Things that make you go hmmm

by Cassandra

Things that make you go “hmmm”

Recently there were posts on my neighborhood Facebook feed about someone’s lost emu that was wandering on around people’s yards. What weird things are going on in your neighborhood?

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  1. Just yesterday there was a post on a local Facebook group about a llama that was seen wandering around an area where llamas are not typically found. Animal control was called, and they in turn called the various farms and other places known to house llamas around here to ask if anyone had a missing animal. Nope, no one was missing one. The consensus became that the llama was dumped by the side of the road by an owner who didn’t want him/her any more. A case of llama abandonment! A new home was found quickly, with a family who apparently has experience with llamas, and a photo was posted showing the llama looking very content in his/her new home (yard). So the story had a happy ending, but I’m still mad at whoever it was who dumped the poor llama in the first place.

  2. Oh, and on New Year’s Day, I was driving down a street in my neighborhood when I saw a huge line of people standing on the sidewalk. The line seemed to be going into a tiny little local butcher shop. I wondered if maybe the shop was giving away free food to the needy. Anyway, later that day, I discovered via Nextdoor that the line was for roast beef sandwiches (not free – sold at full price). Apparently this little butcher shop has developed a cult following for their roast beef sandwiches, which the offer only occasionally, and the availability of which they announce on social media the morning that they’re offering them. According to Nextdoor, devotees start lining up as soon as they get the message that the sandwich will be offered that day, which is hours before the shop actually opens. That one definitely made me go hmmm.

  3. Llamas are amazing and super gentle. I can’t believe anyone would abandon them. There is a llama farm not too far from us and my whole family loves visiting them. I’d totally get one if I lived in a city that allowed them.

  4. In the same vein, KittenLady who specializes in orphaned neonatal animals, not just kittens, posted today that she has new one that was separated from its indoor mom and littermates and surrendered to a shelter (usual outcome no different from drowning it) because it was a noisy crier.

  5. Not so much a “hmmm” but rather an “awe” – recently a women posted on nextdoor a picture of her pup with a request for doggie playdates (written as if the dog wrote it). There were dozens of replies from other dogs. It was very cute and a nice change of pace from the usual craziness of that app.

  6. Nothing along those lines. Someone posted the other day that a woman came to her door and chewed her out for not clearing the snow from her sidewalk, and wasn’t willing to accept that she and her husband had been sick as an excuse.

  7. Maybe more of a GRRR. Fireworks are illegal in our neighborhood and city. For the past two weeks, fireworks have been going off fairly regularly with Christmas night and New Years Eve being the big ones. We do not participate, but our front yard, in a strip all along the curb is littered with all those little colored streamers from poppers. They are no where else. Clearly people in our cul-de-sac were shooting them, but it is making me nuts to have to clean them up. I left them for a few days thinking maybe the perpetrator would notice and clean them up, but nope!

    On a hmmm…note, I gave SO an outdoor, motion sensor camera for Christmas. So far, at night we have been visited by (1) a rat, who when it comes, comes by every 2 hours (has a mark on its head so you can tell it is the same one), (2) one or more possums, (3) a racoon, (4) a fox, and (5) a couple of cats (different patterns). We have evidence of an armadillo, but haven’t captured it on camera. We are in the city, but we live near a large (multi-acre) city park with a large wooded area with trails.

  8. Our police reports in the local paper are always a highlight. This is a good one: “…officers were dispatched to a farm for a heated argument between business owners. The two parties were having a disagreement about selling cattle; one party wanted to sell some of the cattle to pay for hay and feed to maintain the rest of the cattle; the other party did not want to sell. Officers advised both that they should contact their respective attorneys regarding the property dispute.” There are similarly good ones regarding “two youths” running down Main St. at 2 am, etc.

  9. NoB, we had a lost llama incident here last week too! In this case, it was a llama that had been rescued from a bad situation and was being brought to a farm in the northern part of the county that takes in rescued animals. The llama got loose somehow but they managed to find it a day or two later.

