Halloween open thread

by Grace aka costofcollege

Here’s the most popular Halloween treat by state

Candy corn was the most popular in five states.  Really?

Influenster halloween candy map

Candy Corn Lovers Will Eat Candy Corn Anything—No Matter What It Tastes Like
Trick or treaters will score candy-corn flavored Oreos, Peeps and M&M’s, but confectioners often have no idea what candy corn should taste like; ‘eating an antique candlestick’

Here’s another description:  “It’s not candy, it’s not corn, it’s earwax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth”

What’s your favorite candy and how is your Halloween celebration coming along?


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  1. Yeah, I don’t get candy corn. I guess it’s a mercy there’s one fattening item I don’t like.

    We have mountains of candy but we always run out. Zillions of kids. Then we’re going over to the neighbors’ for their party. Our neighbor got laid off but she has enough money to retire so she’s going to start “following her passion”. So I guess we’ll have drinks and hear about that.

  2. The only way I like candy corn is when it’s incorporated into popcorn, with plenty of nuts. (and maybe some chocolate)

  3. Almond Joy? Seriously? WTH is wrong with us?

    I think we should have a post where we post cute Halloween kids’ costumes (to the extent folks are comfortable doing so). DS this year decided that more than anything, he wanted the purple bodysuit with the rainbow-striped wig and cape, and he is pretty ridiculously excited about it. Umm, ok. But I am totally taking pictures to whip out at your wedding.

  4. Kids are too old to trick or treat. DS2 has a science exam tomorrow. Hoping to watch a Halloween movie tonight, and hand out candy. My favorite = Take 5. Peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzels. Yum! Second favorite = Kit Kats. Already ate one bag of each (over the past month).

  5. I had to come into the city today for a meeting. Roads and trains were less crowded. I wonder if a lot of people take off for Halloween stuff.

    I’m beyond the parades at school, but my tween is still trick or treating in a large group later today. It’s the first year that I can stay home and distribute candy in over a decade.

    We live in a dense community and we receive a lot of kids. I have enough candy, but I just hope the pizza guy comes through for dinner. We are hosting kids this year, so I have to feed them something other than candy corn. Luckily, it’s a Monday so no parents are coming and everyone will leave by 8.

  6. If I walk around random offices in Houston, Boston and Los Angeles with a platter of Kit Kats, Resees, Snickers, Starburst, Life Savers and Candy Corn, in some cities people are really going to pick the Life Savers, Starburst, or Candy Corn first? I find that impossible to believe.

  7. DD#1 has a trunk or treat event at her school she is working. All the clubs sponsor a trunk and hand out candy. But, oddly enough, a friend of hers lives in a neighborhood where kids through HS trick or treat. Her friend is having a party, which she’ll go to after the school event. Not sure if she will trick or treat with them as she has a math exam first thing tomorrow.

    DD#2 is going to a friend’s house. Friend’s younger brother is a 1st Grader. So, these two HS freshman are going trick or treating as his escorts, but I think they are also planning to collect candy. Before DD#1 went to HS, going to DD#2’s friend’s house was a family affair.

    When I was a kid, 8th grade was the last year for going door-to-door in costume unless you were the chaperone for younger kids. But, even though you might be in costume, you didn’t collect candy. I think the older kids trick or treating is still a sign of delaying growing up.

  8. My current state says Reese’s and I can believe that given the hype on TV and my friends. NJ is sour patch kids… something I never recall getting…

    DS is a devil this year. I debated letting him whip around a pitch fork, but it’s the size of him and he’ll take someone out. I’m leaving work early today to get some pictures in our highly decorated yard before the kids come. We are also trick or treating with a few friends around our neighborhood. I’ll probably try to hit our friends’ houses so they can see DS. Then home to hand out more candy to the kiddos.

    I do have to remember to turn on our motion-deterction eyeballs – they light up and spin. And get a chair for our newest addition – a skeleton. Not sure where he is going to live in the off-season. He’s taller than my mom.

    Next year should be fun – sibling costume ideas?? :) I’m an evil parent.

    I think I should wait an additional week before taking my glucose exam – I’ve been living on carbs and simple sugars for the past 2 weeks.

  9. This morning, I went to the costume parade at my daughter’s school. She’s in fourth grade, and that’s the last year the school has the kids participate in the Halloween parade. It was a poignant moment for me — it seems like just yesterday that she was a baby, and she and I went to see my then three-year-old DS’ first Halloween show at his preschool.

    DD is obsessed with Greek mythology these days, and she insisted that our whole family go out this year dressed up as Greek gods and goddesses. To my surprise, DS signed on to this idea, so DH and I went along with it. So, DD (Athena), DS (Zeus), DH (Hermes) and I (Aprhodite) will be out and about this evening. My mother-in-law will man the candy bowl at our house.

    We have a really great trick-or-treating neighborhood; Halloween night is like a huge block party. I’m looking forward to it.

    I loved candy corn as a kid, but can’t stand it now. My favorite candy is $100,000 bars. They’re hard to find around here these days, so when I find them at the store, I buy a few bags to stock up.

  10. SweetTarts for our state? WTF?

    Rhett – I’d take startburst off your tray, especially lemon and orange

    Personal favorite is Reeses, though starting to be too sweet for me.

    DS is too old for TOT and football just ended for him this weekend, so this is his first “normal” week where he can come home when at dismissal and actually do homework in a non-exhausted state (i.e. starting at ~730 or 8 pm post school/sport/shower/dinner). Good thing, too, since he has a big paper due at the end of the week, not to mention actually focusing on getting his college application essay(s) down well.

  11. Rhett, we have lots of chocolate, but we buy the brands that you mentioned for kids with nut or dairy allergies.

    I try to offer as much “safe” candy as possible along with a separate bowl filled with all of the chocolate that usually has warnings about nuts.

    I started Good Girls Revolt on Amazon.
    It’s a show for Prime, and I’m enjoying it. The clothes and music are great. The acting is not of the same caliber as Mad Men, but I enjoyed the first few episodes.

  12. Kids school always arranges end of quarter so that Halloween and the day after is off.
    DS has a really spooky costume and is going to a friends house. This is sad because it is a sign of growing up and not being with our neighborhood crowd of kids.
    DD will go out with the neighbors and pre trick or treating there is neighborhood pizza. I walk along and give my neighbors a hand keeping track of where all the kids are.
    DH gives out full sized candy bars so everyone makes our house their first stop.

  13. I suspect Baby WCE may have two or three trick-or-treat escorts through elementary school, and even if I warn the escorts that they are merely escorts, our neighborhood has so few trick or treaters and our neighbors are so generous that the escorts will still make out like fat rats.

