of my head.

  71. Oooh, another old one I adore is His Girl Friday.

    I will also stop for WKRP, just haven’t noticed it around at all lately.

  72. “Peacock won’t stream to TVs with amazon”

    Do you mean you can’t stream it through an amazon device, e.g., firestick?

    That sounds like our Spectrum app. Not supported on firestick, but supported on Roku (and directly on our Samsung TV, but not our LG).

    The fragmenting of content is bothersome. And as often as not, or perhaps even more, if I want to watch a particular movie, I can’t find it on the sevices we have.

    There’s still something to be said for having favorites on DVD.

  73. so DHs only option was to watch on the ipad, which wasn’t worth the small screen.

    You should be able to use AirPlay on your iPad to stream iPad content on your TV. Assuming that you have a decent recentish TV.

  74. Fred – we do not have the unlimited plan, so we aren’t allowed those features… sigh. Though I feel like if we signed up for discovery+ (we have disney and hulu) we’d pay the same with the streaming services as we do for unlimited… It’s something to think about.

    Peacock does have a free option. I don’t know what’s included, but I was thinking of trying it out. It is available on our TCL Roku TV and our VIzio TV.

  75. I can cast some stuff from my computer to the TV, but for a few things, I just gave up and got a really long HDMI cable. I connect the laptop to the TV and call it good.

    There is still a place for cables in this wireless world.

  76. “got a really long HDMI cable”

    DW did that too. She found that resolution was better that way than casting overwifi.

  77. I don’t even care about the resolution. There are just various things that I want to cast that are problematic. This especially goes for things like livestreams of comedy shows that I enjoy that are being streamed over some random, non-Zoom service, and which just don’t cast well, or occasionally at all.

  78. “There is still a place for cables in this wireless world.”

    Yup. We have a number of HDMI cables stored in our house for just such a reason. :) Doesn’t work with the ipad, but oh well.

  79. I’m not good with tech, and I leave it all to DH to figure out. I can’t remember the full issue with peacock, but it clearly wasn’t worth the effort to get it to the tv. I recall the twitter universe wasn’t happy either. I’m glad I’m not the only one with issues getting livestreams to cast.

  80. RMS – we don’t have an adapter from iPad to HDMI and for some strange reason Roku does not like to play with our iPad. Our Vizio has no issue streaming from the iPad. It’s not something we waste too much brain power on.

  81. If you have AMC on your cable/satellite package, you can watch their streaming service.

  82. LT – peacock wouldn’t work with the amazon fire when it first came out, but it does now. It still won’t work directly with the Samsung tv’s we have, but we can get it through the fire. NBC has disabled the ability to airplay to your tv screen from iPhones/iPads (or at least that was the case back when we were trying to figure out the workaround because DH likes to watch premier soccer).

    My DH’s biggest complaint right now is so much college basketball going to ESPN’s streaming service. I don’t know if other conferences managed a better deal than the Big 12 but man, it is rough. The announcers are awful, but more than that, often when watching basketball, there are a couple of good games you want to flip between, or at least check on at commercial. That’s a royal pain when one is on cable and the other is streaming. Yeah, yeah, first world problems, but live sports is one thing they should really get right because they can hold on to customers if they do it right. As an example, we are undoubtedly a directv customer for as long as they have rights to all NFL games, aka their Sunday ticket package.

  83. @Sunshine – I agree that the streaming is a problem for Live sports. It’s terrible for flipping. In the summer, we often flip back & forth between the Cubs and Sox (mixed household), and they have contracts with two different channels which also would mean two different streaming services if we cut the cord. UGH. The streaming services want to keep you in their ecosystem, but it is a real PITA. And, IIRC, the MLB package won’t include your local team in the blackout area which makes it useless as a method to cut the cord.

  84. My roku, coukd be generation, works very well with airplay casting of all sorts of things from the ipad. Including opera. The roku thingie cost me 30 dollars. The roku TV in the bedroom was 220.

  85. DD – I checked. I can’t watch my show on AMC without upgrading to their premiere service!!! WAAAHHH. :( :(

  86. @Rhett – the West Wing clip gave me chills.

    I’ve watched the whole series twice, but it might be time for a revisit. I think the 9/11 episode was the best way that any pop culture tackled the topic.

    I am in a hotel room (alone!) on business travel (!) going to a conference tomorrow (!!!). 6 hours in the car today was magical and the most time I’ve been alone in a year, I think. It’s all very exciting. Between puppy and a child with some sleeping issues, I haven’t had uninterrupted sleep in months. This is all very amazing – I wish you all were here (metaphorically, and in your own separate hotel rooms, obvi).

  87. Ada, enjoy!

    Seinfeld was probably the last series I watched regularly, and last week I watched one episode that made me think this show has held up well.

    Related to the recent poor test taker discussion. I think 58% is too high, unless by “bad test-taker” they mean “didn’t learn the material”.

  88. If you want a new tense, edge-of-your-seat six-part crime thriller, AND you want to brush up on your Galician, check out Bitter Daisies on Netflix. Very strong female lead. Starts out a bit slow but the last three episodes were great. Galician is kind of a mix of Spanish and Portuguese and DH could understand it, but I only got about 20%. Obviously we watched with English subtitles.

  89. RMS, until you described what Galician was, I honestly thought you were talking about some sort of crime thriller sci-fi series. I love crime thrillers so I’ll check this one out, after I’m done with Marcella.

    Ada, enjoy your “vacation”! It sounds magical.

  90. DD – Discovery of Witches. We got hooked with the first season… then COVID… now 1.5 years (nearly I think) it’s on streaming only.

    Ada – enjoy your sleep. This is a much earned break for you.

  91. @Kim – I would agree that 58% is high!

    We’ve been able to get some of the AMC+ content through OnDemand through the cable box, but not via any of the apps.

  92. “I love Bye Bye Birdie, but the movie is inferior to the show! ;) (I say this having been in 2 productions of it)”

    “Musicals didn’t really make waves in rankings until 1960. But Bye Bye Birdie and Oklahoma! have been the most popular titles ever since.”


    “RMS, I believe Bye Bye Birdie is a show that’s popular amoung local groups, e.g., HS drama clubs.”

    I guess I’m old. BBB topped the charts in the 80s and 90s, but has since fallen off.

    Guys and Dolls topped the 2000s, which is interesting considering the movie was made when Sinatra and Brando were young.

  93. BTW, I found it interesting that “High School Musical” is not on the list at all.

    Maybe in 10 or 20 years, when some of its fans as young kids have become musical theater teachers?

  94. On Salzburg, it is beautiful and there is a Sound of Music tour you can take. The locals do not like the movie very much, but tourists do. I’ve spent some time there – did a study abroad there, then travelled later. Having a car lets you see lots of beautiful scenery. Never take a night train through the Alps, its too scenic.

    As for Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island does embrace the connection, although it is not the only thing there.

    I rewatch lots of movies, and I prefer cheesy stuff rather than action. I’m too old for the demographic, but I HS musical is totally rewatchable. Also, Dirty Dancing (different viewpoint now I am closer to the parents’ age), Bridget Jones Diary, Parent Trap (both versions), & Ferris Bueller.

    For TV, I’m surprised no one mentioned Friends. Particularly since it has had such a resurgence.

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