Fashion pet peeves

by July

One of my pet peeves, men wearing shirts with long shirt tails hanging outside their pants, came up in a recent post from Ann Althouse.

Untuckit is a profitable new business that sells a men’s “shirt with a shorter hem that is designed to be worn to be untucked”.  It’s a neater alternative to longer, sloppier shirt tails and is marketed as suitable for casual work dress.

Additionally, the tucked-in t-shirt is now in style.

What do you think, tucked or untucked?  Do you have any fashion pet peeves?  What’s a look, for men or women, that you cannot abide?


158 thoughts on “Fashion pet peeves

  1. I cannot stand the cold shoulder look. There’s not a person it’s flattering on. Not sure how that caught on so fast.

  2. It depends on the situation and the clothes. I will not wear untucked to work. I will not wear tucked with a swimsuit on the boat. In between, it can be a judgment call. Now that I’m down 15 lbs, I’m more confident wearing slimmer-fitting shirts and tucking them in.

  3. I’m neutral about the cold shoulder look, but it’s not something I wear. However, I suspect part of the popularity is that it’s a forgiving look for older women who don’t want to expose their arms. Shoulders age relatively well. :) I do like the off the shoulders look, and I just bought a swimsuit cover or tunic top that can be worn off the shoulder.

  4. One of the many little degrading requirements of freshman year in college was that your standard-issued calf-length athletic socks were supposed to be pulled as high as possible. It’s ironic that this is now considered high fashion. I wonder if they’re now making the freshmen push them down.

    Since high school, with the exception of that year, I’ve worn ankle athletic socks. Not the invisible ankle socks that are just below the edge of the shoe, as the feel of those drives me crazy, but ones that actually cover the ankle.

    I didn’t want to adjust it down a few years ago, and I don’t want to adjust it up now.

  5. Hmm, I still don’t like skinny jeans on men and the general unwashed look of hipsters – especially any guy under 60 wearing a fedora. I generally like tucked in shirts (except on women with shorts).

    For women – I’m not sold on the short rompers even for the younger set that can get away with it. It looks like they are wearing pajamas. I was in the Hamptons last weekend and that’s almost exclusively what the college/20s set were wearing.

  6. Well, since this thread gives me permission to state fashion peeves, I am going to say what I think.

    For men my biggest peeve are guys who walk around in baggy shiny athletic shorts that fall below their knees, usually with a vast shiny athletic Tshirt on top, which hangs down almost to the knees, so you only see some of the shorts. It is like they are swathed in shiny fabric, kind of like a man-burqa or something.

    For women, it is the tight leggings that leave nothing to the imagination, topped by a short top that exposes all of the rear. Leggings are fine with a tunic top, but I am sorry, no one has attractive buttocks and I don’t need to know all the fine details of people’s anatomy in that particular area. Leggings are really just the tights of my childhood, except that we were expected to wear actual clothing on top. To me, they still look like underwear, not clothing.

    And sorry, don’t hate me, but I get annoyed when boys wear the shiny fabric drapes, or girls wear the rear exposing leggings, to school. Both leggings and the shiny shorts are really gymwear, and call me old fashioned, but I think they are appropriate for gym class only. Yeah, I know, everyone does it so clearly I am the one who is out of step.

    I also don’t care for exposed bra straps unless it is the kind of bra that is designed to be cute and look like clothing.

    And I LIKE skinny jeans on men.

  7. The cold shoulder trend MUST DIE. I hate it. Just awful.

    Also don’t care for long hair on guys – it is not attractive to me. In HS all my friends were clamoring after long-haired dudes, blerg. DH is happy that he cut off his ponytail before he met me. ;)

  8. Had to Google “cold shoulder” because I had no idea what you were talking about.
    The things I learn on this blog….

  9. “especially any guy under 60 wearing a fedora”

    I’ll tell DH to stash the fedoras if you visit… He wears them with his suits when we have somewhere nice to go. My favorite is one I found a few years ago for a FL wedding we attended. He looks really handsome in them.

    DH looks nice in straight-leg pants (like suit pants), but not skinny jeans. His thighs are too muscular, so he looks like he’s trying to stuff himself into a sausage casing. It’s comical to watch but the outcome is terrible.

    I think young ladies shorts are too short and young mens shorts are too long. There’s a happy medium there folks.

  10. Men not taking off their hat or cap when inside.

    Women who wear clothes too tight and the rolls of fat cascade down their backs and fronts Don’t they have mirrors?

    I know the fashion rules I grew up with don’t apply anymore but it bothers me to see women wearing white shoes after Labor Day. I am finally use to patent leather after five though I can’t wear them.

  11. I don’t like the leggings without shirts that fully cover the behind. The exception is if you are actually at the gym because the longer shirt can get in the way of the actual exercise or can get caught in some of the machines

    I don’t like girls in the super short shorts. I’m OK with rompers (they were in BITD when I was in middle school) as long as they aren’t super short. Guys, please don’t wear your pants BELOW the waistband of your underwear.

