2017 Politics open thread, June 11-17

Any political thoughts?


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  1. I listened to an old Freakonomics podcast today from 2012 about the presidential election at the time and how useless it is to vote. I couldn’t help but wonder if the authors/economists would think that it is so useless after this election cycle.
    On a separate note I have been thinking for a while about or family leave policies especially maternity leave. I have a close friend who lives in a European country with a very generous maternity leave policy. She just shared with me that right before her employer found out she was pregnant they had offered her a promotion but as soon as they found out rescinded the offer. She attested that it is very hard to find non discriminating employers for young women because many business owners and even corporations do not want to deal with 1+ yrs absences.

  2. ” She attested that it is very hard to find non discriminating employers for young women because many business owners and even corporations do not want to deal with 1+ yrs absences.”

    I absolutely believe that this would be the case, which is part of the reason that I am skeptical that European-style maternity leave policies would actually be good for women in the US. The labor laws in Europe are very different too – it is so difficult to fire someone in some countries & it leads to a system where many professional workers are temporary/through staffing agencies and not hired directly. Not sure that is great either.

  3. TDH, is the country Germany by any chance. They are awful towards working women in just about every way. I knew a couple who had postdocs in a university lab there. When she had a baby, German law said that one of the parents had to take leave. Neither one of them wanted to, so the professor in charge of the lab (who was Swiss, and often shook his head at German labor laws) divided the postdoc in two so that both were halftime, which evidently got them around the requirement. Of course, this was in the 90’s, and I think some aspects of German labor law have changed – but not the underlying attitude that women should be at home.

  4. The country is in Eastern Europe, not Germany.

    I agree that having a long family leave may not be productive for career and employment prospects. I believe however that we should have 4-6mo leave. That is enough to emerge from the newborn fog and it is barely noticeable on the career/employer radar. When I came back from my time off of 4.5 months my team was dealing dealing with the exact same issues as when I left.
    I don’t see it happening in the US however.

  5. Since this am’s shooting at the GOP baseball practice, 2 more have occurred. One in Brooklyn at Barclays and one in San Francisco at a UPS facility. 4 dead in SF.

  6. Sorry if I made you nervous. I am at work nowhere near the area. I will need to pass through that area later though. I highly doubt this is related to the other shootings.

  7. You guys have to read this article. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. Reporters from Vox asked Republican senators some key questions. What are the specific goals of your healthcare bill? What specific outcomes do you think it will achieve? What is the mechanism by which this bill leads to the outcome you want?
    None of them could answer these very basic and important questions! They have NO CLUE. They don’t know what they are trying to solve or how their bill might work.

    “Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi: AHCA “will encourage more freedom”” – All of Wicker’s answers are especially funny – if no other, read his interview in full because it is clear by the end of it that he has no idea what the bill does.
    “Sen. Chuck Grassley says AHCA will bring certainty to the market because insurers will “know what the government policy is” – um, and they didn’t know what the government policy was under the ACA? This answer makes no sense.
    “McCain on the problems this bill is trying to solve: “They’re trying to get to 51 votes”” ” I think this quote about sums it up.


    Ross Douthat’s tweet on this article “Republican politicians and health care policy continues to appear to be a match made in hell.”

  8. Trump thinks the healthcare bill is mean. Not sure what has changed since he had the Rose Garden party, but I imagine that P Ryan is less than pleased.

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