What do you want?

by S&M

Holidays are coming; many of us are trying to figure out gifts to give. A way to help each other out might be to share our wishes. Not the big things from your spouse; what would you like to get from your siblings or others with whom you normally exchange gifts? What are the usual parameters for presents in your set: are there areas to be avoided, a usual price range, or other expectations?

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  1. My sister usually hosts Christmas and is very big on gift giving. It’s a little over the top, but it causes me to buy more gifts than I naturally would. I usually have a budget of $50 per person. I usually spend about $100-200 on DH and each of my children.

    Big ticket items (i.e. iPhone, car, computer) are purchased on an as-needed basis and are not counted as gifts. To me, they are tools.

  2. What I want is for DH and the kids to leave the house for a week. Ah, glorious alone time that I haven’t had for 8 months!

  3. This year will be a big change. Most of my friends do not exchange gifts, but instead we make it a point to get together – trying a new restaurant or taproom, a movie, a new museum exhibit, looking at Christmas lights – because we all seem to be facing too much clutter. I have two friends I exchange gifts with and our unofficial limit is $30.

    My co-workers have historically exchanged small gifts among us (our department has grown from 3 to 5 people), while no official limit has been set, it is usually in the $10 range. We have a department lunch and exchange gifts at the end. Again, I have no idea what this year will bring.

    Now that the girls are in college, all of the group gift exchanges, white elephant, or Secret Santa exchanges we were part of have gone away.

    Family parameters – Since the DDs were little (excluding grandparents when they were alive) we have had a 5 present rule – 1 from Mom, 1 from Dad, 1 from sibling, 1 from Santa and 1 from Rudolph. Santa brings a fun, but not the biggest gift; Rudolph brings a practical gift, alarm clock, new PJs, etc. Up until they were teenagers, we helped each girl pick out and pay for the sibling gift. Then there are stockings – usually some candy or candied nuts and other consumables or small gifts.

    Being at home so much and trying to limit those things that just become clutter, I asked for a multi-function air fryer from SO (I found it at almost 50% off), a new wallet as the zipper on my current one is giving out (will likely be a gift certificate), more socks from DD#1 that she knits (I love her socks), and a video game version of a board game that SO, DD#1 and DD#2 have so I can play with them. We had our deck replaced and there are a number of odd length boards, so I asked for a couple of planter boxes for the patio to be made from those. Even SO and both DDs’ list are mainly practical items.

  4. I start by saying I want very little, really. New LLBean Wicked Good slippers; Merrill Moab 2 lowcut hiking boots (waterproof), maybe another pair of warm-enough exercise pants for outdoor 1hr walks like the one I took last night in perfect 25 degree weather.

    My folks (mom, undoubtedly as you know) give us cash. One year enough for a new wall oven (not planned that way; the oven gave out between Christmas and New Years, so we then had a ‘good use’ for the money). ILs give DW more than they give me, fine. Some years I get clothing that DW has chosen and bought for them to give. My sister and I have somehow gotten into sending each other food items. Some are great, some not so much. We don’t exchange between our generation on DW’s side.

    Complicating things is my bday (Jan 10). So I have to think of stuff for two occasions. Or not, but then I hear about it.

  5. I think for my b’day I’ll ask DW to go thru all of our cookware with me so we can agree on what we should replace. I think almost all of our non-stick skillets should be high on the list. This is not a Marie Kondo declutter endeavor (although if we can get rid of maybe 3 things we really don’t use that would make me happy).

  6. I was happy when we stopped exchanging gifts with most family members about 5-10 years ago, when the kids became adults and frankly it became a bigger chore to pick and choose gifts for everyone. Within my nuclear family one member likes gifts but the rest of us don’t. To be sappy, spending time together is better than gifts for the holidays. However, I came across Katie Couric’s gift guide when browsing Instagram this morning and several items caught my eye.

    The Sill is a vendor with a nice selection of plants, my new pandemic hobby, and I thought I might send Hoya heart plants to a few family members across the country.