    Lastly, even if you have Jane Fonda’s body at her age, wearing the same clothes from Forever 21 that your grandchild is wearing just isn’t flattering.

  12. There seems to be one look every summer season that peaks in that year and then dies. Lace was everywhere a few seasons ago, then gone. Then there were those patterned leggings for a bit, now gone.

  13. I didn’t know what the cold shoulder look was either but totally agree it’s awful.

    L – Dh had long hair before we met (I knew who he was so vaguely remember him having it). It looked good on him I guess but not my thing either so glad he cut it off before we started dating. My high school boyfriend grew his hair out before we broke up and god I hated it (he didn’t have nice hair so it looked really terrible).

  14. I hate tucked in Tshirts! So wrong.

    I always tuck my shirts in. I hate the way pants feel if it’s not tucked.

  15. “Lastly, even if you have Jane Fonda’s body at her age, wearing the same clothes from Forever 21 that your grandchild is wearing just isn’t flattering.”

    Remember when we had “mommy and me” matching outfits… now that those mommies are probably grandmas, we should have “granny and me”! Ha! {{Flashing forward to my nursing home days where the ladies will have sagging tattoos and trying to squeeze into LuLaRoe leggings…}}

    Louise – patterned leggings are still a thing around here… LuLaRoe sells them by the truck full if my FB feed is to be believed. I confess to owning a pair… I wear them around the house or to the gym.

  16. I don’t like socks or hose with sandals. I’m sure that the older lady at choir practice has a good reason for wearing peds with her athletic sandals, and I am guilty of uncharitable thoughts but I need to switch seats this week so that I don’t see it.

  17. “I cannot stand the cold shoulder look. There’s not a person it’s flattering on. Not sure how that caught on so fast.”

    I don’t care for it either, and it is everywhere. I don’t mind off-the-shoulder, but the weird holes at the shoulder are NMS.

    This isn’t a fashion thing per se, but one of by biggest pet peeves is when people don’t snip the X that holds the vent closed on a jacket/coat, leaves the tag on, or leaves the stickers on baseball hats (this IS a fashion thing I guess???).

  18. Not a fan of comb-overs. Or pulled up black socks with shorts. Not a fan of most facial hair (other than eyebrows). Grown men should not wear pink or lilac pants, even when golfing. Too tight clothing on women – bless them! I think they’re thinking “look I can still get these on!” Not a fan of the sailor/school girl look on grown-up Asian women (or anyone for that matter).

  19. Not clothing but hair…not a fan of man buns or anyone who is not a circus performer sporting a mustache that curls up at the ends. Pair those two and I instinctively do not trust you.

  20. ” Then there were those patterned leggings for a bit, now gone.”

    I only wish they were gone. I still see them more than I would like. Although I wouldn’t say that I see them on people who look very “fashion forward”.

  21. Comb overs…can’t tolerate them either. When I started losing my hair and didn’t want to be accused of anything resembling a comb over I just comber my hair straight back. Then after a while I tired of that and just started getting my hair cut short. #1 all over, every 4 weeks (sometimes it’s 3 weeks, but if I go beyond 4 I think my hair looks really sloppy).

    I dislike what I’ll call the “after work quasi-professional look”: tie still on but loosened down toward the 2nd shirt button and the top button of the shirt undone. If you’re wearing a tie, wear it. Also, no harm in taking the tie completely off and stuffing in it your briefcase or car trunk on the way to the restaurant/bar.

  22. Swim – I was looking at photos from the 80s over the weekend. So many bad mustaches! Admittedly none with the curls at the end. And remember how big glasses used to be? Took up the whole face!

  23. I kinda like the “after work quasi-professional look”:with the top shirt button undone.

    I was wondering how many would have to google “cold shoulders”, but I thought it would be the men.

    The bell sleeve is nice looking but impractical. I think the cover-up I just bought has them. :(

    The prude in me has not gotten used to thong bikini bottoms.

  24. I’ve started to notice a lot of jump suits ala the 70s lately. Is that a thing now? I am too short to pull that off.

  25. I rarely see fashion faux pas at work (wrinkle free button-up shirt, polo or similar with jeans is hard to mess up) and my kids are still at the age where “practical” is nearly every parent’s primary criteria.

    Baby WCE couldn’t wear lots of hand-me-downs this summer because she potty trained while wearing 18 month pants and 2T shirts, and lots of our hand-me-down stuff is not friendly to a self-pottying toddler. Toddler clothes were easy for the boys, but loose fitting elastic waist pants and short sleeved shirts for girls are harder to find than I expected. Jeggings/leggings/cute jeans with flies, rompers and sleeveless/flutter sleeve shirts are all-too-common.

    With soccer camp and two soccer leagues, the twins are rapidly approaching the point where they can wear old soccer jerseys most of the time. I’m not sure this qualifies as a “fashion choice” but they’re not naked.

