Open thread Independence Day

by Grace aka costofcollege

Happy Fourth of July!

Here’s a question from Ann Althouse.

In the American Revolution, would you have been a Loyalist?

Take the survey and tell us about your response!


16 thoughts on “Open thread Independence Day

  1. I had Loyalist ancestors, who fled to Nova Scotia. I think there is still some branch of the family there today. I also have a Canadian grandmother, and my DH’s ancestors are mostly Canadian, so I suspect I would have to say we would be Loyalists

  2. Milo, my fellow Walmart shopper, early elementary kids can fill and tie their own water balloons with the Kaos water balloon filler, available for $10 in seasonal toys at Walmart.

  3. Well, where would I have been living? New England? New York? South Carolina? How heavily has my profession or business been affected by the new duties and taxes? And do I imagine I have family ties to England? Because all of those factors would make a difference, and don’t have clear modern-day equivalents (especially for those outside the original 13).

  4. I started reading Far from the Tree by Andrew Solomon. Heavy reading but lots of information, a great book. I think Totebaggers will be interested.

  5. Yup! Those balloons are great but can get expensive when your kid wants to play water balloons everyday! We use those a lot for parties when no one wants to be on balloon filling duty.
    Right now, every evening we just fill balloons from a hose one by one. It’s either that or we go to a splash pad. It’s fun summer!

  6. At the beach this weekend we came up with a term for these.

    The overprotective mom hat.

  7. Rhett me and my kid totally wear those. My skin is not happy with sun and the kid inherited that from me. I get freckles, sun burn, tan and now Melasma. DH laughs at me and says I look like a dork. I don’t care anymore.

  8. Louise- I read that entire book- interested to know your thoughts. Fascinating but very depressing at times.

  9. Rio – mental illness runs in my family, but being in a society where there was not much understanding and not too many treatment options, it was interesting to read about other people’s experiences. Because of the strong family structure, the outcomes for my relatives have been much better than expected and I was surprised to see this stated in the book. I would highly recommend reading it even though it is heavy reading.

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