Black Friday in a Pandemic

by Finn

The pandemic is obviously going to mean a much different Black Friday shopping season in in recent years. What are your shopping plans? Anything in particular you’re shopping for? Any good deals you want to share with your fellow Totebaggers?

These two articles recently were reprinted side by side in my local paper:

The first article suggests a possible “shipaggedon” during the holidays, and the second suggests an alternative.

106 thoughts on “Black Friday in a Pandemic

  1. I’m going to focus my buying on high value relative to weight products. My parents are going to ship a box (there’s a $150 flat rate for 15kg company I think we’ll use). So far: snarky t-shirts, celestial seasoning decaf indian spice chai, penzey’s spices. Maybe: disney circle, more echo dots, kids’ shoes/clothes.

  2. Last week I got a Black Friday deal at Target on a hoverboard. I think it was $60 or $80 off. It was a item that was on a kid’s wish list and as I walked past it I figured now it as good of a time as any to get it. In Normal Times I never bother with trying to get these Black Friday deals, but I’m enjoying these weekly deals.

    I haven’t done any other shopping and should probably get started on that. With so much going on, it is hard to feel motivated to spend money.

  3. I have never been a Black Friday shopper, although I have focused on getting deals on cyber Monday a couple of times. Black Friday is sort of a deal here, but stores can’t open early, so they just have sales with a couple big “door buster” markdowns.
    I’ve noticed recently that sales have already started online, on German and US sites. I’m glad to be able to spread out the shopping & not have it be such a cramped pain.

  4. Ada, which direction are spices being sent? I know those brands from the US, but you’re close to the origins of many spices.

  5. It is going to be the same as it has been since the kids were born – I slowly started about two weeks ago, ordering some books and a mini waffle maker for my husband. I will probably pick up the pace next week since we are (for the first time ever) getting the whole week off. We probably will go to one of the Christmas village shopping experiences – either the wonderful one in Bryant Park, which at least so far seems to be running, or another in a nearby small city. I haven’t done much Christmas shopping in malls or big box stores since the 90’s.

  6. Mooshi, that sounds nice. Face masks have been required at markets here for months. I’m not sure exactly when, because people wore them and reminded each other even when they weren’t required. But Christmas markets, with the crowds & the Glühwein and all just sound like superspreader events, so they are verboten.

  7. I’m trying to shop early. I have never gone to stores on Black Friday anyway – that is the day to put up the Christmas decorations!

    Any suggestions for a gift for my 13yo? She only wants money (so that she can buy an ipad), a computer game, and stuff for the cats. We generally leave the $$ gifts to everyone else so we can get something physical. My thoughts were a complicated terrarium that she has to put together herself, or roller blades (since I’m not getting the $350 off-ice ice skates).

  8. So many deals out there that it is a little hard to keep track, but I bought a couple of gifts last week. I am happy that deals are spread out because it is less stressful. I ordered a bunch of stuff for myself from Nordstrom and Nordstrom rack last week. The packages arrived within 24-28 hours even though I didn’t choose express delivery. I was surprised to see that Fedex is using delivery people in their own cars for the “last mile”. Amazon as doing that about a year ago, but they have all of their own delivery trucks now. Do you remember when we used to complain on the Totebag about how bad those Amazon delivery folks were compared to UPS/USPS/Fedex professional delivery?? With Covid, I can NOT imagine if Amazon didn’t create their own delivery team because the strain on the other companies would have been enormous. UPS and Fedex deliver 3-5 times per day in my neighborhood now vs. once a day in 2019 (except for December).

    My Town had to change the sanitation schedule because paper/cardboard is picked up once a week. It was missed whenever there was a holiday on a collection day. The department of public works said their employees didn’t want to ever miss a week of paper recycling because there are so many boxes now. I think the use of private people in their own cars will continue through the holidays/pandemic because there is just too much demand for the regular fleet of UPS/USPS/fedex drivers and trucks.

