Totebag AUGUST 2017 30-Day Challenge Weekly Update: August 12-18

We’re approaching the midpoint of our 30-day challenge.  How are you doing?


24 thoughts on “Totebag AUGUST 2017 30-Day Challenge Weekly Update: August 12-18

  1. I like adding little details to my paint job around the desk so much more than actually doing the work I need to do! I’ve decided to store my paint, etc right there, and bribe myself with little painting sessions when I finish a task.

  2. Life has gotten in the way since my last DIK spurt. I plan to start up again tomorrow – getting my arms around our expected cashflow in the coming months, starting the kids on some summer homework and purging some items from their closets they’ve outgrown.

  3. “Summer homework”. I’m going to have a hard time not baring people in the NE for a few weeks. ‘Saac started back to school on Thurs.

  4. Travel hiatus from DIN list but hope to hit the ground running this week with lightbulb replacements and bird feeder cleaning.
    The dehumidifier filter is still on the list too.

  5. School doesn’t start until after Labor Day. DH & I have committed to completing this list before Labor Day.

    This weekend I was a bit busy, but I did clean out the freezer – not scrubbing but throwing out freezer burnt and old foods. Tomorrow I need to get a document notarized. This seems easy but getting to the bank in the middle of the day with my DH is kind of annoying.

  6. @SM: caught the sitting Qs at the end of the last week’s DIN entry — I totally cannot sit cross-legged, never could; it would put my legs to sleep. Crossfit has also demonstrated to me that I cannot do the Asian squat; there are, as you can imagine, a number of sqatting moves, and they have forced me to squat lower than I ever have (not full Asian squat depth, but hip joint no higher than level with the knee), and I just effing can’t do it. It is a hip joint thing — the lower I try to go, the wider I have to spread my feet, and the more forward I have to bend. I’m working on it a lot and getting better with the practice, but I still can’t do the “regular” squat without popping up on my toes.

    Ironically enough, when I was a kid, my preferred seating pose was the one in the picture that everyone was saying they can’t do, just knees folded under — or sort of a reverse-crosslegged seat, like an upside-down W, sitting on the inside of my knees with my feet back toward my hips. Yes, clearly I have an abnormal hip construction. :-)

  7. Finn, where LED is available that is my first choice. But we have lots of specialty bulbs that don’t seem to have LED options.

    Actually, this is a multi-step DIN because first I have to inventory the bulbs we already have. Some of the specialty bulbs are stashed Where They Don’t Belong, but I run across them when looking for something else. And then when I put them all in a pile, I can mark them properly. I will probably discover that we have a lifetime supply of “kitchen — island” bulbs but none for “basement — pool table” (which bulb is a challenge to replace because it requires standing on the pool table, which is why I keep telling everyone in the household not to leave that light on as a nightlight in the basement).

  8. Scarlett, perhaps it would be appropriate for those who use the pool table light as a nightlight to be assigned the task or replacing its bulb.

  9. BTW, something like the pool table light is exactly where you really want an LED for its supposed long lifetime.

  10. LfB, I remember that sort of seating position to be pretty common among girls around my age circa preschool through early elementary days. My sister used to sit like that a lot, probably more than you because around here sitting on the floor is very common.

  11. LfB and Finn, you may be referring to the W seating position, which seems to be controversial as to whether it’s harmful or not.

  12. I continued with my balance exercises this past week, with slight incremental improvements. I need to improve focus or technique so that when I get distracted I can continue to keep my balance on the wobble balance board. As it is, when someone starts to talk to me I tend to fall off the board. Plus learn to keep balance with my eyes closed.

  13. @July — yes, that’s it exactly. I remember being told that it would be horrible for my knees, but it was SO much more comfortable than cross-legged.

  14. Some of the instructors at Club Pilates incorporate a Bosu ball into our classes. I’ve never used one before, but I think it’s great for balance exercises if you’re looking for something new.

    DD was eager to join me when I started the purge and organization of our wrapping and gift bag stuff earlier today. She abandoned the project when I left for a few minutes to continue with camp laundry. There is now a bigger mess than I had before since she took everything out of the containers to purge/sort. I hope she finishes so I don’t get stuck just shoving it back in the bins.

  15. Yeah, ok, so I need to work on my squats. Just for kicks, I did one in a full-length mirror (gym doesn’t have one) — holy cow I’m bad! We’re talking not nearly down as far as I need to be, and bending way too far forward at the waist. And the scary thing is how much I have improved, so I don’t even want to think how bad I used to be. :-) So, there’s my August 30-day challenge (although this will clearly drag into the next month’s and beyond).

  16. I also need to work on my squats. I go down far enough but I think I’m bending too far forward. I hope to see a trainer next week and get some tips. Also, I got a tripod to take pictures of my exercise form, mainly for squats.

    Closing my eyes while trying to balance on one foot was pretty much a disaster when I tried it the first time, but I will keep at it.

  17. Big win organizationallly for me was getting DH to help me clean out the cabinet above the refrigerator. (This all began because after roasting a chicken and being told there was no difference between it and the store-bought rotisserie chicken, I thought the hell with this and decided the roasting pan could move to a different storage location). I found the two pair of binoculars I received for a work project, and got rid of a half dozen Easter baskets. The grocery bag full of silver wedding gifts remains, for the 28th year, in the cabinet to be dealt with another day. But little by little, I’m getting through my list.

  18. Becky, our cleaning mantra, “when you clean, you find things,” really panned out for you!

    Laura, no mirror in the gym?

    Lauren, roughly half our space is your nightmare right now–sorting my closet.

  19. Can I hijack yet? I need ideas for stuff to do in Asheville on Saturday. I want delicious food and the saacman would consider a couple hours luxuriating by a swanky pool to be a reward for wearing nice-ish clothes on a weekend and eating weird food. Is the Omni spa worth the $$ to hang out?

  20. “our cleaning mantra, “when you clean, you find things,” ”

    That’s also my mantra to my kids.

  21. Not really just a do-it-now, but rather a do-it-always, but I seem to have reached a new, lower set point for weight. Seeing my ortho one more time in mid-Sept to set a date to have my hip replaced and I want to take off another 9lbs by then. So I guess that’s my DIN.

    For real DIN I replaced the fridge water filter and lightbulb over the cooktop last night.

  22. I took down the birdfeeders, cleaned them, repositioned the pole and baffle, refilled them (had to throw away some “stale” thistle seed”) and installed a new hummingbird feeder. Also added fertilizer to the dozens of outdoor container plants in anticipation of heavy rain today that did not materialize.

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