  7. We give gifts to our kids and vice-versa. We also give gifts to our nieces/nephews under age 21. We don’t exchange gifts with our siblings – we used to and we all agreed that not exchanging gifts was the best gift we could give each other. I usually get my dad a nice bottle of wine, a book.

  8. This year I want nothing. We’ve spent a lot of money fixing up/upgrading the house, we have too much stuff already (at least, it will feel that way until the first floor is DONE), and I just don’t want to spend more money on more stuff. So when DH asked me what I wanted, I said “a pizza oven and a new range hood.” Which we had just gotten. I finally allowed him to buy me a turning peel for the pizza oven, as the wooden one I have is too thick to work as effectively as I’d like on a half-done pizza. DH has decided I’m getting him a “plastic bag” — a special one that has a vacuum pump attached so he can do veneer on the cabinetry he’s planning for the family room. He ordered it last night.

    DD is easy — she fell in love with a couple of the new Le Creuset colors, so I bought her a couple of things that were on sale. I suspect getting gifts for her will be easy for the next couple of years. ;-) DS is harder; I found a couple of fetishes from Keshi that I think he will appreciate, but we might just end up giving him $ for whatever video game he decides he wants.

    Everyone else is getting chocolates from Chocolat Moderne and John & Kira’s, along with some charitable donations for my parents. I’m assuming we’re not doing our usual Hanukkah white-elephant gift swap, which I will very much miss. But there’s at least no pressure to be clever for $15 or less.

  9. I am really hoping I get that neck massager that was recommended on the Totebag. And if for some reason, DH doesn’t buy it (but I bet he will), then I will be buying it for myself.

    One of my gifts to DH is a Lego batmobile kit (the one with over 3,000 pieces). DH loved Legos as a kid. And after DD outgrew legos (and DS was never into them), I could tell DH missed having something to put together on Christmas. I think he’ll really like it. I gave him a Lego Mustang kit for Father’s Day and it was a hit.

  10. SSM- I bought the neck massager (thanks axs54!) and have wrapped it abs out it under the tree for myself. My DS just wants cash to be able to buy video games, but we are not seeing family at Christmas and I need something fun, so I told him he had to come up with a few things to unwrap. DDs bday is the 20th, so like Fred, that adds extra work to finding gifts. We will also play board games and have our annual family viewing of the Festivus episode of Seinfeld.

    I am baking cookies and mailing them to family members we won’t see, again because of my need for things to feel festive.

  11. And Houston and LfB – thank you for the gift suggestions on the earlier thread (I am just catching up today).

  12. SSM- I DID buy the neck massager for DH!!! I have to admit I get quite a few ideas from this blog! For some reason, many of the things Kim mentions I end up buying, I recall some pants and a lipstick in particular.

    Regarding gift getting, I share this in the spirit of the original post, because it might be helpful for someone on your list. I like getting the super luxe version of small stuff I already have- e.g. luxurious knitting needles, a very high end paint brush, a very high end jigsaw puzzle, or fancy yoga mat, or a pair of luxurious socks, or a consumable like a bottle of Champagne or an orchid.

    I find scented things highly personal – e.g. soaps, home scents or perfume would be hard to find that I would like so it’s a big risk to buy that for me.

  13. DH & I do not exchange gifts – thank goodness. It was becoming silly – our money is all joint, and we buy things that we want within reason. Things not within reason are not things that we would buy for gifts anyway.

    I probably overdid it for DS this year, but meh. Some years we have done very little – it is really hard to drag a list out of him most of the time. This year he happens to either want or need more than usual.

    We don’t exchange with siblings (again – thank God). For the nieces and nephews – on one side we stopped the madness. And on the other we do a cousin white elephant type thing that I would love to stop, but was happy to just cut it down to one gift.

    For my parents – donations to their favorite charities & maybe I will send some chocolates since we can’t be together. For IL’s we will drop off some food and a nice note.

    I will send gifts to my team at work as usual.