  9. L, at that age, my son *loved* money gifts–besides the cash value, I think they felt like a grown-up thing. When my parents gave him cash because he said he wanted to start saving for a car, they also gave him a model car. He loved it. Is there anything like that you could do towards the iPad, or maybe an accessory for it along with the $$$? Generic teen gifts could be a shower speaker, better earbuds/headphones, or some kind of journal/bullet journal.

  10. Lauren, the shipping change that affects me most is that slow mail isn’t permitted–everything has to go express, which is of course more expensive. We might send a small box, but I’m mostly ordering things online for people in the US, which is of course less exciting for them than something cool from the exotic auntie overseas.

    Does anyone have any ideas for a 30 year old man? I usually get “whimsical” gifts for my nephew–a Lego mug, a LARP battleax, a book of Star Wars fan fiction, a knight in armor penholder… really lame stuff. He likes tea, so I have a nice tea pot & some “Christmas tea” for him, but mailing it would be more than it’s worth.

  11. If you’re looking for an e-bike, Blix is having a sale. I have a Pedego and a Blix, and I vastly prefer the Blix. It’s much lighter-weight, more maneuverable, easier to shift gears, etc. You can ride it on the flat with no power assist; the Pedego is so heavy that you really need power assist even to ride a few miles on flat roads.

  12. DW asked me if I want a new TV. The current one is ‘only’ 55″ and I’m happy with it, especially since I got the Roku stick from my kids for Father’s Day. I don’t know how much a new TV would spark joy, and a bigger one would probably mean a new table on which to place it (I don’t want wall mount), and this time we’d get a piece of real furniture vs the POS we’ve got now. So we’ll see.

    We spent a lot of time this weekend talking about spending $ on our house…windows, master bath, family bath, unwallpapering and repainting some rooms. If essentially no travel continues through next year, and we’re not planning anything now, maybe we’ll get a couple of those things done.

  13. “I was surprised to see that Fedex is using delivery people in their own cars for the “last mile”. Amazon as doing that about a year ago, but they have all of their own delivery trucks now. Do you remember when we used to complain on the Totebag about how bad those Amazon delivery folks were compared to UPS/USPS/Fedex professional delivery??”

    I was unaware of them using their own cars. I’ve never noticed that. We have had consistent good delivery from Amazon and other vendors although the overnight Prime deliveries did move to two- or three-day timeframes during the height of the pandemic last spring. But Amazon always gave advance notice on those.

    We have not used curbside pickup, feeling no need since deliveries are reliable. I’ve noticed that most vendors under promise and over deliver on their delivery times. REI is having a sale and warned about availability and delivery times, but it looks as if my order will be delivered about five days early. Bloomingdales is offering free shipping, and my item arrived a week early. *knock on wood* this continues.

  14. Amazon seems to be the most reliable delivery for us recently. The other week I had an overnight Fedex package for Tuesday before 8am delivery and it didn’t arrive until Wednesday at noon. It was work related and my client was not pleased. And last week medicine shipped via UPS missed the flight, was stuck at O’Hare overnight, and arrived at my house a day late and at room temp (and unusable).

  15. I have barely even thought about shopping. I did pick up DD’s gifts — there was a Le Creuset sale, and she fell in love with one of their new colors, so I picked up a couple of things for her. My mom and siblings are doing a no-gift year, which honestly just makes me happy. And I have a new vent hood that is beautiful and works, along with a new pizza oven, so I’ll tell DH to stick a bow on those and call it good. ;-) (Particularly the vent hood, because the degree of difficulty of the installation was at least a 9.8) Who knows what to get DS, other than cash. Oooh, maybe I’ll check Keshi. . . .

    I think wherever we are, we will have a low-key, more minimal holiday. I just don’t want to go out shopping, period, and Amazon is good when you know what you’re looking for but horrible for just browsing. I suspect a lot of people will be getting treat gifts from my favorite shops. ;-)

  16. Rhett — LOL. No. We toted a 70″ TV out to the back deck instead. I think he was good with the substitution. ;-)

  17. I love curbside. Last night, I left my house at 5 pm, went 3 places picking up curbside orders from each and was back at my house in an hour. Very productive, and the virus level is actually scary here, so I am not going in stores. I can order and go pick up a few hours later. Last night, one of the things I picked up was a skinny Christmas tree for my home office since I’ll be sending the whole season here.

    fwiw, Target’s pickup has drastically improved since the beginning of the pandemic. They were woefully behind Walmart. It’s still not as all-ecompassing, but they have worked the kinks out of the operation execution. It’s almost magical how quickly they show up at your car once you pull in.

