Totebag 30-Day Challenge — WEEK TWO May 8-14

by Grace aka costofcollege

Today is the start of WEEK TWO of the Totebag 30-Day Challenge.

How’s it going?  Share your first week’s progress and your second week’s updates in the comments here.

Happy Mother’s Day!


79 thoughts on “Totebag 30-Day Challenge — WEEK TWO May 8-14

  1. Went through a bunch of stuff in attic to toss or donate. Put on next door app a posting for free dining room table and chairs and all will be gone tonight. DH is probably getting nervous at all that I want to get out of the house. Goal is to get through everything by month end.

    Started researching travel plans for winter break.

  2. Planned to take it easy but after a full day of relaxing was restless. Organized back of car and restocked changes of clothes, hats, towels, bandaids, sunscreen, bug spray – all the summer essentials. Also completely cleaned out closet with general medicines/first aid stuff. Found old medicines for dog that died 6 years ago – our first baby. Got teary. Told current dogs they will never compare. They agreed and barked at nothing to prove the point. Threw out 3 shelves worth of expired/unused/unneeded meds for dogs and humans.

  3. Finally removed lightweight down comforter from bed, and vowed that the heat stays off regardless of the outside temperature. Decided that $75 Target summer quilt was better than the $150 Pottery Barn version that came on Friday, boxed up Pottery Barn version for return tomorrow. Planted all container annuals despite predicted chilly temps, moved some perennials long overdue for dividing, installed new kink-free lightweight garden hose and got my dad to coil up heavy hose for storage and eventual transfer to DS. (DS just bought first house and does not fully grasp how many items like good but heavy garden hose will be coming his way.)

  4. I packed 5 days worth of clothes for 3 people in a 23″ rolling suitcase leaving our 30″ for other things. I call that an accomplishment to the finest degree.

    I then relaxed because this week is going to suck. 2 reports due before I leave.

  5. Discovered Baby WCE with a small piece of something in her mouth. Asked what it came from. Twin 2: “I found that on the floor of the school bus and brought it home because I liked it.”

    From the floor of the bus to Baby WCE’s mouth…

  6. I successfully completed my first week. The “trick” for me was simply prioritizing the simple task of exercising for ten minutes. No big time commitment and no thinking. I see the inkling of a real payoff so I’m motivated to continue.

    I’ve enjoyed reading about everyone’s updates. I can relate to having similar tasks that just keep getting postponed.

  7. I accomplished pretty much nothing the first week BUT we got through DS2’s college graduation this weekend, so in a sense we decluttered tuition and can now launch him into his new job.

  8. “so in a sense we decluttered tuition and can now launch him into his new job”

    Congrats HFN!

  9. I hadn’t read about the Challenge specfics, but this kind of fits, anyway. DW and I painted the kitchen on Friday. It looks much better, imo, fresher and brighter. I’m in my painting groove, and at some point soon will do the foyer through the upstairs hallway, hiring out only the two-story portion.

    Yesterday, with the kids’ help, we did the annual Spring cleaning of the porch and deck of pollen and grime, and this time I even included the bead-board ceiling. I use Murphy’s wood oil soap with plenty of rinsing from the hose. It’s a ton of work, but at least it was a nice day for it. We were able to enjoy charcoal-grilled Bubba burgers and hot dogs, and Caprese salad using DW’s homegrown basil, on the still-drying porch, and S’mores afterward over the dwindling coals.

  10. I’ve managed some minor de-cluttering, but hope to step it up this week. Too much graduation, prom, AP test stress, etc going on here.

  11. I didn’t get as much done this weekend re: packing, but I did all the laundry during the week so on Saturday I would only have to worry about my 4-hour rehearsal, then wrote out stage-managing directions for the concert. Then cleaned out the kids’ homework and art bins and used up “mystery meat” from the freezer for dinner. Yesterday took the younger 2 kids to church to watch the oldest one sing (last kids’ choir Sunday), wrestled with russian math homework for FAR too long (approximate ratio of whining to work = 10/1), then went to Home Depot to get chicken wire for the forest (overzealous beavers in our forest) and out to eat so I didn’t have to cook. :) I also took a look at the attic to see what needs to be packed from there (not as much as I thought!).