    I know I sound like a humbug, but I am not a big “gift” person in general. I do like getting & giving nice surprises, but it’s almost better when they are separate from a holiday. Like if I see something that I think someone will appreciate, I will buy it & give it to them, but I don’t wait for their birthday or whatever. And I do appreciate the gesture from others.

    I do very much like to celebrate with people in person for birthdays/holidays, but obviously that has looked a bit different this year.

  14. I do like getting & giving nice surprises, but it’s almost better when they are separate from a holiday. Like if I see something that I think someone will appreciate, I will buy it & give it to them, but I don’t wait for their birthday or whatever.

    I agree. My favorite aunt just bought a new house. In the past she had said how much she wanted a toto washlet. So I got it for her. I kind of wish the custom was a big present every few years vs. $50 crap every year.


    You said your son is 15 so if he doesn’t already have a wallet he’ll need one next year.


  15. “and have wrapped it abs out”

    I absolutely love this typo. I can think of some people from the gym it would suit.

  16. Somehow I think this might be more appropriate considering the recipient

    Huh? SSM was asking for gift ideas for her son who is very into cars.

  17. I am glad the massager was a good gift idea for several of you! I have a gift question for the group: I was thinking of getting 3-D printer for my 12 year old son. He is the kid that doesn’t need or want anything. Curious if anyone has one and if it would be a good gift or something that will get abandoned after a few months based on your experience.

  18. DD2 gave me the tea infuser as little gift before she left. This is the sort of gift that makes my day.

  19. I thought the “fetishes from Keshi” was perhaps a typo, speaking of typos.


    “Zuni fetishes are animal carvings that have been used by the A:Shiwi (The People) for over a thousand years. By honoring the animals and acknowledging their special “medicine” (their natural traits), we may summon our own similar attributes. Fetishes are sometimes used that way today. We can focus on the qualities we have that are like a certain animal. We can carry a fetish with us or keep it on a bedside table. Fetishes may be used to discover, enhance, or simply remember a connection with nature. Each of us has our own reason for taking care of a fetish. Be mindful and respect the spirit of the animal that your fetish represents.”

    Learned a new definition for the term.

  20. LOL — Milo, what exactly did you think I’d been talking about all these years?

    Never mind, don’t answer that. ;-)

  21. I love the no-gifting/sane gifts policies many of you are posting about, but our family wouldn’t dream of it, thinks I’m horrid when I suggest it. One sister and I have settled on around $50 or maybe $75 and she seems fine with me spending less on each of her two kids than she spends on my one. The other wants to stay around $25-30. I tend to get her one thing (often clothing) for her birthday and Christmas together.

    Mafalda, nice point about upgrading “regular” items. What are luxury knitting needles?

    I’ve already given my parents their presents. This is their first winter up north in years. When it got cold I sent them fuzzy yarn jackets and heat tech under layers from Uniqlo. Mom says she wore her jacket every day for the first week she had it, and she likes the sparkly tights too. I also sent them an Advent calendar with tea, honeys, and jams, thanks to someone (Scarlett?) on here mentioning that as memory fades, the senses of taste and scent remain. My sisters are both getting lounge clothes; velvet socks and hoodie jacket for one of them, these socks and a casual sweater dress for the other https://www.freepeople.com/shop/charlie-rouched-over-the-knee-grip-sock/?utm_campaign=delivery_notification&utm_source=transact&utm_medium=email&utm_content=product-img&quantity=1

    I’d really like one of these, but don’t know if I trust them to get the color, size, and thickness I want
    https://cf.shopee.com.my/file/5328210b5c338a6a77e143223136d1e5 I think the generous one is getting me a recorder, because she knows I wish our mom would find the old one at their house. The other one keeps asking me for ideas.

    For my son, I’m getting a generator for his bike light. I think he will like not needing batteries. He put most of the money he asked for and received from my parents for his birthday into Quantumscape, and is generally enamored of solar and electric vehicles these days. I need some more ideas for him. We’ve been trying to get a black hoodie and some long johns, but he is picky enough and his thighs big enough, that it isn’t easy. I hesitate to wrap some up as a present.