  10. We finally got a traffic light at a dangerous intersection in our town. This was after ten years of studies and various consultants including some consultants that sat on folding chairs to observe traffic. One consultant said that it wasn’t safe to install a light there and another said that it could be done. There used to be stop signs on the north/south, but no stop signs on the east/west roads. People from the area know to how to navigate, but others do not and it was the scene of a lot of accidents. After years of a debates, hearings etc etc – the light was approved. Then it took another two years to install it. When it was finally installed, Con Ed was unable to come to hook it up because of that August storm. Can’t make this crap up. Anyway, the light was finally working in December about 12 years after approval.

    The light was working for ONE (!!) week and another Con Ed division started to dig up the main road under the light to install new gas lines. I should have listened to my neighbors on FB because I tried to go through that intersection today and I had to wait for 15 minutes because Con Ed is so dumb. They can do whatever they wan and they don’t care about the roads, delays or traffic. It is impossible to make a turn on to the road where the light is now because Con Ed dug it up and it is now one lane only. This is a very busy intersection and of course there is just one Con Ed flagger vs our Town police. So many complaints on Facebook for almost a decade about the lack of a traffic light and now it is all screwed up anyway.

  11. There are similarly good ones regarding “two youths” running down Main St. at 2 am, etc.

  12. My Nextdoor posts are mostly about lost dogs. Seasonally there are posts about baby deer and copperheads. My neighborhood is hyper alert for bike thieves since one neighbor had their kids bikes stolen from their porch. Stealing of bikes and going through unlocked cars is rare but it has happened from time to time.

  13. Our recycling is changing from weekly to biweekly. Hmm. They’re blaming covid, but I think it’s likely more related to the changing economics of recycling. Our bin is full every week, and every one is doing more delivery, so people are up in arms. Here’s the part that makes no sense. They realize one bin won’t hold two weeks of a household’s recycling, so we can all get another bin or they will pick up any other containers of recycling as well. Which defeats the whole purpose of their automated truck system – I don’t understand how this passed the smell test back at the office. “So, we’ll have the drivers drive the routes half as often, but now instead of hitting the button at every house to empty the can, they’ll have to climb out of the truck and dump out random containers as well.” That will likely increase the average route time by more than 2x.

  14. This line made me laugh. Made me think of the town crier “ there is just one Con Ed flagger ”. I remember when a girl who had gone through our schools got a job as a flagged when I was in middle school. I thought she looked glamorous, like she should be in a rock video.

    Austin, we’ve had fireworks here too, but I already wrote about them NYE/day.

    It’s hard to know what’s bizarre and what’s just Berlin. A couple months ago, when it was still warm enough for such thing, I was walking to Alexanderplatz (about 20 min away) and came across a troupe practicing an old-fashioned heeeader/dance group number. Got a little closer and realized they were all in drag. They had the moves down and were being filmed. Last night I bought a thimble. The store was locked, so I had to call and arrange to meet at the side door. Our conversation was blocked out for a minute as a guy came down the block and passed me by, yelling about Yeshua and other religious mumbo jumbo. In Tampa we regularly drove past a strip club that offered free instruction to beginners every afternoon. Here we live next door to a pole dance studio that curves €60 per session. The posted hours for recycling glass make time for an afternoon nap. What was once a “cool kids” tip is now official, with city-sponsored PSSs telling people to leave returnable bottles beside public trash cans, so people who need the money can turn them in for the deposit.

  15. That is infuriating Sunshine. We have biweekly recycling and I wish it was weekly. We always having extra bags and cardboard that they have to get out of the truck for, and then we get a note left that we should order an extra cart. We don’t because we don’t have room in the garage for another cart.

    We pay for recycling in our water bills, and apparently there was a big push to change it to weekly, but the city council decided to add organics recycling instead. The cost to change to weekly recycling and add organics would have outraged the community. Regardless about six months ago Nextdoor and Facebook was up in arms over organics (and still is every time the water bill is sent). People don’t like having to pay something like $5.50/month for organics (they can’t opt out of the fee). Here is a quote: “More big and over reaching government. I do all the recycling I can. But that’s MY choice. No one should have to pay for other people’s choices.” That lead to comments about how voting in a democracy works, and paying for public schools even if you don’t have kids.

    I don’t mind organics, and our trash has decreased significantly. Sadly, I’m only saving $4 a year (!) by going down to a smaller garbage can (homeowners negotiate their regular garage pickup).