  12. I’m not sure what to make of this article.

    I knew that cable boxes are always drawing a fair amount of power–they’re always warm, after all. That heat is coming from somewhere (although my new Xfinity X1 boxes are a lot cooler, literally and figuratively, and they no longer even try to humor you with an ‘Off’ mode).

    On the other hand, my reaction is the exact opposite of the moral of the article–no way am I disconnecting HDTVs to save one watt of standby power (although it never occurred to me that the clothes washer needed 4W of standby power). And why is the author surprised that a coffee maker uses 900 watts during the brewing cycle? It’s no secret that boiling water is an energy-intensive process. Has she ever tried to brew coffee with a 60-watt light bulb; it would take a while.

  13. Packed up some books, toys and linens for the move. Folded laundry and vacuumed yesterday with help from DS to get house ready for buyers walk through.

    Channeling my inner Marie Kondo and getting rid of lots of books. I accumulate so many.

  14. I have been less successful than I had hoped, partly because of travel, partly because the horrid weather has interfered with all outdoor-related plans, partly because we’ve had a lot of stuff going on, and partly because I Just Don’t Feel Like It sometimes. But I do believe I have averaged at least one task per day, so far. Made various appointments that it’s always more convenient to put off (dentist, gyn), got cats to vet (overdue), and emailed the new plant lady about weeding/flowers. Made it halfway through the berry vines (clearing out deadwood/weeding/tying up), then ran out of time.

    The biggest annoyance is that while I am checking one thing off the list, life keeps happening and the list keeps growing, so it doesn’t feel like progress. E.g., DD broker her phone Sat., so that was several hours away from my other plans to take care of that. I also drove the Mustang into a pothole the previous weekend and broke the air splitter underneath, and the next day someone crumpled its fender while it was parked in front of our house (I am guessing boy racer, given the bright green paint left in the gouges), so now it needs to go in for repair, but of course there’s no sense doing that until I have a driveway to park it in again (because why fix it when it may just get run into again?), but now I can’t drive it until I get it fixed because of the air splitter, and I need to call insurance and see if this is covered and then maybe end up taking it to two different places for the two different repairs, so I am just massively cranky over the whole thing. And the rain means zero progress on getting the car out of the street for well over a week — giant massive mud puddles and standing water where my driveway used to be, and it smells like cow pasture in spring. Ugh.

    The big stuff that is on the “want to get done” list is swapping out the summer and winter stuff in the entry area — we have a shelf with baskets in the entry that I use for hats/gloves/etc. during winter and sports gear/portable chairs/etc. in summer — and clearing through the kids’ clothes. DH did get them to Kohl’s, so they do have some clothes that fit, but I really, really want to clear out all of the stuff that doesn’t or is the wrong season and then do the Goodwill run, just to get it out of the house. We’re leaving Wed. afternoon for a long weekend, so maybe I’ll see if I can swing it to just take the morning off and get some of this stuff done, just to feel like I’m making some progress.

  15. @Milo — yeah, I agree. There is a real issue here (as anyone who has tried to site a power plant in the last 20 years can tell you). But you muddle the point when you lump all this stuff together. To me, a TV that uses 20W when running and 1W when “off” is a success story, as compared to the laptop that draws 48W when charging and over half that (27W) when NOT charging. And if you’re going to argue that it uses 174W to boil water in my electric kettle, or 900W to brew a pot of coffee, you need to compare that to the alternative: i.e., boiling water on the stovetop and making coffee or tea the old-fashioned way (hint: I don’t know about the coffee, but I know my electric kettle is by far the more energy-efficient way to boil water, which is why everyone has them in Europe, where electricity rates are much higher).

    The unfortunate reality is that many of the biggest energy vampires are things people WANT to have plugged in all the time. I’m not turning off my FiOs box/TV/etc. setup, because if I turn that off, my shows won’t record when I’m not there, and that basically defeats the whole purpose of having the setup in the first place. I’m not going to go through and power down my modem/router every time I’m not using it, because we have 4 people who use the wifi all over the house, and it’s a pain to have to reboot every time. OTOH, I can easily unplug my laptop when it’s charged.