  14. Luckily DD decided to be a book character for Halloween because quite late the school told us that her grade had to dress as book characters. Some kids take picking their Halloween costume seriously and plan way in advance :-).

  15. Well, this is the Totebag, so lighthearted though the OP may have been, I’m going to say that I think this is a bullshit study. :)

    It’s not a scientific analysis, but an online poll with voluntary participation. And they asked respondents for their “favorite,” but then tallied and reported those “favorites” as “most popular.”

    What’s your favorite car? Maserati.
    The most popular car in Florida is the Maserati.
    Not the same thing.

    I might give this outfit a little more benefit of the doubt if they didn’t come up with Toblerone as the most popular Halloween candy in Arizona. I kind of doubt that if I took my kids trick-or-treating through Scottsdale, they’d collect more Toblerones in their plastic pumpkins than any other item.

    Otherwise, there could be something interesting underneath about candy preference based on demographics, similar to how it’s a mystery to me why Sprite is almost exclusively liked by African Americans, and parent company Coke seems to only advertise Sprite accordingly.

  16. My DD#2 does not eat chocolate, so anything with any chocolate in it at all is off her list. She likes candy corn, spree, sweetarts, skittles and the lolipops. The skittles are not really braces friendly nor are the taffy, starbursts, and non-chocolate tootsie rolls – all of which she would eat, but not as a first choice. Candy corn was more popular in younger grades as a non-chocolate go-to because a lot of the kids didn’t like the sourness of spree and sweetarts.

    Candy corn isn’t my first choice and I totally agree that it is not consistently made across the board.

  17. “So, these two HS freshman are going trick or treating as his escorts, but I think they are also planning to collect candy.”

    I always make sure to give those kids candy. I figure they have usually been pressed into service by their parents and so deserve a “good sibling” reward.

    “I think the older kids trick or treating is still a sign of delaying growing up.”

    You know, this may be the only time in recorded history where a mind (mine) was changed by something that showed up in my FB feed — it was basically, I’d rather my child be trick-or-treating than out getting in trouble; they’re too young to be going to parties with sexy costumes and such, so just give them the damn candy.

  18. My 11th grader is not trick or treating for the first time. He will be doing homework. Sad, because he always created the best costumes. The 9th and 5th grader are going out. I will go with them which means freezing to death as they traipse for miles, since they want 10 pounds of candy each.
    The 5th grader has a jacket that duplicates some video game character that she thinks is cool, a mirror mask and a cane. For some reason she wanted a steampunk cane. The 9th grader hasn’t told me what he is going to be but it does involve white latex gloves – we had to run out to Target last night to get them

  19. “I think the older kids trick or treating is still a sign of delaying growing up.”

    We went trick-or-treating in college.

  20. Even though I am complaining about slogging around in the cold, I will very much miss these days when the youngest gets too old. I wish we could have adult trick or treating.

  21. I’ve never liked candy corn but DD loves it. I don’t get it. I am a Milky Way person. Or I was — because wouldn’t you know, sugar is terrible for bones, so my gregan diet does not include Milky Ways. *she sighs as she finishes her barely edible pea protein shake w/ ground hemp and stares at her dessert banana*

  22. Candy corn isn’t my first choice and I totally agree that it is not consistently made across the board.

    This. There is a huge difference between good candy corn (Brach’s) and bad candy corn (pretty much any other brand). Good candy corn beats the crap out of pretty much all other candy. Bad candy corn should be used to coerce confessions out of criminals.

  23. I have no problem with older kids ToTing as long as they make a decent effort with their costumes.

  24. Love candy corn. Eating some now. Only Brachs though! I also love butterscotch!

    Daughter going as 11 from Stranger Things. Son too old, too much homework.

    +1 on The Night Of – superb program. Current obsession – Goliath on Amazon. David E Kelly legal thriller – Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, Maria Bello – so twisty, so well acted. I’m gonna go watch more now!

  25. “My 11th grader is not trick or treating for the first time. He will be doing homework”

    Mooshi this made me so sad !

  26. “I have no problem with older kids ToTing as long as they make a decent effort with their costumes.”

    and they fully play the game (ie actually say “trick or treat” vs just standing on my doorstep expecting me to know what they want).

  27. I went TOTing into college – I would bring my cousin around (10 years younger). I always dressed up and always got candy. I got DH (then boyfriend) to come with me. He was a wizard that year, and I think had more fun with us than he did when he was younger.

    We did get a ton of “aren’t you a little old?” questions and my answer was always “yes, but we’re having fun.” And it was better than being at some party where everyone gets drunk and dresses as sexy whatever without a thought to creating the costume.

  28. Swedish Fish! One of mine loves ’em. As well as Bit O Honey (which is hard to find). The other kid is an Almond Joy kid. DH used to like Reese’s peanut butter cups but has switched to Kit Kat. Me – classic M&Ms. So not you all know what we gave out!

    Friday was a Halloween party at school. Yesterday was in-building trick or treating. Tonight is neighborhood trick or treating. I like seeing all the neighborhood decorations. People REALLY get into them here.

  29. I had one kid who was dressed in a great costume, was going door to door saying “Trick or Treat” but then whose Dad said, “no thanks. We’ll get candy tomorrow night [in the neighborhood trick or treating.]”

    So weird! I felt so sad for that kid!

  30. “I will go with them which means freezing to death as they traipse for miles, since they want 10 pounds of candy each.”

    Blergh. I thought you were a dense neighborhood? ABQ was like a candy desert (we lived in a neighborhood of acre lots), but now my kids get that basically traversing our neighborhood. Our favorite is, of course, the house down the street that hands out full-sized candy bars.

    So last night around 5, I start cooking dinner, and DH says he has to run to Home Depot to get replacement bulbs for the ceiling fan lights. A half-hour later, he comes in through the back door with two replacement bulbs. Plus (i) a total shit-eating grin, and (ii) a 7′ tall talking/moving Grim Reaper with light-up red eyes. “He spoke to me.”

    Reminds me why I love the guy.

  31. Sprite is almost exclusively liked by African Americans….

    Although sprite is vile, my brother likes it and so do two of my kids…..

  32. Candy corn oreos are an abomination. Why do the oreo people keep trying to invent new oreo flavors when it never works out well.

    Like Mooshi, my high school junior is staying home and doing homework.

    We don’t get trick or treaters, but I still buy candy :)

    We take the kids, er kid now, in town to trick or treat. We meet up with a family that is hosting the adults, everyone brings a dish, eventually everyone goes home and feels sorry for teachers the next. day. when the kids were younger, we’d go with them and the adults could trick or drink.

