Share your holiday party disasters

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Your Disastrous Holiday Party Stories


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  1. We do Xmas lunch with family friends. I grabbed the wrong casserole from the fridge yesterday. Brought a 1/2 eaten breakfast casserole instead of the potatoes. Fortunately, I checked on it around the time it was put in the oven at the friend’s house and was able to somehow go home to get the proper casserole in time. Thank god for no traffic on Christmas. Also, the stomach bug got my sister on Xmas eve, so she was out.

  2. Other than the time a greasy roasting pan handle resulted in a fully cooked turkey sliding across the kitchen floor, I can’t think of anything.

  3. DD attended a bday party for a friend, and the mom had bought a large sheet cake to match the party theme. This is when the kids were younger and you had to invite the whole class. She was walking with the cake to the dining room, and she tripped and she went flying with the sheet cake. The kids were around 7, and they didn’t laugh. The bday girl was crying because she had no cake!!

  4. One Christmas Eve before we planned to host a family dinner on Christmas Day our water heater sprung a leak. Luckily we were able to get a replacement that same day. Another time right before Christmas our dishwasher gave out. We hand washed a LOT of dishes that time.

    Although it was not technically a disaster, that office holiday party in the 90s when I danced the Macarena with my boss does stand out as a highly unfortunate incident. It makes me cringe when I think about it. lol!

  5. I hope this leads to all sorts of funny stories, party-related or not. The link is to a Jezebel piece that begins as follows.
    It’s finally December, and if you’re anything like me, that means you’ve checked out for the remainder of the year. Now is the time to line your stomach with holiday ham and various charcuterie only to throw caution to the wind at the first sight of spiked eggnog, especially if said drink is complementary at a holiday party. Your employer’s get-together, someone else’s, a festive friend’s, who cares! You’re getting lit tonight, my friend, and probably every weekend for the foreseeable future.

    You’re also going to be embarrassing, as we’ve seen in Pissing Contests past. Or not! Maybe someone else will light the dry-ass Christmas tree on fire after accidentally bumping into the menorah. We don’t just want to hear your shameful secrets this year, we want everything—the ugly, the unfortunate, the disastrous. What terrible holiday party story will you share?

  6. I can’t think of any holiday disasters that I’ve been involved in. But when I was little we went over to my aunt’s house on Christmas day to find the house next door engulfed in flames. Everyone got out safe, but the boy that lived there only managed to grab a few new toys. The neighbors spent the day with our family, and I remember my mom and aunt taking out food and coffee to the firefighters. At one point I remember a fireman coming over and bringing a bunch of toys that they have saved. The cause of the fire was electrical and started in the basement.

    Now that I think about it I wonder if that is the reason I’m ridiculously overly cautious about house fires?

  7. I just discovered that some “helpful” relatives must have put my Pampered Chef ice cream scoop in the dishwasher yesterday, and then some others put it away without noticing it had turned black and rubs off on everything it touches. Before that happened, as we dug into my famous family recipe coconut cake, I realized that I had forgotten to add the coconut milk. It tasted OK, but not nearly as good as usual.
    One year, my uncle couldn’t figure out why the gravy was not thickening. The canisters were not labeled and he had used powdered sugar instead of flour. And he kept adding more trying to get it to thicken!
    Of course, these are just minor inconveniences compared to the fire Lemon Tree described. I had a high school classmate whose house burned down while the family was away. I can’t remember if it was Christmas or summer vacation, but just horrible.

  8. Several years ago, it was very late the night before Thanksgiving, and I was slicing apples for pie. (I was still working at BigLaw, and had worked a long day that day, which is why I was slicing apples at about 11:00 p.m. the night before the holiday.) Somehow the knife slipped out of my hand and slashed the pinkie finger of my opposite hand. I put on a bunch of Band Aids, and finished the pie. Before I finally went to bed, I changed the band aids, having bled through the first set. Then I went to sleep.

    At about 2:00 a.m., I woke up with searing pain all through my hand and arm. I realized that my finger was still gushing blood, and that I had to get to the ER ASAP. Luckily, we live just a couple of blocks away from the local hospital, so off I went in my pajamas. (The kids were young at the time, and DH had to stay with them.) The very nice ER doctor who cleaned my wound and stitched me up told me that Thanksgiving-related injuries are pretty common, but I think he was just trying to be nice. I felt like a real idiot.

    But all’s well that ends well. I went home, Thanksgiving dinner got cooked, and in time my finger healed completely.

