What I ate yesterday

by Grace aka costofcollege

The Weird Appeal of ‘What I Ate Today’ Videos

Inspired by the popularity of YouTube “What I Ate Today” videos, I propose we all share similar information.

What did you eat yesterday?  List it all, if you dare.  Or you can make something up if you’d rather keep your secrets.  We’ll never know the difference anyway!  But I am genuinely curious about Totebaggers’ real eating habits.  If you can remember that long ago, list what you ate over two or more days.  Add commentary to help us understand your choices.

Was yesterday typical?  Was your day rushed or relaxed?  Did you cook, take out, go out, have leftovers, or something else?  Are you happy with your diet or do you wish you ate better?  Do family members struggle with trying to eat healthy?  What have you eaten today?

What are your favorite “fast food” meals, either traditional like McDonald’s or something easy to prepare at home?

Trend alert:  US retail sales of eating and drinking establishments are now higher than those of grocery stores.


168 thoughts on “What I ate yesterday

  1. Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal, 2 eggs, coffee, strawberries. (Most days I split up breakfast and eat peanut butter toast or oatmeal in the morning first thing, then 2 eggs and fruit right after my run. But yesterday was starving in the morning so ate it all 6:30am)

    Lunch: take out – Greek salad with grilled chicken, pita bread on the side. (My favorite. I eat this for lunch almost every day.)

    Dinner: Lasagna (homemade, but had made several earlier in the month and put in the freezer, so yesterday required nothing but transferring to oven), salad. Fudgesicle for dessert. Mmm.

    Yesterday was a pretty typical day

  2. I will play. Yesterday was a little different as in I had protein shake for lunch. I usually prefer real food.

    Breakfast was coffee with heavy cream 3 cups. Lunch was low carb protein shake with some cream cheese. Dinner was 2 eggs and broccoli.

  3. Breakfast: eggs, blueberries, coffee w/ milk.

    Morning – more coffee, water.

    Lunch: take out – Pret – Salad and little cup of goodness yogurt

    Afternoon – more coffee

    Dinner: Leftovers: pork, bok choy with sesame oil, ginger and scallions, rice

    Snack – Stilton blue cheese, water table crackers, apple

    Yesterday was a pretty typical day but for an evening snack I may have ice cream, a small scoop of chocolate chips or a piece of dark chocolate.

  4. Yesterday (not quite a typical day so I’ve added in what I eat on more typical days):

    Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs (I make them at home and then bring to work in a thermos and eat at work while catching up on email). Two cups of tea (English breakfast with mill). During the week, I go for a run before breakfast (3 x week). On weekend if I’m going for a run after breakfast, I have peanut butter toast instead of eggs.

    Lunch: blackened mahi-mahi salad (catered box lunch for work meeting). I typically have a salad with some kind of protein (usually chicken) for lunch.

    Snack: oatmeal raisin cookie (from catered box lunch); usually I have a banana. I really try to avoid sugar during the day as once I start eating it, I crave it for the rest of the day.

    Dinner: burger from a good burger joint (we took a picnic dinner to a park); more typical dinners would be salmon, pasta, stirfry, steak, chicken – all with some sort of vegetable. I generally have a glass of wine with dinner (usually while I’m cooking dinner).

    Snack after dinner – this is my downfall. I love munching on stuff after dinner – it helps me relax (ooh – delicious carbs). Last two weeks have been stressful at work so I’ve been doing more comforting with carbs than usual.

  5. We usually cook dinner 4 – 5 times a week and then have leftovers/do it yourself 1 – 2 times a week; order takeout once a week.

  6. Breakfast: 1 local peach + about 15-20 raspberries

    At work: about 10 black olives; 6 wheat thins with sliced cheddar cheese; 2 store-bought mass-produced brownies; 1 slice homemade banana bread

    Dinner: (about) 12oz lasagna made by chef DS2; 2 slices baguette; salad with Ken’s light Caesar dressing

    Post-dinner to waking up in the morning (the most troublesome time for me): 2 cups cut watermelon; about 3 tbsp. peanut butter; a glass of skim milk

  7. I’m on the road this week so breakfast was a venti Starbucks iced coffee. Lunch was a turkey wrap and fruit cup. Dinner was spring rolls and spicey grilled shrimp w/ rice and stir fry vegetables at the hotel bar. Oh, and 4 Sam Summers.

  8. Breakfast–100-calorie pack of nuts (typical)
    Lunch–pb sandwich on wheat bread, peach (typical)
    Snack–mini red peppers and 1 tbs goat cheese(typical)
    Dinner–spinach and tomato pizza, beer (very atypical–hosted gang of kids leaving for college and fed them pizza, so got a veggie one for DH and me).

  9. Oh horrible timing! I have my head down on three deadlines, so between that and DD’s stuff and DH being out of town, we have had total crap. Yesterday, let’s see.

    Breakfast: Siggi’s plain fat-free yogurt with cacao nibs, cocoa powder, sweet-n-lo, vanilla, pecans, diced prunes (a/k/a “start the day attempting to be healthy”).

    Not surprisingly, I was starving by lunch. Ergo, leftover Pizza Hut — cheese-stuffed-crust pizza with garlic cream sauce, meatballs, bacon, and black olives, plus two garlic cheese knots. Deeeelicious heart attack on a plate.

    Dinner: my mom brought over a grocery store roast chicken and macaroni salad. Also some pineapple and peach and one part-chocolate-covered pineapple from DD’s Edible Arrangement.

    Snack: caught DD eating some leftover chocolate pieces. Joined in the fun.

    Meanwhile, my fridge remains stuffed with chicken breasts and a turkey breast needing to be cooked, broccoli for broccoli slaw, artichokes for carciofi alla giudea, avocadoes, limes, and half a box of salad greens.

  10. What strikes me about everyone’s menu is the lack of junk food and snacks. You guys are really healthy!

  11. yesterday breakfast: honey nut cheerios with whole milk (I usually drink 2% but the IL’s buy whole so that it was I have been having there), I am trying to watch my carbs more so today had eggs instead

    lunch : not typical, ate in the cafeteria at work with a soda, usually I eat a frozen healthy choice meal or tuna fish with crackers with water

    dinner: frozen pizza , real healthy I know, this is what the IL’s were eating (I am seeing a trend here)

  12. Dell – I would be eating my arm off!

    Yesterday I had coffee with half & half, grape nuts with a bunch of 2% and wild blueberries. Then about 1/2 an iced mocha during the morning. Lunch was shrimp salad buns, part of a burger, and spicy ramen (all shared with DH), then we went out to a movie and ate popcorn and Skittles for dinner. ;) I also had a cookie or 2 in there somewhere.

  13. Mid-morning – latte made with 2% milk

    Early afternoon – some popcorn

    Dinner – grilled flank steak, grilled vegetables, couscous

    Very typical day. Sometimes I also have an iced latte in the afternoon.