  16. I did yoga and walked on Saturday but that was it for exercise. Oldest DD started feeling sick on Saturday afternoon during her softball game and a few hours later she got hit with a stomach bug. Up a few times on Saturday night with her and she missed her games on Sunday and her team won the playoff tournament. Such a bummer. So we decided to skip soccer too and just work all day in DH’s soon to be office that we’re renovating. DH finished installing crown molding, baseboards and shoe molding and I painted all of the trim (windows included). I cut in the color on the wall but still need to roll another coat of paint on the walls. We are getting our house appraised today so we needed to have the room look somewhat finished and then we cleaned the house. I collapsed at 11:30 last night and overslept this morning. Planning on figuring out how on earth to print our past two years of tax returns from turbo tax at lunch time because I didn’t bother to save a copy on the computer. I may take the rest of the week off.:)

  17. I have been not on game at all. work has been busy and the kid wants and needs all the attention when I am at home. I am still trying to figure out how to make it all work. I think that I will limit myself to three tasks of 10 minutes each. I am too tired by the end of the day and just need to decompress. To make things worse, my weight has really shot up lately. I think I need to get myself checked out.

  18. I’m sitting under a fussy, napping two year old. Since he is asleep I am counting that as an accomplishment :)

    Still need to deal with the veggie garden and go out on a run. Not to mention 10 loads of laundry and the grocery store….

    Tomorrow I shall paint chipped trim. Maybe if I watched some YouTube videos on how to do that quickly I would feel more productive.

  19. worked with middle kid to organize/dispose of things he brought home from college for the summer; planned out some things he can do to pull his weight this week before summer job starts next week.

    DW, DS1, and I spent a fair amount of time discussing housing options for him and reaching a solution. His lease ends at the end of the month and we’ve all agreed for individual and collective sanity and a better job market he’ll stay where he is even though he probably isn’t going to make enough to live much above the poverty line without some assistance/subsidy from us. The subsidy amounts to about what our incremental household costs would be if he moved back in with Mom and Dad (i.e. food essentially). Yeah, I know, we could charge him for his food but DW really doesn’t want to do that even if we just put that money aside to gift him as startup when he would move out eventually. And it’s a small price to pay to maintain some semblance of sanity.

  20. The MacBooks are easy to tell when they’re fully charged; the light on the magnetic connection turns green. It’s also very easy to pull that plug at that point.

    If it’s fully charged but plugged in, my guess is that some of the power it’s drawing is going to the fully charged battery, which is killing the battery.

    A lot of this is well known to folks who live off grid. I’ve read that many of them install a bunch of switched outlets in their kitchens for their kitchen appliances, e.g., microwaves and coffee makers, to make it easy to eliminate their phantom power drain.

  21. I worked with college DS to sort his dorm belongings, sent him to the thrift shop with two boxes of stuff PLUS the crutches gathering dust in the basement since they were last used, oh, ten years ago. The crutches weren’t even on my list.

  22. Walked at my higher steps-goal every day, and cooked dinner 5 nights, which was also my goal. Completely blew off my very manageable de-clutter goals for the weekend, though. I really want it done, but just could not make myself jump up and do it.

  23. I’m having an ambulatory nervous breakdown trying to declutter. My grandmother was a hoarder and my mom fought her genetic tendencies all her life. Now it’s my turn. I try to go through stuff and throw it out or give it away but I just keep thinking “loss, loss, death, loss, death.” All the things that mattered once don’t matter anymore. My time-share child is grown and gone. Parents are dead. All that’s left is stuff, and if I throw it away then life will have been completely meaningless and we are here as on a darkling plain swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, where ignorant armies clash by night. And if I throw out that broken piece of plastic it will turn out to have been essential to some Important Thing. Ugh.

  24. I’m pretty sure that “Ah, love, let us be true to one another” wasn’t addressed to a broken piece of plastic, though.