    I hate clingy maternity shirts and ended up wearing a friend’s 15 year old tunic sweaters during the last couple months of my last pregnancy. (I only look pregnant the last couple months, due to how I carry.)

    Today I’m wearing an extra-large junior uniform polo. I may buy a couple more in different colors. It fits my shoulders and is fitted but not tight through the bust and waist, which is hard to find.

    Mr WCE likes the same sock height that Milo does.

  26. leaves the stickers on baseball hats (this IS a fashion thing I guess???).

    Yes, this is a big fashion thing.

  27. By tucked in Tshirts, I mean real Tshirts. Like the kind that say “Princeton” or “Nike” or “Gabba Gabba Hey” or “Trekkie Forever” on them. Obvious, business shirts should be tucked in, and a case could be made for polo shirts either way (I prefer them untucked but they are fine tucked in too).

  28. I probably lose my man card for this, but I didn’t have to google cold shoulder.

  29. Based on my recent visit, I think Bologna may be the capitol city of man-buns

  30. MM, yes, I tuck in regular t-shirts. As I said, I hate the way jeans and shorts feel without it.

  31. “The bell sleeve is nice looking but impractical. I think the cover-up I just bought has them. :(”

    Some of them are cute, but they’ve gotten huge and multi-layered!

    And a swim cover-up is exactly the right place to have them. (vs. a work shirt where it is so impractical)

  32. Moohsi – Come to Williamsburg! Actually, I know what you mean. There is a certain subset of European men who are into man-buns, beards and mustaches. Can we blame David Beckham for man buns?

    I was rather surprised to see men starting to not shave/have beards at work. My industry is typically rather conservative. Don’t think I’ve seen any man buns at work yet.

  33. My oldest recently cut his hair, going from a Snape-like look to a more conventional short-on-sides-long-on-top look. I was googling “men’s hair” to see if I could find a good illustration, but was completely distracted by Google’s suggestion that I add “mermaid” to that search. Men’s mermaid hair is a thing?! Yes, apparently, it is. God help us all.

  34. Speaking of tags, I hate care instruction labels in so many languages on different tags that they resemble a tiny telephone directory. And then I can’t find the one in English. I’m sure this reflects poorly on me.

  35. DD, I think a man with a tween / teen daughter at home gets a pass on unmanly fashion knowledge.

  36. I kinda like the “after work quasi-professional look”:with the top shirt button undone.

    They are trying to make buttoning the top button happen:

  37. I know it is early for a hijack, but I have been asked a question I don’t know how to answer. Advice requested!

    Situation: Several adults were hired for as summer employees. The supervisor was held in high esteem by the manager. The supervisor gave about a quarter of the adults bad evaluations at the end of the summer putting them in the category of “ineligible for rehire”. Later the supervisor was fired, in part due to poor ‘management’ of the staff including setting those she didn’t like up to fail. However, because the supervisor was let go months after these evaluations were done, they stand on those adults records. Two of these adults are looking for work. One has a much broader resume with overlapping jobs and just left this one off. The other one needs this job on the resume. When the second person applied for a job the offer was rescinded stating it was due to the “ineligible for rehire”.

    Question: If you had a situation similar to this with a prior employer, what would you do to mitigate its impact on your future employment?

  38. “short-on-sides-long-on-top look” I think it may be called a fade haircut. I’m trying to convince a handsome older man with lovely silver hair that he should update to that look.

  39. I don’t even like leggings with just a shirt on my granddaughters. The skinny 8 year old was going to school one day when I had early am duty and I said, where’s your skirt?

    On the cruise there was one particularly well preserved, permanent tan, platinum blonde, etc. hot-elderly wife who always wore off the shoulder (not cold shoulder) blouses or spaghetti straps and high heeled sandals, including one pair of gladiator style with the straps. One day in the elevator (we often ran into each other) she was complaining about being cold. I made some sort of price of fashion remark and made sure to compliment her shoes in the same breath. She was definitely an outlier in the Viking crowd, which had a lot of retired military officers and 50 plus year marriages.

    DH fails all your fashion rules. Combover, black socks with shorts, tucked in T shirt. My funny Valentine.

  40. Dh is growing his hair out. He looks good (in my opinion) with shoulder+length hair. He refuses to man bun (which I don’t mind and would camouflage him well in our city). Instead, he wears a backwards baseball cap all the time, ostensibly to keep his hair out of his face. Drives me batsh!t crazy. Soon it will be long enough to ponytail, and I am going to get a countdown clock to help me contain my excitement.

    I suppose I shouldn’t complain, if this is my biggest problem.

  41. “short-on-sides-long-on-top look” I think it may be called a fade haircut

    It’s called a Hitler youth or a fasci (as in fascist.)

  42. “I probably lose my man card for this, but I didn’t have to google cold shoulder.”

    I didn’t, either. My niece is suddenly very fashion-conscious. I learned the term through her.

  43. Rhett – Clooney (in the pic posted) has more of a fade, definitely not a Nazi haircut. The other pics look more like a Nazi haircut (shaved/buzzed sides, sharp delineation with the top, longer top).