  33. “Why do the oreo people keep trying to invent new oreo flavors when it never works out well.”

    Generally agree, though I happen to think the Mint Flavored Oreo Thins are great.

  34. “Why do the oreo people keep trying to invent new oreo flavors when it never works out well.”

    I saw some sort of pumpkin flavored Oreo atrocity at the store last week. Gross.

  35. “Plus (i) a total shit-eating grin, and (ii) a 7′ tall talking/moving Grim Reaper with light-up red eyes. “He spoke to me.””

    That’s kinda how the 5’5″ skeleton ended up in our house – though I saw it at BJs asked DH for my “one new item for the season” and he walked in carrying the darn thing a week later. DH apparently buckled it in the backseat, though it doesn’t bend too well at the hips/knees.

    I may keep it in car in the off season to use the HOV lane in Boston… I’ll buckle him between the two car seats.

  36. Laura, we are in a dense neighborhood. That makes it worse – there is always ONE MORE HOUSE next to the one we are at. By the time we have finished with all the “just one more houses”, we have been out for hours

  37. My eldest has reached the age of pushing back slightly against ToT’ing with parents and younger siblings (understandably so, imo, because by 9, I was running around the neighborhood with two or three friends and a couple of pillowcases while our parents were at home, but different time now, yadda yadda).

    She started talking a few weeks ago about going with some friends, and DW got into discussions [unnecessarily, as I see it] about why that may or may not work, and DD was pushing back. I just said to her privately “if you want to invite some friends, you’re welcome to do that” suspecting, correctly it seems, that the friends’ parents were not yet ready to turn their own kids over for the night.

    So it looked like I was going to be folding down the third row of the van and driving around, as is the custom in our neighborhood, except just now we got a last-minute invite to join the neighbors on their straw-bale-filled cargo trailer. I can’t tell for sure if we’re B-list guests, or if they’re just characteristically disorganized and late to put these things together, as DW suspects. Their eldest is in middle school, so it may be that she only now knew for certain that she and her friends would NOT be going in the trailer, thus the extra room (which is what the mom indicated). At least my kids will be thrilled.

    But DW was told that the dads are going in the trailer, and the moms are staying back to give out candy at the end of the cul-de-sac, so even though DW wanted to go ToT’ing, she doesn’t want to be the only mom there.

    I may just buy my own cargo trailer before next Halloween so that we can invite the kids’ friends of their choosing. It will be worth it to avoid this drama as my kids enter the middle school years.

  38. “I may just buy my own cargo trailer before next Halloween so that we can invite the kids’ friends of their choosing. It will be worth it to avoid this drama as my kids enter the middle school years.”

  39. Milo – the parents in our neighborhood walk around with adult beverages while supervising ToT. I refrain because two hours of walking, drinking, chatting and keeping track of kids would do me in.

  40. I like candy corn and Almond Joy, but sweet tarts are so sweet they hurt my teeth, and skittles make me too hyper.

    DS wanted to go to the kiddy ToT at the shops near where we live last week, but the doc said that whatever his fever was from might be contagious. I’ll see if he wants to go mingle among the ToT’ers tonight. He has a costume of sorts–two red heart stickers and some black tape arranged like that emoji on a yellow shirt–and stuff to hand out. It’s a bunch of little things that were left over party favors, etc, from over the years. We’ve gathered quite a bit together while decluttering.

  41. DS went as Kris Bryant (Cubs player) complete with eye black and Cubbie-blue sunglasses. Our neighborhood Halloween was yesterday. This was the first year that he was truly excited for it, and looked forward to it for weeks. In the past, he’s been kinda meh about it. It’s a really fun neighborhood event.

    The World Series game last night was incredible. What as experience! It was so loud and so amped up. Fun to see all the international media too. Who knew Quebec has their won sports network that covers baseball?

    @Milo – we did a hay ride TOT one year wth relatives who live in the country. It was a lot of fun. The houses are so far apart that they didn’t get a ton of TOT’ers & some were giving out multiple full sized candy bars to get rid of them and lavishing attention on our kids. It was great.

  42. When did ToTing stop being an all-day event? When I was a kid, we would start as soon as we got home from school, stop for a short dinner break, and then go all evening. If it was a weekend, we’d start around noon and go all day. When did it turn into only after dinner?

  43. I find Halloween exhausting. I am the Grinch of Halloween.

    Our oldest shares my outlook on it, and is relieved to be of the age (middle school) where he can just stay home without it being weird. Our youngest (elementary school) is All. In.

    Our youngest wanted to trick or treating with his best friend, but we said no. We said the friend was welcome to come with us. We didn’t want the other parents in charge of supervising our kid. They are the kind that invite him over to spend the night, and then leave the kids with a babysitter and go out drinking. I am so not into that.

  44. DS wrote his letter to Santa yesterday (with my help). He asked if he would get presents today. I think he has his holidays mixed up. He is so excited about trick or treat! He is going as captain america.

  45. “When did it turn into only after dinner?”

    Ours was only ever after dinner. Nowadays it seems to be age-segregated — the little bitty tots will start around 5-6; the big crunch is 7-9; and then pretty much only the HS crowd comes after 9. Which is high risk/high reward — many folks are out of candy, but we learned the first year and now usually buy way too much and so are typically giving it out by the handful after about 8:30.

    “I am the Grinch of Halloween.”

    You know, the funny thing is that I am Holiday Girl — totally not into the decorating, crafting, make-it-pretty-ing, but I really love the big family holidays. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, July 4th, etc. — any excuse to get family/friends together and celebrate (yeah, ok, Passover should be in there, but it’s so long I more tolerate it). But I was never huge on Halloween. My family just doesn’t “decorate,” and since that seems to be the primary “thing” once you’re too old to trick-or-treat, the whole holiday was just sort of meh — three hours of “let’s see if I can hide the Reese’s in the bottom of the bowl so there will be some good stuff left for me.”

    But DH is completely the opposite. He is a grump about *any* holiday — whine, bitch, moan, grunt, grumble, kvetch, sulk. Except Halloween. For some reason, he adores Halloween and turns into a little kid again. I mean, homemade coffins? Who does that?

    So, you know, you go with what you’ve got. I am now totally a Halloween person and am now counting the hours until I can head home and get the rest of the decorations up.

  46. We have another family coming over. The younger ones (still grades 7-9, not that young) are planning to head out as a bunch, the high school juniors will hang out but may possibly decide to throw on capes and masks and hit a couple of houses, and the adults will have a civilized dinner and man the door. My daughter is Holtzmann from the new Ghostbusters, and she’s wearing it at school too. My younger son was going to be a boy carrying a gas can and a box of matches with death looming over his shoulder, but then yesterday he said he was just going as death himself (we had a robe, mask, gloves, scythe to stuff and attach to him), and then this morning for school he ended up wearing an old tabard and fake chain mail (it’s like a very loose knit silvery-gray tunic) and belt with a crown, because no masks allowed. So who knows what he’ll actually wear tonight.