  14. I also had a bagel and jam, with some bacon, for breakfast. This was at the hotel freebie breakfast. I never eat lunch but DH had a slice of pizza at a museum. Kids weren’t hungry then. I had spicy chicken with the aforementioned poutine for dinner, along with a salad and two Mukowska IPAs. I also snacked on popcorn and blue cheese before we went out for dinner. We are in Ottawa, btw

  15. on the carbs: I’ve tracked calories many times before but never carbs, I didn’t realize how much there were in things like soda and juice

  16. Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries, walnuts and milk. coffee with 2% milk (typical)
    Lunch: tritip green salad, fruit salad, corn muffins, ice tea (very atypical, went to seed trial field day)
    Dinner: ham, asparagus, salad, rice, wine (typical)

  17. I have given up bread and I don’t miss it. I do miss eating savory stuff that has wheat component in it though. I really need to start exercising so I can eat more!

  18. Yesterday:
    Breakfast – water? maybe some cereal at work
    Lunch – PBJ sandwich, fruit, chips
    Dinner – mexican fritata with avocado, tomatoes and salsa on the side
    after yoga treat – ice pop (i really wanted a slurpee, but no one was going out at 10p for that).

    The day before I managed a FULL lunch (chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and some broccoli from WF), so I wasn’t hungry at dinner, but ate managed a small piece of steak, left over cole slaw and macaroni salad.

    One of these days food will be appetizing again, right?

    These seem typical. We cook 4-6 nights a week, with one night being pizza, and one night being “fend for yourself”.

    I’m amazed I’m gaining weight at all. Food is the least appetizing thing on the planet now. I’m sicker than last time, but at least I’m drinking enough liquid to float the titanic.

  19. Houston – for me at least, yesterday was about what I strive for, but is atypical. I love, love, love junk food and had to fully concentrate to avoid stopping at McD’s on the way to work this morning as a reward for actually going to the lab and getting some blood drawn.

  20. “I love, love, love junk food and had to fully concentrate to avoid stopping at McD’s ”

    This is what Olympian badminton player Sawan Serasinghe ate from McDonald’s, which is apparently offering free food to the althletes.

  21. Yeah, some of you are dainty eaters.

    I knew this post was coming up but I tried not to let it influence my choices. It was a pretty typical week day.

    Over the course of the day about 4 cups of coffee, most with half and half. (I typically drink half a cup of coffee at a time.)
    Breakfast: Half a donut. (My Totebag half a cookie tendencies coming out?)
    Lunch: Two eggs over easy with leftover rice/beans all smothered with Cholula plus a flour tortilla.
    A Paloma cocktail.
    Dinner: Panzanella salad (fresh garden tomatoes, red onions, peppers, etc. with a little mozzarella) with half a glass of wine. (I made this because I was inspired by Honolulu Mother’s recent post and I enjoyed it so much I will try to make it more often.)

  22. Let’s see…yesterday…fairly typical
    Breakfast – Protien drink (though typically also have a hard boiled egg then or before lunch)
    Lunch – Soup – chicken/rice/vegetable, with a slice of turkey
    Snacks – Walnuts and a granola/protien bar (spread out the day)
    Dinner – Baked trout, sauted brussel sprouts, and coleslaw

    I find if I cut out/significantly reduce carbs I can lose weight (and continue to exercise), otherwise not so much. My family was gone for a week, I cooked all my own meals – lost 1.5 lbs eating what seemed like more food, having one small sweet treat a day, and not being hungry. They came home, primary cook took back over – gained 1.5 lbs. So, started cooking for myself again on Monday. We have a small kitchen and it is a bit of a hassle to have 2 cooks making 2 meals, but no one else really wants to eat what I am making and I really want to see the 20 lbs I gained this past year with all the caregiving for my mom go!

  23. Yesterday I ate two eggs over easy fried in butter with a banana for breakfast. Lunch was a kale salad with pine nuts, goat cheese and leftover rib eye steak with a Mexican coke. I had a large chocolate chip cookie for snack after making them with the kids and then for dinner I had a lamb burger on a brioche bun with a cucumber yogurt sauce, eggplant baked in tomato sauce w/feta and some home made sweet potato wedges.

    My day was very relaxed yesterday. Kids and I did yoga together in the a.m., practiced throwing and catching with DS who is starting baseball soon and I baked bread (DH had to finish because I had to go to bed earlier last night after a few nights of poor sleep).

    Happy with my diet but trying to eat more carbs and a little less protein to improve sleep. Not working means I’ve been cooking a lot which has been relaxing. Today I had two eggs in coconut oil and some cantaloupe for breakfast (and maybe a half a piece of bread because I needed to taste how it turned out) some grapes with cheese for a midmorning snack, having some leftover soup for lunch with whole chocolate milk and since DH is going out tonight with an out of town friend who is visiting, will probably just cook some fish and throw in some leftover sides for me and the kids (we have mashed potatoes, the eggplant and rice and beans in the fridge right now and seeing all those little tupperware dishes is making me a bit crazy).

  24. Wake Up – tea with milk, no sugar.
    Breakfast at work – small oatmeal with a spoon each of brown sugar, raisins and pecans.
    A small chai latte.
    Lunch – always buy. I ate a falafel pita wrap. Other days are similar – a soup, salad w/protein, small tacos or sushi.
    Late afternoon – tea (to avoid eating something sweet).
    Dinner – curried fish with rotis.
    Fruit – one slice mango followed by one piece Indian sweet.
    Breakfast at work is the same everyday. Most watchful about lunch, dinner is quite healthy.

  25. For breakfast, I had iced coffee with cantaloupe and banana. I didn’t have time for yogurt because I had to drive DD to an appt.

    I took some girls to the diner for lunch. It was supposed to be a pool day, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. More iced coffee and a salad. I stole a few fries from kids.

    I was the judge in a cupcake wars contest. I really wish they went to the pool, but they wanted to do cupcakes instead. I’m not even sure what I ate because they threw so many ingredients into each one.

    Dinner was gluten free pasta. We had so many cherry tomatoes and we used them for a sauce. Side of broccoli too.

    Dessert was an amazing cantaloupe. Best one of the summer. Also, a brownie that DD made the day prior at another friend’s house.

    It took me an hour to clean my kitchen after cupcake wars. I told DD that the only option for today is pool. The weather is not perfect, but I’m hoping for no storms. The storms have been violent, and they are multiple times per night. We lost power for a while last night too.

  26. Breakfast – coffee w half & half, toast with PB
    Lunch – leftover pasta with corn/tomatoes/basil, watermelon, bell peppers with yogurt dip
    Dinner – went to a baseball game straight from work so I had a slice of concession stand pizza and a beer

    No snacks. I am not really a snacker, but occasionally will dip into my stash of nuts at work if I get hungry around 3 or 4pm. That only happens when I don’t eat enough for lunch.

    I would say pretty typical except I only eat at the concession stand a few times/year. But there was a giveaway last night & I got there early to get it. I have the same breakfast most everyday. When we eat dinner at home, we often have at least a small dessert as well, so it is somewhat unusual that I didn’t eat anything sweet yesterday.

  27. My kids eat so much. Today so far they have had:

    Breakfast – Cheerios, milk (chocolate for the older 2, regular for the younger), blueberries
    Snack – sliced strawberries and cheese and crackers
    Lunch – toast with PB, sliced apple, baby carrots (some with hummus), Popsicle

    They will be hungry in a few hours and want a snack. I try to force nuts on them for the protein, but they will want fruit or popcorn or fish crackers

    Dinner – haven’t decided what to make yet. But it will include a protein, vegetable and starch.

    And the younger one still gets a bottle before bed.