  16. I have no idea how often our trash and recycling are picked up. There are sheds next to apartment buildings that have trash, compost, paper/cardboard, and other recycling. Residents all get keys. The doors on ours stand open all day Mon and Thursday as the building maintenance crew cleans them those days, br I’m pretty sure it is picked up much more often than that. Additionally, there are numerous glass recycling containers (clear/brown/green) around. Christmas trees are picked up curbside on appointed days and are burned in a power plant.

  17. Here is a thing that isn’t derpy and probably isn’t unique to here, but it makes me smile: giving trees and fences, where people leave things they don’t need and those who need them pick them up. Yes, Berlin/Germany have a full complement of ministries to homeless/needy, but this very diy approach makes me smile.

    This is not nice or local, but is derpy and made us laugh. #19 seems to be lacking a certain crucial piece of equipment.

  18. Our town has recently had a missing peacock and a parrot (separate incidents). Like L, I enjoy reading our local police log; a good week is mainly lost and found dogs, lost valuables turned into the station, and kids issued “tickets” (gift certificates to the ice cream place) for wearing helmets while biking/scootering.

    The new folks who move here for local beauty sometimes post on Nextdoor with complaints/concerns about normal agricultural practices; “I see them spraying, this can’t possibly be safe; what can I do?” Answer: Shut your windows for the 8x/yr they spray (they can tell you when) and/or don’t move to a house that directly abuts ag land. (Clearly not a new problem, because our county property tax envelopes have text reminding people that this is an ag area, so please don’t complain about the minor inconveniences that come with living amongst ag.)

  19. Lemon Tree, forgive my ignorance but what is “organics recycling”?

    We have private trash pickup because we don’t want to haul our stuff to the dump every week. Only one recycling bin, unfortunately – I miss the 2 we had in our last house!

  20. I think it’s really hit or miss whether most of what we throw in the recycling bin ever gets recycled. Aluminum cans, yes, for sure. Steel cans, probably. Everything else…who knows. Likely not.

    So if there were no more room in the recycling bin, I’d limit it to the higher-priority items and throw the rest in the garbage.

  21. Organics is all food waste, plus soiled papertowels, kleenex, pizza delivery boxes, biodegradable takeout boxes & utensils, cottonballs, dental floss, toothpicks. Much more inclusive then composting on your own (which I never have).

  22. Milo – +1 on whether or not it ever hits the recycling stream. You’re probably right with what my approach will be. Cut-down boxes will likely remain high priority as well, because they’d take up too much space in the normal garbage can. We are down to one physical newspaper, so I can obviously let it stack up and wait for a week with room, as an example of another way I will smooth out our discards. The “newspaper basket” that lives by fireplace has more than one week capacity.

    Whoever mentioned Apple fitness, thank you. I had been vaguely considering, but decided to jump in and pay for the year in hopes that guilt will make me use it. I’ve set a January goal and am dutifully marking it on my calendar when completed. I am embarrassed to admit that some of the easy things seem harder than they should. That alone is providing more motivation.

  23. Earlier in the year (? Time is a blur) we had an ongoing hog problem, with updates consisting of a pack of 30+ hogs in the middle of the street after midnight, or someone’s lawn after the hogs had come looking for grubs. Our lakes also had an alligator the locals named Gary, but alas, he grew large enough to hit the threshold for being relocated out of a residential area.

    Oh, there are also regular postings of a guy, possibly a resident, who seems a little off and goes to the neighborhood parks and films children, even when explicitly told by their parents to stop. He’s very large and intimidating, so people call the police rather than risk confrontation, but apparently it’s not illegal to film in public spaces. Those postings frequently go off the rails.

  24. Sunshine – I’m using Fitness+ and found the same. The beginner workouts are getting my heart rate up just fine!

    Any opinions/advice on home refinance? I was going to but they wanted to roll $5K in closing costs into my note, and I’m not interested in doing that. I was a little surprised the closing costs were that high for a refi.

  25. I bought an extra recycling bin from my county. Solved the problem of having too much recycling to fit in one bin. Our heavy item pickup system is excellent. I can schedule online or call, get a day, set the item on the curb and it’s picked up. Between Amvets pickup, some for profit recycling bins and our county waste collection system, we can dispose off things pretty easily. We don’t have a basement for out of sight, out of mind things.

