Totebag 30-Day Challenge — DONE!

by Grace aka costofcollege

Today on Memorial Day we honor the memory of members of our armed forces who died in service to our country.  Like many other places across the country, our town has a parade and memorial service today.  Barbecues, ballgames, and beaches are also popular spots for this day.  What are you doing today?


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The Totebag 30-Day Challenge is DONE!

We have completed our challenge.  Your thoughts?  Good, bad, indifferent?  Would you do another one?


20 thoughts on “Totebag 30-Day Challenge — DONE!

  1. I am working today, but I don’t mind because we had a really lovely long weekend last week, and sometimes it’s nice to spend a day catching up on e-mails when they’re not simultaneously flowing in. (But to protect the inboxes of everyone I’m responding to, I’m setting them all on delay so they won’t go out until tomorrow morning.)

  2. DH and I walked to the top of the Presidio National Cemetery this morning; there is a beautiful overlook that they have created with low walls that contain lines from Archibald MacLeish’s poem “The Young Dead Soldiers Do Not Speak”. It is quite haunting. You can look across and see the Golden Gate bridge and then rows and rows of the gravestones.

    I completed about 2/3 of the items from my Do It Now list, but I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment, and I still plan to tackle the rest of them!

  3. My Do It Now list turned out to be a Get Started Now list. I finally got the motivation to work on things, so I appreciated the challenge.

  4. I cannot believe it is the end of May already ! But I must. I had the 30 day challenge at the back of my mind, so I ate healthier and also took more steps. It was a good reminder, to stay on the healthy track.

  5. The challenge was a good way for me to kick-start a new exercise routine. Now I have to continue it for the long term!

    Our local parade was cancelled due to rain. Today the sun is back out and I am so enjoying the warm weather.

  6. We totally rocked DiN this weekend. The nice thing about a 3-say weekend, you can spend two days doing kid stuff and errands and still have a day to relax and have fun. We finally got the curtains washed and ironed (been sitting on the floor since windows were replaced, oh, idk, a year ago?). I think I ironed more than I have in the past decade combined. We also went to Ikea and got curtains for the windows that had never had them and hung them as well. Got replacement seat cushions for out around the fire pit (lesson learned: “weatherproof” doesn’t actually mean “weatherproof”). The garage guys finally graded and seeded where they took the old driveway up, which of course required DH to make many trips to HD to set up three sprinklers on a timer system. DH got mulch down and the pitchback up. And we started the final planning for Italy this summer. Plus I read a book, and my mom had a pool party, and we found an awesome new bar downtown with interesting mixed drinks (a little too interesting — Sunday morning started veeeerrrrrryyyy slowly). All in all, we got 23 things done on the list, parts of 2 other things, and about 10 things that never made it to the list. I’m calling it a win.

  7. Mem day was supposed to be the day to cross several more things off the list – I still got about 25 done for the month – but we ended up at the 24-7 vet for our sweet little former runt cat. He had been showing some sort of bowel problem for a few days, it had seemed to get better, and we then found a huge sore on his behind. Dr Google had pix that showed exactly what it was, but we had to go in and have it cleaned and treated. He now has antibiotics, opioids, and the dreaded cone of shame (they call it “Elizabethan collar”). Most interesting, when we returned, his sister had the classic non recognition this is a strange cat (vet smells) reaction. This morning she has ceased cowering in fear, but she just growled at him. Apparently it takes a couple of days.

  8. LfB,
    You rock. You did all that this weekend? And do tell about the “weatherproof” cushions — how long would it take them to dry after a soaking rain? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I’m calling DIN a win too. Got a lot of little pesky things done, though some of the peskiest items remain. Like the poor, they will be always with us. But trying to keep the DIN habit going forward. One thing I need to do is identify and purchase all of the light bulbs for every fixture in the house, so that when one burns out, it can be immediately replaced, which makes DIN on that issue so much easier.

  9. I feel like I need a psychological assessment after the DiN. 85% of the tasks I had procrastinated on were either making phone calls or spending $$. I seem to have no problem saving for & spending $$ on big ticket items, but the things in the $100 – $1000 range really bother me for reasons I don’t quite understand.

