You Must Buy…

by Louise

I love to investigate new items. So, when I see recommendations for products I think I want, I get very excited. I may not end up buying online window shopping is fun.

Share your list of must have products or little known to others brands.


46 thoughts on “You Must Buy…

  1. Lauren, the second list was a lot better than the first.I like the hallway organizer with the hooks – we have something like that in the mudroom.

  2. Rhett, you are turning into a regular Gen-Zer

    I want to be the one in assisted living touring our Mars base with my virtual reality headset.

  3. The silicone muffin pan that comes clean in the dishwasher sounds better than my silicone cake pans that usually need a bit of hand washing to come fully clean. My pans are older so maybe the technology has improved.

    I finally found tights that don’t cut into my waist but also don’t slide down as the day wears on. These tights have a yoga-style wide waistband and they fit perfectly, comfortable and no sagging at the knees.

    Austin — What do you use whisks for daily? I rarely use a whisk, just spoons and forks to mix things up.

    The Patagonia duffle/backpack from Lauren’s list looks nice, something I may want to get for future trips.

  4. I love the Darn Tough merino wool socks. I have some for hiking and then lighter-weight pairs for every day wear.|401_1449242|darn%20tough%20socks|NB|437e1c7a-c104-4faf-b9b7-ad37fa369b88|aud-54816614184:kwd-3710484448&kclid=437e1c7a-c104-4faf-b9b7-ad37fa369b88&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlZCbnMmx3wIV_B-tBh1glwlaEAAYAyAAEgKDD_D_BwE

  5. I’m laughing at the scratching post. Doesn’t a cat scratch everything but the designated area?

  6. And if you have an instant pot and like Indian food, then I recommend this book: Indian Instant Pot by Urvashi Pitre.

  7. That scratching post is my kitties favorite. I was able to place it next to their favorite forbidden item and gradually move it to a better location. But they are very domesticated and compliant for cats.

  8. With a bear market upon us I’ve invested some of my cash. If you’ve have some that you’ve been meaning to invest now might be the time.

  9. Oh, and the Oxo Pop containers that Kerri hates. ;-) Knock on wood, no more evil moths since I started using those and putting flour/nuts/dried fruit in the freezer before storing.

  10. I think it is funny that the packing cubes are #1. My new favorite is the Dyson hairdryer (thank you Risley). I am sure that I could live without it, but I really like it. I took a chance and bought a refurbished dryer directly from Dyson. I got it for 1/2 price and it seems perfect. I saved several hundred dollars when I bought my Vitamix directly from the manufacturer. I could live without both of these appliances, but I really don’t want to go back to the regular versions of a blender or hairdryer.

    I like the 6 foot cords from Anker. DD uses them all of the time, and I started using the longer cord when she was traveling. I was charging my phone all of the time before I got the new phone, and it was so nice to be able to use my phone with ease while it was charging.

  11. I can never think of things when we have these posts! I don’t have any packing cubes (we don’t travel enough to do that).

  12. Austin, is there anything special about that particular power bank?

    I have a couple I use regularly that were trade show advertising freebies and work fine. One has enough capacity to recharge my phone once, and the other can recharge it about 1.5 Times.

    DS gave us one that can recharge one of our phones about 4 times.

  13. Northwest pears (D’Anjou and Bartlett are common) are very good right now. Check your store’s produce section.

  14. “With a bear market upon us I’ve invested some of my cash. If you’ve have some that you’ve been meaning to invest now might be the time.”

    Wait, weren’t you the one who said timing the market is a bad idea when I wrote about buying on the dips?

    Did most people take the day off yesterday? It seemed so quiet around here.

  15. People are probably running around doing prep work for the holidays. I am in California. My poor DH was stuck at DEN for five and a half hours and finally got to Indiana at 2:30am. He was not happy. Today I’m taking another glass-blowing lesson with a few friends. I’m going to make another Christmas ornament. It’s a fun little tradition we’ve got going.

  16. Yesterday we had DS’s school holiday show and then spent the afternoon with the grandparents who came to the show. It was lovely!

    Today is the only day in this two week break where I have no plans except a quick trip to Costco.

    @July – I am always on the hunt for tights like that. I bought a pair from Gap this year that I like & fit well too.

  17. We had gloom and heavy rain for the past few days. Today and into mid week bright, sunny and in the 50s. Good weather to be out and about.