  26. We have once a week recycling pickup here. They come by 7am, so poor DH has to haul out of bed at 6:30am to get the stuff out to the curb. He is not an early morning person! Back when we lived in small town, semi-rural MA, we had no town trash or recycling pickup (we really had no town services of any kind because it wasn’t really a town) so we paid a RI-based private hauler to come every 2 weeks to get the stuff. I think I have said before that I learned a lot of lessons living in that place, most of which were “Do not even think of buying a house in an area without full town services, especially sewers”.

    I am not on Nextdoor and am not sure if we have it. We have a very active town “moms and dads” Facebook group which is mostly people asking for recommendations for dentists and painters and car repairs, questions about the school – “Is today a cohort A or B day?”, reports of car break-ins, and the occassional grumble about “those teens congregating without masks”

    Two nights ago, I heard the most ominous banging when I came in from an errand to the store. It wasn’t fireworks or thunder, and it sounded like it was coming from the Metro-North train tracks but I couldn’t be sure. It was kind of a metallic banging. About an hour later, I was on FB, and saw tons of people posting asking about the banging. I think the post ended up with 40 or so comments of “I heard it too over on XYZ street!”. No one has yet solved the mystery of the banging.

  27. Becky, we liked our company credit union for mortgage and related services because we could deal with a knowledgeable human at the credit union office. I think we have the same company credit union so you might look at their offerings.

  28. We have weekly trash, bi-weekly recycling and by Feb 15, the compost/organic recycling will make it to our neighborhood – we are in the last roll out, which has infuriated DD#2.

    We have a 96 gallon recycling can (one size only), the 32 gallon trash can (next to the smallest, largest is 96 gallon and sliding scale on cost), and will be getting the 32 gallon (one size only) compost can later this month. Lawn and leaf paper bags are used by most people, us too, so I don’t know if they go in another can or not right now.

    About once every other month our trash is overly full. Only at Christmas or if we are doing a big project do we fill a recycling bin every other week. Other than lawn and leaf bags and bundles of small branches, if you put it out and it doesn’t fit in your cans, you have to buy a sticker for it. No sticker, no pickup. However, in our “5” ( your two next door and three across the street neighbors) are all ok that if you have a little extra and their bin isn’t full to go ahead and use it once the bins are in the street.

    The other funny rule is every bin is to be 5 feet apart and not block a mailbox or fire hydrant. On on cul-de-sac that is not physically possible. So the bins are all much closer together.

    Things you cannot currently recycle and go in the trash, but can go in your compost can – shredded paper, pizza boxes, paper plates, paper towels and napkins that have food waste on them, plus you can put in all plant and animal organic matter, but they ask that you avoid large quantities of grease and fats. So, the paper towels used to drain bacon is OK, but collecting bacon grease in a can and putting the whole can in at once is noe.

    Another COVID thing is that you can schedule a hazardous waste pick up at your house because the recycling center is closed. We are working on that one now to get rid of old paint.

  29. Nothing exciting I can think of. People are still eating outside even now that it’s in the 30s. I haven’t done it but I love the look. It’s very euro. Although I haven’t seen anyplace offering blankets yet.

    I’ve always thought places like this are the epitome of glamor.

  30. Rhett, we were in Manhattan recently on a pretty cold day and saw lots of people eating outside all bundled up. I can’t do it. I can’t eat when I am cold.

  31. “ I bought an extra recycling bin from my county. Solved the problem of having too much recycling to fit in one bin.”

    Good! That applies pressure for more recycling services.

    Mooshi, when we lived in Georgia, I had to take our recycling to a spot that had at least a dozen different containers to collect very specific items—cardboard, paper, and newsprint were all separate, for example. There was no uniform size or shape to them. DS was 3, just the age for sorting. He loved to take out the recycling, always got things in the right containers. At home he gave me headaches by dumping the different plastics together, until I observed him talking to himself as he separated out the 1s from the 2s from the 6s and other plastics. Some kids like to separate shapes, mine liked to sort recycling.

  32. “I think it’s really hit or miss whether most of what we throw in the recycling bin ever gets recycled.”

    I read an article recently that said the pandemic has really changed the cardboard market. Demand for boxes has gone way up, and box companies are recycling a lot as part of the effort to meet the demand.

    “Today, the cardboard box landing on your doorstep typically includes about 50 percent recycled fibers.”