    I feel like all I do is make/assemble them food, clean-up from their eating and go to the grocery store. I need to get them on my latte and dinner plan.

  28. “I feel like all I do is make/assemble them food, clean-up from their eating and go to the grocery store.”

    Yes! I had no idea how many times I would be running the dang dishwasher every day when I decided to stay home. And I had to do a mid-week grocery run this a.m. because we were out of fruit (which is an emergency according to my kids).

  29. “And I had to do a mid-week grocery run this a.m. because we were out of fruit (which is an emergency according to my kids).”

    Funny, I didn’t realize my daughter was moonlighting at your house. :-)

  30. Breakfast: steel cut oats with cinnamon and almond butter; and tea
    Snack: hard boiled egg and tea
    Lunch: Spinach smoothie (lot of spinach, Greek 2% yogurt, blueberries, pineapple, 1/4 banana, almonds, water and splash of OJ). Water to drink.
    Snack: slices of red, yellow and orange bell pepper. De-caf tea

    Now it falls apart: new manager kept me in a meeting until 6:30. I was ravenous. Had small slice of pizza with budget folks who were working late.
    Met DH and kids at DS’s favorite burger joint to belatedly celebrate his graduation from HS in June: 1/2 burger with goat cheese, 1/2 ahi tuna wrap (shared with DH), lots of onion rings (I didn’t share) and a beer.

    I would have probably followed up with ice cream later on, because hey, what the hell at this point, but we lost power and I wouldn’t let anyone open the freezer or fridge.

  31. Some of you have mentioned smoothies and I know many people find them satisfying as meals, but I have always preferred eating something I can chew. It’s much more satisfying and makes me feel fuller. As a low cal snack I will sometimes add Splenda to my iced or hot coffee with half and half. It does seem to satisfy sweet cravings.

  32. Kate – your kids diet is very healthy. My take is that lunch needs to be more like dinner – a vegetable, starch and protein. Followed by fruit. Otherwise they will be hungry soon after lunch and want a mini meal mid afternoon.

  33. Coc – I have tried to do smoothies as lunch. But I can’t make it work. In the late afternoon, my body discounts the smoothie as a mid day snack and wants to eat again which defeats having the smoothie for lunch.

  34. Oh honestly, I’m not telling you people anything. Y’all are the half-a-cookie, dessert-tomato monarchs. I was traveling yesterday which means all my already-problematic food choices went completely to hell. There was frozen pizza and wine involved, and that’s all I’m saying.

  35. off topic, several of you have mentioned watching Homeland, I finally started watching it on Hulu this week, it is really good, we watched the first 4 episodes

    we are doing a Hulu trial, I also watched 11.22.63 (Stephen King miniseries)

  36. Smoothies hold me longer if they include protein and some fat. I’m good as far as protein goes but I’m thinking of either switching to full fat Greek yogurt or adding almond butter to incorporate some healthy fats.

  37. Kate – your kids’ diet seems like mine. DS just packs it all in and I’m not sure where. There are days he eats two dinners – his and then shares ours.

    breakfast – cereal at work
    lunch – PBJ, fruit, chips
    snack – whatever I didn’t eat in my lunch or trailmix
    dinner – grilled chicken, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes; DS will eat all of this and probably a veggie pouch and fruit for dessert
    dessert – whatever we have in the house – smore’s?

    I have to run errands tonight after DS goes to bed, so we’ll probably have dessert when I get back.

  38. Breakfast – home: iced tea and 1/2 banana (texture issue), work: diet Dr Pepper, apple and PB (this is pretty much every day)

    Lunch: salad made brought from home: spinach, nuts, berries, cranberries, dressing; cheese cubes (pepper jack and sharp cheddar) – same thing every day

    Snack: red grapes, every day. I also keep Habanero BBQ almonds in my desk drawer for stress-snacking. And another Diet Dr Pepper (which I have “quit” 4 times in the last 2 years)

    Dinner: takeout teriyaki chicken. I’m happy to say this is now unusual- I have gone from takeout at least 3 times a week to only taking out 4-5 times per month. My DH had a meeting after work and DD texted her offer to pick it up on her way home from work, knowing I hate to cook on the day the cleaning people have come because I am like a crack addict with the smell of their cleaning stuff.

    Snack – 1 square of Dark chocolate sea salt something. Then a turtle, because I am weak.

    I was previously more of a carb eater, but am apparently “borderline” with my blood sugar numbers, so I am trying hard to limit them. Added bonus is that I’ve lost 24 lbs since February.

    I find that eating the same breakfast and lunch every weekday makes it easy to not eat much, because how many spinach salad can you possibly eat? On weekends I make scrambled eggs and fruit, and chocolate chip pancakes for whoever wants them.

    Tonight’s dinner is steak, because that’s fast and it’s the first day of school so I am making something DH likes. My fast dinner go to is grilled cheese and tomato soup, but it is a lot of carbs.

  39. RMS – I don’t buy cookies usually because if I do, I eat close to half a bag (large) or whole bag (small) as once I start, I can’t stop. No self control there!

    My now 16.5 DD didn’t slow down on eating until freshman year in HS and then only outside of CC season! My 14 DD still eats ALL . THE . TIME. When I make food for others, I count my child as 2 and half the portions for everyone else. It works to not have a TON of leftovers.

    Atlanta – Yes, it is amazing how much more you use things when you (family) is at home and not at school/work/camp.

  40. Louise – you are probably right. I often give them leftovers from dinner the night before if there are any, but I don’t want to actually cook two full meals a day! They just demanded smoothies and pineapple. Which is fine, because I have some Greek yogurt to use up, but man, stop eating so much!

    Siggi’s 4% vanilla yogurt is really tasty, btw.

  41. ” I hate to cook on the day the cleaning people have come because I am like a crack addict with the smell of their cleaning stuff.”

    Me too! This is why our family dinner out is on Fridays. That and because at the end of a workweek, it is a relief not to cook. It feels more like a weekend when I don’t come home to the exact same cook/cleanup routine as every other day.

    On weekends, we always run the dishwasher twice a day, sometimes three times if I’ve done some make-ahead cooking or someone came over for dinner.

  42. Yesterday was pretty typical.

    Wake up – a large caffe latte.
    Mid morning – decaf cappuccino and a piece of Canadian white toast with butter and jam.
    Rest of day till dinner is small bites/grazing – I don’t recall exactly – horseradish hummus, water crackers , cherry tomatoes, unsalted cashews, last 1/2 serving of some homemade coleslaw, salt and vinegar chips. Unsweetened iced tea.
    Dinner – Coconut milk/ lime Thai style soup based on fish stock I made Monday from the bag of fish scraps in the freezer with fresh Gulf shrimp, veggies, and short grain brown rice. More iced tea.
    After dinner – Decaf cappuccino and black and white cookie.

    I had my teeth whitened today and they will hurt until tomorrow, so it will be mushroom, scallion and cheddar omelettes with a side salad for tonight’s dinner. Monday’s dinner was choice of sliders – seasoned beef burger or chicken breast with barbecue sauce, chopped salad and the aforementioned cole slaw. Some days when I am out I drive thru Mickey D’s for my early afternoon graze and get an iced coffee with milk and either a small fries or a sausage McMuffin. And we eat pasta once a week, and also eat out once or twice a week, so the rest of the home regimen has to balance it all out.