    On gifts – AirPods pros will be a hit for anyone who thinks they might like them. If anyone is buying more echoes, keep your eye on deals. On prime day (and a couple of times since), they’ve been offering buybacks on older models and a 25% discount if you trade up. I got an 8″ show for the kitchen for something like $35 or $40. And I really like it. I’m late to the party, but on prime day I also got a ring doorbell for $100. It’s awesome if anyone is waiting to jump on the bandwagon. And now, I can get a live view of my front porch from the echo show in the kitchen.

  18. Curbside is still problematic for me. I was going to do curbside pickup at Safeway, but the first open slot was three days from now. Yeah, I need my milk today, thanks.

  19. “the wonderful one in Bryant Park”

    Is the ice skating rink set up there, or will it be, this year?

    A couple years ago we were there around Xmas and DD and DW skated together.

  20. The skating rink is set up this year. I’ve enjoyed browsing the market but I’ll probably skip it this year. I haven’t taken public transportation during the pandemic and I hear that parking is a problem in Manhattan.

    We don’t do gifts, except for a couple of adult family members and for little kids. This year my D is not preparing her usual detailed list that includes websites and prices. Instead, she is asking us to surprise her and depending on the gifts we choose she’ll be able to tell how well we know her. The pressure is on.

  21. Instead, she is asking us to surprise her and depending on the gifts we choose she’ll be able to tell how well we know her. The pressure is on.

    Um. Can you come up with gifts that suggest that she might be a trifle “high maintenance”?

  22. I’m trying to get a PS5 for DS. We tried last week on launch day and came up empty. Hopefully someone will get a decent amount in stock so we can actually order one.

    My goal this year is to do a non-Amazon Christmas. Our family all does Amazon wish lists, but I’m only putting stuff from other sites on mine, and I’m going to try to find the things other people want from other places. Ideally local stores, but even ordering from out of town places that aren’t Amazon.

  23. RMS – thanks for the tip on the Blix. I have a Pedego- when I researched it, it was the only e bike that was really low enough for a very short person (I’m 5 ft tall) but you are right that it is very heavy. Why did you keep both? Do you find that they have different uses?

  24. Instead, she is asking us to surprise her and depending on the gifts we choose she’ll be able to tell how well we know her.

    I would intentionally get her things I know she would hate. But I can be a passive-aggressive jerk like that.

  25. “Any suggestions for a gift for my 13yo? She only wants money (so that she can buy an ipad)”

    An iPad?

    If not, I’m curious, why not?

  26. “I’m trying to get a PS5 for DS.”

    Have you considered eating at Taco Bell and Burger King a lot?

  27. “He likes tea, so I have a nice tea pot & some “Christmas tea” for him, but mailing it would be more than it’s worth.”

    Where does he live? A lot of places have free shipping to addresses in the continental USA.

  28. Mafalda,

    The Blix is at my house in Denver and the Pedego is in Santa Cruz. I have been toying with selling the Pedego and buying another Blix, but I find myself too lazy…

  29. My kids tell me what they want. Both want replacements for their phones. That’s what they will get. DD has requested a few other small things. It’s not really a hard and fast list. We don’t do gifts for adults.
    Birthdays were the time we received gifts in the home country, not during any religious celebrations. All the religious celebrations were centered around cleaning and decorating your house, cooking festive foods and buying new clothes.

  30. RMS – ah, makes sense, hmmm gets me thinking, perhaps I can get the folding Blix for the boat…. oops, supposed to be thinking about gifts for Other people.

    I’m guessing we will have to pay eBay prices for the PS 5 for DS3? Clearly people bought up the inventory counting on people like me to pay their ransom. I kind of don’t want to do it on principle.