    Nieces/nephews are getting
    A mini fondue pot that uses a tea light to warm the cheese/chocolate/whatever
    A glass teapot with a core where the tea leaves go (& a pack of tea)
    A fountain pen
    Potholders that look like bear paws from genuinefred[dot]com

  22. Rhett, my son has gotten several wallets over the years, any he bothered to carry an extra thing with him. One of my sisters got him a phone case with a little compartment in back that slides open where he keeps his ID, debit card, and maybe a couple bills. He is much happier with that.

  23. Mafalda- I love the small quality item theory of gift giving. My mom is the “180-art-piece-portfolio” gift, when I really wanted 10 elegant oil pastels.

    In that vein, I got DH an apron from: mnuniform.com for his recent birthday. It was well received.

  24. For me I want a little suction cup bird feeder that sticks to a window.

    For gift idea: We have a 14 year old boy, hard to shop for, and having just moved to Miami from the Midwest he is suddenly into fancy sporty cars so for Christmas we found a website like Air B&B for cars where owners rent out their cars for the day. We are gifting him with a day out with my husband (who is very excited) driving around in a convertible Aston Martin. We haven’t used the site before so it could be a disaster but it was around $200 for seven hours and 100 gallons of gas.

  25. I am the outlier. I love getting and giving gifts. Because we aren’t getting together in CT on CHristmas Eve the way we usually do, I was worried that the SILs were going to declare a no-gift policy, so I preemptively bought them gifts early on.

    My kids have Amazon wishlists, though they put lots of non-Amazon items and general comments on their lists. DS1 mainly wants art supplies, DS2 has a list that is mainly the nerdiest history books ever, plus some of those large, adult oriented Lego sets. DD has piles of hoodies and sneakers on her list. All three kids included the comment “Redbubble tees, please”

    My list has art and design books, earrings, ramen bowls, and a webcam on it.

  26. I have a few books on my wishlist and a couple of videogames. Also a couple of sweatshirts. Nothing exciting.

  27. “DH has decided I’m getting him a “plastic bag” — a special one that has a vacuum pump attached so he can do veneer on the cabinetry he’s planning for the family room.”

    I’m impressed. Does he cut his own veneers?

  28. The gift from last year that I used the most was my Apple Watch. I use it when I walk and this year I walked a lot !
    I am getting myself a new strap since the one I got with the watch looks worn out. All my work clothes and work related items like handbags, shoes, make up and jewelry didn’t need any replacing.
    I am excited to find a fondant covered fruitcake just like British fruitcake on Etsy that I will give to my parents. This is not a prank gift, I assure you.

  29. Meme — I bought my DD the sloth version of that steeper for college.

    @Finn: he has never done veneer before, only solid wood (or plywood where appropriate, of course). But for the family room cabinetry, he decided that he wanted drawer/door fronts of madrone burl, because we have that on the bed we bought, and we both love it. And that requires veneer. So now he gets to learn how!

  30. We gave the manatee version of the tea steeper to someone on faculty at my son’s HS in the US

  31. Oh no! The bear hands (which are from the same site as the tea steeper) are out of stock.

    The pizza cutter, which we once gave my dad for Father’s Day, is out of stock too.

    But they still have matruschka doll measuring cups, the pastasaurus, and cutting boards shaped like a protractor (go Totebaggers!), a mousetrap, or a slice of a log with a hatchet cheese cutter.

  32. I’ve noticed a distinct difference in gift giving cultures- families like the one I grew up in that emphasize surprise and where people only give very general gift ideas, and families like DH’s where people send around 7 page lists of exact items that they want. At first I found DH’s family’s style abrasive and kind of greedy, but it is definitely more efficient. I still have trouble not being shocked when my in-laws say things like “I was hoping you’d buy me a new laptop for Christmas this year.”

  33. Mooshi, did you ask for specific bowls? Can we see? I love presents too, but they’re getting old with my family.

  34. I still have trouble not being shocked when my in-laws say things like “I was hoping you’d buy me a new laptop for Christmas this year.”