  43. Second the kid notes. DD has massive boredom grazing and has already gone through pretty much all the snacks and meal items I had bought for her — I had to ask my mom to pick up more milk and juice on her way home last night, just to tide us over to tomorrow AM’s dairy delivery.

    But my big surprise is DS, who is suddenly hitting the early puberty stage (come on, he’s TEN — totally not fair, I need my snuggle bunny for another two years at least). He’s always been an up and down eater — he’ll scarf down one meal, then the next night just sort of pick at some chicken thigh and corn. But now the baseline has basically doubled — two hot dogs instead of one, for ex., with potatoes and corn (instead of “or”), plus a big glass of chocolate milk. When he went to FL with my mom a few months ago, his breakfast one morning was 19 cinnamon sugar toast halves — and an egg. Probably a good thing he’s at camp this week, or DD and I would *really* be in trouble. :-)

  44. I just flew in a few hours ago from helping DS move into his apartment at college, so my last few days weren’t all that typical, but not way off, either. This was yesterday:

    breakfast: whole wheat bagel w/ peanut butter + banana; decaf coffee w/ one of those little flavored creamers and a splash of caffeinated coffee (soooo needed the caffeine but still so worried about getting re-hooked, so I limit it)
    lunch: Subway (chicken breast + provolone on flatbread, all the veggies, 1 line of honey mustard); baked sour cream and onion chips + water
    dinner: edamame + lettuce wraps (2 apps at a Chinese place) + 1 pkg of Welch’s gummy fruit thingies + water
    through the day: tons and tons of water
    after dinner: several glasses of water w/ lemon from a huge thing in the hotel lobby

    (That is less than I normally eat, but I tend to eat less when it’s hot, and it was 1000 degrees where I was, with 1587% humidity, and we were doing a lot of physical stuff, so I was mostly thirsty rather than hungry).

    Normally, I’d also have a glass of wine or a hard cider at dinner. For lunch, on an at-home day I usually have a MetRx shake (chocolate flavored w/ frozen fruit blended in) and on at office day, I have Wolfgang Puck soup of some chicken variety, or a MetRx shake w/o fruit, in one of those shaker bottles. On office days I also often eat a bite-sized chocolate bar, and I eat a few bananas or apples as snacks, and a package of those Belvita breakfast crackers – totally loving the chocolate these days.

    DH is on a kick to cut out all carbs. I can’t go that far, but have relented and am eating mostly only Udi’s GF bread at home. It’s actually pretty good. He’s also cutting out all sugar, which I’m about 85-90% on board for (see gummies above). I don’t think I’m as affected by carbs + sugar as he is. OTOH, he looks amazing and I wouldn’t describe myself that way these days, so maybe I should get 100% on board w/ his plan.

  45. @LFB – I’ve been wondering when the big eating would kick in. 8yo is very up & down. Eats as much as us occasionally, and other nights very little. Definitely has more to do with his hunger level being variable than what is served. I know sometime he will start eating like a horse, but don’t know when.

  46. I had a bowl of oatmeal with raisins, craisins, cinnamon, applesauce, and almond milk for breakfast, along with a smoothie (banana, strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt, OJ) for breakfast today, which is pretty typical.

    It’s still early am so I haven’t had lunch yet, but yesterday’s lunch was leftovers. There wasn’t enough of any one thing, so I had a small serving of chili and rice, and a small serving of chicken hekka and rice. Normally I have a full serving of something like that.

    Dinner last night was steamed broccoli sprinkled with shoyu/mayo dressing, rice, and hot dog slices sauted in a little shoyu with a touch of sugar (we ran out of chili before we ran out of hot dogs).

    We aren’t great about cooking, so when we cook, we almost always cook enough for multiple meals. E.g., the pot of chili I finished for lunch used almost 5# of meat, several onions, and several cans of beans, tomato sauce, and crushed tomatoes. When I make a pot of chili, I typically empty about 10 cans of stuff into it along with several onions, bell peppers, and the meat.

  47. DH has been eating GF bread. Most of the time I’d rather do without (have sandwich with lettuce wrap) than eat the GF bread

  48. “broccoli for broccoli slaw”

    Is that using the stems cut up julienne style? I really like that, but they don’t often have it at Costco.

  49. “Then a turtle, because I am weak.”

    OK, I have to ask about this. What kind of turtle? How is it prepared?

  50. Yesterday was an unusual day, but here goes:

    Breakfast – Blueberry scone (have been alternating these and Coach’s Oats with dried fruit), black tea (no milk or sugar, about a pot over the course of the morning) – typical enough

    Lunch – 2 beer batter avocado tacos (like fish tacos except avocado in place of fish), strawberry yuzu tart – the last was an indulgence. Water with lunch.

    Mid-afternoon – a plum, more water.

    Dinner – late because reasons, at a potluck gathering because reasons, had some kale salad, some of an eggplant and onion thing, a little rice, maybe a bite of meat but not the rest as I was not feeling hungry. Also a glass of wine and some sort of an herbal tea / fruit drink (I think?) that apparently is traditional for the hosts for the sort of occasion this was. So this was the atypical meal.

  51. “I would have probably followed up with ice cream later on, because hey, what the hell at this point”

    Unassailable logic.

  52. Wine – I skip the bread a lot too, but often to sub in a different carb. Best example = no bun on a burger, but I’ll have sweet potato fries. Pick your own carb-laden poison. :)

  53. @Finn – Chili is really not something that I associate with eating in your climate. It’s something that I won’t even contemplate making until October. But it is such an easy thing to make in big batches, and it’s filling, cheap and healthy, so I can see why you’d eat it year-round there.

  54. This is an outlier because we are on vacation and I went to a theme park yesterday :)

    Breakfast (Red Cottage, Atlanta :) ):
    Popover with scrambled eggs inside
    Hash brown potatoes
    Honey bacon (I think, it was sweet)
    Bites of children’s waffles

    Half a fried dough with powdered sugar


    Lobster roll from stop and shop
    Cole slaw some evil fiend put tomato in

    Blueberry sundae from Sundae School

  55. The day before was also an unusual evening so I’ll list Sunday which was more of a typical day:

    Breakfast – I think it was Coach’s Oats with dried fruit, black tea. For a weekend morning eggs, rice with furikake, and portuguese sausage would also be typical.

    No lunch.

    Late afternoon, set out bowls of navratan for snacking (crunchy tart spicy Indian snack mix thing, was introduced to by Sri Lankan friend some years back, it’s based on chickpea flour noodle things and nuts and little dried peas or something)

    Dinner, oven-baked ribs (some western BBQ and some teri – 5 spice hybrid) and potato salad. Beer for the grown-ups.

  56. “Cole slaw some evil fiend put tomato in”

    That is vile. I love tomatoes, but not in cole slaw. Make brushetta or a caprese salad instead.

  57. “Is that using the stems cut up julienne style?”

    You know, I do a version of that, too, but no, I meant regular broccoli here. Probably should have said broccoli salad, the cold version with cheese and bacon and sunflower seeds and I think dried cranberries and apple and a mayo-based dressing that you toss all together.

    I have a broccoli slaw recipe that I do adore, with a soy-based vinaigrette, and crunchy topping that you get by grinding up ramen noodles and then toasting them with I think nuts and poppy seeds. That stuff is like crack.