  31. “DW asked me if I want a new TV. The current one is ‘only’ 55″’

    Last year we upgraded our family room TV, which is our main TV, from 50” to 65” (we were satisfied with the 50” TV, but wanted a bigger TV in our bedroom, so we moved the 50” to our bedroom and bought a bigger one for the family room).

    The difference was huge. Now I can watch from the far end of the kitchen (our kitchen TV doesn’t get as much use) a well as from our living room. I think it’s increased our viewing enjoyment.

    “I don’t want wall mount”

    I’m curious, why not?

    While TVs have been getting bigger in screen size, they’ve also been getting lighter, so wall mounts have been getting cheaper, probably much cheaper than new furniture, and the process of wall mounting has gotten a lot easier.

    Besides making it easy to tilt or swivel the TV for an optimal viewing angle, I also like that the wall mount frees up the top of the furniture below it. In our case, besides allowing us to put our DVR, DVD player, and center speaker right below the TV, it saved us from having to buy/build a bigger piece of furniture to support the TV (furniture supporting the old 50” TV is part of a suite of furniture I built).

  32. “I’m trying to get a PS5 for DS. We tried last week on launch day and came up empty. Hopefully someone will get a decent amount in stock so we can actually order one.”

    @DD – We were looking to get one for DS, but we changed tactics. We are going to hold off and do that later next year. We are getting him a new iPad instead as his is so old & slow it no longer takes updates.

    I don’t have a lot of Christmas shopping to do – we don’t exchange with many people, which is perfectly fine with me.

    But I have been buying some clothing for myself. I’ve ordered a number of nicer sweatshirt/sweater type things from LL Bean and Athleta. Basically zoom shirts that are still comfy & look okay with Athletic pants, but are a little more polished for video calls.

  33. “oops, supposed to be thinking about gifts for Other people.”

    Nothing wrong with thinking about gifts for yourself. They’re not mutually exclusive.

    For many years, DW and I have been buying ourselves gifts for Xmas, e.g., the 65” TV we bought last year on BF.

    This is a great time to be buying gifts for yourself. Besides the deals you could be getting, our economy could use the boost.

  34. I agree with Sunshine that the Target drive up is fantastic. They are really efficient. Part of why it is efficient is that they don’t include all the fresh/frozen items, but it’s been really great during the pandemic.

  35. “Target’s pickup has drastically improved since the beginning of the pandemic.”

    DW likes to use Target’s pickup. At their closest location, they’ve recently dedicated a bunch more stalls to that.

    She’s also found that there’s a bunch of stuff, especially groceries, that she can buy online that she can only put into her cart for in-store pickup, but once the order is ready, she can switch it to curbside pickup.

  36. “If anyone is buying more echoes, keep your eye on deals.”

    Amazon often bundles echoes and shows with other stuff. On Prime Day there were some deals where they were really cheap if the item with which they were bundled was something you were going to buy anyway.

  37. “I also got a ring doorbell for $100.”

    We recently bought a ring doorbell for about $100 from Costco that came with a year of online storage, so effective cost was $70 since we were already subscribing to online storage.

    We already had one on our front door, and liked it so much that we bought the second unit and mounted it on the side of the house so we’d see anyone walking around to our back door. IOW, we’re just using it a camera with integrated motion detection, but it works quite well in that capacity. We also like that it integrates into the Ring app that we already were using for the front doorbell and the alarm system.

  38. I am impressed with the inventory that Target has been able to maintain in their stores. I didn’t go inside a brick and mortar store until June, but I was able to get a lot from their delivery or curb service. We found almost everything we needed when we visited a Target in southern Virginia at the end of July when we were there on vacation. This included wipes, disinfecting spray and real Purell. Most of this was not available in NY at the time, but I can find all of this now in my local Target store. It is the one place that seems to be consistently stocked and clean. Costco can also be a greta source for cleaning and pandemic related products, but they are sometimes out of stuff that I need so I buy it when I see it at Costco. Target, Costco and others had record sales in the 2nd and 3rd quarters because they were able to pivot and adapt to the new way that many of us want to shop.