    Are they struggling financially or is it just the custom is to exchange somewhat pricey gifts?

  35. thank you Rhett for the car-related gift ideas. My brother would have loved all of those when he was a kid (it is clear where DS gets his car gene from; DH likes cars but my brother and DS love them).

  36. Rio, we kind of do a mix. For the cousins on DH’s side, I just shop from the wish lists. I honestly like the wish lists because they give me insights into what they like. I had no idea until last year that cousin 2 is really into bonsai. And her youngest is really musical and wants violin rosin and a guitar effects pedal (also videogames). Sometimes I get ideas for interesting products looking at the wish lists.
    For my kids, I get them some things from the wish lists, but also suprises. Same for my sib and husband.
    I have a long gift exchange tradition with my BFF from grad school, who lives in Chicago and does a lot of travelling. Our gifts are usually travel oriented – things we pick up on trips. This year is likely to be more local – I am getting her the Making the Met exhibit catalog and I just got a box from her that has the Chicago Art Institute logo on it.

  37. S&M, these, but it looks like they are now out of stock. Hopefully one of the SILs snagged them for me!

  38. Rio – as a fellow introvert, I feel for you. A fellow mom of DD’s best friend from preschool convinced our husbands to take the kids on a father-daughter trip to Disney so we could have the house to ourselves for the weekend. I’ll never forget going on a work trip when DD was four – the luxury of only having to think about myself in the morning. It was definitely a work trip (I was touring some very unglamorous facilities) but it felt like a vacation.

  39. SOTM, I asked for a suction cup bird feeder as well.

    WFH for 9 months has made me pay more attention to the birds in our area. Our girls night out text string had some very funny discussions the past few months about birds since we were all doing a LOT of aimlessly looking out the window last spring. In June, my neighbor even gave me a spare shephards crook with a home-made contraption to hold an orange for attracting Orioles after I admired theirs and how well it worked to attract those beautiful orange birds.

    I am known for being ridiculously practical in my gift giving. One brother & his family have rented a VT cabin for the last 5 years, and they would ski every weekend. They are not renting the cabin this year. My gift for all of them will be knuckle lights and Yak Tracks so that they can continue the regular family hikes that they have been doing when the ground is slick and daylight scarce.

  40. Rhett- it’s a weird situation where they struggle somewhat financially due to a high cost of living location and a mid-life divorce, but seem to have made a life choice to only work part-time in a potentially high earning field. (Think along the lines of an urgent care PA who only picks up one shift a week due to “stress”) It’s annoying to me, but I have difficult in-laws and have learned to just let it go emotionally. They don’t seem to be counting on us to support them in retirement anymore, so that’s a win.

  41. LfB, does he have a bandsaw? If not, I see one in your future.

    As mentioned before, at the Totebag cocktail party, I think I’d find a lot to talk about with him. RMS’ DH can talk wood with us too.

  42. “DH likes cars but my brother and DS love them”

    Has that shared interest made them very close?

  43. S&M, sounds like you found some very nice gifts for your family. They sound like good ideas at the right price.

    I have to motivate and buy a few more gifts since Hanukkah starts tomorrow. I am not getting to tether with my family, but I need something to exchange when they drop off a gift for DD. My SIL asked if we could just give cash instead of gift cards or gifts this year. That is easy for me, but I feel like that is a let down for kids. They only have a few more years of being kids with all of the wrapping paper etc, but that isn’t happening this year anyway.

  44. Rio, ITA on the gift-giving differences. My family was like yours, my DH’s family is like your DH’s, and it felt just SO cold and impersonal to just buy what they told you to buy.

    Over the years, though, my “lazy” gene has come to love it. ;-) Although I still get a special thrill when DH finds me something that I didn’t ask for and never would have bought for myself, like my Shun knives. That early messaging has some pretty strong staying power, and mind-reading — particularly involving things that we would never do for ourselves but secretly want desperately — is the highest demonstration of love in my family.