    I forgot to mention all of my iced tea in the food diary, but that pretty much goes without saying. I alternate AMs between different versions of green/oolong/jasmine and periodically white, then re-steep to make decaf for the afternoon. Probably three pots a day, minimum. Alas, I am finding that my old standby strong AM tea (Tazo Awake, English breakfast, or equivalent) seems to be upsetting my stomach — I *must* have food first [which defeats the point], and even then sometimes I get sudden nausea. :-(

  58. My DD#1 doesn’t really like lunch. Given to her own devices it is breakfast and dinner with maybe a snack in between. But, she learned at school she is given a hard time, so she takes SOMETHING for lunch and eats it. Weekends, no school days – its a two meal day for her. I talked to the pediatrician who said she is healthy and not to force her to eat (but agreed it is better to have something at lunch time, even if a small snack.)

    DD#2 is like a hobbit..breakfast, 2nd breakfast, 11s, lunch, tea, dinner, supper…..I’m sure I’m leaving one out!

  59. My normal non-vacation day is more like:

    Two scrambled eggs with salsa on top
    Decaf iced coffee with sugar and whole milk

    McChicken or a leftover hamburger
    Dole chopped bbq salad (I’m addicted and wish I could just buy the dressing)

    Whatever the kids haven’t eaten; if I’m trying to be healthy it might be carrots and hummus but usually ice cream at this time of year

    Pizza, spaghetti or lasagna
    Gelato after the kids are in bed ;)

  60. I read somewhere that grocery store ready meals and food buffets in grocery stores were growing faster than fast casual restaurants.
    Do any of you pick up dinner from the grocery store ? Also, I think it would be somewhat more economical for small families, young professionals and empty nesters than larger households.

  61. Sky – I’ve never been to Red Cottage, will have to ask my mom about it, she grew up right on Bass River. So glad you all are having a great vacation!:) How was a lobster roll from Stop and Shop btw, didn’t realize they did that? DH made a rule when we were on the Cape that we had to eat seafood at least once a day and it was frequently lobster (it may be a while before I can eat lobster bisque again).

    I just ate another cookie and a glass of milk for snack because I’m cleaning the house and needed some sustenance.

    I’m actually not doing the low carb/paleo thing anymore (not that I was ever very strict about it). From what I’ve read going to low carb for too long lowers your metabolism and makes you feel bad after a few years. Your body will get lean but you may not feel great. So eating good carbs like fruit/potatoes/root veggies is not a bad thing.

  62. We don’t necessarily follow the 3-meals a day routine. One of my kids routinely eats only lunch and dinner. As I listed above, my breakfast yesterday was half a donut and that’s par for the course. Sometimes it’ll be half a banana, mainly just a little something to put in my stomach.

    If I go out to lunch it will typically be a heavy meal. Then I won’t feel very hungry for dinner and just have popcorn or something similar. I don’t see a need to force myself to eat a meal if I’m just not hungry.

  63. “Do any of you pick up dinner from the grocery store ? ”

    A Whole Foods is opening near my office – I plan on eating lunch there. For dinner – much easier to simply have it delivered.

  64. Atlanta – your post reminds me I mistakenly said DH is cutting out all carbs. He’s not–he’s cutting out starches, not carbs. I’m not totally on board re: cutting out starches, and wouldn’t last a day cutting out carbs.

  65. What’s your favorite part of eating while on vacation? For me, it’s when all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) come with an amuse-bouche.

  66. DS1 (almost 10) has also started eating more and has grown 4″ in the past year or so. We went out for free kids meals from the library summer reading program and the corn dog-n-kid-fries doesn’t cut it anymore. We are also starting to supplement kids’ meals at McDonald’s with the 20 piece Chicken McNuggets to be shared.

  67. “Some of you have mentioned smoothies and I know many people find them satisfying as meals, but I have always preferred eating something I can chew. It’s much more satisfying and makes me feel fuller.”

    I usually make smoothies for the kids for breakfast on school days because it’s something they can down more quickly than something they need to chew, and we’re usually scrambling to make sure they don’t miss their bus. They need to have something in the morning to make sure they don’t bonk before lunch.

    Any suggestions for ways to add protein to their smoothies? I usually put some Greek yogurt in. I’ve thought of putting some cooked egg in, perhaps scrambled, but haven’t tried that yet. I guess protein powder would be another option.

  68. Louise, particularly when it’s just DW and me, we will pick up prepared salads from the grocery store for dinner. Even for me they are large enough so I won’t get too hungry too soon. Maybe 1x/week. We (mostly her, but I have my moments) can usually cook stuff that’s better for us and less costly pretty easily/quickly.

  69. Since we are on the topic of food…

    I am hungry all the time trying to stay under 1800 calories
    I know I need less carbs and sugar and more protein

    If I eat eggs every day will that be bad for my cholesterol? (no current issues)
    WTF am I supposed to eat? seems like the only healthy things are grilled meat and (some) veggies

  70. Do any of you pick up dinner from the grocery store ?

    Costco / Sam’s rotisserie chickens, once or twice a month. We’ve also gotten the other Costco premade stuff with some regularity, like the pizzas or the pasta salad or the noodle and chicken bake. And we’ll buy those salad-in-a-bag deals where you just have to toss it with the included dressing and add the included toppings. Lazy, but we eat more salad that way. Nearby grocery store’s fried chicken, on a couple of occasions; also their premade pizza dough from time to time.

    Finn, I’ve seen tubs of powdered peanut butter at I think both Costco and Sam’s, and I assume smoothies is one of the big applications for it.

  71. “Then a turtle, because I am weak.”

    Finn, I suspected you would comment on that. The chocolate kind, that I buy “for my husband” but have in chocolate emergencies.

    Semi-related: does anyone drink boxed wine? I had mentioned to a friend that I hate wasting wine when I open a bottle, have a glass or two and then end up throwing it out without finishing it. She suggested I try the boxed wine, saying it’s better than it used to be. I read some reviews online and picked Black Box Malbec, and I like it well enough. Has anyone else tried any? Anything you’d recommend?

  72. We don’t get take-out from the grocery store often, but I bought a 42 oz package of cooked rotisserie chicken from Costco for an enchilada dish for the first time last night. Last night was beans/brown rice topped with medium cheddar and blue corn tortilla chips with watermelon for supper. Tonight will likely be angel hair pasta topped with fresh tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives and green onion. Tomorrow will be the enchilada dish, followed by bean/pasta/vegetable salad on Friday. Breakfast is every man for himself. Funny toast (bagel or bread with peanut butter and banana slices) is popular these days.

    We eat 4 meals/day, with lunch (noon) and snack (4 PM) consisting of healthy food of your choice. (fruit/vegetable, yogurt, PB&J sandwich if you’re hungry at snack time)

  73. Winemama, I thought eggs were on the good list again. Are you allowed to eat nuts?

  74. Wegmans has rotisserie chickens for $5 every day; I do think it’s worth the price. DS bought one after football practice the other day, brought it home, deboned it all, and put it away to make wraps with for Tues-Fri during their dinner break.

  75. I don’t recall receiving an amuse-bouche at breakfast. Nope, not at Waffle House or McDonald’s . :)

    I simply just like eating out during vacation, especially breakfast.

    Protein powder has a chemical, medicine taste to me. As I mentioned, smoothies are not my thing.