  39. We found out that our family isn’t doing secret santa this year (oldest brother completely ruined it last year… ugh). So we now have $$ freed up and less people to buy for. Not sure when we are going to start shopping, but I have started looking and making lists.

    DD – thanks for the hint that you can add other sites to Amazon lists! Oh My! I keep a running list of things for me… that list is going to be dangerous! But I love it. Maybe I can my act together and actually ask for things I want.

  40. Finn, Inalready have it for him, in my cellar. I could order a different one in the US, but then I’d have to figure out what to do with this one—I’ve had it too long to return it. So I’m trying to come up with a different ide.

    Denver, high five on the no Amazon season. I avoid them too (although my family sends us stuff with them).

    Kim, your daughter’s attitude is similar to mine. I enjoy seeing the look on people’s faces when I’m able to surprise them with something they really like, which they possibly had t thought of themselves. I really don’t see the point of everyone passing around lists of UPC codes—it’s easier and no less heart-warming as everyone getting their own stuff. Of course, if you ask for a gift suggestion, you should follow it. My sister told me last year that she knew of some good headphones for my son. He was fine with what he had at the time, but for his birthday this year, he wanted some noise-canceling ones. I told her that (including, when she asked about a cord between them or just the buds, telling her it didn’t matter, noise-canceling was the main thing) and she and her husband splurged (according to our family’s gift price traditions) and got him Airbuds. It was awkward, because theystretched for them, and Airbuds are the big name, but weren’t what he wanted. We returned them and got something different.

  41. We tried curbside pickup from Shoprite because their delivery fee is so high, but it was not a good experience according to my husband. He said all the items were dumped in a box behind the store, but he couldn’t take the box. So he had to stand in the parking lot in the rain, bagging everything. On the other hand, he said the curbside pickup at Home Depot is excellent.

  42. DD – thanks for the hint that you can add other sites to Amazon lists! Oh My! I keep a running list of things for me… that list is going to be dangerous! But I love it. Maybe I can my act together and actually ask for things I want.

    The down side is you have to install the Amazon browser extension but I uninstsll it after the gift season is over.

  43. We have done Amazon wish lists for years, but everyone in the family is very good at including things from other sites – it is pretty easy with their Chrome plugin. For example, everyone loves Redbubble so there are always a lot of requested items from that site on the Amazon wish lists. I just wish DD would stop putting links to fast fashion offered on suspect Chinese web sites on her list, because the relatives don’t necessarily understand that some of this merchandise may never show up

  44. I already bought DH a new watch so that is his big present. I thought it would take months to arrive but they had one in stock in North America. I gave the grandkids large birthday presents all at once when we could meet up and get in some hugs Before school started. They helped me pick them out from catalogs. So I have been accumulating small surprise stuff for Xmas. All I need for a 2020 present is currently purring on my lap, maybe another two pair of fleece lined leggings – thank you totebag hive mind.

    Delivery has been swift and reliable here. My cleaner brought over a product she likes for its scent so I tracked it down via Amazon. Not easy to find in Mass, originally from venezuela. Looks like a bottle of grape drink, but we have no kids. The only thing I cant get is Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, but we are good for a few more months.

  45. If you have any favorite charities – check out the Amazon Smile. I use Amazon smile for my Amazon purchases. I have DD’s school district foundation as my charity, but there are 1000s of charities that you can choose from when making a purchase. The prices are exactly the same as the regular Amazon page, but a small portion goes to the charity of your choice. You can change the charity at any time.

  46. Meme, do you know what kind of leggings you want? I love my Uniqlo Airisms, but they also have 3 levels of warmth in their Heattech line.

  47. Target has done a really nice job with curbside. Our store was redone last year and created a nice curbside area, and then a few weeks ago they renovated the curbside area again to make it even better to handle the demand – including more coolers for grocery/freezer items.

    The last two weeks I have been unable to find window cleaner spray bottles. They have plenty of big refill containers bottles, but the shelves for Windex, generic, and other brands of the like are empty. There have also been some other random items unavailable, but plenty of wipes, TP, and paper towels.