  44. Rhett, I wouldn’t really call his cut a fashy; as Kerri said, that one usually has a sharper distinction between the sides and the top. His is more like this, minus the chin stubble:

    Which I must admit I prefer to his previous look:

  45. I was just in the elevator with two guys – one with a man bun and one with a s/s button down shirt buttoned all the way to the top with skinny pants and dress shoe sneakers. I don’t think my office and WCE’s could be more different, although I suppose there are people who wear pleated khakis and polo shirts “ironically” as normcore.

    I also just realized that the new guy on my team MAY be a fascist, although I hope they would have picked that up on the background check. (heh)

    I like Clooney’s hair.

    I bet if you asked DH what the shirts with the holes on the shoulder were called, he couldn’t name it, but if you said “cold shoulder look” he would know what we were talking about. I’ll have to ask him.

  46. HM – I was trying to get one of mine to grow his hair out to look like the second look. The top and sides were almost there, the back had a ways to go. But he elected for the first look. Hard to transition from one to the other. The in between stage is terrible.

  47. what would you do to mitigate its impact on your future employment?

    I had a similar situation and I had a long enough resume prior to that so I just dropped all references to the job/position from everything. I’d advise it for friend #2 unless also.

  48. The only male hairdo I see posted that I like is the second one that honolulu posted, the dreamy guy with the long hair. I really hate all those short on the side, long on top hair cuts because they make guys look like they might be jerks.

    One thing I am loving on campus is that the black guys are all doing long hair now, usually natural. It is beautiful. About 5 years ago, the look was shaved on the sides with a little pillbox of hair, often straightened, on top. I did not like that look.

  49. My oldest son has had the same long hair, parted in the middle, since he was 6. He chose the hairstyle at age 6 out of a bunch of photos of possible haircuts that I showed him, and he has never varied from it. He is getting hair trimmed this weekend because his senior portrait appt is Monday, and he said he is just getting a bit trimmed off because he wants his hair to look the way it always has. We always tease him about his triangle hair.

    He has been working as a counselor at a computer camp, teaching programming, this summer. This particular camp, which draws from a huge geographic area (most kids are overnighters), specializes in strange, creative, geek kids. Many of the kids, male and female, have hair dyed in odd colors, including several Asian boys with pink hair. Others, like my daughter, wear knit hats shaped like Pikachu or other characters, or covered with LGBT pins. The boys who don’t do any of that all have the same triangle hair that my son has. I can’t tell any of them apart from the back. How did he know, at age 6, that he was picking the hairdo that would exactly conform to teenager geekboy norms?

  50. AustinMom, I would contact the company HR and request to see the record – not all state’s allow for this but it is worth the try. If allowed, I would then argue that this person’s comments were inappropriate/not factual. The purpose to get that ineligible for rehire flag removed so when another company calls that is not conveyed or if you want to apply for something at said company it is not a factor. The person needs to do this in a calm and concise manner and not get too emotional.

    If they can’t get it removed, then they only have two choices. Remove that job from the resume or have a clear explanation on what occurred without too much bad mouthing. Just the facts: I worked there for the summer here’s what I did, the supervisor and I did not get along, I tried to get that removed since the company parted ways with said supervisor shortly after but they would not change the record. Here’s what I learned from that experience remarking on how to address conflicts, expectations of managers, communication etc.

  51. My husband has the hairdo that will make all of you say “NOOOOOO!” – the balding hippie ponytail. I am glad, because I very much prefer it to the more current bald guy look – the shaved shiny head. I really dislike that look because I can’t tell guys with shaved heads apart! They all look the same to me.

  52. DD, I think a man with a tween / teen daughter at home gets a pass on unmanly fashion knowledge.

    My DD has zero interest in fashion. Her entire wardrobe is t-shirts, sweatshirts, and leggings. She won’t touch a skirt, dress, or shorts. She’d never wear a cold shoulder top. She also has zero interest in makeup, which I am totally thrilled about.

  53. Mooshi, you’d completely hate my look. Besides the tucked in t-shirts, I do the shaved head, although I just use clippers so it’s not shiny bald.

  54. DD, you wouldn’t go for my husband’s look either! Aging hippie ponytail, untucked Tshirts…

  55. Fred and Used to Lurk – Removing it from the resume is not an option due to work history issues while caring for family members with health issues. Adult tried contacting HR, but that route is closed. Will pass on your other comments.

  56. “My DD has zero interest in fashion. Her entire wardrobe is t-shirts, sweatshirts, and leggings. She won’t touch a skirt, dress, or shorts. She’d never wear a cold shoulder top. She also has zero interest in makeup, which I am totally thrilled about.”

    DD – are you sure your daughter isn’t somehow related to me? Because you completely described me at the same age…. and I still continue that route. I’ve only graduated to skirts/dresses recently.