  76. Louise, my grocery store sells semi-prepared foods that you just peel off the Saran Wrap and bake for 20 minutes in the container you buy it in. I do that one night a week typically. This week if was chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, provolone and a slice of bacon and some stuffed mushrooms. They have a couple different salmon dishes we have tried. They are fine, not fantastic, but no prep, dinner ready in 20 minutes, and no pans to wash – the bar is fairly low for how good it has to taste.

    I buy rotisserie chicken most weeks. Our grocery sells freshly made tortillas, so I’ll pick those up still warm and make tacos, or shred it and freeze it to use later in casserole-type meals.

  77. “Most healthy people can eat up to seven eggs a week with no increase in their risk of heart disease. ”

    I eat more than 7 eggs/week

  78. Yesterday was definitely not normal because we went to dinner for a date before going to the orchestra. I wish I could have dinner like that every day. I looked up the menu online because I couldn’t remember all of it.

    Breakfast: coffee and cereal bar in the car
    Lunch: Ham sandwich with mayo and mustard
    Dinner: tasting menu with wine pairings
    1st course: fennel and ricotta tortellini en brood
    2nd course: crawfish butter poached wild Alaskan salmon, crushed zucchini, sauce nantua
    3rd course: roasted wild acres duck breast, braised radish and hakurei turnips, sauce biagarade
    4th course: Peterson farm’s limousine striploin, sweet corn puree, chanterelle mushroom, lardon, new potato
    5th course: “s’mores” chocolate cremeux, grapham cracker cake, marshmallow, chocolate streusel

    Breakfast: Ham sandwich with mayo and mustard
    Snack: Diet Coke
    Lunch: tomato with salt and pepper
    Dinner: grilled hamburgers and a vegetable dish

  79. We eat a lot of eggs. Tonight’s dinner will probably be a frittata with leftover potatoes, peppers, onions, and other stuff thrown in. I find eggs very satisfying and filling.

  80. I don’t recall receiving an amuse-bouche at breakfast.

    You should, it’s a delightful way to start the day.

  81. “I am hungry all the time trying to stay under 1800 calories”

    Have you tried drinking more water? Sometimes that will tide me over thru snack cravings and fill me up.

  82. “Do any of you pick up dinner from the grocery store ?”

    Louise: When DD has her Thursday night class from 7-9 and I have DS as well, we typically go to the Wegmans and pick up stuff from their food bar, then take it upstairs to sit and watch TV/play on their wifi until pickup time. DS *loves* it, and I’ve found some interesting stuff there (e.g., the broccoli salad with craisins and apples that I have tried to recreate). Unfortunately, they seem to have closed off the room with the TV that was always on cartoons for the kiddos.

  83. “Do any of you pick up dinner from the grocery store ? ”

    We don’t, because that means an extra trip to the grocery store. However, my sister regularly feeds her family from the Central Market buffet. Their mac and cheese is especially yummy.

    I try and cook extra on the weekends and in a pinch, I make tacos with pre-cooked frozen chicken fajita meat.

  84. my husband was sweet enough to cook us eggs this morning, and I said how much healthier it was than the cereal, and he had to go and say something about “but too many eggs aren’t good for you either”

    a person has to eat something

  85. MBT: We buy Black Box cab and we enjoy it. They also sell wine in cartons that have 3 servings each, if that’s convenient for you. The cartons are great if you’re going to a pool or beach that doesn’t allow glass containers.

  86. Wine: I buy a container of egg whites and mix them with my real eggs. You can’t taste the difference, and it greatly reduces calories/cholesterol. We eat a lot of eggs too. I don’t care, because DH is vegetarian and eggs are a great source of protein for him.

  87. OK, Rhett, you will appreciate this: My mom, DS, and I ate here on our recent trip — http://www.le-maximilien.com/les-menus/. You would have approved the amuse bouche (two, just for lunch, plus the little tray of 6 different sweets after). But the children’s menu was just so perfectly French. First course: pate and brioche. The main course (“beef”) was a perfectly-cooked filet placed on top of a perfectly twirled bed of pasta, with perfect little baby vegetables on the side. And then the dessert (“chocolate cake”) was a perfectly-cooked molten chocolate cake that made you remember why they became so popular in the first place, along with delicious homemade vanilla ice cream. And they made him chocolate milk on the side. Now *that’s* how I’d like to be raised, thank you very much. :-)

    All lost on my little cretin, of course. Except the cake.

  88. Risley – “Canadian white” must be a New England regional term. It is a larger sized loaf of brand name sturdy sliced white bread in the ordinary bread aisle. Makes good french toast or grilled cheese. I grew up with Challah (substantial loaf of braided egg bread, sold whole by the bakery counter but they had a slicer), but it wasn’t sold in my local market when I set up house in Boston area, so I found a substitute.

  89. Meme – it sounds like “Texas toast” (which is maybe only be called that in Texas ?)

    As a related follow on, I’m tempted to share what I found in DS’s kitchen, which he shares w/ 3 roommates, all guys, 19-20. The highlights: 1 case Gatorade, 1 case water, 1 case beer, two 36-count cartons of eggs, 6 gallons of milk/Lactaid, 5 giant containers of protein powder, and easily an entire year’s worth of gum. So funny.

  90. For those with preteen boys — we noticed a big uptick in appetite/growth around age 11. That’s when the milk consumption went up exponentially and the cereal just vanished. Even without swimming, they ate way more than normal humans. Second breakfast was a regular event on non-school days, and so was first dinner (or second lunch) right after school.

  91. Wine – cholesterol levels actually have very little to do with things like heart disease (despite what you read). 50% of heart attacks strike people with “low cholesterol”. Eat eggs (especially the yolk which is where all of the vitamins are) but balance it with some orange juice (real OJ not the kind with vegetable oil) and some hash browns (cooked in butter or coconut oil) or fruit and milk. You’ll be hungry if you just eat eggs.

    From what I’ve read what you really need to steer clear of are foods with Omega 6 in them because they lower your metabolism which does bad things to your thyroid (all vegetable oils, nuts and seeds are ok once in a while but not all of the time, and sadly chicken and pork). I’m reading this book right now which is really good – How to Heal Your Metabolism by Kate Deering. She thinks that the reason everyone is so fat is not that we’re eating too much (although this certainly is a factor sometimes) but that we’re all in this super low metabolic state (because of all of the Omega 6 vegetable oils in everything you buy). It’s interesting and it makes sense to me. Apparently if you’re temperature is consistently lower than 97.8 in the a.m. you’re metabolism is not at peak performance. And if your metabolism is higher, you can eat more.:)

    Also, I have no idea how many calories I consume in a day or the ratio of protein/fat/carbs.

  92. Atlanta, you must go to Red Cottage next time you are here. The food was superb.

    We also liked Grumpy’s (the perfect restaurant for some people who needed their grumpy faces pictured near the sign).

    I’ve tried to keep running three miles on the rail trail most days so I can justify all of the ice cream :)

    Switching to eggs and salsa for breakfast has really helped me with mid morning hunger. My great grandparents had eggs and bacon every morning and lived into their 90s (of course if that is my guide I can also take up chain smoking and martinis…).