  48. Hmm, uncommon goods could be good – LT, she likes everything baggy so Athleta is not really a fit. Finn, the ipad is more $$ than we would spend, and also saving for something you want but that is too expensive for parents to buy for you is a good lesson! (Delayed gratification!)

  49. “the ipad is more $$ than we would spend, and also saving for something you want but that is too expensive for parents to buy for you is a good lesson! (Delayed gratification!)”

    So wouldn’t a cash gift to help her save for the iPad be part of a lesson in delayed gratification?

  50. “L, so get her the accessory (case or pen) as encouragement to keep saving up.”

    Apple Pencil? I believe Apple has a history of offering some of its best deals on Black Friday.

  51. L – if your DD really wants the iPad, get her the iPad as her one and only gift. I am for the whole cookie ;-).

  52. L, so get her the accessory (case or pen) as encouragement to keep saving up.

    So give her a gift she can’t use? That’s nice.

  53. I’m with Louise, but of course, every family is different!

    TP and PT are out again around here. *sigh* Ridiculous. I think it’s all self-fulfilling too. The media reports it, people panic buy, items run out, then the panic cycle continues.

  54. I’m usually all about delayed gratification but we’re in a pandemic – everything is delayed gratification. I say get the ipad.

  55. “I’m usually all about delayed gratification but we’re in a pandemic – everything is delayed gratification. I say get the ipad.”

    I love this x1000.

  56. Haven’t read through all the comments, but just wanted you to know that DS1 preordered a PS5 (yay adulting) on his own. He asked for some certain PS5 earphones that are hard to find as well. He followed someone on twitter who posts when things come in stock. He was able to text me when the earphones were on amazon and I actually snagged them. I just looked back at his note to me, the one he follows is Wario64, if that helps anyone.

  57. Thanks Sunshine! DS says he doesn’t care so much about the PS5 because the initial slate of games is not up his alley, so I think we’ll wait until his favorite game comes out in PS5 (MLB The Show – usually around MLB Opening Day) which happens to be not that far from his birthday. So hopefully the shortages will die down & we can just pick it up at Costco.

  58. My son is getting a picture of a PS5 and we will get one when they are in stock. I am too damn old to be running around digitally or in person trying to get a video game console for a 20 year old man. SANTA HAS ALWAYS BEEN ME KIDS! IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ME!!!

  59. DD got accepted to Oregon! Just waiting on Oregon State now.

    Cass, I’m sure you know (or at least your DS does), but in case you don’t, MSU opened their scholarship application today.

  60. SM. I ordered an Amazon one that had a sizing review that looked promising. Baleaf is the name. They are too long on short wide me, but fit perfectly otherwise where it matters. Uniqlo dont have my size and they appear to be more like long johns. As for weight, mine have side leg pockets in heavy weight spandex with brushed fleece inside, and too warm to wear around the house all day and got a bit hot for a long walk today at 50F with moderate wind. So perfect for 40 ish days.

  61. Meme, sounds like you got what you need! That’s great. But if anyone else is wondering about Uniqlo heattech, it isn’t just long johns. They have those, and tights and undershirts, but they also have pants—3 styles for men and a bunch more for women, some very close fitted, others not so much, jeans and trousers. I swear they don’t pay me; I just love their stuff.

  62. Denver, Christmas is over a month away. Idk how L’s daughter is earning money, but if she’s babysitting, and gets $30 every week or two, that’s over $100 a month—by the time she receives her Christmas presents, she won’t be far from buying the iPad.

  63. Denver Dad, congrats to your DD. My DS received his uoregon acceptance today too! He still has applications to submit, but he is excited to receive his first acceptance.

  64. Congrats Denver and SBJ!

    SM, babysitting? When we haven’t seen anyone for 8 months? Maybe in another year!

  65. “Can you come up with gifts that suggest that she might be a trifle “high maintenance”?”

    Oh, “high-maintenance” is her middle name. But the “how well you know me” was mostly tongue in cheek and the wrong gifts will mostly make us all laugh.