  57. My DS’s hair looks so much better now that he goes to a barbershop. The discount hair cut places were never able to break him out of the Asian boy spiky hair.

    DD is very aware of current trends. Having to wear a uniform and restrictions on what you can do with your hair and limited makeup means there is less opportunity to put current trends into practice.

  58. I like the fade haircut on men. My DS wears something like that now, which just means the top is a little longer than he used to wear it. DH and he both typically went with the “high and tight”, but DH is losing more hair and now keeps it about a 1 as some of you described.

    i don’t have strong feelings about most fashion, but do hate baseball caps on backwards on males over around 17 (and my DH wears this sometimes), or things that could generally be described as “mutton dressed as lamb” such as the Forever XXI someone mentioned. Leggings with just a short top I can ignore unless you are walking in front of me at the office, in which case I judge. Parents of young adult women need to explain to them that nightclub wear and office wear have no overlapping components. As a manager I despise having to tell someone to dress more professionally (and actually chose not to hire an otherwise competent young woman because I believed I would be put in that position).

  59. “hate baseball caps on backwards on males over around 17”

    Oh, that is so 90’s. I haven’t seen it in years, but when I was teaching at Directional State U, my classes were a sea of backwards baseball caps.

  60. Actually, I do see the more hiphop style baseball caps on campus, though fewer this year than before. And never, never, backwards.

  61. Oh, I have a few.

    Short, “skinny” dress pants on men (not too different from Rhett’s link). They look like teenage boys in the middle of an awkward growth spurt.

    Cold shoulder tops. I also hated the peplum trend, though I am seeing much less of that this year.

    I am also annoyed by girls’ bathing suits. I can easily find long-sleeved rash guard tops for my fair-skinned boys, but it is a struggle for my daughter. The obvious solution would be to buy boy’s shirt, but she wants everything pink/purple…

  62. Did you look at Land’s End for girls’ rash guards, Green Eyes? I haven’t checked but they used to have quite a few.

  63. My husband didn’t understand why our money is going to but expensive tees that are full of holes. 1/3 of the new tops that DD bought for spring/summer were full of holes or had cut necks etc. I also want all of the shirts that tie like a sneaker at the neck to disappear. I’m sick of them.

    It was too hot to be outside today so I went with friends to Nordstrom. It’s the preaseason sale, and it was very strange to be trying on warm winter boots.

  64. Mooshi, I don’t mind the look of untucked shirts, I just don’t like wearing them. The bald ponytail on the other hand…

  65. @Becky – Mutton dress as lamb. HAHAHAHA! I also have not hired people who wore something sort of clubby to an interview. It was never the only factor – someone who wears stripper-ish heels and shiny low-cut tops to a Financial Analyst interview is going to exhibit other questionable judgement when discussing their interest/experience as well!

  66. “Not a fan of most facial hair (other than eyebrows).”

    Careful, you’re thinking like me.

    I remember hearing about the Yankees’ famous ban on facial hair, then seeing them on TV and wondering why they all had eyebrows.

    Milo’s mention of facial hair policies at his alma mater also reminded me of this.

    And of course, there are some whose eyebrows could definitely use some work.

  67. Clooney can do whatever he wants. Even his wrinkles look good.

    I don’t mind bald. I like it a lot better than balding.

  68. What do you think of the current trend of wearing athletic shoes with suits? If you don’t know what I mean, try watching SportsCenter more.

    Maybe 20 years or so ago, I got a nice pair of totally black Nike cross-trainers that I sometimes wore with my suit or tux. They were really comfortable, and great for parties with a lot of dancing.

    Because the soles were completely black, they didn’t stand out like a lot of shoes I’ve seen worn with suits, which often have while soles, or colored logos, that draw attention to the shoes and the fact that they’re not regular dress shoes.

    DS has a nice pair of black leather Converse All-Stars. I suggested he might wear those with a suit or tux, and while he agreed with me that it’s consistent with current styles, he likes his dress shoes or tux shoes better in those situations.

  69. In staid old Boston it is impossible for me to imagine anyone dressing as Ivy described for a job interview in finance or tech/engineering or academia or any non media/advertising type of business or function. Some leeway for sales/marketing – female pharma reps were always fashion forward. High heels are now acceptable, but 20 years ago nothing higher than mid heels would have been expected.

  70. “I am also annoyed by girls’ bathing suits. I can easily find long-sleeved rash guard tops for my fair-skinned boys, but it is a struggle for my daughter.”

    Yeah, I’ve found there are fewer long-sleeved choices for girls than for boys, which seems a bit counter-intuitive; at least in my experience, boys are more likely to wear whatever they’re selling at Costco.

    There are quite a few choices for girls, but most of them have very short sleeves. You might want to try a real surf shop, or someplace like Roxy. I think we bought the only long-sleeved rashguard that DD liked from Roxy.

  71. Sock length: I choose sock length mainly based on temperature; the colder the location, the longer the socks I’ll wear. The acceptability of footie and ankle socks for guys was a very welcome development here.