  25. RMS – excellent explanation of why I can’t discard the Hummels, despite not being a knick-knack person at all. But what you don’t do, you are foisting upon your SS one day. It’s an act of kindness to part with whatever you can.

  26. I’m pretty sure that “Ah, love, let us be true to one another” wasn’t addressed to a broken piece of plastic, though.

    Okay, I laughed. Thanks!

  27. And RMS, in line with the day’s topic, life is more like performance art than sculpture. A life well-lived is not less meaningful for being ephemeral.

  28. Oh, I know, I read a lot about The Meaning of Life in college, because I was that girl. It won’t matter a thousand years from now, but things a thousand years away don’t matter now. Etc. Really I think I just need to up my meds.

  29. ” A life well-lived is not less meaningful for being ephemeral.”

    Rocky: I suggest you hire an organizer, sit back, and let her do it. Have 10 “get out of jail” cards that you can use to keep things that he/she suggests getting rid of. After your 10 cards are used and your 10 things are rescued, the organizer can donate/trash the rest.

  30. I am really going to do that, Houston. I’ve even gotten the name of an organizer that is recommended by people I trust. Just gotta pick up the phone.

  31. Off to apply for a passport! I haven’t seen mine for a year (and sadly haven’t needed it for two), and these kind of administrative tasks get put of forever. So, doing it now. There was some stree-eating involved.

  32. I went through a pile of paperwork, made an associated phone call, then scanned the documents and e-mailed them.

    I feel my momentum running out. These necessary but not-particularly-time-sensitive things get ignored for a reason. I thought getting some done would energize me but I’m actually feeling more drained. So then I ate a bag of chips.

    Whose idea was this stupid challenge?

  33. “Whose idea was this stupid challenge?”

    Did you notice I took on a very easy challenge? Low expectations and all . . .

    I did my workout with a 45 sec plank today. This was after a rather hectic day, which started out with accompanying my D to have a wisdom tooth extracted. When we walked in i saw he had an AOL email address. Not a good sign. We waited two hours before he saw her. By that time I was imagining all sorts of horrible things, but I tried to keep calm for her sake. She survived.

    “I’m having an ambulatory nervous breakdown trying to declutter.”

    Rocky, I’m right there with you whenever I try to declutter. “loss, loss, death, loss, death.” Heck, when I came across an old Triptik from a cross-country road trip I took with my now deceased dear brother, it took me at least an hour to digest it. And then I couldn’t bear to throw it out. So I now know that what should take an hour of decluttering could very well take most of the day.

    Now it’s cocktail time.

  34. I agree with the sentiment that DIN is especially challenging during weekdays! However, the point of the DIN challenge is to get me off my *ss after work, when I’m feeling lazy.

    Day 9: I did a quick clean in the laundry/mud room–Took 10 minutes, but now our shoe cubbies are free of dirt and a few things that were unused got moved to the garage or recycled.

  35. I wrote a check (DH’s investment club) that has been on our list for weeks, also RSVPd to my dad’s retirement party and used up some tomato sauce and pasta from the pantry for dinner.

  36. I made the appointment I’ve been putting off for 2000 miles to take my car in for routine service.
    “So then I ate a bag of chips.” – you are my hero, Lark!

  37. “When we walked in i saw he had an AOL email address. Not a good sign.”

    Too funny. I’ve had the exact same reaction, and usually accurately. Glad it worked out OK.

    Yes, there is a reason the thing on the DIN list don’t get done. I’ve picked a lot of the low-hanging fruit, and many of the tasks that remain involve Decisions, sometimes layers of them, and phone calls rather than emails.

  38. “Heck, when I came across an old Triptik from a cross-country road trip I took with my now deceased dear brother, it took me at least an hour to digest it.”

    Isn’t that the main reason for saving things like that? As a memento, that will help you remember good times with special people?

    I’ll try to remember, as I go through things (one of the first things planned for retirement): separate stuff that is some sentimental value to me, and probably no one else, and let my family know. Not having value to anyone else, they can just get rid of it.