  66. L, i probably shouldn’t have tried to guess how she’s getting the money. But since you said she’s saving up, I figure she has an income stream from somewhere. When my son was around that age, he considered making money by making websites for people. That wouldn’t require any contact.

  67. In recent years there has definitely been a trend towards makeup for different skin tones. The complaint, I have is companies frequently change their product lines. I have to hunt and peck over again, for the right shades. It’s hard to have a “go to” for anything. Also, with influencers, the cosmetic companies try to keep up, and the displays in stores advertise one tie up or the other. These again are constantly changing.

  68. Great news on the college acceptances! Who knows, maybe some of the Totebag kids will end up at the same school and will become friends.

  69. SM, I also really like Uniqlo. I started shopping there about a year ago. I like the cut of their clothes – they are less into the tight, nipped in look that seems to dominate fashion in stores like Athleta. When DS2 was home for voting, I took him to our local Uniqlo and we did some shopping-bonding. I snagged a black button up shirt, and he got a cardigan, a shirt in a beautiful eggplant, and an overcoat which he badly needed. He has decided to up his fashion game, so he wanted an overcoat for his winter coat instead of the standard LLBean outdoorsy looking jacket

  70. My little brag for the day – after a huge amount of work in the summer, my research group (those pesky Swedes and Italians) submitted a lengthy paper for publication. It came back with extensive reviews, some pretty negative,, and the opportunity to revise. We killed ourselves for 3 weeks – almost daily Zoom calls at 10 because of the time zone, massive rewriting, etc. etc. This is a big reason why I have been frazzled. We just got email today – the editors decided we had addressed all the concerns and the paper will be going to publication.

  71. Congrats Mooshi!

    And congrats to the Totebag kids and their college acceptance. It is so nice to hear good news.

  72. @NoB – I had the same thought, that there could be some Totebag Jr’s on the same campus! Congrats everyone!

  73. Sunshine — And wouldn’t it be great of a couple of the Totebag Jr’s fell in love and got married and produced Totebag grandchildren! And it could happen. This board talks a lot about assortative mating, so one Totebagger theoretically should attract another!

  74. NoB, then we’d finally get the TB “reunion” gathering we used to chat about so often–at the reception! ;)

  75. Congrats Mooshi!!! That’s fantastic!

    And congrats to the two potential Ducks!

    I also like the Uniqlo heattech. Since it is an Asian brand, I have to size up, but the lengths on the pants & sleeves are usually not too bad for 5’3″ me. I really like their basic t-shirts too (I know I’ve mentioned them here). They are really good value for the price.

  76. I also like that Uniqlo has a wide range of colors. I like vivid colors or at least I don’t need everything to be grey and navy. I am disappointed in this season’s Athleta styles because the range of colors is so grey and muted. The options are charcoal, navy, black and light heather for everything!

    I ended up buying some items from LL Bean because they are the same kind of polished-looking comfy tops but with more interesting colors like a really pretty deep berry red (one of my favorites) and a rich rust color.

  77. Congrats to DD’s & SBJ’s kids and to MM! Happy for everyone!

    My vicarious brag…DS2 got into a 2nd Med School yesterday. Good to have choice, but he’s not sure how really to decide between. Good thing employment after graduation isn’t really a concern.
    (now I’ll stop until he makes a final decision).

  78. Wow, the last time I checked in, Fred’s DS2 had gotten a med school acceptance. Now a second acceptance, MM is getting published and we have potential Totebag grandchildren in the works. This is great.

    I’m very busy again, so hope to check in a few weeks from now. I’ll be expecting a Nobel, folks. Someone get on that please. :)

  79. I love all this good news – yay! Congratulations Mooshi! and to SBJ, Fred and Denver’s kids.

  80. Congrats to Mooshi, SBJ and DS, and Fred and DS2.

    “there could be some Totebag Jr’s on the same campus!”

    I will be glad when all the Totebag Jrs can actually be on campus.

    I think there are two currently on the same campus, and previously there were another two on the same campus.

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