  9. On Monday, we were 1.5 hours into our 2.5 hour drive to visit DH’s cousins for the traditional Christmas Eve gathering when we got a call from my MIL. My SIL, who lives with her, wasn’t up to driving so she asked us for a ride. So we added 2 more hours to our drive to the event and then another 1.5 hours to our travels after the event, and she was able to attend the family festivities. After a short cursing session in the car on the way to get her, we were glad we could make things work out for her. I’m concerned that we are entering a phase where this is going to be the new normal. We also are at the point where we need to find a way to get them to agree to having someone come in to help with chores like taking out the trash. We are 2.5 – 3 hours away and they are generally resistant to our help.

  10. I don’t recall any historic holiday disasters in my life, but will provide an update for the last few days.

    The weekend was peaceful and the Patriots got a nice consolation prize present from the Eagles when they defeated the Texans on a final drive. Monday we went to my son’s house in the afternoon and gave the girls their complex (one set for each girl, age +2 appropriate lego gifts. Hours of quiet construction in which Nana got to get up and down off the floor repeatedly moving from work area to work area – no fee required for personal trainer. 9 year old’s project completely self finished before Xmas morning.

    Best part was seeing DIL arrive home from work (she works with high end jewelry, very busy few weeks) and cuddle up on the sofa with DS. This has been a hard few years for them. And the slow cooker and instapot dinner was surprisingly tasty (I am a great Nana and a very good MIL, but still have some MIL faults)

  11. On Xmas Day we went to my friend the personal injury lawyer’s massive annual Xmas Day brunch “for the rest of us” that takes over the restaurant at a local hotel. DD dressed as if for a full LA morning event with glitter heels and allowed us to show her off. No marital prospects there, but she did some useful business networking with some of the other self employed. The wife is a good friend and bridge partner and is having a benign brain tumor removed next week. Good thoughts/prayers requested for Jori. Celts beat the Sixers in overtime. We watched Crazy Rich Asians on the big TV. DH and I found it meh, DD laughed a lot. But the male lead was very fine looking.

    Two excellent days with lots of warmth and family cheer.

  12. That Lego ship in a bottle in amazing. I just goggled it and will be putting in the wish list for DD’s birthday (which isn’t in the Fall).

  13. Off Topic – I’m looking for new luggage, specifically for checked luggage. My old piece, which was expandable, died a few months ago. Any recommendations for something that can handle getting beat up, but doesn’t weigh a ton (before being packed)?

  14. Meme that sounds like a lovely few days.

    We just returned from the Tour de Oklahoma. I always enjoy a road trip, but had driven to New Orleans the weekend before with DD, so am now quite happy to be home. We visited DH’s family the first few days and my family the last three. We spent some time exploring the new Gathering Place Park in Tulsa, played a lot of games, visited a lot with my parents and siblings and had some great meals. Heads Up, a trivia game played with the iPhone, was a lot of laughs with a large group. The cousins see each other less than once per year, so it was nice to see them all enjoy each other’s company. My dad’s issue is progressing slowly, which is a huge relief, but is back in the officially undiagnosed category. A few bumps in the road for loved ones this year makes me appreciate good health and the love of family and friends more than ever, so it really was a great few days.

    Back to work on Tuesday, and I have tried to make clear to a couple of managers that I cannot sustain the level of effort/hours I have been putting in. My resolution is not to cave. We’ll see if I hold to it.

  15. After we got home from mass, Christmas Eve, the refrigerator died. We tried defrosting it, then recallled something about vacuuming the coils to remove dust. Well the vacuum didn’t seem to have much effect, so DH brought in the leaf blower to blow the dust off the coils. Lots of dust came off the coils, but still no cooling in the refrigerator. DH went to town and bought all the ice in the one open store, came home and we put food in ice chests and ice in the refrigerator. At some point we realized that the refrigerator/ice box wasn’t a water tight container and decided that it would be a good idea to move the icebox to the front porch so that we didn’t parlay a broken refrigerator into a ruined floor.

    It was a late night when we finally went to bed.

    This year I decided to cook my first prime rib. It had been a long time since I have used the roasting pan that takes up a huge amount of space under the range. In the interval since the last use the coating on both the rack and pan had started to degrade. After scrubbing for a while I surmised that it wasn’t grime that was coming off, rather the hopefully non toxic coating. I substituted a disposable foil baking pan with a mini muffin pan turned upside down in the foil pan and threw it on the Traeger.

    It all worked out. The prime rib was wonderful. DHs sister came and when I mentioned something about the refrigerator on the front porch, she said “we’ve all had things like that happen.”

  16. It’s been good to have Monday and today off. Tomorrow and Friday are work days for me, but I am in a holiday mood and I won’t have people sending me an email every five minutes.

  17. We had an outstanding holiday. This was our first year of no Santa-believers, and as much fun as playing Santa is, it’s so much more relaxing and low key not having to. We still all pretended (e.g, stockings were filled and presents set out only once kids went to bed) but overall it was an incredibly and enjoyably relaxing 5 days.