    This article mentions how much cardboard Target recycles, which reminded me that I’ve heard/read before that it’s more efficient, from a recycling perspective, to leave boxes at stores like Target and Costco than to take it home then put into your recycle bin.

  33. We have weekly garbage; weekly yard waste/food waste (it all goes in the same bin); and recycling is every two weeks. We leave our bins out in the alley.

    No news of interest in today’s Nextdoor email. Although someone did post that they actually caught a “porch pirate” (someone stealing boxes off the front porch) who was caught on video and he’s been arrested and charged.

  34. Louise – we have large item pickup once every other year. And then, it’s limited to 5 items! My strategy has been to put the things out that will likely get shopped first, and then I replenish as things disappear. (When it’s only once every other year, people drive by with trailers to shop). My sister and I live on opposite sides of the line that determine if you’re an odd or even year pickup. This year, my stuff had been shopped well enough that I had room for her to bring over a couple of things. It’s always fascinating to see what gets scooped up quick and what gets left behind.

  35. “So, the paper towels used to drain bacon is OK, but collecting bacon grease in a can and putting the whole can in at once is noe.”

    We have incinerators that burn trash to generate electricity. So we are encouraged to use paper towels to collect cooking grease and put them in the trash, which keeps the grease out of the sewers as well as provides fuel.

    We’re similarly encouraged to use waste paper to soak up used motor oil, then bag that paper and put in in the trash. Some stores sell oil collection kits, plastic bags filled with what looks like the waste from paper napkin production in shallow cardboard boxes. You open the box, open the bag, and slide it under your oil pan drain, drain the oil directly into the kit, then tie up the bag, close the box, and toss in in the trash.

    A lot of people DIY their own change kits, getting a second use from used paper towels napkins, and tissues.

    Back when the kids were in diapers, if I ever had one I couldn’t use as a diaper, typically because a tab was ripped, I’d save them for oil changes. They were great for sucking up large quantities of oil.

  36. In the 90s, Berlin had a regular schedule for bulk goods pickup. I knew a guy who rented a van when it was the wealthy suburbs’ turn. He’d pick up furniture there and sell it in other districts. I don’t know what the schedule is now, or if you have to schedule pickup. I do know that they have this store. It’s name is a play on the English word “mall” and the German “nochmal” or again.

  37. “put the things out that will likely get shopped”

    In SV, they have something called Spring Cleaning, when people can put out stuff on the curb to be collected. I recall people starting to put stuff out well before the collection weeks, and other people would be ‘shopping’ those piles of stuff. A lot of stuff found new homes that way.

    Rhett has mentioned that in his area, a lot of that goes on at the end of school years.

  38. There has been an ongoing, months-long all points search for a neighbor’s cat on our neighborhood pages – I don’t see how the cat could still be around this many months later, but neighbors are still looking. That thread is where I found out my neighbors across the street have a feral cat colony living under their fire escape/porch. Also – coyote sightings. Complaints about dog poop.

    Also – crime warnings. Some are real but provide no actionable info – just a C&P of a news article about a car jacking that happened followed by angry emojis and “what is happening to the world” comments. Some are just rumors – “have you seen that suspicious person, he’s up to something”. LOTS of videos of porch pirates. Never ending videos of porch pirates.

    There are also political arguments – the most commented thread of 2020 was about the removal of the Columbus statue from the park. It was heated from the very beginning and kept getting uglier.

    In the old condo, we had city garbage pickup and it was pretty amazing. You could put almost anything in the alley, and it would disappear. Once we watched the truck chew up a king sized mattress followed by a corresponding wooden bedframe. But the recycling was a joke & I never believed any of it got recycled at all. Now we have private pickup, and we are limited to a can for garbage and a can for recycling. DS put out some extra cardboard last night though just set next to the can, and they took it. So I’m not sure yet how far we can push it.

  39. We have “big brush” pick up 2x a year and “bulky item” pick up 2x a year, but not at the same time. Those truck run through the neighborhood and scavenge from what is left at the curb. SO scavenged a vacuum similar to ours for spare parts to repair ours. He checked that ours was the better of the two. That model is no longer made and we couldn’t get a part we needed. We were about to put ours out when he saw this one. So, until it breaks down again, we delayed getting a new one.