  47. and then pretty much only the HS crowd comes after 9.

    We turn off the porch light at 9.

  48. I went to 9:30 AM yoga. There was a guy dressed as a woman for Halloween. Not a transwoman, because transwomen don’t wear cheap-ass blonde wigs from Party City and Jackie O sunglasses and ruffled crop tops to hot power yoga. He was completely baked, and partway through class he left to smoke more dope, judging by the smell when he came back. He didn’t follow any of instructor’s cues. His girly makeup melted off his face and onto his towel. Now why would you get wasted and dressed up and go to hot power yoga at 9:30 AM? Cray.

  49. Kate,

    Growing up in my family, my gas was taken care of by my dad who founded his company. It was spun as a business expense, trying to eliminate some taxes in ways I didn’t understand. I know my car was bought by the company too — it was a depreciable asset.

    That’s felony tax evasion.

  50. Now why would you get wasted and dressed up and go to hot power yoga at 9:30 AM?

    That is a guy who’s living his best life.

  51. “When did ToTing stop being an all-day event? When I was a kid, we would start as soon as we got home from school, stop for a short dinner break, and then go all evening. If it was a weekend, we’d start around noon and go all day. When did it turn into only after dinner?”

    This must be a Jersey thing. I distinctly remember doing this. We’d rush to finish homework before we went out, then before dinner, for dinner, and after dinner. Weekend Halloweens were the best – we were out the door early afternoon and not back until Church, then out again until our parents made us come home.

    Last year’s Halloween was a low turn out for my neighborhood. It was kind of depressing.

    Lord knows what this year will bring, so I kept my receipts to return unopened bags.

  52. We wait patiently for it to get dark but start anyway by 6 pm. I realized that it takes two hours to go to all the participating houses in the neighborhood. So by 8 pm we are done. We have distinct developments here so unless you drive to another development most kids walk around within their development and depending on how many houses there are they could done quickly or take hours.

  53. You all will like this – There is a 50+ comment discussion going on in my local moms group site about what everyone’s strategy is for dealing with all of the candy that the kids collect but cannot possibly eat. Tips include not letting the kids ToT at all/only allowed to give out candy and allowing the kids to have 3 pieces and then making one of the parents take the remaining to work.

  54. Trick-or-treating in my town (and in the surrounding towns) has official, published times. It starts at 5:30 and ends at 7:30.

  55. Almond joy is my favorite!

    Ivy, I need to move into your neighborhood seriously! Maybe our singletons can play together.

    I am having a minor moment of panic because we don’t have candy to give out! I and DH thought that the other bought Halloween candy. We are both working from home and our tot’ers will start tricking in soon!

  56. “what everyone’s strategy is for dealing with all of the candy that the kids collect but cannot possibly eat. ”

    What is this? Even if it is embargoed and given out parsimoniously by the parent (e.g. 1 piece/day in lunchbox + 1 piece as post dinner snack) it’s still going to be eaten by the time Christmas (candy) rolls around.

    The three given options are total crap.

    Obv a Dad’s perspective.

  57. One of the girls came to my house with a shopping bag full of junk. Oreos, chips, candy etc etc.

    I can’t believe how much stuff their stuffing into their bodies. I just keep thinking that it’s just one day.

  58. Kate — my parents would only let us keep what would fit in a Ritz cracker can after Halloween night, and the rest would get donated. We each had our strategy for how to fit the most and best stuff in.

    I don’t set a deadline on my kids, but after a few weeks they’ve eaten the favorites and lose interest in the rest and the stuff starts to look nasty, and then it quietly disappears. Of course now that they’re older they have more of a candy preservation strategy, and if someone has her candy all organized and bagged and stored I’ll leave it alone.

  59. I let my kids eat a bunch for a day or two, then it becomes a regular treat for a week or two and then I eventually I get sick of looking at it and toss it while they are sleeping (after stealing all of the milk duds because I love them so much and never go to the movies any more and buy them).

  60. One parent (and by parent, I mean mother) said she makes her kids come up with a price list that she approves and then she buys the candy from them. They are allowed to keep 5 pieces and she only buys it once they have correctly added up the total. So, you can have a math lesson rolled in to Halloween candy. How fun. :/

  61. One of my kids ate more candy than they should have two days after Halloween. Kid got sick and realized that “you will feel ill” wasn’t a myth. Now, I do give my standard warning but they are old enough not eat too much.

  62. “I get the sense that this comes from an UMC mom disordered eating place.”


    For some reason, the whole candy seizing really rubs me the wrong way.

  63. Never heard of all-day Trick or Treating. Must be a rich person thing, like dad buying you a company car.

    Back in VA, no one came to the door before 6, and that was pushing it, because in most houses both parents aren’t home by then. Traffic was always awful and DH was always late and there was always a mini-crisis about how I could both take the kids out AND be home to hand out candy. The first year in the midwest, the kids were at the door at 5, and no one was sure where the candy was (Mom had to hide it of course). I was surprised at the number of “you’re too old for this” kids who showed up with some sort of costume and no younger siblings to justify themselves, but it seems kind of cute that they still care about free candy at their age instead of free beer, so I don’t mind. However, after 8:30 we’re done and the lights go off. We are also Halloween grinches who haven’t even bothered to carve a pumpkin since youngest DS went to college. All of them were also “meh” about the whole thing once they were about 10, especially because they usually got tons of stuff that they didn’t want, and thought it would be much more efficient to just go to the store with $10 and buy Reese’s cups.

  64. Anon @ 3:00 was me. Someone closed my tabs and erased all of the history on my desktop.

  65. When I was a kid, we always waited until dark. Even when I was small. I am shocked now by the moms bringing their preschoolers around as early as 4. Not many people are home!

  66. Someone closed my tabs and erased all of the history on my desktop.

    College son stopped by for a visit, did he?

  67. We follow HM’s approach with candy, except I do one cull right off the top and bring it into work. Mainly so DH and I don’t eat it. The kids never notice that anything has been taken.

  68. We parcel out the candy one or two at a time after the first couple of days and eventually they lose interest/it gets old tasting.

    ToT here is always later in the day – 530 or 6ish until 8. Although this is the first year in the new house so I don’t know how long the kids will show up (or if any will come here) or how long we’ll be out/how long the kids will last. We have to walk for a ways to get to the area where there are more houses closer together.