  93. DS, age 12, has become a huge eater in the past year or so. Casseroles baked in a 13×9 pan (e.g. lasagna) used to provide our family with two good dinners; now the casserole is routinely gone on Night 1. If a recipe calls for one pound of chicken, I’ll use two pounds. And so on. He’s still as skinny as a string bean, though.

    Yesterday was typical for me:

    Breakfast — Cold cereal (mix of Cheerios and Corn flakes) with skim milk and blueberries. A glass of OJ. A cup of black tea with sugar and milk.

    Snack — Cashews with raisins.

    Lunch — Salad brought from home, with ranch dressing and a white wrap. Plum. Four lemon wafer cookies. Black tea with sugar and milk.

    Snack — Tortilla chips and salsa.

    Dinner — Roasted lemon chicken (homemade) and lots of white rice. Decaf tea with sugar and milk. Three marshmallows.

    So far this year, we have gotten take-out for dinner exactly twice: For DD’s birthday party (she wanted Indian food) and for DS’s birthday party (he wanted pizza). We never pay to eat out, except if we’re away on vacation. My MIL will take us out once every couple of months or so. I don’t mind not eating restaurant food, since I swear that restaurant food, even in small quantities, is what makes me gain weight.

    I don’t drink any alcohol or eat/drink any artificial sweeteners.

  94. Atlanta, I don’t know, telling us the reason we’re fat is because we don’t eat enough butter? It sounds like telling the mark what she wants to hear ;-)

  95. HM – Oh totally and it also says don’t do super heavy work outs (sounds good to me).:)

    WCE – she says polyunsaturated fats suppress metabolic rate and cause hypothyroidism. She quotes Ray Peat (who has a very interesting cult following) who says the enzymes which break down proteins are inhibited by PUFAs and these enzymes are needed not only for digestion but for production of thyroid hormones.

    Sky – my best friend from high school was very high on Grumpy’s but haven’t tried that yet either. Next summer.:)

  96. All lost on my little cretin, of course. Except the cake.

    Nah, when he’s 25 and part of the team meeting the CFO of Electricity de France about a bond deal and they mention that they are going to Le Maxemillion and he’ll casually mention, “it’s really good I used to go there when I was a kid.” Nice, Paris vacation? Sort of, we used to rent a house in Tuscany and it’s on the way.

  97. Wine mama, I have started keto diet because of insulin resistance this week. I am to eat ton of eggs.
    I just have to keep carbs real low.

    I took a bite of chocolate cupcake last night for desert!

  98. Oh, and I am to eat butter (or other fat)by the tub apparently. So I do that happily! 3 pounds down in 4 days!

  99. In the article on rotessorie chicken that Coc posted Boston Market was mentioned. How could I forget….pre kids got dinner from there a lot. Chicken, corn, creamed spinach, stuffing…

    Eggs – they are slowly recovering their reputation but when I was growing up eggs cooked in various ways was the go to breakfast. A quick dinner was

  100. Re eggs at dinner, on the occasions when I make hamburger stroganoff we have it over rice and people have the option of frying up a runny-yolk egg to put over the top. It is a popular number, especially with my mushroom-and-egg-loving youngest.

    We’re limited in our ability to do a primarily egg-based dinner by my oldest’s allergies. Ditto for fish, tofu, and beans.

  101. You all must be much taller than I am, because when I am on a diet I’m supposed to eat 1200 calories per day.

    With a 35 minute run (10 min miles) I get a whopping 1450.

    If you are looking to watch your vitamin intake, I have used Self’s nutrition data site and found it more informative than My Fitness Pal. I find it difficult to get the vitamins and minerals in when I’m trying to stick to 1200.

  102. Ivy, did you get to see Rizzo climb the wall to catch the foul pop-up? #1 on ESPN PotD.

  103. MBT, another good thing about boxed wines is they don’t come in bottles, which are a disposal problem in many places. The boxes are recyclable, and if the plastic bag liners aren’t recyclable, they can be incinerated to generate electricity.

    I’ve mentioned here before that I’ve decided to not buy beer in bottles any more, at least not to bring home, or to drink in restaurants/bars locally. Only cans or draft.

  104. On the subject of food, I prefer the nutty flavor of brown rice to white rice, but have never been able to get the texture exactly right. Either too gummy or too chewy, even in my trusty rice steamer. I finally tried Alton Brown’s oven method, and it was PERFECT. My family actually didn’t know it wasn’t white rice, because it came out so fluffy.


    Also, I have been waiting to recommend it here until I evaluated how it does in the freezer. Happy to report it does great. Just thaw and reheat, which makes the time commitment of the initial cooking much more palatable.

  105. Louise, that does look good. I like the various forms of skillet-of-sauted-veg-with-egg-poached-in-it.

  106. I would add that the site you linked to included bean sprouts. As everyone knows, bean sprouts are the work of the devil*.

    * Honestly, has anyone ever said, “You know what this needs? Bean sprouts!”

  107. But but but there are ALWAYS bean sprouts in bibimbap here! Although it’s true that I never ever choose the bean sprouts as a veg side when getting from one of those Korean meat-and-rice-and-sides places. I don’t know who does. (Actually, on second thought, I think my husband sometimes does.) I do always get that dried daikon kim chee one that makes your breath stink the rest of the day, though.

  108. Finn – they played Rhapsodies for Orchestra by Stucky, Violin Concerto No. 1 by Prokofiev (soloist was Pekka Kuusisto), and Beethoven Symphony No. 5. My favorite piece was the piece Kuusisto played after the standing-O. I think the song was called Immigrant Song or They Sold Their Homes (Finnish translation), but it was hauntingly beautiful as was Kuusisto’s commentary about the song. I know nothing about music – I have no sense of rhythm and can’t carry a tune to save my life. My husband loves the orchestra, and I’ve come to really like going to it, but my music sophistication is at the level of a two-year-old.

    “After a couple curtain calls, Kuusisto responded to the obligatory standing-O with a Swedish folk song about immigrants who hoped to make a better life in the New World. Halfway through, conductor Osmo Vänskä emerged from the wings with clarinet in hand. He traded plaintive phrases with Kuusisto, who ended by whistling the melody as his plucked notes from his violin.”

  109. Black Box cab is a staple on my kitchen counter. We also do omelets for a quick, satisfying dinner.

    MBT – congrats on your weight loss!

  110. “I never ever choose the bean sprouts as a veg side when getting from one of those Korean meat-and-rice-and-sides places. I don’t know who does. ”

    We do. Our family probably orders that more than any other side.

  111. HM, didn’t Yummy also buy Liliha Bakery?

    When the kids were younger, we went to Yummy Korean BBQ more often. We’d buy two plates to feed four of us. Usually with bean sprouts as one of the sides.

  112. tcm, that sounds like a good program. Interestingly, I’ve never heard Beethoven’s 5th performed live (although I’ve heard recordings of it probably hundreds of times), but I heard the Prokofiev concerto live a couple years ago when Anne Akiko Meyers performed with the local Symphony.

  113. “You’ll be hungry if you just eat eggs.”

    OTOH, when I was very young, when my mom would take me and my sibs with her to run errands, she’d often bring a few hard boiled eggs in case the errands took a while and we’d start getting hungry. An egg, washed down with a cup of water, would usually prevent hunger-induced meltdowns.

