Totebag AUGUST 2017 30-Day Challenge Weekly Update: August 5-11

How is your challenge coming along?  Did you get off to a strong start?

(Weekly updates for the August Challenge will be posted on Saturdays.)


41 thoughts on “Totebag AUGUST 2017 30-Day Challenge Weekly Update: August 5-11

  1. Yeah, so far I haven’t accomplished squat, but real soon now I’ll do much better, I feel certain.

  2. We are heading home from a long weekend away with college friends & their families. Very fun – kids and adults had a blast. Much more relaxing as the kids get older and entertain themselves with minimal supervision. I took tomorrow off work to do laundry/errands and intend to knock some things off the DIN lost.

  3. A strong start? No.

    Didn’t work out like I should’ve so missed the body goal for this week. If I kill it for the next two weeks. I can still make that overall goal.

    The desk isn’t entirely ready for action, todo list isn’t finished, but I am just glad I sat down yesterday and started sorting. It wasn’t half as bad as I expected! (Yes, I laugh at my son when he says that after I’ve hounded him to do something.)

    I’ve distracted myself with this upcoming Smokies visit. DS has a BB game at 8pm Friday, so we fly up Sat morning. Sunday is a 7-hr. raft trip, Monday I don’t know where we’ll go, but there will be an eclipse, and then we will be back home by 8 pm. Direct flights both ways. Go Southwest! We might spend Sat afternoon/evening in Asheville, NC, but I’m not sure yet. DS would love a day hanging out at the spa pools, which do sound pretty cool.

  4. I did all my balance exercises this week. They’re getting easier plus they’re fun to do. I like to pretend I’m a member of the Flying Wallendas as I’m doing them. And they only take about ten minutes. Obviously I picked an easy challenge!

  5. I did my balance exercises every day too.

    While I don’t feel them getting easier, it has gotten easier to remember to do them.

  6. I am a superstar! Organized the year-end pile of school stuff that had been sitting on one table since June. Organized our memorabilia boxes along the way. Organized the other pile of papers that had been sitting on our counter for months. Looked through all of our at hand school supplies, compared to class supply list for the upcoming year and ordered what was missing. Tedious work. Next on my list – organizing DH’s desk. It’s his desk but our general dumping ground for mail, etc. I try to organize it every other month before it gets out of hand.

    Trying the balancing while brushing teeth thing – my feet are starting to bother me again, so mixed results. I also figure standing while riding the subway helps my balance a bit too.

  7. I achieved my goal of doing nothing useful. I enjoyed my kids’ absence with an evening downtown for DH’s birthday, followed by a golf tournament in gorgeous 75-degree weather, followed by a home-cooked birthday dinner at home with his sisters and their husbands and lots of wine, followed yesterday by sitting on my butt with a kitty and the clicker until DH told me he wouldn’t get me ice cream if I didn’t get dressed. It was freaking awesome. And then DS came home from beach with giant spoils from Funland*, and DD and my dad and stepmom got home from Spain late last night, and so now it’s time for all the fun to end and the real world to return. Dammit.

    *If anyone knows of any college scholarships available for Funland prowess, let me know. That kid is freaking Gladstone Gander. This time, he won an actual drone for winning some particular game where you had to drop a ball through a hole; and then he won enough tickets at other games (including a 1000-ticket jackpot) to get a model corvette and a set of VR goggles. All with $20 of quarters. It’s sort of ridiculous. The first time he visited Funland (like around 6-7), he hit a jackpot, and I explained that that was very, very lucky, and it doesn’t happen every time, etc. The next time, I reminded him that he probably wouldn’t win one this time — and he hit two. I swear, as soon as he gets old enough, I am going to have him start buying my Powerball tickets for me.

  8. Our to-do list this weekend was to survive the 2017 family picnic, and go to Church. We survived the torrential rains (first time since I started hosting ~ 8 years ago that it’s rained!). I had ~15 people in my house (thank God we didn’t get the whole army – we would have had ~40 people in total… my house is too small). We also set up our pop-up tent over the grill so I wouldn’t need an umbrella outside.

    We didn’t go to Church. My dad was still in town and he wanted to see the boys. I can only take so much of his wife, but he loves the boys dearly. So we skipped Church, and after everyone had a nap in the afternoon, we brought DS1 to the playground at the Y to use up some of the gorgeous afternoon (~75 with a cool breeze).