  45. Thanks Lauren! I’m surprised to hear Hannukah starts tomorrow. I was thinking this afternoon that I wanted latkes, wouldn’t it be ironic if it happened to be Hannukah. I must’ve passed something that poked my subconscious awake. Good luck finding gifts for the kids—8 days has always been kind of mind-numbing to me. I know the presents aren’t supposed to be the central feature, but I hear you that when kids are little, it’s special.

  46. “LfB, does he have a bandsaw?”

    If you knew him, you’d understand why I’m ROFLMAO at the moment. He has a two-car-garage-cum-workshop with just about every tool known to man. Except, apparently, a vacuum device for veneer. Which omission is in the process of being remedied.

    The real reason we can’t retire now: because between his insatiable desire for wood and tools and my compulsion to buy All The Pretty Glass I see, we’d blow through our money right quick. ;-)

  47. Christmas is very easy this year – no Secret Santa for DH’s family (DH’s oldest brother caused a big stink last year and basically ruined it for everyone). So that removed two gifts. Most people are done. We have our nephews and niece to buy for, and DH’s goddaughter.

    Everyone was fairly easy this year. Even DH. But now both kids are into Santa… and Santa better be leaving presents at home… so I have to find some things I can label from Santa…

  48. Finn, idk if your mind is dirty enough to make you laugh at this like I did when I first saw it. Your comment about LfB and Rocky’s husbands and you reminded me of it.

  49. I got this mask chain and really like it when I do have to go to the office. $10 makes it a decent stocking stuffer, and I think we’ll be both wearing masks and going out and about more next year.

    On the more indulgent front, when pressed by DH after my typical “really, I don’t need anything” response, which is entirely true, I relented and admitted that I’d really like a (ridiculously expensive) nugget ice maker. Yeah, my fridge already has 2 ice makers. I’m apparently not at all a totebagger.

  50. @Sunshine – One of my friends posted her new “Sonic ice” icemaker on Facebook the other day and the response was insane!! I think it’s a great idea.

  51. Following up on Sunshine’s mask chain, I’ll put in another plug for the masks from e-Shakti. They have filter pockets, adjustable earloops, and a sewn-on neck ribbon so you can wear it around your neck in the car and pop it on before you go in to the store.

  52. Sunshine,

    Oh the old lady chain really nails it. Can you imagine how well it would pair with a festive bathing cap?

  53. Rhett – yep, a confirmation that I’m going to be a great old lady. I’m going to fully embrace whatever whimsy makes me happy. And btw, I imagine I will forever feel that some day I’ll be a great old lady, without ever admitting I may have reached that destination.

  54. One other present-related thought. Fossil makes smart watches now! https://www.fossil.com/de-de/smartwatches/hybrid-smartwatches/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=conv_brand&gclid=CjwKCAiAq8f-BRBtEiwAGr3DgU9y_fR5HCAwzFOD1wfZVZFDiC8-I7ObdsO7Ddu9-nDr0Cc6GXotTBoCtMMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&page=1
    I think Fitbits also have a watch-looking thing. Might be a nice idea for someone who can’t quite get into Apple Watches, though they like the idea. 200€ might be less than the price of an Apple.

  55. I bought the Apple Watch from Target. I wanted one to track my fitness and the price was too good to pass up for a brand new model. I paid $218 for the SE. I had to watch several You Tube videos to figure everything out because DD doesn’t have a watch so she didn’t offer to help. A few of my friends have a watch, but they all have the old 3 so they didn’t know how to use the watch. I’ve been using for a week and I really like it. My laptop is also Apple so everything paired together and the data about my fitness is interesting (to me). I tried to talk to DH and DD about it last night and they had no interest in my heart rate while I was running vs. Pilates.

  56. “I tried to talk to DH and DD about it last night and they had no interest in my heart rate while I was running vs. Pilates.”

    LOL. I feel for you. Last week I was complaining at dinner about how I lost my Local Legend status on a segment in Strava. No one cared that someone named Bree crushed my time, or about my theory that she must have driven to the start of the segment and with fresh legs ran a ridiculous time.

