Christmas Eve open thread

Merry Christmas!  Today and tomorrow we can chat here on any topic as we enjoy the holiday.

Upcoming topics:

Tuesday  —  No post
Wednesday  —  Share your holiday party disasters  (S&M)
Thursday  —  What motivates really rich people?  (WCE)
Friday  —  Weird news: Unloved books  (Rhode)
Sunday —  Politics open thread
Monday  —  New Year’s Eve open thread


21 thoughts on “Christmas Eve open thread

  1. One of the many things I like about California is that the weather never gets that cold. (Okay, the Sierras do. I should qualify my statement.) But you can run out in a nightgown and flipflops and get the paper and you don’t feel like the flesh on your ankles is about to be torn off by the frigid wind. Also, no one looks at you twice because a nightgown and flipflops isn’t even close to the weirdest outfit they’ll see today.

  2. Busy, busy, busy here. I have a relative in town and we spent yesterday in NYC visiting museums. We head up to CT this afternoon for a Christmas Eve party so I am busilly making food.

  3. I am also laughing at Mnuchin’s weird attempts to calm the markets. He only seems to be making things worse.

  4. Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating!

    DH is at work, DS is absorbed in You Tube, and I am in the middle of a kitchen marathon. My fingers were literally covered in butter, and a glass bowl with the remaining melted butter slipped through my fingers, fell on the floor, and shattered. Of course, I was barefoot AND now even after much effort, the floor is essentially greased like a baking dish. ARRRGH! It was time for a break.

  5. Merry Christmas!

    We’re waiting for the train because we’re going into the city to see some decorations and have dinner. DD is with us, but it has been hard to pry her away from her friends. Her moods are erratic too, and that’s not fun. All of my mom friends describe identical behavior, so I know it’s not just us.

  6. Ivy – did you try Goo Gone?

    I had a good time live-FBing the King’s service this morning. :) I finished up the last soup and am now cleaning up the kitchen. We had Brie and baguettes for lunch.

  7. Merry Christmas all!

    The ~33 year old Lenox Tree Angel broke when the tree fell on Thursday. It was turned into a Venus de Milo-esque tree topper.

    Thank God Al Gore invented the internet – if you remember that claim/sentence from 2000! (Humor, not political). Because that means we have eBay! And a minor Christmas miracle occurred! I ordered it Thursday night and it got here today. For only $260 including shipping.

    But wait, there’s more! I went to the gym and DW went to take a shower so DSs 2&3 were going to put the topper on the tree. DS2 bumped the left arm of the angel on the ladder (10′ tree) and it broke off, the hand also breaking off at the wrist. So when I got home I see 4 types of glue on the counter and hear the story. All is good thanks to the epoxy and, of course, you can’t tell any difference standing below it on the top of the tree.

  8. Fred, that’s a great story. Good for your sons for trying to fix it

    We are in Tulsa with my parents, siblings and families. It’s the first time we’ve all spent Christmas together in about 9 years, so I’m very happy. We went to OKC first and saw a lot of DH’s family, so we are all caught up. We are not in town long enough to see some of my old friends who are also in town visiting family, which is my only regret.

    Each of my kids kicked in $50 of their gift money towards the family charity gift this year (paying off delinquent lunch accounts in our district), so I am full of Christmas spirit and happiness.

    Merry Christmas all!

  9. We are now 19 minutes into Christmas Day… We are back from CT. Whoops! I think I just saw Santa fly by.
    Will sleep in and then have a leisurely present opening session. Have a really nice Christmas!

  10. I love Fred’s angel story! And Becky’s “family charity gift.” We have all the chicks in the nest including the new daughter-in-law and so far, so good. I fell asleep during our post-Christmas-Eve-church-service viewing of Its a Wonderful Life. This is our first year where no one voted to get up early on Christmas morning. Festivities will start when they start; judging from the last few days, I may be waiting for hours. Enjoy the day, my Imaginary Totebag Friends!

  11. I like this, for a non-believer like me.

    In the secular West, we decorate a tree and we give gifts to each other. We may not be aware of the pagan history of these customs, or how such pagan festivals were incorporated into the celebration of the Birth of Christ—the continuity in custom, however, does not diminish its importance. It shows just how important such customs are, regardless of the beliefs we hold around them….