  39. CoC, I have a great person for a tooth extraction if you or someone in your family ever needs that type of work done again. It is right on Central, and the practice is excellent.

  40. I finished up yesterday’s list today. I got to the store to take advantage of a coupon (20 food pouches for $20 for DS. Sometimes it’s the only way he’ll eat a vegetable (where did my non-picky eater go?!?)), packed nearly everything (we have the last minute toiletries, toys, food, etc left), and I finished my treasury item just now.

    My DIN list is stuff I’d usually do, but can put off. I figure if it’s on my list, I’ll just do it now and get it over with. Packing is one thing I need to get better organized with – I usually do it the night before, but that wasn’t going to fly this time. I’m never this organized so I’m pretty sure I forgot something major.

  41. In preparation for middle DS’s fellowship in Europe beginning in a few weeks he and I went thru all of our suitcases/duffels/travel backpacks last night.
    1. We found surprisingly little that’s in poor shape
    2. Only a couple of things we’ll never use again
    But at least that part of the basement (underneath the stairs in the unfinished part) is neat and inventoried.
    We also found some old airline check-luggage stickers so we got to reminisce about past trips.

  42. “Isn’t that the main reason for saving things like that? As a memento, that will help you remember good times with special people?”

    In the old days, even before Facebook, I think that was the general idea behind taking photographs with cameras.

  43. Does anyone have a good idea on how to store manuals for appliances, etc.? Not sure I really need to keep them, with You Tube and other online resources.

    Also, I need ideas for all the random pages of recipes that I have. I’ve spent years copying recipes from friends, cookbooks, online, etc. I might scan them and keep them online in a folder, by category. Does anyone have a better idea?

  44. I keep most of my manuals in a filing cabinet, although I’m finding I usually go online to look things up. I probably should throw most of mine out. I’ve started to keep a few manuals by the actual appliance. For instance, I keep our dishwasher manual in a cabinet by the dishwasher and our washer/dryer manual in the laundry room.

    I finally figured out why all the stuff in my attic bothers me. A lot of the stuff comes from my mom’s house. We had to empty the house within 3 weeks of her death because it was being sold. I wasn’t ready to throw stuff out so I took a lot of stuff and now 12 years later I have a lot still in my attic. I think going through all of that will let me feel like I’m moving on to celebrating her. I want to use the stuff that reminds me of her or display it appropriately. The rest of the stuff I need to let go.

    My mom would write out recipes for me on index cards. I really treasure those because I enjoy seeing her handwriting. I need to put all of those in a book to save. I wish I would have had my grandmas write out their favorite recipes on cards for me too.

  45. @Houston: We bought some @$2.99 plastic magazine holders, kinda like this,, that we put on the bookshelf. Biggest issue is forgetting to go through and toss the manuals when we replace the item.

    For recipes I bought a large binder with divider pockets. I set up the dividers by categories in the way I think about them (e.g., breakfast, mains, apps/sides) and just stick anything printed out into the right category; smaller things that don’t fit go into the pockets. This all worked great until DD started printing out new cookie recipes every week; now I am running out of room.

    I also have a few recipes from my Grandma and Granny that I will keep forever on their index cards, just so I can see the handwriting.

  46. I use binders for recipes and for manuals, an idea I got from here or TOS. The problem is keeping the binders organized. Maybe that would be a good DIN task.

    Old hand-written recipe index cards from loved ones are priceless!

  47. Over the last several years I’ve mostly gotten into the habit of going online and downloading the manuals for any new appliances we buy. E.g., when we remodeled our kitchen and got all new appliances, I downloaded all the manuals.

    I have kept the hardcopy manuals in the spare bedroom, but I’ve found it much easier to look up stuff in the manuals on my hard drive. I also like that it takes so much less space.

    I’ve also been storing all new recipes on my hard drive.

    The main concern with storing stuff is a hard drive crash or some other catastrophic loss of data, so it does bring with it the need to back up.

  48. “In the old days, even before Facebook, I think that was the general idea behind taking photographs with cameras.”