    We also have a very active “Buy Nothing” group in my neighborhood. Many things both large and small run through this group. There often things listed there that make you go hmm…what was someone doing with this in the first place, especially when they say something like, “I don’t know what this is, but…”.

  40. In our town Moms & Dads FB group, they reserve Thursday for people to post stuff like furniture and toys that they are either selling or giving away. There is always a lot of traffic on Thursdays. Once, someone posted a bike wind trainer that they were sellling and I considered it but the seller couldn’t tell me much about it (it was her dad’s) so I passed.

  41. Things that make you go “hmmmmm”: we have recycling every Thursday. Because of the holiday schedule this year, we will have three weeks between pickups. Yes: the time of year when aaaaallllll the boxes arrive, in the one year that we did not even step foot in a shop in person, we have to wait three weeks for all those boxes to get picked up. Excellent timing, eh? (Although I guess that’s more of an eye-roll than a “hmmmm”).

    In other words, I apparently now have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). I woke up this morning, rolled over to turn off the alarm, and I got crazy dizzy like never in my life — worse than the six-tequila-sunrise birthday. Pretty much ok when stationary, but the slightest head turn was close to vomit-inducing. And the weird thing is I could feel my eyes flicking back and forth super fast, but I couldn’t make them stop! I am *very* lucky that I knew about BPPV from helping my mom with it, so I knew to do the Epley maneuver, which provided immediate 80% relief. Super, super thankful both kids are home, as DD has been bringing me food and drinks all day, because I’m still scared to walk down the stairs!

  42. Our recycling pickups alternate weeks between green waste and cardboard/glass/plastic/paper/etc. Our pickup day is Friday, and the only two days the crew takes holidays are Xmas and New Year’s Day.

    So this year we have 4 weeks between pickups.

  43. LfB, oh no! That sounds terrible. Does it come and go? Is there a way to treat it?

  44. Wait, what? If your trash pickup falls on a holiday they SKIP you?? We have a one day delay if your trash day falls on or after a holiday during the week. I assume they do a Saturday route to finish up. We never have more than one week plus one day between pick ups.

  45. Laura, that sounds similar to what hit me in September, although the epply stuff didn’t seem to help me. They still aren’t sure it was vertigo but they ruled out everything else.

    We have a one day delay if your trash day falls on or after a holiday during the week.

    Same here.

    The big change we had was last summer they switched the large item and overflow pickup to every 8 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. They claim they are saving money. This summer I did a ton of tree trimming and had to wait 6 weeks to get it all picked up. Not a huge deal, but annoying.

  46. Whoever mentioned Apple fitness, thank you. I had been vaguely considering, but decided to jump in and pay for the year in hopes that guilt will make me use it.

    Similar to this, I just signed up for WW again and it’s amazing how the accountability gets me to eat better. I know what I need to do, but I don’t do it. Then I put an app on my phone and start entering what I eat, and now I’m motivated to eat better.

  47. Denver, I’ve glanced at WW, don’t understand the basis of their points system. Have you ever used an app like MyFitnessPal that just straight macros, in terms of grams and percentage of calories consumed and can you compare them?

  48. Sunshine, not sure who you’re asking, but here, trash pickup isn’t completely skipped if it falls on Xmas or New Year’s Day. They’ll work a weekend day,

    Recycling pickups that land on Xmas or NewYear’s Day get skipped.

  49. “news article about a car jacking that happened followed by angry emojis and “what is happening to the world” comments.”


  50. LfB, I hope you feel less dizzy soon! That is the worst!

    We don’t have any large item pickup, but holidays are just a one day delay.

  51. SM, the current WW points are based on some formula using calories, fat, protein and fiber. The old system was straightforward starting with 50 calories = 1 point and then some adjustments for fat and fiber. I’ve never compared it to other apps.

    DS has been spending a lot of time researching financial planning careers. He has a call set up with our planner for Thursday and asked me to look over his list of questions. He said he’s become much more interested in it as he’s looked into it more. He’s thinking he could still do a minor in environmental science because that would include the courses he’s interested in and not have to take the “real sciencey” ones.

  52. DH just started using Noom and so far really likes it. He’s never done any sort of weight loss program, but likes that this one is teaching him to make smarter choices while giving credit for working out.

