2017 Politics open thread, May 21-27

What’s on your mind?


15 thoughts on “2017 Politics open thread, May 21-27

  1. 4th circuit upheld the stay on the revised travel ban. 10-3 decision. On to the Supreme Court we shall go.

  2. WCE, did you see the WSJ article “Rural America is the New Inner City”? I can post it if you don’t have a subscription.

  3. RMS – I’d like to see it too, I don’t have a subscription. You could email it to us.

  4. From that WaPo article: “The meeting also was attended by Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser.”

    But her eeeeeeemails!!

  5. RMS – a FB friend puts #ButHerEmails on almost all of her posts. I have taken to using it a lot too.

    Remember all of Obama’s scandals? Like how he was an affirmative action admit to Harvard Law? I miss those days.

  6. RMS, thanks for the link. My current area has only moderate challenges. I’m currently sad for two church friends in late middle age. Within a week, the homeless alcoholic son of my friend was found dead at 34 and the brother of an acquaintance at small group died from complications of drug addiction. She is a group leader at the alternative high school and was open about what happened and said it seemed to make her students think. I had to restock my sympathy cards today.

  7. I’m sorry for your friends, WCE. Especially the one who lost a son. It’s so terrible to lose a child.

    The only good that can possibly come of this is that some white people will stop saying that it’s just those lazy, shiftless negroes who have these problems. Maybe eventually people will figure out that these are systemic problems.

  8. RMS – Thanks. The tone of the article was very matter of fact. The WSJ, as the voice of the mainstream/corporatist right, has an important role to fill in the current odd political and journalistic environment.

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