    When we come together at Christmas in small or large groups to share rituals with each other, and mark a turning point in the season, we celebrate human life and the human ability to cooperate. Without even being consciously aware, we reify the ability to move beyond the other great apes—through the creation of cohesive communities and ultimately civilisations. This year, on Christmas, remember that the religious rituals we partake in do not rely on an abstract belief in miracles—they are miracles themselves—and when we participate in them, what we are really worshiping is not the supernatural, but the miracle of trust itself.

  12. I like the thought of the arrival of warmer days so for me this festival on Jan 14th has a lot of meaning.
    Also there is kite flying which brightens up the winter skies.

    Makara Sankranti, also known as Makaraa Sankrānti (Sanskrit: मकर सङ्क्रान्ति) or Maghi, is a festival day in the Hindu calendar, in reference to deity Surya (sun). It is observed each year in January.[3][4] It marks the first day of sun’s transit into the Makara (Capricorn), marking the end of the month with the winter solstice and the start of longer days.[3][5]

  13. I hope you all enjoy a snuggly day in pajamas sipping coffee until noon, if that’s your thing, and wish everyone here the best in the new year.

    Fred and Becky, your stories give me hope that my child will one day turn back into the giving soul, eager to help out, who I once knew. Another reason for hope is that he asked to delay opening of most gifts, because he is “embarrassed” not to have his for me together yet. I know what it is, and find it an excellent choice—he truly thought about me and my needs.

    I scored a few hits—older sister says she loves the dress & her smile confirms that. Younger sister says she had been thinking about buying the thing I got her. Essential oils & dryer balls (I know, but she has been Swedish death cleaning for 1-2 years) were a little more tentatively received by Mom, but my nephew’s wife was enthusiastic about them, says her mom uses them, so Mom will give them a go. My “big” gift to my son, a $20 fondue pot, accompanied by a spread of fruits & crackers to dip, with a stocking full of chocolate, did not seem to be a big hit. Then again, I wasn’t hungry, so maybe he wasn’t either. I was hoping it would lead him into the land of dips, sauces, and honey.

    Speaking of overly-practical, I found a way to use wrapping paper that too wrinkled for reuse—packing away the holiday mugs til next year.

    Finally, something about British royals for the rest of us to watch!

  14. If anyone wants to harvest a few cap losses to minimize current year income/AGI, today is the day to run the numbers and make some sales. It is unlikely that the market will become ebullient again within 30 days. If that sentence is unintelligible to you and you don’t use a broker, just ignore this reminder.

  15. Meme, don’t worry. I don’t see anyone here asking you to explain things, even if your comment had not been clear.

  16. We had a nice few days with my dad in town. He is doing well physically (he has Parkinson’s) although there were a few times I had some concerns about him cognitively, but I think those might have been due to vision issues from his recent cataract surgery.

    DW loves the vitamix and is finding things to make just for the sake of using it.

    I’m back at work today but a lot of my patients are out at their families so it’s going quickly.

  17. S&M, that is a good idea for the wrapping paper. I recycle some of the gift bags because they look almost perfect, but I usually toss the tissue in with the paper recycling for my garbage pickup.

    We went to the mall earlier today and left by noon. DD was in search of some holiday bargains, and she wanted to use a couple of gift cards. I got a great deal on some Kiehls that I use because it was in holiday packaging. We had a nice holiday because we celebrated in the morning with family, but we spent the remainder of the day with our friends at the movies. Several movies were sold out so we saw Second Act with Jennifer Lopez. It was a compromise choice because there were a lot of people and kids, but it was ok. I really wanted to see Green Book and Vice, but Second Act was fine for a holiday.

    I know I was grumbling about all of the tests last week, but this week is awesome because DD has almost no work to do over the break. She has been seeing friends, sleeping late and watching lots of stuff on Netflix etc. It is the first time that she has felt that she is free of school since she started high school.

  18. My new favorite holiday is Makara Sankranti! No kite flying for me, but maybe I’ll hang colorful streamers throughout the house go for a walk if we have a sunny day.

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