  53. I have been using Noom for a few months. Lots of good behavioral modification tips. It is mostly bots, but there are some staff involved. I had my “goal specialist” disable the step where I have to join a fellow human accountability group. Groups do not encourage or support me, but rather get my back up and cause me to focus on the interactions rather than my internal process and lead me to drop out. The software interface is pretty basic, tho.

  54. DD – I’m back on track with the WW app too. It’s now that I notice how often I was mindlessly grabbing a handful of snack crackers when I was bored. Knowing I have to track them keeps that in check. Enjoying my frozen strawberries with cool whip two nights in a row.

  55. Sunshine, I was totally aware of how often I was doing that, but there’s something about being accountable to a stupid app that works for me.

    DS did Noom for a while and liked it. I did the free trial for a couple of days but I couldn’t get into it.

  56. Thanks DD. It sounds like there are more assumptions built into WW points than I’d be comfortable with. I’m with you and Sunshine on the snacking. It seems like the days when I feel like I didn’t eat anything except a handful of crackers, and some cheese, then later on some cashews and a little bit of something else…. often add up to more than I realized. I like the accountability of an app, but also do a lot of meal planning. In MFP. It’s almost like a game —dietary tetris—“if I take out this, then I have enough cals left to eat that, but then I’m under on protein. What if I eat more of the other to increase those?”I know one person who’s done Noom, don’t know if he reached his goals—not really something you can ask someone you interact with online only after not seeing them for years.

  57. LfB – hope you feel better.

    I want to be at the low end of my weight range by mid year. I need to cut out even the small portions of dessert/sweets and substitute with fruit. There were lots of goodies made during the holidays and even one or two pieces a day was not ideal. There are two mid year events that I hope will happen, I get to dress up and be at my ideal weight. TCM is an inspiration.

  58. Louise, I had too many cookies too. Just ate the last ones yesterday. Just like you, I’m at the top end of my target weight range and want to get to the bottom end. Even worse, I haven’t been working out (meeting with the trainer starts next week :) ) so I’m bigger around than I need to be at this weight and my back hurts. I’ve gone for a few walks of a few miles each, but yesterday I did my first workout in forever, now need to just keep going.

  59. S&M, WW tweaks its formula every few years, but I think it generally stays the same. 10+ years ago, I was on WW and Au Bon Pain had a black bean soup that was 1 point (I think the fiber content helped). I do MFP now sporadically, but need to really get back on track. I logged yesterday, but need to add evening snacks that will push me over.

  60. “Does it come and go? Is there a way to treat it?”

    MM, it happens when crystals in the inner ear shake loose and get out of place. The Epley maneuver is a series of positions that allows them to float back to where they belong. It was truly amazing how quickly I went from totally nonfunctional to “I can sit up and look at my computer.” Unfortunately, it’s not 100% — I’ve basically been feeling hungover ever since. But seems like it’s improving. Unfortunately, it apparently happens more frequently as you get older, so I’m just *so* excited for that . . . .

    Sunshine: that’s how our trash pickup works, too. Unfortunately, the recycling people had different ideas.

    I also need to get back on MFB. It’s just freaking impossible with DD here doing all the cooking. Although I did challenge her to find some vegetable recipes that sound good — told her she could experiment in my kitchen and with my money, while she doesn’t have other obligations, and that way if there were some easy recipes she liked, she’d be able to take them back with her to school. She was all over that, so I’m looking forward to what she comes up with.

    I would totally love to do Milo’s cruise! But we’d need one of the actual suites — DH gets up earlier than I do and needs a place to watch Sportscenter without waking me up — and I’m not sure I could bring myself to pay *that* much. ;-)

  61. “DH gets up earlier than I do and needs a place to watch Sportscenter without waking me up”

    I wake up early, and on the ship, I would just slip out to the solarium.

  62. “DH gets up earlier than I do and needs a place to watch Sportscenter without waking me up”

    Starlink should be up and running by the time you’d do the cruise. That means high speed internet anywhere on Earth. He could just take his iPad to some shaded deck chair.

  63. Milo,

    That pic is triggering my vacation withdrawal. I’m not usually a morning person but I often am on vacation. I can just picture getting up early and walking to the solarium and it’s just that little but cool and there is some dew on the chairs and the staff is just starting to go about their business. Mmmm, I miss it so.