    I’ve already made my June DiN list. Much fewer items than May. Want to keep the momentum going though.

  10. I had to say no don’t BIN (buy it now) to myself especially if it involved spending money. Cute purse, summer sandals, tops – No ! No ! And No ! I had to say to myself – What would MMM say ?

  11. DIN – I packed a bunch more boxes this weekend (6?), including packing up most of the linens, almost all of the living room, and 2 boxes of kid clothes. Kids are driving me and DH up the wall though, so that hasn’t been great. I am also struggling with anxiety, which is slowing me down. I think it is move-related, but it stinks.

  12. I, too, completed about 2/3 of the items from my Do It Now list. I petered out as things got busy at work. When I came home after a busy day, I really just wanted to sit around. DH is traveling a lot, starting later this week, so it will be the perfect time to finish the list.

    This past weekend, we had a couple over for dinner, went to a friends’ house for dinner another night, and totally chilled yesterday. No errands, but some yard work.

  13. “And do tell about the “weatherproof” cushions — how long would it take them to dry after a soaking rain?”

    Days and days. So of course they mildewed; then I tried to unzip the covers to wash them, and the covers started tearing and the innards were sticking to it, so I just declared everything beyond saving. Ugh. I need to invest in furniture covers, because I actually do like these chairs, but that is more $/more shopping/more time.

    But my secret weapon this weekend was DH — he was in the same mood to get stuff done, and he’s pretty amazing at plowing through stuff. Oh, and the 23 was the total for the month, not for the weekend. :-)

    “85% of the tasks I had procrastinated on were either making phone calls or spending $$.”

    I totally could have written this. The first things I tackled were the phone calls to make delayed medical appointments (a two-fer in the “avoid at all costs” category — talking on the phone + figuring time off work/logistics). And it felt so good to get it done I was kicking myself for avoiding it for so long.

    The funny thing is that the $$ was all piddly little stuff — the drapes, for ex., were under $200 total, and I had an Ikea return card that covered it anyway (added bonus of getting rid of the Ikea card, which had been sitting in a drawer for 2 years). But, man, there’s something about spending money on optional things that just makes it go to the bottom of the list.

    The annoying thing is that my two biggest long-term priorities still have not gotten done — going to start a new IRA to rollover into a backdoor Roth, and going to the Y to set up a personal trainer. Just too many other day-to-day things that had to get done (we are having a party this weekend, so the house/yard HAVE to look good), plus end-of-year school stuff + double kid sports to make up for all the rainouts. So I’m dropping the list for June, with the exception of those two things.

  14. we got a ton of packing done this weekend, but looking around and seeing so much left to do makes me want to cry

  15. We are continuing the DIN. This week – budget talk (our post-vacation discussion because we went over in some categories), change clothes for the summer season, vacuum our bedroom.

    Next week we start on the northeast corner of the basement. If you don’t hear from me, I’ve been crushed by bikes and holiday decorations. Send cookies.

  16. LfB – I ordered my patio furniture covers online – I think Amazon but it might have been Home Depot. Wayfair is a likely source, too. The covers have been through multiple NE winters and the furniture looks great.. Of course, It does require going outdoors with a tape measure first. Most “outdoor” cushions are designed for covered or sheltered areas, or dry climates.

  17. Thanks, Meme — on my next DiN list. :-) For now, hoping we are done with serious rain for awhile. . . .

  18. I got through about 50% of the DIN list. Even better, I’ve got some momentum going so that some things that I wanted to get to, I’m just taking care of rather than letting them build up. I also got my 10,000 steps in (usually quite a bit more) all but two days. That’s a win.

  19. Meme,
    Are the furniture covers easy to use during the season — before an expected rain — or better suited to longer-term use over vacations or at the end of the season?

  20. Scarlett. The ones I bought were heavy duty, intended for end of season or extended absence use. In a climate like ours with a lot of random episodes of rain, it is not practical to have the sort of outdoor living room furniture that you see on decorator TV shows, unless it is under an overhang or outdoor structure. I see mostly wood, composite or painted metal as the base. The chaises and similar items that require padding have sturdy cushions covered in some sort of Kevlar like fabric that can be power washed.

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