    I grew up on THE Halloween street in my town due to a famous neighbor. It was very exciting and at the peak (late 80s? early 90s?) we had 450 kids a year.

  69. When the kids were little, we would put the candy up and the kids could each have a piece after dinner. Eventually the leftovers were thrown away.In recent years, the candy has been emptied on the table and picked over. There is a significant parent tax and transportation fee. The kids each as they choose and eventually the leftovers are thrown away.

  70. I LOVE Halloween, I have trick or treated for so long, because there is a 10 year age gap between my oldest and youngest. Now that my youngest has aged out, I go out with my little niece and my sister. When can you walk around the neighborhood, see great creative decorations, adorable kids in costumes, and get handed candy?!? Awesome. I know it’s disloyal to say, but so much more fun to me than the carnaval we had growing up in Latin America- (except the music was better;)

  71. I’ve heard of people buying candy from kids before. I suppose if the kids are all for it, there’s no issue.

    It does sound like that parenting/mother board discussion comes from an unhealthy-relationship-with-food place.

  72. I think buying candy from your kids is fine. I think limiting number of pieces consumed is fine. I think letting your kids pig out on it is fine. It just bothers me that there is this hand wringing 60+ (it is longer now!) comment discussion where grown women have to give each other tips and high fives over their strategies regarding candy. I am probably just being grumpy.

  73. Kate – Hallowe’en as an institution makes me grumpy, but I really loved going out with the kids in our city neighborhood – they could fill a grocery bag in 30 minutes without going more than 3 blocks from our house. We were of the pig out school, then discard. Those days are gone, though. We get about 10 kids, half of whom are too young for candy. I decided to give the cats a reprieve this year. The Yoda ears and Princess Leia braids will stay in the drawer. They really hate it, but I like the pictures.

    L – is this the house you mean?

  74. ” I am shocked now by the moms bringing their preschoolers around as early as 4.”

    It’s 4:40 now and I expect to see a few young-uns soon, but we don’t get many ToTers here. I bought a package of 160 candies. In years past I’ve had between about 10 and 30 ToTers, so I’ll start giving out 3-4 candies per kid until it disappears. I’ll probably be dressing up (Day of the Dead) and walking to my dance class a little later, so I hope to see ghosts and goblins on the way!

  75. My daughter begged for Yoda ears for one of our rabbits, which he hated as predicted, especially as they’re on a hood that lacks slits for his own ears. The Yoda thing is a harness that you can put a leash on, and she would like to take him for a walk, but walking rabbits is inherently problematic even without all the neighborhood dogs to consider.

    (His coloring is wrong for the Monty Python Rabbit of Caerbannog, even if his attitude is right.)

  76. I just finished The Night Of. Terrific. And only 8 episodes. We are going to start with Goliath next. Has anyone seen The Last Kingdom – BBC/Netflix? I have read all 9 soon to be 10 Uhtred books, and I somehow missed that it had been made into a series. Is it any good?

  77. I distinctly remember changing into my costume the moment I got home from school and being out and around the neighborhood by 4:00. We had lots of SAHMs in our neighborhood so trick-or-treating could go from the end of the school day until bedtime.

    I want to take Riobaby around, but with an under-1 I think I’d get weird looks. So instead we’ll sit out on the front lawn and hand out candy so I can show off the little costume.

    Oh, and apparently in some towns they “officially” do Trick or Treating on the Saturday before Halloween. Lamest thing ever in my view.

  78. There are hordes of T&T’ers all over out block now, even though the sun is still out

  79. CoC, I don’t understand why you don’t get as many as we do. Maybe because of the hill on your street?

  80. I really don’t like Halloween.

    I just had about ten 3rd grade boys, and there are lots of elementary school kids out already. I am counting the seconds until these girls leave. They are going crazy inside my house because it is too cold to be outside.

    When I as a kid, we would go around 6 to make sure people were home from work. This was all in apartment buildings, and it was so much easier because no issues with the weather.
    Daylight savings used to end in October, so it wasn’t light out for Halloween. It is light out now, so little kids tend to go around 4 – 5:30, and the older kids tend to go from 6- 8.

  81. Rio, noooo, you have to take the baby around to show the neighbors! I know you feel silly and they offer you candy and you don’t want to take it because it would seem like you were just angling for candy for yourself, but at least go to the handful of houses nearest to you or the ones you know best, because chances are excellent that they want to see Riobaby in costume.

  82. I want to see The Last Kingdom. I read the first book and liked it. We also want to revisit Merlin. We were watching a couple of years ago but it scared DD so we stopped.
    Right now, we are all into Designated Survivor. Just finished episode 3

  83. Please go out Rio. It makes this Nana’s evening to see all the babies in costume. As I said, half of my visitors are too young for candy. And although I only buy about 30 pieces of my favorite candies (Butterfingers no 1, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups no 2), I don’t want too many left over. No one goes out before 6 – it needs to be dark or almost so.

  84. Yes, yes, take the baby around. They’re sooo cute!

    Today is the one day I don’t like where I live. I want trick or treaters

    And decent public schools.

  85. just finished streaming Dr. Foster (british) first season on netflix. really liked it. it’s NOT a medical show. first broadcast on BBC.

  86. Go out Rio. If people have their lights on, they want to play Halloween. Cute little ones in costume are a treat for those of us whose kids are no longer cute little ones.

  87. And decent public schools.

    Buzzkill…DH and I had a conversation today about whether we needed to move or the youngest could make do with a tutor. I just wanted to think about kids and candy and costumes today.

  88. I remember TOTing as a kid after dinner. Probably around 6. It was always dark – I can tell that’s not just a false memory from the photos of my brothers and I on the front porch every year.

    Extremely lame that there is so much angst over the candy & how to parse it out. I’m sad for the kids that don’t get to go TOTing because of their parent’s food issues. We pick at the candy for a few weeks (one in the lunch bag, one or two after dinner), and then it gets to the dregs (Almond Joys and anything sour) and gets tossed sometime before Thanksgiving. No tricks or bribes required.

    The black & white Oreos are really good. My favorite.

  89. DD1 went out to a party this weekend as Bad Sandy (from the finale) from Grease. As she said, it says something that 100% of the costume came from items in her actual wardrobe. Last year DD2 met a fella at a party (lasted six months, a record for her) dressed as Wolverina – Wolverine as a drag queen. Several layers of meta, there.

  90. NoB, Wine, and LfB describe Halloween as I’ve always known it–evening hours, starting early enough for the littles to go with parents in daylight, extending until complete darkness, with teens preferring the later start. There’s a great meme I’ve seen on FB a few times–if teens aren’t trick or treating, it’s likely they will be invited to a party that is less wholesome, shall we say, for our youngsters. Give them the candy, let them be little for a while longer!

