Election 2016, July 24-30

This week we’ll see the Democrats hold their convention in Philadelphia.

Any thoughts on the race?


22 thoughts on “Election 2016, July 24-30

  1. I will not be having a viewing party for this week’s convention. I will watch, but it will likely lack the pizazz that can only come from the Donald.

  2. Did you see this editorial in the Post? I’m sure it isn’t a surprise that I agree with most of this editorial, but I am not loving the timing of this from the Post. For some reason, it just doesn’t sit right with me. The timing seems unfair.


    I am happy about Debbie. I think she stayed in that position for too long, and i don’t think she has ever been fair and balanced in her role as DNC chief.

  3. Will Michelle Obama ever run for President? She’s got my vote. I just caught up with her speech. Hands down, the classiest speech I’ve seen in years. She will definitely be in the history books as one of the best First Ladies this country has ever seen.

  4. Rhode, I like her a lot too. What shocks me is the pure hatred that is hurled at her from the right. I see terms like “gorilla”, “fat”, “corrupt”, all the time.

  5. The pure hatred for the entire family is astounding. It amazes me how much they’ve done as a family despite the hatred. The keep turning the other cheek. Talk about Christian values…

  6. I agree on Jimmy Carter’s recovery – I have lost extended family members to melanoma, and typically after a certain point (which he had passed), it is almost impossible to recover from. I attribute it to all of the good he has put into the world – the world is grateful.

  7. Melanoma is the poster child for immunotherapy. It has been used successfully for years. The mom of one of my best friends was in the original clinical trial, back in the 90’s believe it or not. Her mom did survive and just passed away recently from something totally unrelated.
    Immunotherapy is also very successful for the type of cancer my son had, and he did that type of treatment for 2 years. The reason researchers thought of using it for that type of cancer is that it is similar in some basic way to melanoma.

  8. I have a lot of admiration for Carter. While he may not have been the greatest president, I think his actions once he left the presidency are reflective of someone who was truly interested in public service, and was in politics for the right reasons.

  9. Finn, I agree. For whatever reason, our political system does not seem to attract those kind of people any more.
    I just finished a fascinating biography of Joe Kennedy, Sr. who IMO is far more interesting than any of his progeny. He had many well-known and serious personal failings, but one reason that he focused on making money was so that his children could focus on public service. Even the girls. He didn’t encourage (or permit) any of his children to follow him into the business world, leaving the management of his financial interests to paid outsiders or sons-in-law.

    I like this quote from John Adams —

    “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.”

    Though we could probably eliminate the reference to tapestry and porcelain.

  10. Miguel Bloombito’s twitter account has been active lately.

  11. I agree with him here.

  12. I don’t think speaking to people in their own language constitutes “pandering”.

  13. I wish the vitriol the Obamas are pelted with were surprising, but I’m pretty sure they knew it would be part of taking such visible positions. If any of them were to get melanoma, they would be much less likely to have the outcome Carter has had. http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/07/half-of-dermatologists-say-they-werent-trained-to-spot-cancer-on-black-skin.html?mid=fb-share-scienceofus
    I agree with others who have come to admire Carter since he left office. One of the things he has said he is most proud of is launching zero military attacks during his time in office.

    Rocky, I learned a neologism from NPR’s The Takeaway today: Hispandering. Funny word, but the commentary made sense: the way people want politicians to “speak their language” is not with syntax and semantics, but by understanding the issues a population cares about and working on them.

  14. “I agree with others who have come to admire Carter since he left office. ”

    I admired him before he left office. His “moral equivalent of war” wasn’t popular, but I respected and admired him for his willingness to take unpopular but sensible positions.

  15. One of the things he has said he is most proud of is launching zero military attacks during his time in office.

    Well, there was that failed rescue mission to retrieve the hostages.

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