    Yes, I’ve advocated the taking of photos to make it easier to let go of stuff with sentimental value, especially stuff that takes a lot of space. But some stuff, e.g., a handwritten recipe, doesn’t take much space, often no more than a hard copy photo, and you lose some of the sensory aspects in a photo.

  49. I have so much family stuff, some out of town, that i have to cram my DIN stuff into a couple of days a week to hit 7 per week.

    Today (a glorious day, finally, to be outside) I crossed off 4 items and decided to take one off the list.

    change oil (I usually go to the dealer, but I went to drive thru place instead. No money savings, might even have been a bit more expensive, but no appt required and quick in and out).

    Went to police station to drop off old meds while oil changed. It is 500 feet from oil change place with no nearby parking. 2 birds one stone.

    Drove to county registry to take care of elderly homestead registration. Parked on street with meter. Usual govt poor instructions with extra ten minutes needed to go back and forth between two nearby locations. If I were working, it would be more efficient to pay for attorney to file electronically. But I was able to top up my T prepaid card in the same vicinity, not on the DIN list.

    Later this afternoon, drop off fluorescent bulbs at designated hardware store (DIN item) as part of walk over to nail salon, ATM. Also pick up some touch up paint and foam tape while dropping off.

    Decided not to buy a summer dried floral arrangement. Removed from DIN list.

    As for appliances, I now keep the original boxes only until the warranty is up. Then I toss them. As for manuals, etc, I have one of those plastic file organizer racks in a hard to reach bottom kitchen cabinet shelf for everything except the HVAC system, and I have a condo file in the financial cabinet for receipts and service agreements. I find the online manuals a pain to search when I need a quick answer. To each his own.

  50. Back in the game today. Ordered an alarm clock for the guest bedroom (did not realize we didn’t have one in there until DH was snoring and I ended up in there one night – always a good idea to sleep in your own guest room!). Ordered replacement mirror for bathroom. (All these orders. I dread the credit card bill this month.) And finally ordered the linen napkins we used at Easter dinner and have been sitting forlornly in the laundry room ever since.

  51. For recipes, I have a 3 ring binder with those clear plastic covers. Recipes that are tried and considered keepers go in a plastic cover and put in the binder behind the right tab (meat, breakfast, vegetable, soup, holiday, etc.). Recipes that are hanging out waiting for me to try them are in a file folder in the front of the binder. This is otherwise known as recipe purgatory. If tear something out of a magazine but don’t try it within a year, it gets tossed.

  52. Did not order the linen napkins, I ironed them. And, I found a much more convenient place for the ironing board that will make it easier to actually get out when I need it.

  53. Also, in reviewing remaining items on my list, I see items written as “call USAA” and “call bank”. Um, okay. But what shall I talk to them about once I get them on the phone? Some additional specificity would have been nice.

  54. Today I took care of a bunch of camp medical forms. (Why can’t they save the forms to allow us to update new information each year? Why do i need to get out the immunization log and enter the date of each immunization year after year?) I also contacted Lifetouch about a glitch with the kids’ spring pictures. None of this stuff takes very long, but it’s so easy to delay!

  55. @Tulip – can’t you just print/copy the immunization forms? ITA that camp forms are a pain (why, oh why, do they need me to put the Exact Same Info on four different forms?), but I haven’t copied over immunization info in, well, ever.

  56. I do that for many of them, LfB, but this one had to be entered via web form… sigh. Not a huge problem, but just one of those recurring minor annoyances.

  57. Day 11: Paid balance on sleep-away camp tuition, e-mailed various questions to director.

  58. Found out that we needed to pack fall clothes, as Yelloswtone may be a bit chilly compared to Boise next week, so I packed another outfit for each of us, some rain gear, and heavier zip up hoodies. All still stuffed in the 23″ rolling luggage.

    Yesterday I finished my whole list, leaving the last minute toiletries, and food packing for tonight. We’ll also pack the car tonight, so we just have to get up at 3am and get everyone to Logan.

    I haven’t figured out what my DIN tasks will be while I’m away – and I’m not nearly as organized as Meme… Something to strive for.