  9. I am in the middle of an office reorganization, during which I found the insurance cards for one of our vehicles which I was certain had never been received and a bunch of random device chargers that I now need to test before disposing of. (The problem with these sorts of DIN projects is that they generate a whole bunch of DIN offspring.) But I also discovered the souvenir bookmarks I purchased during our visit to Paris, which was a nice surprise.
    During a long trek on the Ohio Turnpike, I researched apps to block robocalls and downloaded one of them (RoboKiller). Will see if it works.

  10. “The problem with these sorts of DIN projects is that they generate a whole bunch of DIN offspring.”

    I totally agree!

  11. “The problem with these sorts of DIN projects is that they generate a whole bunch of DIN offspring.”

    Yes! And I think this is partly why I postpone tackling some of these tasks.

  12. ““The problem with these sorts of DIN projects is that they generate a whole bunch of DIN offspring.”

    I totally agree!”

    The answer is to light the whole thing on fire and start from scratch. :)

  13. Rhode – in putting away the kids’ pile, I went through some of their pre-K, K and 1st grade stuff. So sweet. I know ultimately those boxes are for me, but I hope at some point they will enjoy having them. We only save stuff they say they want to keep at the end of each school year, and class pictures and report cards.

  14. College DS purged his room and filled three boxes with stuff to donate. I went through them first and pulled out several books I wanted to keep (one I had purchased for him as a gift — ouch), a perfectly functional set of binoculars, a pair of his big brother’s expensive college team-issued sweatpants, and a perfectly functional slinky.
    Now, here is a kid who has taken the “when in doubt, throw it out” mentality a little too far….
    Especially because he still has Lego creations on his desk.

    But, his productivity enabled me to cross off another DIN item and head to the thrift store tomorrow.

  15. I had started a DIN for August.

    In the spring, I had printed and filled out passport applications for the boys,and gathered up all the necessary documents (which are many). I had it all ready to go in a packet, all I needed was passport pictures and then I could schedule the appointment for us to take them.

    Before our renovation started, I picked up these packets, and put them somewhere “safe.” I even told DH, when I am looking for these, remind me I have put them _____________.

    Do you see where this is going? Yesterday I finally got their passport pictures made, as that was on my DIN list, and was ready to pull out the applications and make our appointment. The applications are gone. DH can’t remember what I told him although he remembers the conversation. I can’t find them anywhere and I am ready to cry.

  16. Lark, ugh. I feel you! Started a new passport application for my son over a year ago, never got it done, and his father is now attempting to get me to give him several thousand dollars in exchange for the document. Why didn’t I just get the blasted thing finished?

  17. I was off work and home alone yesterday — perfect to get a lot accomplished. Multiple specialty light bulb replacements, power washed the air conditioner, took 6 large boxes of items to Salvation Army, got my knives professionally sharpened, did some deep cleaning from the list, threw out an insane amount of school paperwork, shredded a big pile of mail, fixed a few minor broken household things (a closet door and a vanity drawer), took a bunch of old electronics to Staples to be recycled, etc. Also – booked our winter vacation and a trip to Austin for a cousin’s wedding in Feb. It felt great!

    This just reminded me that my passport expires in a month or so. I should get it renewed now so it’s not a rush. Another item for the DIN!

  18. I think one of my “free” days will have a DIN task of getting a box for all DS1’s daycare stuff. They do a lot of artwork, and I’d like to keep some of it. Some I could scan too. Right now, I have a stack – this summer has been a heavy art summer because it hasn’t been too great outside (lots of rain in the morning, so they can’t spend too long outdoors).

    Today’s chore is pilates and DVR. I need to clean it out some in order to start recording stuff for next season.

  19. Mama brag. My kid has called himself the Task Rabbit for a couple days, has set up many electronics things the way they’re supposed to be, and was a huge help in attacking the pile of household administrativa yesterday, mostly by opening envelopes but also by fetching things and generally being encouraging. We did “Love Languages” quizzes a few weeks ago, and he says he’s doing “Acts of Service” because he knows that works for me. Damn straight it does!

  20. That might’ve sounded like a Finninism, but these are things that were mostly already set up, but not optimally, so we were limping along. Now they are how they should be.

  21. Inspired by my kid’s good help, I’ve spent my “project” time today on painting, lighting, etc around my desk. Tomorrow is his first day back at school and I can make phone calls, scream at myself for getting behind in things, etc, and have everything cheerful and lovely again before he gets home.