    I’ve never policed the candy. The natural consequence of binging is a tummy ache, lesson learned. My guy is likely to eat a trickle of, making it last so long that Easter candy gets added to the Halloween stash. That means some candy every day, but not very much. Both are fine by me.

    HM, sexy Indian costume got a whole new level of offensive this year by mocking the protesters in ND.

    Rio, add me to the pressure to get you to take the babe around, but just to a few houses, like maybe five. It’ll be fun!

    Laura, how can you not like a holiday where the main theme is transgression?

  91. My favorite year was when DSS was 5, and he and the neighbor boy both went as Batman. Because who wants to be Robin? Pfft. They were almost exactly the same size and DSS was blond and neighbor boy was a redhead and they ran all over the place yelling the Batman theme, you know, “Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo BATMAN!”

  92. It looks like we aren’t doing anything. There are a couple malls having ToT tonight (I think our neighborhood did it while we were away this weekend). I had thought DS could go hand out those party favors, but he is still getting over whatever bug he had last week, and is now sound asleep :(

  93. RMS, once when my nephew and his cousin both wanted to be Obi-Wan Kenobi (Phantom Menace version), one of the moms solved it with, “Ok, he’s Obi-Wan, and you’re OB-GYN!” The boys were fine with that.

  94. My first trick or treater came by. He will be 2 next week. He is Pakistani. He came as a police officer in a perfectly fitting immaculate dress blue uniform.

  95. I just had a gaggle of tweenage girls, all with very clever costumes. One was Audrey Hepburn, another was Steampunk (she started to explain the reference but I told her not necessary! How old do I look anyhow?) and the best so far was a Starbucks latte.

    My boys were NEVER that clever. For years, they were generic Army Guys.

  96. My neighborhood TOT is in full swing. I manned the door for 15 minutes but now DH has taken over. He loves to hand out candy bars. DD has disappeared in the neighborhood. I feel DS’s abence.
    Rio – I hope you went out.

  97. This is a ridiculously safe neighborhood, but several parents are following along IN CARS while their kids walk from house to house. It’s not yet dark here, not raining, and not even all that cold. WTF??

  98. DH bought dove bars and milky way bars. So far I have had 10 toters. Hope there are more! I am enjoying reading about lfb’s husbands grinch and Rhodes husbands skeleton! I would love ride around in a car with a skeleton sitting next to me!

  99. Scarlett, maybe they just had knee surgery or something :) sometimes we have people drive through because they are from out of town, and don’t want to leave the car if the kids get tired on the way.

    The best costume I saw today was a bag of jelly belly beans, using a clear trash bag and balloons with the logo.

    Lots of Shopkins here….

  100. In elementary, my son and his two best friends, who both lived on the culdesac, all went as various types of ninjas, chosen specifically for the awesome weapons. They were much more interested in pretend-sparring with their ice-machetes or whatever than getting candy. I can remember one of the other moms fearing the future interviews with the other culdesac moms “you know, they were always fascinated with weapons, even as young boys. Their mothers should have seen this coming…”

    Our ToTers have started. It’s daylight and 81° here, which is too hot for Halloween.

  101. Sky – my sister just said the exact same thing about the jelly bean costume about five minutes ago. She’s in Chicago so I’m going to guess it’s not the same kid.

  102. +1 for The Night Of. I heard that this will be a recurring series with a different crime each season. I recently finished the Amazon series “Transparent”, thanks to a recommendation on this site. I’m going to start the Americans sometime this week.

    TOT is very subdued tonight. I’ve only had three sets of kids. I’m meeting DH and DS in a little while at a friend’s house for a bonfire, appetizers and drinks. When my kids were little, they would come home after TOT, dump everything in a pile, and then trade among themselves. I let them have it all, but I’d sneak a couple of pieces a night after they were in bed.

    I really like candy corn but I won’t buy it ’cause I’ll eat the entire bag.

  103. Even I was surprised at how early Halloween ended here tonight because it’s not raining. Just chilly. I wonder if it is the Monday night effect, but everyone came between 4:45 and 6:30.
    Lots of kids, and the girls are still sorting and trading.

    One friend has at least 400 pieces, but I think she must have dumped out a bowl.

    Most of the middle school teachers assigned homework that isn’t due until Wednesday so they’re in no rush to go home.

  104. Coc, we stopped by your house to get your TorT count up. Kids got candy from a lovely young lady with black lipstick. Too bad I missed you

  105. I’m still riding the tailgate of an Explorer, watching the trailer. I’m ready for this to be over.

  106. S and M, they were here for two hours after school and that was nuts. Once they left for ToT, it was all good.

  107. But then we get to the house where they’re serving adults homemade apple-flavored moonshine in Dixie cups. Not bad.

  108. Ok, let’s see if this works – here is DS with his morph suit that he was so excited about, complete with wig, cape, and glow lights — http://imgur.com/OtYEYyH — I have just had the most awesome night tonight. SO nice to see your kid so excited about something. The funniest thing is that he couldn’t see (apparently you can see through in the daytime, but not so much when the sun goes down), so I spent most of the night steering him by the shoulders and trying not to laugh out loud. Meanwhile, DD was here carving pumpkins with her friends, and DH was manning the house and arguing with his sisters over who “won” the night. Pretty freaking awesome. Even if we do have about 6 bags too much candy. . . .

  109. That’s quite an effect, LfB! I did a doubletake at first to see the clear outlines of clothing underneath, and then realized that in much of the country you probably do need something under or over a morphsuit for outdoor wear. My daughter wore a Slenderman one a couple of years ago, and I don’t think either of us considered adding any layers for warmth . . .

  110. id like to post some photos but am not sure how to do it and make sure there is no path to my actual identity

  111. “You all will like this – There is a 50+ comment discussion going on in my local moms group site about what everyone’s strategy is for dealing with all of the candy that the kids collect but cannot possibly eat. Tips include not letting the kids ToT at all/only allowed to give out candy and allowing the kids to have 3 pieces and then making one of the parents take the remaining to work.”

    PPPPFFFFLLLTTTTTTTTT!!!!! They all need to be held down and force-fed Reese’s. Although Houston, I picked up a bag of Take 5 this year, and omg they are awesome! That would do as well. We keep the pumpkin in a pantry, and they can pull their candy out for dessert. Remnants tend to get cleaned out before the next major candy holiday.

    @Meme: The Last Kingdom is a book series? I watched it on BBC last year and really enjoyed it, but I didn’t know there were books so can’t say how well it compares.