  57. “I tried to talk to DH and DD about it last night and they had no interest in my heart rate while I was running vs. Pilates.”

    LOL ! You have to find fellow Apple Watch users to share with.

    Not political- my sibling emails my mother and myself of the adverse reactions of the vaccines so far and concludes by saying all recovered. Sigh ! My mother will needlessly worry even though the vaccine is still months away.

  58. @ sunshine
    “I imagine I will forever feel that some day I’ll be a great old lady, without ever admitting I may have reached that destination.”

    This is my 86yo mom. Our conversations often include phrases such as
    “When I get old…”
    “When you get old…” (me being supportive)
    “I saw this old lady at the grocery store; she was REALLY old, like 90…”

  59. Lauren, I love my Apple Watch. My watch face is a rotating selection of the photos on my phone that I have “favorited”, and it makes me happy at random times of the day to check the time and get to see a pic of DD with my brother, or my two high school best friends, etc. I just learned this week that if I’m listening to a podcast or music on my HomePod that I can turn the dial on my watch to adjust the volume. You can also use your watch to operate your camera if you’re trying to set up your phone for a group shot that you want to be in. The new Fitness+ launches on Monday, and you have to have the watch to use it.

  60. LT, you know Bree is in high school and has been running every day for months because she is so boooooored.

    Lauren, I’d forgotten all about sales & stuff. Stores here did Black Friday, but on such a limited range of products, it was hardly worth it (although the velvet jacket for my sister was half off). But now you have me thinking—I wanted another idea for my son; maybe this is it. I need to start researching if any of them work without a phone nearby, because being unencumbered is what he’d like best. Here I go. https://www.saturn.de/de/category/_smartwatches-522555.html https://www.fossil.com/en-us/products/hybrid-smartwatch-carlie-rose-gold-tone-stainless-steel/FTW5040.html?utm_source=cj&cjevent=f931ceb53af411eb839e00760a18050d&utm_medium=aff&utm_content=4809382_8172428

  61. Lauren, I’m happy with my Apple watch, too. I think I have the 4 – it’s almost two years old. I also had to watch YouTube videos figure out how to use it. And Becky just mentioned a few functions that I wasn’t aware of. I use the exercise function all the time. It’s funny, when I’m walking with friends who don’t have the watch, they’ll always remind me to activate it so that we can track our mileage, elevation, steps, etc. And then they want a full report at the end of our workout, LOL. I also use the timer and texting apps, as well as the calendar feature. Oh, ApplePay! It’s so easy to just push up your cuff, double click the dial, and pay with a swipe of your wrist. No digging for credit cards or phones.

  62. Fred – a friend of mine told me a story of when her mom was 85, the roof on her (the mom’s) house needed to be replaced. The mom was trying to decide whether to go with a roof that came with a 20 year guarantee or a 30 year guarantee – and decided to go with the 30 year guarantee because she did not want to have to deal with replacing the roof in her lifetime ever again. :-)

  63. My family wanted me to get the Apple watch so I could use the feature to find my phone. I already used that once and my phone was in my car. The Apple Pay did make me feel like I was on the Jetsons and I know DD wants to use the watch to take better family photos instead of selfies.

    Also, the #1 reason that I love my Athlete leggings was the pocket on the side for my phone. A lot of leggings have this pocket now, but the Athleta version didn’t get dragged down by the weight of the phone. I don’t need my phone now if I am just exercising or nearby so I was able to wear pants without pockets. It was just easier to have the watch vs. phone to stay in touch.

  64. Lauren, sounds like you’re telling me the Apple Watch is already there. Cool! When they first come out, we were disappointed to learn that receiving messages and listening to music (through earbuds) still required the phone to be nearby. That doesn’t seem worth it, just doubles the devices. Your leggings sound like these, which I got in October & love. Only problem is that the pocket is so convenient and ergonomic that I forget where my phone is! https://www.pourmoi.co.uk/products/energy-mesh-panel-sports-leggings/

  65. RMS – say it isn’t so! Just the mention of Bonnie Bell lip smackers sends me back to my days in junior high.

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