  22. On end of school year paperwork and keepsakes….I started a process of buying a plastic envelope (the full page sized ones, with a Velcro closure). Every year/every child gets one. And it has to Velcro closed, no cheating. That’s all I allowed myself to keep from each year. Now that everyone is through the 12th grade, I feel like I have a good sampling of each year, but not tons of boxes. And honestly, I have boys. They’ll probably look at their stack someday and say “why did you save all that??”.

  23. I really like the plastic envelope with velcro closure idea, for lots of things besides kid keepsakes. Of course I’d still need a box for the silly art class sculptures I still keep, like the grade school dog sculpture that looks more like road kill than like an actual live animal.

    The WSJ has a Marie Kondo video with tips for decluttering kids art on their recommended list. I haven’t seen it but it may be of interest to some of you.

    One thing I’ve noticed and that should be obvious is that it’s harder to balance on one foot when you’re standing on a plush rug than when you’re on a hard floor. I’ve added a few stretching exercises to my challenge because I realized how inflexible I am, and that is not a good thing. For example, I find it annoying that I cannot sit on my heels like this.

  24. Rocky — Me, too! When I took a paddle boarding class the instructor told us if we were on our knees and got tired we could just sit down like that, which she demonstrated. Don’t you do that in yoga?

  25. haha! I found this Stock Photo – mature attractive rider contemplating nature sitting on paddle board

  26. Don’t you do that in yoga?

    Some people do. I typically sit on a block. And my knees are pretty good for my age! I don’t think that’s necessarily a healthy position for your knees. Just because some people can do it doesn’t mean they should.

  27. Rocky, your comments help confirm my opinion that the aches and injuries many of my peers suffer are at least partly caused by their past overly enthusiastic athleticism. Meanwhile, couch potatoes like me who never pushed themselves very hard are enjoying a relatively pain-free time during our later years.

  28. July, sure, there are plenty of ways old sports injuries crop up later in life. Are you suggesting people should refrain from enjoying their first 5-7 decades in order to avoid those aches and pains later on? That’s taking deferred pleasure way too far for me!

  29. S&M, not at all. But I know at least a couple of people in their late 60s who wish they had not been so obsessive in pursuing some sports earlier in life because they now feel they’re paying the price.

  30. Ok, so I feel like I did my DIN job this week: my office is either expanding or moving, and we had a shredding company bring giant bins in, so I spent hours one day at my assistant’s request going through all my files for old stuff I could trash or send off-site. Between that and all the rental car research, I feel like I have done my share for the week at least. 😉

  31. I got my car cleaned out (a bunch of DH’s forestry stuff was in there) and washed and vacuumed and ready for the end of lease inspection. Also tried to consolidate our 2 EZ Pass accounts – not sure why we have 2 in the first place – but now we have 3 transponders and only 2 cars so I can’t delete the account. I just switched the transponders so the active transponders are now on the same account. Gahhhhh. Attempted to test drive a new car but the dealership kept me waiting for 30 minutes (not cool) and so I left. Sometimes I feel like I’m being thwarted in my DIN quest!

    Laura, I also sent a bunch of files to storage this week. :)

  32. I hate, hate, hate sitting on the floor. Cross legged, on my knees, etc. I can remember hating it in kindergarten. I have a body that wants some back support.

    However, the old people in Japan seem to kneel just fine. Astonishing, really.

  33. July, I don’t get it, unless you are saying that playing a sport (“obsessively”) isn’t fun.

  34. I’ve never heard that called the Asian squat; but in my mind I call it “Chinese dude waiting for the bus”. And yes, I do it fine, when there’s something on the ground that I don’t want to sit on.

    What Ada says about sitting on the floor is surprising to me. I know that not everyone shares my preference for sitting with legs curled up, but I’ve never heard of anyone for whom sitting on the floor is difficult! (And of course, sitting on the floor or not says nothing about whether you have something to lean on or not)

  35. What do you do as a kid, if you aren’t comfortable sitting on the floor? Did you also not like sitting in wagons, on sleds/saucers, in treehouses, or all those other kid things that include sitting on flat surfaces?

  36. Asian squat – my son does this all the time while waiting at crosswalks. I tried it and can do it for a few minutes but then it becomes uncomfortable.

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