    We are definitely a family of gift-givers – both immediate family and extended family – and everyone’s gifts were spot-on this year. It was really fun.

    DH is back at work today but only for today and tomorrow, and then we go to the beach for a few nights. I don’t go back to work until Jan. 2nd – a much, much needed break. I’m determined to get through a huge pile of filing/general paperwork today, and then make my Do It Now list for January.

  18. I don’t recall any disasters at holiday parties. The worst one was my first year in biglaw – DH and I went to the holiday party not knowing that none of the attorneys went, so it was a bunch of first-years and the staff. The food was awful and we left asap. The best one was when I sang in the choir of the fancy church in Boston – a really wealthy parishioner had the choir party in their 6 story double width townhouse, and it was AMAZING. Reminded me of my post-carols choir parties in college, which were also epic – the minister hosted us in his lovely home on campus, fed us well, and turned a blind eye to all the underage drinking. ;)

    DH and I saw Aquaman last week and I recommend it for the eye candy. The movie itself is quite silly and not very good in DC fashion (Wonder Woman was better).

    Meme, that Lego ship in a bottle is great!!! I may get it for #2’s birthday next week.

  19. My/our most recent disaster is what I posted Monday re the Angel Tree Topper.

    I’m in the office and theoretically working today and tomorrow. Late arrivals and early departures planned. Today’s late arrival was caused by me having an 830 general health checkup. Doc is happy…everything lining up as it should except bp is a little on the high side. He prescribed losing 25 pounds (20 of which are “new” since my hip replacement a year ago. This despite me being more active — gym, walk behind mowing, other yardwork leading to averaging > 10,000 steps/day for this whole year). So there ya have it, my New Years Resolution.

  20. Lemon, the big suitcase we’re using now is from Costco.

    While it doesn’t necessarily seem very durable, it’s quite light, expandable, rolls well (at least so far), and at its price point we wouldn’t be upset if/when it breaks. The most likely breaking point looks to be its handles.

    DW has most stuff in packing cubes, which would mitigate any rupture while traveling.

  21. NoB -your story reminded me of my finger slicing incident (of which I have several, but I’m remembering one in particular). I was still in school, and my roommate must have been away. I was finishing off a pan of brownies, and just had to get the last piece in the corner, the perfect edge piece. I took a steak knife to pry it out and – you know what happens – I sliced my index finger. I wrapped it in a towel. I wasn’t sure how bad it was so called a friend, who of course said if you’re not sure, got to the ER. I headed downstairs, finger still wrapped in a towel and hailed a taxi. I recall the taxi driver was concerned I was going to bleed in his cab. At the ER, when asked how on earth I did this, the staff greatly enjoyed my brownie story and agreed that the edge piece is the best one. Too long of a story short, I had sliced the nerve in my finger, needed and got surgery a few days later and to this day I don’t have full feeling in that finger. All because of a brownie.

  22. Due to work deadlines and the usual Christmas stuff, I was insanely busy right up until Christmas Eve. My parents came to stay with us for a few days. During the trip up, my Dad fell which required a trip to the ER for several hours to stitch up his cuts and take various scans because he’s on blood thinners. That was most of my Saturday afternoon-evening. Then my mother caught some kind of a stomach bug on Christmas Day which reared it’s ugly head before she could even manage to get out of bed. It’s been a long time since I cleaned up that kind of a mess. Fortunately, no one else came down with the bug.

    I’m back at work today and it’s almost peaceful compared to everything that went on the last week.

  23. My mother and sister were due to visit us for Christmas one year when we lived in MA. They were driving up, a 2 day drive for them. This was a rental house with a well and septic system. When the power went out, we lost our water completely as well as heat. Well, a day and a half before they were due to arrive, we had a high wind and snow storm, and lost our power. We ended up wrapping everything and doing all the final prep work by flashlight, freezing. I thought we should go to a hotel and get a room for my mother but nothing was available. I was trying to figure out what to do – maybe scrap Christmas at home and go to Boston and stay there? But lo and behold, an hour before they showed up, the power came back on.

  24. Also, to add to the holiday injury theme, a few years ago I managed to slosh super hot coffee all over my leg, riding in a car heading from the Tday race we run to the in laws Thanksgiving celebration. It was bad, and started to blister really badly. The in laws convinced me to go to urgent care. I was worried I was going to hold up the entire Tday dinner, but when we got back from urgent care, it turned out there had been an oven problem and the turkey was late anyway!

  25. “the holiday injury theme” Seriously! That’s pretty much what this turned into. So much for light-hearted stories of some crazy goof. Sheesh.

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