    At my kids’ school, the head of the music dept issued a ban on footie socks for boys in symphony outfits, i.e., tuxes.

  72. I have never thought of George Clooney as good looking. He always looked like a dad to me even when he was younger.

  73. My daughter won’t wear a girls swimsuit. Only rashguard and shorts will do. But she won’t wear the boys long baggies either. So every year I have to find a pair of girls swimshorts, NOT IN PINK, and with an adjustable waist because most are sized for torsos twice the width of hers. And I am not sure what she is going to do when it gets to the point where a rashguard is no longer “modest” enough.

  74. “I am not sure what she is going to do when it gets to the point where a rashguard is no longer “modest” enough.”


  75. “I have never thought of George Clooney as good looking. He always looked like a dad to me even when he was younger.”

    Hey, what’s wrong with looking like a dad?

  76. Mooshi – sort of facing that dilemma with DD. Next year it will probably be a more grown up bathing suit. In our community the teen girls mostly wear bikinis. The swim team girls are possibly the only ones who wear one piece suits. I am thinking some stores like Athleta carry more athletic looking two pieces that could work.

  77. Completely off topic. I’ve been watching some episodes of the old “the Goldbergs” (from 1949, not the recent ones). And then on youtube, there’s an episode of Mrs. G. Goes to College. About six and a half minutes in, it’s Rhett! And then Mrs. G. represents the classic Totebagger.

  78. Clooney reached peak attractiveness circa 2009. Sadly, I have yet to see anothet dad that comes close to Clooney.

  79. HM,

    On no, the real Mrs. Goldberg – She started at $75 a week. Less than two years later, in the heart of the Great Depression, she let the sponsor propose a salary and was told, “Mrs. Berg, we can’t pay a cent over $2,000 a week.”

  80. You mean me, not HM. Yeah, Gertrude Berg was a fascinating woman. If you get Shout Factory, go watch some of those old episodes.

  81. I like the look of shirts like guayabera or African shirts that are designed to be left out. A shirt not tucked in that extends further than the waist of the pants beneath it is ick, but in the grand scheme of things, there are other issues I consider first in evaluating a person’s character/suitability for office. When we went to a wedding recently, I thought my kid looked great in his dress shirts and linen pants, even though the shirt he tucked in didn’t stay in long.

    As for my style pet peeves for me:

    Crop pants! They’ve been everywhere for the last few years, and still make me feel like a kid who’s just had a growth spurt (if they almost reach my ankles) or chop up my proportions in a way I find unflattering (if they’re shorter).

    Collars. I’m fine with stand up collars, “Peter Pan” round collars, and mock turtlenecks, but traditional pointed collars bother me. I don’t know why, just note that those items have often stayed in my closet unworn over the years.

    Itchy fabrics. Putting it positively, I really like silk, find cotton very comfortable (especially if it’s ethically grown), and have been pleasantly surprised of late by comfortable workout gear in artificial fibers. The peeves then are synthetics that feel hot & cold at once, fuzzy wool that irritates my nose and eyes, and poorly sewn seams.

    Restricting or binding clothing. I want to be able to ride a bike, squirm around and sit on my knees/feet, playfully catch a frisbee or kick a soccer ball that comes my way.

    “Blob” looks. I prefer some definition and tailoring. please!

    Fur, even more so since baby Harp Seals have become my son’s favorite animal.

    Cheap, shoddy clothing, especially tops that are too thin.

    Bras. I’d much prefer tops with support built in.

    Fussiness/snags. I don’t want the fabric to unravel easily or for my sleeves/pants legs/ruffles, whatnot to get caught on things.

    That’s a good start, anyway.

  82. “I like the look of shirts like guayabera or African shirts that are designed to be left out.”

    How about bowling shirts?

    “A shirt not tucked in that extends further than the waist of the pants beneath it is ick”

    You like to see skin (and perhaps underwear) when arms are raised?

  83. Mooshi – I prefer rash guards to wearing tons of sunscreen and can always find long-sleeved ones at Athleta. They usually have board shorts too.

    Meme – I remember when I was interviewing in Boston I would wear less makeup than in NY. Same heels, but I never wore anything above 3″ even when my feet were younger. :)

  84. Rhett, that is hysterical. I actually found the Juggle because I was ALWAYS on conference calls. I was sitting on a trading desk, and the WSJ was acceptable if anyone walked by my desk. I have experienced those “boxes” everyday. I was guilty too.

  85. The modesty issue is that rash guards flop around, especially for a girl who likes to do somersaults in the water, and without anything underneath, well, there comes a time when it isn’t appropriate. Haven’t hit it yet, not even close, but it will. Most of the other girls who wear rash guards have a girls swimsuit underneat.

    Many of the online board shorts have no liners, which is also problematic. Again, I think they are designed to be worn with a girls swimsuit, not in place of a swimsuit.

  86. Sorry, but even in that photo of a young George Clooney, he still looks like a dad or soon to be dad. It is his heavy, kind of ponderous jaw that does it. Not attractive to me.