  18. As for other recent purchases, i am incredibly satisfied with the Roku TV. It is not a top of the line picture, if that is important to you, but fir ease of multiplatform viewing it cant be beat. I got one at costco. I have it connected to the router with a standard ethernet cable, which likely gives maximum responsiveness. I also ordered at a favorable price the proprietary integrated speakers plus voice controller which are scheduled to be delivered monday, and will report on those. (The Dimensions of the compatible Sonos product did not fit the installation. I am still committed to that brand.). We are discovering lots of online content and getting closer to cord cutting.

    Another of the who knew? Items I just purchased is a foam footrest to go under the kitchen table where we eat almost all our meals. DD and I are short, and the seat of the regulation height chairs about an inch too high for our legs, although just right for the table top. Our backs are feeling better already, and the lap is now horizontal for cat comfort. We rarely eat all three at once at the table, she is pretty much on her own schedule, but if we do it is big enough to share.

  19. I own and like that Indian Instant Pot cookbook. Most of the recipes I see for the IP are just horrifying (that is also true for slow cooker recipes), but people in India have been using pressure cookers for many years and have built up a lot of good cooking techniques based on them.

  20. We kicked off the Christmas break with a massive, 10-teen, 5 hours D&D session yesterday afternoon. The kids yell and cheer as if they were watching the Superbowl, but it is all about dwarves and demons and casting spells.

  21. Th Magic Bullet was on one of the lists. We had one, and based on my experience, I can’t recommend it, especially not for smoothies, the reason cited. It was way underpowered, and making smoothies daily with it burned out the motor.

    We’ve had much better experiences with our Ninja, which IIRC we got for a little over $100. It operates similarly to the MB, and also came with multiple cups.

  22. Yesterday I went to Costco and Market Basket (peak time, all lanes open!!!) and the kids had skating, and then I made one of the soups for tomorrow and DH and I went out to dinner. And laundry! Today is more soup-making and perhaps I will take the kids to see Mary Poppins.

    Question re: products. Does anyone have Chromecast for their audio? If so, how can I play CDs through (external drive) my computer and have them broadcast to the Chromecast so they’ll come out on the speakers? I have a bunch of CDs (from my performances, out of print, etc.) that are not on Spotify so I can’t play them on the speakers.

  23. I have no idea, L, but I’d probably just rip the CDs (rip them using FLAC if you’re picky), upload them to my Amazon music, and play them that way.

  24. L. I ripped some of your group’s CDs to my home library. I bought a freestanding rip and storage device that does FLAC for our large ancient CD collection. My wireless speakers access that directly via home network. I would think that you could rip them in MP3 format to a phone and cast them to your speakers if the spotify or Amazon uploads dont work. You do need a computer that takes a CD or DVD.

  25. Meme — We also recently got a Roku TV, and a Yamaha soundbar to go with it. Maybe I should get “adventurous” and try clicking on the various screening options. I’m told I need to use the non-cable remote control for that, so that’s a big barrier right there. :) As it is, I’m annoyed that the soundbar will not allow my phone Bluetooth to connect, but it allows my iPad Bluetooth to connect. I have no idea what the problem is.

    Louise — That video is funny!

  26. Thanks, I think I’ll have to get one of those free-standing ones like Meme has. No storage space on my hard drive!

  27. Did most people take the day off yesterday? It seemed so quiet around here.

    Work was way crazier than it had any right to be on Friday. And then yesterday the boys both announced they hadn’t started shopping yet so we went to the mall as it opened and didn’t leave for 5.5 hours. And then I drove the younger of them to the swim meet where his sister had been ever since her morning AP chem lab ended so he could get there in time for some team “fun” giant relay thing. Anyway, yeah, I haven’t been keeping up with the blog.

  28. You can buy extra storage for peanuts and use your existing laptop to rip. The question is really the best way to upload the items to a service your speakers can access.

  29. I took Friday off and wrapped presents while watching the Ellen DeGeneres special on Netflix. Today we are making and decorating sugar and gingerbread cookies – each kid invites a friend. The theme is usually “thoroughly decorated.” We use sprinkles, mini-M&Ms and mini chocolate chips and decorate the cookies before baking. Tomorrow we will take the bus to downtown Seattle and check out the various holiday sights, have brunch, and then head back home to our traditional Christmas morning pastry (bearclaws with almond paste filling).

    Louise – thanks for sharing the fun video.

  30. Merry Christmas all! Work was super busy for the last week or so, and I haven’t been able to check in. On the upside, I can enjoy going back and reading some good topics from the last few days when I have some quiet time in the coming week. I’m off until 2019!

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