  112. @HM – yeah, we thought it was going to be like 65, but it ended up closer to 50, so we dragged out his thermals from the ski bag, and I gave him one of my turtlenecks (that’s what you’re seeing, it was too big and bunched up in that pic).

  113. Mooshi, I don’t see anything on Laura’s pic that goes back to her id irl. But if you’re still worried, you could always post to the website CoC set up a couple of years ago. (It wasn’t used for much, besides LfB’s awesome faceted ceiling, but I assume it’s still there)

    HM, that’s funny. I’m still not used to it being so warm out on Halloween! If this child is well enough by the weekend, we’ll probably go to the waterpark.

  114. My kids have all the candy spread all over the dining room table right now and are busilly sorting and trading it. That is our strategy for candy – let them deal with it

  115. “and make sure there is no path to my actual identity”

    Are you saying you can trace me through my tinypics?

  116. @Mooshi – I used the imgr site CoC set up.

    Meanwhile, DS just came home after more than two hours. He asked me if I wanted a “special treat”; I said sure. He handed me (I am not making this up): Bitsy’s Brainfood (tagline: “Eat. Play. Learn.”), “Smart Cookies” — orange chocolate beet. But hey, they’re organic and nut free!

    Clearly those people need to move to Kate’s neighborhood.

  117. “Scarlett, maybe they just had knee surgery or something :)”

    Sky, that is *exactly* what I said to DH, trying to be charitable. But he saw kids getting into and out of cars at each house, which is even worse.

  118. One of my last visitors was wearing a costume that said “Ninja.” He was about 12 or 13. I asked him what a ninja was, exactly, and he didn’t know.

  119. Well, this Grinch had a lovely Halloween. Chili dinner with friends, then ToT’ing with youngest DS. Found his best bud, and we took the boys while the other kid’s parents went off to drink at another neighbor’s house (when we returned the child, at 7:45, they were slurring their words. Ugh). Roamed the neighborhood for 2 hours, then came home. Youngest DS delivered the loot to his brother (half of which was already consumed), and told his brother to take whatever he wanted. Too sweet.

  120. Meme – yes. :)

    We got 2 kids and DH reports they weren’t even in costume! Kids and I were out for a long time – this was the first year they were all old enough to walk around the whole time.

  121. slow night here. I think simply because it’s a Monday schoolnight. clear & cool (35-40). first ones came by about 615; last ones 845, then I shut down. Lots of candy to take to work tomorrow.

  122. Brought DS back home from his friend’s house. DD had gone through her candy and left DS a bag on his bed that said
    Dear DS
    I don’t like these candies. Happy Halloween. Love, DD

  123. We had a fun night. It was a carnival atmosphere around the neighborhood, and we caught up with a bunch of old neighbors, and met some new ones as well. It was cold, though — not much above 40 degrees. My kids’ teachers were kind enough not to assign any homework tonight, so the kids really got to enjoy the evening.

  124. Louise — When we got back from trick-or-treating, there were still 45 minutes left in our town’s trick-or-treat time block. My DD went through her candy bag, took the items she didn’t like, and put them into the bowl that held the candy that we were offering to trick-or-treaters who came to our door. Yes, she actually re-gifted items of Halloween candy.

  125. DD stayed home because all of her friends ditched her. She asked a bunch of them and they all had other plans, but none of them could think to say “do you want to come with us?” So she decided to go out and take candy from the bowls people left out. She said she was really proud of herself because she took too much from one of them and put a handful back.

  126. “Are you saying you can trace me through my tinypics?”

    While I don’t know how, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Besides the obvious of not posting pictures with, say, a piece of mail with your name and address visible, I’d mainly be careful not to post anything taken with the GPS turned on.

    I’ll be leaving work soon to meet DW and pick up the kids to go to DD’s friend’s house for dinner. Not sure if we’ll ToT– that will depend on the weather (it’s been raining a lot lately, and the forecast I saw last night called for more rain tonight) and how they’re doing with their homework.

  127. Hey, if anyone wants to send me photos I’ll add them to this post!

    You all are much more social than I, with your parties and neighborhood get-togethers.

    Our street goes uphill from the main cross street, plus homes on my side of the street have steps up to the doors. That may be part of the reason why we have fewer ToTers than neighboring streets.

  128. Yeah, one of your neighbors had all their Halloween lights on, so my kids climbed the thousand or so stairs up to the door – only to discover no one was answering the door. They were not happy! It was the big mansionlike house

  129. The lady across the street from us was giving out treat bags. She said she gave out around 175 of them.

  130. TOTers started at 6:10 and were done by 8:50. Very upsetting – we only went through 2 bags of candy (big BJs bags), so I’m thinking 150 kids? Not really bad, but when we first moved in we had more like 400 kids. I think it’s all about the age of the kids in our ‘hood, and the prevalence for Trunk or Treats (IMHO suck the cheesy fun out of Halloween).

    DS went TOTing. Mom manned the door (first time in FOREVER, so she was happy). DS really just wanted to walk the neighborhood, so we only really stopped at 5 houses and then just walked the circle. He got “hi” and “dank” (thank you”) down, but not “trick or treat”. I surprised my neighbor with my pregnancy by wearing my preggo halloween shirt (it’s a thought bubble over my belly saying “i’m dressed up as my mommy”). She was thrilled (she’s got 2 boys, 5 and 3) so we can have more play dates.

    We did hit our neighbor’s haunted house. DS wasn’t scared, waved to Freddy Kruger, and continued to rummage through his pumpkin while he walked (and fell). He took candy from the person manning the door, said hi to our neighbor, and was ready for home. Our friends stayed out longer, but their kids are 3 and over 2, so they actually got it. The 3 yr old was asleep on her feet by the time they got to our house.

  131. Coc – our neighborhood has some houses on “hills” and to get to the front door it is a long climb up the stairs. Those houses usually leave candy out in a bowl.
    Our whole area is full of rolling hills (piedmont).

  132. NoB,

    My kids used to re-gift candy too! Sometimes they came back at halftime to dump out the pumpkin, pull out all of the fruit-based and nut-containing and other objectionable items, and add them to the top of our bowl.

  133. And apropos of nothing….

    “A new study shows that a hormonal birth-control shot for males could effectively prevent pregnancy in female partners, but further studies were cancelled after the men involved in the study experienced side effects, primarily depression. The decision to curtail the studies is ironic, considering the growing evidence that hormonal birth control has similarly negative side effects for women.”


  134. Also apropos of nothing, Curly Putman, a mildly well known Country and Western songwriter, died. His most famous song was The Green Green Grass of Home. Here is a personal favorite version by Joan Baez, live on the Smothers Bros show in the late 60s. If you choose to click, you will see her crooked teeth. Sometimes it is helpful to me to remember how the world has changed in my lifetime, and I realize many people under 50 have no idea at all of how modest life used to be. Most people had teeth like that or worse when I was growing up.

