Election 2016, August 7–August 13

Here’s your open thread for any election thoughts.


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  1. What do you think? Was Trump really suggesting that maybe someone should shoot Hillary?

  2. Ugh. I had not heard that remark, RMS. WCE’s article on the Mormon reaction to Trump was interesting to me. I am deeply disappointed/disturbed by the evangelical embrace of Trump. I appreciate the Mormon consistency on religious freedom/moral issues.

  3. Was he really suggesting that? Probably not. Should we have a candidate who makes us wonder? I guess a lot of people in the US think so. I think this is just another example of Trump spouting off and his supporters either looking the other way or actually liking what he says. Either way, it is disturbing that people continue to support him.

  4. I can’t believe anyone thinks it is okay that Trump said that someone should shoot Hillary or defend him by saying he really didn’t mean it. Tell me again how he doesn’t hate Muslims, Mexicans, women, people with disabilities etc and that he doesn’t really mean the awful things he says about them. Absolutely despicable.

  5. Trump voter: I like Trump because he says what he means and tells it like it is.
    Trump: shoot Hillary.
    Trump voter: Trump didn’t mean that.

  6. Agree that it’s hard to understand how people can actively, enthusiastically support Trump. But it is also hard for me to understand how people can actively, enthusiastically support Clinton. “Extremely careless” would have been the end of her campaign had she been running against anyone else. For many voters, it’s going to come down to a “lesser of two evils” decision, and many may decide that they can’t vote for either candidate. I am heading in that direction.

  7. “do you think any states are for sure red or blue this election?”

    I think the chances that Hillary loses California, NY, Vermont or Illinois are too slim to even mention.

  8. “For many voters, it’s going to come down to a “lesser of two evils” decision, and many may decide that they can’t vote for either candidate. I am heading in that direction.”

    This is the push many people who were Bernie supporters are using to get people to vote Stein or Johnson.

    In the most recent gubernatorial election in RI, the Dems won by a landslide (duh) but the prediction was the 3rd party candidate would not get 10% of the vote. He got 20%. I often wonder if that “result” would be repeated at the national level… meaning that the 3rd party will get more votes than predicted.

    What I find interesting is that people seem to forget Clinton made a comment about Obama and his potential assassination in 2008. The difference is that she immediately apologized. Trump has been back pedaling.

  9. “What I find interesting is that people seem to forget Clinton made a comment about Obama and his potential assassination in 2008”

    I don’t remember that, but I liked Obama over Clinton in ’08

  10. And yet Clinton is still obfuscating about the classified emails. Voters who are looking for honest candidates won’t find that either of them fit that bill. And we haven’t even gotten near the bottom of the Clinton Foundation stuff.

  11. At this point, I’ll consider it a victory if the Republicans hold the House. And assuming they do, it’s going to be an ugly four years of Clinton investigations and scandals, most of it created by the Clintons themselves.

  12. Perhaps Clinton will be so consumed with the various investigations that she will be unable to fulfill most of her campaign promises. Free college may have to wait.

  13. Scarlett, yes, I also expect that is a strategy the GOP will pursue. Besides the distraction to voters, it is probably part of the flurry they’re producing now.

  14. Rhode, lots of people were concerned about Obama being assassinated. I saw a post in the Root (I think) recently that mentioned still holding their breath that the Obamas get through the term alive.

  15. Best argument against getting behind Jill Stein now:
    That’s why it’s important to rally behind an alternative party a hell of a lot sooner than a few months before the election. While some would argue that a third-party system is futile altogether, I think everyone would agree that the revolution doesn’t happen in the same amount of time it takes you to get off of new employee probation. Obama’s ascendancy to the presidency took several years.
    From http://verysmartbrothas.com/a-vote-for-jill-stein-is-a-vote-in-the-trash/

    Best reasoning I’ve heard about voting for a third party candidate: if you are not in a swing state, you should vote for a third party candidate, to start moving us away from a two-party system. Life is a lot more complicated than two sides. Milo might remember that he has tried a few times to castigate me for thinking X because I believe R, and been totally wrong on what I think about things. One example is saying that I was hypocritical because I support one thing but don’t oppose drone bombing. Except I abhor drones. Trying to divide everything up in just two camps is crazy, but it’s what our country runs on.

  16. Don’t know much about Ami Horowitz, but he nailed the hypocrisy of “progressive” Democrats attending the recent convention, who proclaim the vital importance of inclusion and tolerance of those with different viewpoints, except Republicans.

  17. Can’t speak for others, but I am for equality. I am not really interested in developing tolerance for what I think are dumb ideas.

  18. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/08/14/fashion/marriage-politics-donald-trump-hillary-clinton.html?_r=0

    Poor Kelly Maguire. She already has to suffer through Thanksgiving and family weddings with John Stossel. Now this! I am really happy that my husband isn’t voting for the Republican nominee despite having a 100% record for voting for Republican presidential nominees in the past. I don’t think I could handle it.

    I have been thinking about what will happen to the parties now that the GOP has unraveled and is mostly leaderless (despite Reince’s attempts to the contrary). The social issues that the modern day GOP supported have lost steam/haven’t gone their way. I think that some of the old establishment type Republicans are going to jump ship and join forces with the centrist Dems (like me) and there will be battles between that group and the Bernie bros liberals. I do wonder where the NRA will go in all of this. Fixing Citizens United would really help with that. I would love to see a total reform of our parties, but I don’t think we will get that. Regardless, it has been very interesting to watch as the GOP has imploded.

  19. Scarlett, that’s ridiculous. Tolerance just means you put up with views that are abhorrent. It doesn’t mean you embrace them. You are welcome to criticize them, and I do, freely. As do you. Guess what? I can make conservatives sound like brain-dead morons if I ask the correct set-up and gotcha questions. What’s the point? Why not actually think hard about the issues?

  20. To further what RMS has said, I actually think in a tolerant society that values free speech, we SHOULD be critical of views that run contrary to our beliefs. You can do it in a way that is respect (sometimes) and certainly violence should have no place, but the whole idea is that the good ideas should eventually be able to overcome the bad ideas. I am not sure how that happens if we pretend that everyone’s ideas area equal and valid. Some people just have bad ideas that are rooted in things that run contrary to what our country’s founding principles are.

  21. The point is that people who claim to be tolerant and inclusive, aren’t.
    Notice that the folks on that clip didn’t criticize the IDEAS held by Republicans, but demeaned and insulted them as people.

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