  64. Rhett, you think a sports fan would be happy with an iPad screen? I bet he’d send Laura out to get the rest of her zzzzzzzs in a lounge chair, lol.

    Laura, smart of you to challenge her re veggie recipes, (as long as they aren’t deep-fried). It is soooo easy to get caught up with a baking-centric repertoire.

    Does anybody want to do a recipe exchange day?

  65. Rhett, we were hoping to go to my son’s favorite hotel for a few days before Christmas. If I do their sunrise yoga on the beach and go for a swim in the ocean, then I can meet my son for breakfast in lounge chairs by the pool just as they are setting up the water cooler with fruit in it, the sun lotion station, towels on the deck chairs… You just made me miss it again, dammit.

  66. Rhett – that was my favorite spot on the ship, in keeping with my love of indoor/outdoor spaces. It’s also right above the bridge, so you have a forward view of where you’re going, not just looking out the side.

    There’s a bar there, as well, so it was nice at night to pull up a stool and have a few drinks.

    Over Christmas, we were talking BIL and SIL into thinking about a 2022 extended family cruise. Although they don’t want to travel with little kids to Europe, they’re open to Caribbean.

    Since I have that $11k of travel refunds parked in a formerly idle savings account, we may just do two cruises next summer so we can still do our Norway trip.

  67. Milo, your use of past tense is confusing me. What cruise are you referring to? I don’t believe the pic above could be on the same ship as the bunks on the other page

  68. lol, no it’s certainly not. we were on that Royal Caribbean cruise ship a couple summers ago.

  69. I like this promotional photo:

    They are having breakfast as denoted by the orange juice and coffee carafes. But standing at the ready is the champagne in an ice bucket. They are in it to win it.

  70. LfB – DD#2 gets BPPV, which seems to be allergy induced. It is not very common in younger people (18 when diagnosed) and so it took a change in doctor to get that plus the low D and low iron figured out and her feeling better. She does “exercises” similar to those you describe to move the crystals back to where they belong. It does come and go, but she says she can now feel it coming and starts doing the exercises right away.

    I was most successful on WW on the plan that was pre-points. It was servings of things – protein, carbs (breads/potato type), milk, fat, veggie and something else. It was set up very much like the diabetic diet I did when I was pregnant.

    I have lost my pandemic gain and am down a bit further. Sharing the cooking with the DDs home helps. I didn’t realize I snack while I am cooking. It has been a challenge to cook high calorie for SO and then cut my portion size back to a “reasonable” amount of calories for me. I have started adding a salad to every main meal for me plus trying to drink a glass of water the hour before we eat. I am working to get back on track to walk at least a mile every day. The only day I skip is the day I teach my fitness classes. I get enough minutes/steps/miles in that day!

  71. Yes, to a recipe exchange.

    At one point we were getting an idea of what posts were coming up. Is it possible to do that again? I often miss Monday due to my schedule, but recently I’ve missed several and just reading them afterward rarely happens…

  72. . I like the accountability of an app, but also do a lot of meal planning. In MFP. It’s almost like a game —dietary tetris—“if I take out this, then I have enough cals left to eat that, but then I’m under on protein. What if I eat more of the other to increase those?”

    That’s exactly how it is with WW. I get 30 points a day plus my 45 weekly extra points. And a lot of fruits and veggies are free. So it’s the same thought process. We decided to get Popeye’s for dinner, so I spent 9 points on a thigh and 8 points on a biscuit (well worth it), which meant I had no points left over for dessert, so I had an apple (free). I could have opted to skip the biscuit (but why would would you do that?) and then had a bunch of points left over for ice cream or cookies for dessert.

  73. I was most successful on WW on the plan that was pre-points. It was servings of things – protein, carbs (breads/potato type), milk, fat, veggie and something else. It was set up very much like the diabetic diet I did when I was pregnant.

    They now have three different options. One is the traditional points system. One is a set of foods that you can eat as much as you want of, but you can’t have anything that’s not on the list. And one is a hybrid – a combination of points and free foods.

  74. Austin, check out today’s topic: We got our wish for a recipe exchange ;) But like you, I appreciated the weekly heads-up posts. Kim was doing the scheduling, so perhaps Meme doesn’t have the topics that are in the queue so readily available.

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