    “She thinks that the reason everyone is so fat is not that we’re eating too much (although this certainly is a factor sometimes) but that we’re all in this super low metabolic state (because of all of the Omega 6 vegetable oils in everything you buy).”

    Or perhaps we’re spending hours every day sitting on our butts in front of a computer.

  114. Oops, sitting in front of computers. It’d be hard to fit many obese butts in front of a single computer.

  115. Lark, thank you for that recipe. (I’m going to assume brown rice is healthier than white?)

    I love bibimbap. I should try making it at home. A fried egg on top of many dishes adds a scrumptious touch. This includes enchiladas, hamburgers, French fries, and pizza.

    My new dining goal is to be served an amuse-bouche at breakfast. I’m sure that would be delightful.

    This commercial makes me think of a Rhett lifestyle.

  116. Bibimbap seems like it could be the inspiration for the “bowl” trend in dining. We’ve tended to eat more like that at home — just put all ingredients in a generous serving bowl and eat all together. Cut up rotisserie chicken can be a base, then add other ingredients like beans, veggies, cheese, etc. This wouldn’t work for those picky kids who insist that individual foods on their plates not touch each other.

    I like to make this. Okinawan Takoraisu (aka “Taco Rice”)

  117. tough night at the WM household, one of our 3 cats passed away, wasn’t unexpected, but it is hard

  118. @Rhett — nice. :-) Except he’s more likely to stop at the McDonald’s drive-through on the way to the closing and show up with fries still in hand.

    @Wine — my condolences. That’s really rough. How long had you had the cat? It does feel like a little bit of your life got chipped away sometimes, when you lose a pet that predates big life events. How’s your son taking it?

  119. Lfb- he was only 10, but he’d had health issues. we rescued him as a kitten, he stopped eating because he was abandoned from his mother at such a young age, the vet said he didn’t know “how to be a cat”. They gave him an injection into his femur and we didn’t think he would make it back in ’06. We had to feed him cat milk and keep him on a heating pad. How we had to care for him as a baby might be why he was such a loving cat.

    He almost died of kidney failure in ’14.

    We told DS last night that Pepper wouldn’t make it through the night and he seemed okay, but he cried this morning.

    The other cats seem upset.

    Thank you

  120. “Ivy, did you get to see Rizzo climb the wall to catch the foul pop-up? #1 on ESPN PotD.”

    YES! It was bananas! Funny enough, I happened to be at the game last year where he made a catch by jumping up on the rolled-up tarp. That game was also against the Brewers & they made a bobblehead of it!

    @tcmama – That dinner sounds fantastic. I’m surprised you didn’t fall alseep at the orchestra after the tasting menu – they make me so tired with the wine pairings & multiple courses!

    Bean sprouts are the devil.

    We never pick up dinner at the grocery store, but I do often pick up lunch there when I go shopping in the morning. Sushi mostly.

    I am firmly a 3 meals a day person, except for when having brunch/large breakfast out. Then it’s more like 1.5 meals — huge brunch, no lunch, small dinner. So I would say that is one of my favorite things about vacations – elaborate brunches, especially elaborate brunch buffets at fancy hotels.

  121. Wine – very sorry for your loss.

    Ivy – my eyes may have drooped a little bit during the first part :)

  122. So sad, WM. My rescue runt hasn’t had a seizure since April, but we are always concerned and grateful for another day of his lap love.

  123. yes, he was a lap cat, I can say he was my favorite cat I’ve ever owned
    when I came home from work, I got to hold him and pet him a long time, and DH was holding him when he passed. I was glad I got to say goodbye

  124. Ahhh, Wine, that’s so hard — all that work you put in early on bonds you to the cat as much as bonding him to you. I’m just so sorry for you guys right now.

  125. Oh, Wine! I’m sorry. Your post brought vivid memories back to me of losing the first cat that was truly my own as an adult.

    My first cat was an enormous Siamese. Actually, he appeared quite fit, but his hindquarters were enormous and his front quarters were normal Siamese size. The cat was truly evil– he really was. Just an awful cat. One of my sisters got him from a shelter when she was first married (last cat she ever had!). He hated everyone and would bite and scratch– completely the opposite of one of Meme’s lap cats. As an example, the cat would sit on the upstairs deck and watch for anybody emerging from the walkout lower level. Then pounce, claws fully extended and teeth barred. My sister learned to deal with it, her husband didn’t come home from work anyway.

    Eventually, though, my sister had a baby. My parents had an intervention. They visited my sister and insisted(?) on taking the cat, at least until the baby could fend for herself. Thrilled, my sister gave them the cat.

    My dad hated the cat as it continued to attack him. I was off in college then, and one weekend my parents went somewhere and left the cat (which I didn’t want) with me in my dorm. Of course, cats were prohibited and he had to be smuggled in. He didn’t help the matter. Every time he was put in a box or restrained he would issue loud meows, staccato, with the rhythm and speed of an AK-47. And you know how loud Siamese are! My parents never picked up the cat.

    Somehow, though, the cat and I became great friends. We were constantly together, and he learned to tolerate dorm life and my roommates had to learn to tolerate him. Four years, he lived with me in a dorm. He and I were inseparable when I was in the room.

    He went with me to law school. Got me through exams, law review pressure, and the NY bar. Of course, he moved with me to the Greenwich Village in NYC. He never really adjusted to city life, and seemed unhappy with the traffic noise from Broadway beneath our windows.

    One day, shortly after moving to NYC, I returned from a short business trip. The cat couldn’t rise to greet me. I stayed up petting the cat all night, crying. The cat was my only friend in the Big City!

    In the morning, I found a vet all the way over near the Hudson. I put him in a box and trudged over, weaving through crowds of folks going to their offices, with tears running down my eyes the entire journey.

    The cat had to be put to sleep. Everything in him had just expired. Past its “use by” date, the vet told me. Of course, I cried with the cat as he died. But then I had a problem! What was I going to do with the body of a dead cat in New York City? (Rhett, don’t tell me what you’d do.) The vet offered to keep him, but I could only imagine what that meant in New York.

    I ran back across Manhattan, tears still flowing, to my apartment. There I called my mother. I said “The cat died and I’m bringing him home. I’ll let you know where and when to pick me up.” I don’t recall my mom saying anything.

    I grabbed my only bag– one of those ancient, huge Samsonite suitcases– and ran back over to the Hudson before the trash truck came. I put the cat in the suitcase and headed by subway straight to Penn Station (I figured I couldn’t bring the cat in a checked bag at the airport!). I grabbed the Amtrak, still crying, and headed home to Washington. I kept the suitcase on my lap the whole way home.

    My dad picked me up, looking rather pissed. At my mother’s insistence, he came home from work early, built a beautiful, oversized box. He had dug a hole right next to the spot in the back yard where the Siamese we had as children was buried. We put the cat away. Without the suitcase, I was on the train back to NYC that night.

    As I recall, the only thing my dad said to me was, “I hope you learn to deal better.”

    Next day after work, I bought a new suit case (not an oversized hard Samsonite). The day later, I went up to the ASPCA and found another wonderful, but temperamentally very different Siamese cat. I’ve only been catless two more days in my life.

    Sorry this is so long, but it’s the next day and people hopefully are on to the next topic.

    I understand your loss, Wine.

  126. Wine – I’m so sorry for your loss.

    PTM – thank you for sharing your story.

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