  135. That many posts re what to do with the candy is funny. I bet a lot of it comes from the dynamics of online discussion–people think they should acknowledge each others’ posts, so they write something in reply, creating a post to which people think they should respond…

  136. Meme – while watching The Great British Bake Off – the first thing I noticed about many of the contestants was their teeth. The U.S. dental cosmetic standards are way higher.

  137. Rhode, so sweet! You know Trunk or Treat was invented to do just what you said it does, right?

    Scarlett, I see your point. Looking on the bright side, recognition that depression has a chemical basis is always good.

    NoB, my kid had the idea of “gifting” his rejects down at a startlingly early age, but I don’t think we’ve ever done it with Halloween candy. I think that’s clever! Most years we aren’t home anyway, because I’ve been out with him. Last year and this, we didn’t have anything to give out because staying home wasn’t planned.

  138. “(it’s a thought bubble over my belly saying “i’m dressed up as my mommy”)”

    @Rhode – Cute!

    Treat bags are cute, but way too much time & energy for me. Just let the kids grab handfuls from the bowl! :) DS is always a little upset at the one neighbor who gives out pencils. When he came back from TOTing he reported back two things – #1 – that neighbor gave out pencils AGAIN, and #2 – his cousin said she could have all of her candy with peanuts in it and he saw that she had FOUR Baby Ruths in her pumpkin. HA

    @Lark – slurring words at 7:45pm Monday night with elementary aged kids home/up? (yes I know it is Halloween, but…)

  139. Meme – I love that song, and Joan’s version of it. But I became familiar with it from the live recording of Johnny Cash singing it at Folsom Prison, which is endearing in its own way.

  140. @ Ivy – right?? It bothered me all evening, and it bothers me still. Our DS frequently spends the night over at their place, and DH and I decided last night we will be much more proactive in inviting their son to come to our place.

  141. I like both Joan Baez and Johnny Cash, but in this case, I like neither version. I think I just don’t like the song.

  142. That would concern me too, Lark, though that work hard-play hard (even with kids) lifestyle is common among many of the UMC professionals we know. I guess I’ll have to add alcohol to my list of paranoid mom playdate safety concerns along with pools, guns, car seats, unsupervised access to the internet etc.

    I can already tell I am going to fail in my desire not to be a helicopter mom.

  143. “but in this case, I like neither version”

    You could always try out the version by Porter Wagoner, or Charley Pride, or Merle Haggard, or Kenny Rogers, or Johnny Darrell, or Tom Jones.

    We don’t seem to get these songs these days that everyone remakes. Are the songwriters typically selling the rights differently?

  144. Milo – just a guess here, but maybe it’s how the music business has changed. Unencumbered by facts, here’s my hypothesis:

    Back when (i.e. 50s-60s?, the era of many of the singers you list) musicians/singers performed for their live audiences and made most of their money from that. What money they made from album / 45 sales was relatively small.

    More recently, say since the later 60s (Beatles & “British Invasion”), the concerts were in support of album sales and the performers made more money from record sales than concerts, so they played either stuff they wrote themselves or, if written by someone else, stuff they became famous for performing to boost music sales.

    As I said, fact-free analysis.

  145. Re: rights to songs – generally, artists who do not have a lot of notoriety assign all of their rights to a big name. That is how there are big music catalogues that are owned by companies that are unrelated to the artists. It is rare to have an artist own his or her own rights. Some retain some usage over them. But the companies are pretty strict with usage.

  146. We dragged the fire pit into the front yard and sat by the fire, giving out candy. We went through about 3 of the medium sized bags. Because our street is the last one in the subdivision, we don’t get many TOTers. Now, on to Thanksgiving!

  147. I believe so. It is now the exception, rather than the rule, that an artist will retain all of his/her rights rather than just a royalty. I wasn’t around in the 60s and before, but my understanding is that more artists retained their own rights then

  148. Whoops – CoC – when you get a second, could you make my last post anon? In a former life in a different city, I strangely was involved with this stuff.

  149. Many “house bands” in record companies in the 60s and before were made up of very poorly paid musicians. There is a fund for black musicians, especially blues headliners, who are in poverty because all the profits from their recordings went to record companies. I don’t know how it is for other musicians from that era.
    My impression was that artists were becoming aware of this and retaining rights to their recordings and songs more often, but I have no direct experience in the business. I’d be interested to hear a detailed answer to Milo’s question about how the music industry has changed.

  150. “It is now the exception, rather than the rule, that an artist will retain all of his/her rights rather than just a royalty.”

    But I wonder about the songwriters. Unlike with “Green Green Grass of Home,” they must be selling exclusive rights either to the record companies or artists.

  151. They transfer rights to a music publishing co. It is kind of an administrative mess to administer the rights and many writers don’t want to do it or have the $ to set up their own co/people to do it.

  152. I believe the situation described in the 10:21 post is why politicians can play recordings at their rallies even when the musicians ask them not to.

    Anon, back in the day, didn’t the recording studios usually have the rights, and bring in artists to perform songs from the studio catalogue?

  153. S&M – yeah. The music gets played without authorization and the publishing co has the rights to go after someone. Not sure about your question. Way before my time.

  154. “The music gets played without authorization and the publishing co has the rights to go after someone” Unless they do buy the license to play it.

    Queen’s “We Are the Champions” is part of the BMI catalog. And because BMI operates under close antitrust scrutiny, it’s required to license its music to all comers on a nondiscriminatory basis. That means the band doesn’t have the option of licensing its music to BMI with a “no Donald Trump” or “no Republicans” restriction. If the Republican Party paid for a BMI license, it can use any music Queen has licensed to BMI whether Queen likes it or not. –http://www.vox.com/2016/7/19/12226858/donald-trump-queen-copyright

  155. We had just a handful of trick-or-treaters, most of them my daughter’s friends including the group she ended up heading off with (along with her younger brother and the friend whose family was over for the evening, plus another friend of hers). Denver Dad, I’m sorry to hear that your daughter’s friends all ended up doing other things for the evening. It seems like they all decide so last minute at that age! So either the stars align and they get a big group together, or they don’t and it’s a solo or sibling excursion.

    Kids all had fun, grownups had a civilized dinner and wine (pretty sure we weren’t slurring our words though!) and the other mom and I walked down to the Halloween Central area for a bit after dinner.

  156. “We don’t seem to get these songs these days that everyone remakes.”

    That’s not my perception, and that may reflect in no small part on different tastes in music.

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