  87. That Athleta rash guard is cute, cute, cute. And it is even affordable, unlike most of their kid clothes. My daughter likes a lot of their stuff, but darn it costs alot.

  88. I really don’t like rompers, even on teenagers, they look like pajamas at best. Other than that, as long as someone isn’t a candidate for People of WalMart, I mostly don’t care.


    What is “ethically grown cotton

  89. Rhett – I liked the conference call Bingo. Now if there is a really large participation they just mute the lines and open it up for questions at the end. Keeping the lines open leads to chaos. Of course on smaller calls the Bingo boxes happen at some time or the other.

  90. Crop pants were mentioned and I’ve never liked them on me or on many other women. Actually, with a narrow leg they usually look fine, but imo the wide leg crop pants are not flattering at all. This photo is the best case scenario, a tall, thin model. But on shorter, medium size women they create a dumpy look.

  91. “there are some whose eyebrows could definitely use some work.”

    I ask for a quick trim when I get my hair cut.. It’s just with the comb holding and guarding at a certain distance, and then one pass with the clippers. That and the ears — new requirements starting mid-30s for me.

    I’ve always had a fade haircut. It’s sort of a requirement since my hair is exceedingly thin/fine. Not thinly distributed, but very light and straight. If I had thick, wavy hair, I’d like to try a longer style while I still can, but it will never work for me.

  92. @ Mooshi, Titlenine is another good source for athletic style girls bathing suits. Garnet Hill as well. And Lands End has a huge selection, not to mention a huge sale right now.

  93. I like some crop pants. It depends on the length. I don’t like “capris”, which tend to end right at the thickest part of the calf, and do make legs look heavy. But I really love longer crop pants. I think that pants that end right above the ankle are flattering because they emphasize the ankle which for most women is a good part.

    These jeans are a nice length and would be cute if they didn’t have the silly holes,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpeg

  94. I don’t like wide pants in any length. I remember a few years ago, when those massive, overlong pants that covered the foot were popular. Women wearing them looked like walking pyramids.

  95. Lark, we ended up getting her the swim shorts at Lands End. But they only had one model that had an adjustable waist, came in her size, and had a liner. I bought two of them

  96. Speaking of swim gear, I discovered water socks, which seem ideal for me because I can’t walk around barefoot due to foot problems. Apparently fins slip over them easily and it seems they would be ideal for water parks. They’re more compact than the water shoes I’ve had in the past.

    I think this is a bad time for swimsuit shopping since the earlier sales have left slim pickings. I checked Lands End with no success, but then I lucked out and found a very nice tankini top and swim short combo at Athleta. These shorts have excellent reviews and I agree — the fit and look are great, and not bulky so I can still pull a skirt over them.

  97. OK, I admit it, I looked at the shorts July linked.

    The description includes this “sits two fingers below the navel”. Look at it. How fat were the two fingers used to measure from the model’s navel to the top of the shorts?

  98. In other news, after a huge fight and much drama, my son and his fiancée cancelled the big wedding in November and are getting married in two weeks at SF City Hall. Immediate family and close friends only. Extremely inconvenient for all; two of us have prepaid commitments back east that require a red eye return a few hours after the ceremony, but a relief after a week in which everyone thought the whole deal was off.

  99. I wear regular tank suits (long torso) and refuse to cover up my ageing flesh. If you don’t like it, avert your eyes.

  100. I spent way too much time checking out the Burqinis on Amazon. I am one of the few of the women of my generation of the home country who swam. The main issue was a suitably modest bathing suit for teen/tween girls. I would say that the Athleta shorts and tanking tops would have worked, no need for a burqini but BITD in the home country there were not many choices.

  101. “If you don’t like it, avert your eyes.”

    Ha. I spent years not wearing shorts because I don’t like how my legs look in them. Recently I have said eff it. Sometimes shorts are better than a skirt or dress.

    Meme – glad they worked it out! The couples I know who went that route all seemed to be very happy with their decision.

  102. I am one of the few of the women of my generation of the home country who swam.

    I would have thought it would be a lot more popular given the climate. Although I guess that would explain the home country’s drowning rate of 7.9 per 100k vs. the US rate of 1.34.

  103. Meme – I hope everything goes well. You have been saved from a lot of planning for sure.

  104. We got married in the County Clerk’s office in Butte County. Cramped little room with a huge Ozalid copier in the middle. We’re still just as married.

  105. Rhett – City Hall Plaza transports me to the Soviet Era.

    It’s hideous. There was a plan to sell the land and tear it down to build office buildings/condos and use the money to build a new city hall on the waterfront. But, that plan died with the the last mayor.

  106. Rhett, I have a soft spot in my heart for that building. We used to buy stuff to eat and sit on that wall overlooking the plaza.