  59. Yesterday: got oil change on my car, returned smaller size of 2 rainboots (for kids) to store.
    Today: dropped off old propane tank and giant cardboard box at recycling center. Now will call kids’ new summer camps to register.

  60. LFB: Great idea on the manuals! I have a few of those plastic thingies that are empty. I can now take the manuals out of the filing cabinet (where I need extra space) and move them to a bookshelf (where I have extra space).

    Recipes: I use manila folders to store my recipes, by category. I think I will scan my favorites, so I don’t risk losing them.

  61. Day 10: had electrician here for various installation projects, took advantage of his presence to run out and pick up non-standard switchplate for replacement (from huge lighting supplier that DOES NOT USE computers — clerk pulled out an electronic adding machine to ring up my order), put huge ugly chandelier we have been living with for almost 8 years in garage for painter/high school theater director who insists that he can use it as a prop, sent amazing amount of new chandelier packaging material to curb for trash pickup conveniently scheduled for Wednesday

    Day 11: finally got name of new furnace guy because old furnace guy disappeared without a trace, called for appointment to service furnace just as heating season ends, purchasing another lighting fixture for electrician to install today

  62. “I think I will scan my favorites, so I don’t risk losing them.”

    Scanning and storing on your hard drive reduces risk of misplacing recipes, but you now have another risk of losing them.

    I suggest keeping the hard copies, but now you don’t need to access them regularly, so you minimize the risk of misplacing them after taking them out to use.

    And don’t forget to back up your hard drive.

  63. I’ve been doing my planks, though I’m sparing you all the daily posting.

  64. Day 11: Dropped off 2 boxes of children’s board games and clothes to Goodwill.

  65. Day 12: Met with attorney regarding some financial planning matters that I’ve been putting off. Crafted plan to identify, gather, and store necessary documents.

  66. Some of these DINs that you think would take five minutes end up taking so much longer, or is it just me. I ordered one debit card and received three of them, with no indication of which accounts they match. (We have multiple accounts w/bank.) So I am 25 minutes on the phone to get this straightened out. Also received what apparently was a scam/phishing email about my bank account so that was part of the phone conversation. Yeah, third world problems, I know.

  67. Day 12: Spent 1 hour cleaning out garage, hauled an unbelievable amount of stuff to curb for trash pick up.

  68. Yesterday, planned the weekend’s yardwork activities and coordinated with kids/DW on pickup plan for same. Today, revised the timing on some plantings because of the (freezing) weather forecast for this coming Sunday-into-Monday.

  69. Got the house cleaned up for final walk through (which was yesterday)
    We close on selling next week

  70. Day 13: Downgraded several pairs of DH’s pants to “yardwork,” which displaced the worst pants in the “yardwork” category to “trash”
    Washed some winter sweaters, now reshaping and laying flat to dry. Though it will be cold enough this weekend to wear them…..
    Finally got wheelbarrow out of garage, discovered tire is very flat, moved it outside anyhow

  71. Day 14: weeded the back yard flower/garden beds I planned to and I had DS3 mulch the now-cleared areas, so that looks much better. Planted a couple of shrubs. Turns out I didn’t need to buy one of them. When I checked what I thought was the dead one it was to replace, the Phoenix was rising! So now we have an even number of those, I’m told that’s not how plants should be in a garden, but I’m not exactly sure why. And I spent more $$ at the garden store than I should have. (BTW the local place had better prices on these than Lowes).

  72. Day 13, 14, 15: Got all pictures through 2014 put in album. Cleaned out all drawers in boys’ bathroom (which apparently had not been done since DS2 was a baby). Took old printers to Staples to recycle.

  73. Went through DS’s toys and threw out broken/ones with missing parts. Organized a couple boxes of his toys and books for the move

  74. Day 15: Cleaned bookshelf, which contained not only books, but other junk (old movie ticket stubs, business cards, photos, kids’ art). Now, it contains only books.

    Missed Fri and Sat. Will try and catch up today.

  75. I got through the dressers of all 3 kids, removed the clothes that no longer fit, and figured out what clothes they might actually need for summer. That was a BIG job over the weekend, and I’ve been putting it off for just that reason.

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