  107. RMS, I am desperately looking for a black long torso tank suit for lap swimming (my current one just collapsed). The link you provided, though, just shows regular torso. I am so frustrated! I need long torso, Tback or cross straps (the straps that simply plunge fall off my shoulders), and preferably in black. Lands End was my go to but they are out of stock on the one I like, and the model I don’t like (I own one so I know I don’t like it – has this plastic bit that digs into my skin) is the only other one.

  108. Somebody on one of the sewing groups I follow just posted “I want to dress like Stevie Nicks and Eileen Fisher had a baby”. I think that would be my choice too!

  109. Well,, I explored that site a little, but the suits are really expensive and all seem to have foam bras, which I try to avoid for lap swimming, and the kind of straps that fall down my shoulders.

    A lot of people told me to look at swimoutlet, but they only have 2 long torso suits in their hundreds of offerings. Sigh. I may have to just wear the suit with the painful plastic piece.

  110. I can’t do anything about the shoulders, but that basic black tank does not have a foam bra. I HATE those. They don’t follow me when I swim fast, if you know what i mean.

  111. Back in the day, we used to tie the back of the straps together with string if they slipped down your shoulders. There’s probably some kind of special-purpose clip for that now.

    Another place to look is Kiefer. They have long torso suits. They also have some good sales.

  112. Ah, OK. I explored the site a bit but was having trouble finding descriptions.

  113. MM, it’s probably too late for this season, but my new go-to lap swimming suit is a Speedo sold by Costco for $20 ($16 on sale). It doesn’t last me more than 3 months with daily use in a chlorine pool, but I just buy a bunch of them when they first appear in the late winter/early spring. In our area, where most women have larger bodies, the small sizes (6 and 8) are still available but all of the larger ones are long gone. It does have a bit of a padded bra, but is actually better for modesty than the typical Speedo tank because you can keep wearing it as it stretches and fades rather than having to toss it because the fabric has become transparent. It doesn’t come in a long torso version, but some of the styles work well for long torsos if you try going up from your usual size.

  114. RMS, I am not familiar with Kiefer – are they reliable? This one shows it not shipping until Aug 9, which must mean it is not in stock.

    Scarlett, I can’t wear most Speedos because the torsos are too short. They are laughable – come up about 3/4 of the way up and that is it. The long torso version that RMS posted is the only long torso that they make, but it is fine – has the right straps. I am just concerned whether it will actually show up.

  115. Mooshi, you kill me. That suit is fine, there’s nothing ‘hideous’ about it.

    Meme. What was the fight about? The wedding itself?

  116. ““Not a fan of most facial hair (other than eyebrows).”

    Careful, you’re thinking like me.

    Finn – Yes indeed. I was thinking of you when I wrote that. =)

  117. I converted to swim shorts 2 years ago for our beach vacations, and I am so annoyed that I didn’t do it sooner. It is so much more comfortable for actually running around/walking/playing on the beach! No chafing, can match with any top (lighter control for just hanging out, heavier control if I am going to be playing wiffleball and beach games all day with kids, etc). And they dry so fast! (I make it a point to buy the ones made out of the same material as swim trunks, not the thick lyra material). I told DH that men have had it right all along. I like the ~5″ inseams – not too much bulk, but not bermuda material that flaps around in the water. No need for a coverup in a lot of instances – just throw a t shirt or tank top on over the tankini top.

    I like the ones that have a liner vs. having to also wear a suit bottom underneath.

  118. I wear swim shorts and a tankini top for taking the kids to the pool. But I don’t like lap swimming in them – they tend to fall off! And that extra fabric, much appreciated on the side of the pool, is annoying when swiming for real.

  119. Mooshi, I order from Kiefer all the time. They are very reliable.

  120. converted to swim shorts 2 years ago for our beach vacations, and I am so annoyed that I didn’t do it sooner.

    But then your tan line is all wrong! This is why I only wear tank tops outside in the summer. I don’t care that my arms are lumpy old lady arms, but I by-god will not have a tee-shirt tan. Nossir. You can take the girl out of California in the 70s, but you can’t take the 70s California out of the girl.

  121. @RMS – I am the same way with tank tops, but having tan upper thighs is really not a priority for me!

  122. I never tan, only burn, so I just slather with sunscreen and do not worry about tan lines

  123. They did not provide explanation. DS manned up and took 95 percent of the blame. Wise move. They will go to a counselor too to learn how to fight nicely.

  124. I am very pale, but even with sunscreen, I can easily get a farmer tan from one day in the sun. The contrast is still there, it’s just that the “tan” part is not very dark.

  125. “converted to swim shorts 2 years ago for our beach vacations, and I am so annoyed that I didn’t do it sooner. ”

    At my kids’ events, a lot of moms pair the swim shorts with rash guards.

  126. “If you don’t like it, avert your eyes.”

    When I was young, I avoided tank tops because my arms weren’t big enough, but as I got older, I took a similar attitude. They’re just too comfortable to not wear in many situations.

  127. “No need for a coverup in a lot of instances – just throw a t shirt or tank top on over the tankini top.”

    Yes, I like this about swim shorts.

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